RFP from the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance for Technical

The Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA) is seeking proposals from qualified writers to support the
HousingNOLA Leadership Board and Policy Working Group through a ten-month planning process to develop a strategic
housing plan for the City of New Orleans. Submit responses by e-mail to lindsey.lewis@gnoha.org on or before February 6,
2015 at 12:00 P.M. Central Standard Time.
The New Orleans Housing Plan will establish goals and strategies to inform the creation of affordable housing options for
New Orleans residents. While reconstruction continues and the threat of another hurricane lingers in the back of people's
minds, these are no longer the issues that will chart the future of this city when it comes to housing. New Orleans now has to
deal with changing demographic realities, diminishing funding sources, and an inadequate supply of housing. The question
is: Can New Orleans evolve to meet the housing needs for a broad range of lifestyles, ages and incomes while also retaining
its traditions and distinctive way of life? In response, Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance has partnered with the
Foundation for Louisiana, the City of New Orleans, and a broad number of partners from various sectors to develop a
strategic housing plan for the city of New Orleans that will aim to:
Help inform future housing policy,
Assist in allocating scarce resources,
Address current housing needs, and
Ensure that the city’s growth positively impacts every community in New Orleans.
GNOHA is seeking technical writer to support a multi-disciplinary planning team through a ten-month planning process. Our
goal is to draft a comprehensive Housing Plan by October 2015 that will document the objectives and priorities determined
in the planning process. GNOHA has budgeted up to $30,000 for this purpose. We now seek proposals from individuals
and/or firms for qualified writers to write this Housing Plan.
Forty-plus members and allies of the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance will be involved in various aspects of the
planning process, including three main Working Groups on Community Engagement, Data Collection, and Public Policy. The
Technical Writer will be required to attend the monthly meetings of the Policy Working Group and Leadership Board, while
staying up-to-date on the actions of the other Working Groups. The involvement of many of these people will be limited to
setting the direction and endorsing the process at the beginning, and then providing feedback on and ratifying the outcomes.
The function of the Technical Writer will be to summarize, and bring coherence to a wide range of ideas and concerns, to
support those ideas and concerns with data and community feedback, and to help articulate a coherent policy response or
set of housing goals in the form of a Housing Plan.
 Attend monthly Policy and Leadership Board meetings, and assist the GNOHA staff in writing the Policy meeting
 Stay up-to-date on the progress of the Community Engagement and Data Working Groups.
 Housing Plan: submission of 2-3 rough drafts and a final edited version between June and October 2015 with an
Executive Summary finalized by August 2015.
 Regular updates should be sent to the Policy co-chairs and GNOHA staff.
 Liaise with Graphic Designer on the formatting and graphic designs for the Housing Plan.
This project will require the contractor to have the following qualifications:
 3-5 years experience working on planning documents, effectively managing projects, and meeting firm deadlines
 Demonstrated experience with housing and community development issues and prior experience writing Housing
Plans, Housing Strategies and/or other relevant housing or community development related documents.
 Relevant coursework in Technical Writing, English, Communications or another related field.
 Word processing experience—Microsoft Word preferred.
 Strong verbal, presentation, communication, and analytical skills.
 Self-motivated, self-sufficient, and the ability to cope under pressure.
 Ability to work on several projects concurrently.
 Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of affordable housing and community development a plus.
 Proposals due by February 6, 2015 at 12:00 P.M.
 Selection completed by February 14, 2015
Responses to this RFP must include the following information:
 Cover Letter - Please include administrative information about the respondent, including respondent’s contact
name, telephone number and email address.
 Relevant Experience and Qualifications - Please indicate the individual’s or organization’s qualifications to perform
these services, including a summary of relevant experience. Include resume(s) of the principal author(s).
 Three Writing Samples – Include four pages from other projects to demonstrate writing ability with specific attention
to Housing Plans and/or housing related issues
 Cost Proposal - Provide a preliminary cost estimate including an initial proposed work plan and a rough breakdown
of anticipated costs.
 References - Please provide three (3) professional references for relevant positions previously held (include name,
position, email, phone, and address. We want to contact references who may have benefited from your previous
Selection will be based on the following criteria:
 Relevant Experience and Qualifications – 40 Points
 Proposed Cost – 30 Points
 Quality of References – 15 Points
 Overall Quality of Proposal and Statement of Qualifications – 15 Points
* There are two other HousingNOLA RFPs being circulated for Data Analyst and Facilitation Services. Prospective candidates are not
prohibited from responding to multiple RFPs and are encouraged to do so if they meet the qualifications for more than one RFP.
Contact: Lindsey Lewis
lindsey.lewis@gnoha.org ~ (504) 821-7235.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA) was formed in the spring of 2007. It is a collaborative formed by the non-profit housing builders and community
development corporations who are working diligently to rebuild the City of New Orleans after the flood brought by Hurricane Katrina devastated the City’s infrastructure specifically its housing stock. Mission Statement: To collaborate and support member efforts to build workforce housing for the citizens of the Greater New Orleans area in
an ethical and efficient manner. GNOHA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.