TruLaser Cell 3000: Uniquely universal.

TruLaser Cell 3000:
Machine tools / Power tools
Laser technology / Electronics
Medical technology
The TruLaser Cell 3000 from TRUMPF is currently the only
standard 5-axis laser machine for two- and three-dimensional
Flexible processing. 2
Success in every dimension. 3
cutting and welding operations that offers this much flexibility.
Whatever the scale of the manufacturing job, from one-off
prototypes to high-volume production, this all-around talent
always delivers convincing results. It is particularly suited to
Efficient and versatile. 4
applications requiring cost-efficient and high-quality laser processing of small or medium-sized components. Integrated elec-
Productivity in focus. 6
trical control and cooling units save space and contribute to the
machine’s small footprint. And, its modular design allows the
Flexible processing options. 7
laser machine to be upgraded whenever required to adapt to
changes in the production environment.
Simple and
user-friendly design. 9
Typical users are manufacturers with a broad product spectrum,
such as suppliers to the automotive and electronic industries
Technical data. 10
and companies specializing in precision engineering and medical technology. Each user utilizes the significant potential of
the TruLaser Cell 3000 to their best advantage, since TRUMPF
provides everything from a single source: machines, lasers,
­automation solutions, software, and best-in-class service.
TruLaser Cell 3000:
Benefits at a glance.
High productivity.
Top-quality processing and accuracy
in 2 and 3 dimensions.
Flexible processing options: welding and cutting.
Flexible, innovative solutions.
Extremely user-friendly and ergonomic.
Success in every
Top-quality processing and accuracy
in 2 and 3 dimensions.
By taking advantage of TRUMPF’s cumulative experience and
skills, you can be assured of the best possible quality from
the very first part. The machine body is constructed in a cast
mineral composite that dampens vibrations caused by axis
movement, guaranteeing high process accuracy. And, the laser
power control constantly monitors the power input to the
workpiece to ensure that it lies within the programmed tolerance limits. The integrated machining process simulation and
collision detection functions guarantee maximum process reliability.
The machine software incorporates cutting technology tables
that define the ideal machining parameters for cutting operations using common types of laser, minimizing programming
requirements. These tables can be used, for instance, to automatically adapt the laser output to the cutting speed, and
optimize the edge quality of every part.
The TruLaser Cell 3000 features a vibration-dampening machine body
and a highly dynamic axis control system.
Laser-cut crimp contacts and spring
Laser cutting in a variety of different
Laser cut bone reamer.
Laser-welded center differential.
and versatile.
Numerous technology packages support you in the production process:
2-in-1 fiber: allows you to cut and weld using a single laserlight cable.
FocusLine Professional: automatically adjusts the focal position and diameter.
One-cutting-head strategy: one cutting head for every material and material thickness.
ControlLine: uses a capacitive sensor to keep the distance between the cutting nozzle and the sheet metal constant.
Cutting and welding with the 2-in-1 fiber.
The TruLaser Cell 3000 allows you both to cut and weld – including
deposition welding. Its 2-in-1 fiber, developed for solid-state
­lasers, enables the same optical cable to be used for both welding
and cutting operations. The innovative fiber consists of an inner
core and an outer ring core. For cutting applications, the laser beam
is coupled in to the fiber core, whereas in welding applications
it is coupled in to the ring core. In each case, the appropriate depth
of field and the optimum beam focus diameter are guaranteed.
To switch from cutting to welding or vice versa, it is merely necessary to replace the processing adapter: system controls automati­
cally adjust the laser beam. You not only achieve the optimum processing results, but also benefit from owning a system that is
easier to operate and can be used in a significantly wider range of
Pictured above: Automatic switching of optical parameters using
the 2-in-1 fiber.
Flexible, innovative solutions.
FocusLine Professional automatically adjusts the focal position
without changing the focusing optics. And, even if you want to
and diameter. This gives you a triple advantage: rapid transition
move from cutting to welding, all you have to do is swap the
between processes becomes standard, manual adjustments
process adapters for the processing optics. Users who handle
are eliminated, and the focal position is automatically adapted
a large number of separate processing jobs involving many
to the type and thickness of the material being machined. In
different materials stand to benefit most from this innovative
practical terms, FocusLine Professional means minimum unpro-
solution. In this case, the increase in productive time and re-
ductive time and maximum flexibility. The single cutting head
lated cost savings can be quite considerable.
strategy enables you to cut materials of different thicknesses
adjustment lens
adjustment lens
position lens
position lens
position (z f )
diameter (df )
zf < 0
zf = 0
zf > 0
Adjustment of focal position (left) and focal diameter (right) with FocusLine Professional.
Processing optics for welding.
df2 > df1
Processing optics for cutting.
in focus.
High productivity.
With its hardwearing, low-maintenance direct linear drive, the
The working area of TruLaser Cell 3000 is designed to provide
TruLaser Cell 3000 is highly dynamic in operation while re-
optimum access from three sides, either from the front via the
maining extremely precise. By connecting different solid-state
quick access two-part automated shutters or from the sides via
lasers, you can enhance your manufacturing capability. A wide
the wide removable side panels. This makes it easier to equip,
range of materials can be processed reliably, including highly
teach, and maintain the machine, while the cantilever arm con-
reflective metals such as copper or brass. What’s more, opera-
struction of the axis control system makes automation easier,
tors of high-volume production lines can increase their output
whether using robots or linear transfer. Consequently, an auto-
thanks to a high-speed rotary changer that can be comfort-
mated TruLaser Cell 3000 can operate reliably around the
ably loaded and unloaded while parts are being processed in
clock. There is also the option to integrate machines into the
the machine’s workspace. This allows you to improve the
TRUMPF LaserNetwork, which will allow you to cut costs by
productivity of your production processes at a minimum cost
increasing your capacity utilization and making more cost-effi-
per part.
cient use of your laser machine.
Optimal access to the working area from three sides.
The TruLaser Cell 3000 rotary changer.
Flexible pro­
cessing options.
Laser welding.
In the majority of cases, laser welding proves quicker and more
efficient than alternative processing techniques. In series production, laser welding practically eliminates the need for reworking. Laser processing is between five and ten times faster
than conventional welding. What’s more, the laser is capable
of welding almost any type of seam to a high standard, while
its low heat input keeps distortion to a minimum.
Car axle gear with deep-welded seam.
The laser is extremely flexible: it can produce highly delicate
spot welds just as well as deep-welded seams of several meters
in length. You can even alter the focal diameter during processing – for example, you might want a tapered weld seam.
Reliable laser processes make for excellent repeat accuracy.
According to the requirements of the part to be processed, a
laser output of up to 8 kW gives you the option of spot, seam,
deep penetration or thermal-conduction welding. Simply equip
the modular clamping system with the appropriate customized tool and you are ready to embark on a versatile production process that delivers reproducible results.
Casing with heat-conducting joint.
Seam welding with swivel and rotary axis.
Flexible pro­
cessing options.
Laser cutting.
Laser cutting is economical because the results are so precise, yielding burr-free
cuts with narrow cutting gaps while keeping the heat-affected zone small. You’ll
also save money on tools since the non-contact laser is wear-free. The software
­incorporates cutting technology tables which make it a lot easier to program your
laser and achieve a high level of productivity with high-quality cuts. Users simply
specify the type and thickness of the material and the control system automatically selects the appropriate cut settings.
2D laser cutting of stator strips.
The one-cutting-head strategy allows you to cut materials of varying thicknesses
without having to change the focusing optics. ControlLine technology compensates for variances in 2D and 3D parts; the sensor keeps the distance between
the cutting nozzle and the sheet metal constant even if the sheet metal is uneven. This avoids collisions even when workpiece tolerance is set higher, meaning that you can always rely on the best cutting results.
The modular, height-adjustable workpiece table with its flexible clamping system can be fitted with a 2D cutting support, rotary axes or customized devices,
­depending on the process and the nature of the workpiece.
Laser cutting of a seatbelt bracket.
Tube processing with a rotary axis.
Simple and
Extremely user-friendly and ergonomic.
Every last detail of the TruLaser Cell 3000 was developed with maximum user-friendliness in mind. This applies to the ergonomic, swivel-mounted control panel and
equally to the machine’s accessibility and safety features. The TruLaser Cell 3000 has
an easy programming system that enables you to advance quickly from the initial
­design to the finished part.
Ergonomic control panel with process monitor.
TruTops Laser allows you to program cutting work in 2D easily and reliably. The
­program nests the various parts in the most efficient way and selects the most economical laser output for the task in hand. For 3D processing, you can take advantage of the TruTops Cell programming system. This automated and process-reliable
system uses the tool path to generate your NC program while the machine is in
­operation, making sure that it exactly matches the welding or cutting operation and
your machine. This saves you money.
TruTops Laser and TruTops Cell offer you the convenient option of programming your
machine on a standard PC. TruTops Cell Basic allows you to refine programs directly
Easy 3D programming with TruTops Cell.
from the machine. All processing data are stored and any job can be repeated identically on the basis of stable laser parameters.
Technical data
Working range
Linear axes X | Y | Z
800 | 600 | 400 mm
Swivel axis
± 135°
Rotating axis
n x 360°
Max. workpiece dimensions 2D
Max. processing volume 3D
800 mm x 600 mm
420 mm x 420 mm x 220 mm (ø 916 mm)
Axis speed
Axis acceleration
85 m / min
17 m / s²
Linear axes X | Y | Z
50 m / min
10 m / s²
Rotating axes B | C
120 | 800 min-1
130 | 500 rad / s²
Positional deviation Pa[1]
Linear axes X | Y | Z
0.015 mm
Rotating axes B | C
Rotary changer
Diameter of rotary table
1070 mm
Working height
  870 mm
Max. weight supported on each side
Time to completely rotate the rotary changer
95 kg, pitch circle diameter of 650 mm
3.4 s
Dimensions of machine
Width | Depth | Height
1600 | 2840 | 2645 mm
Max. laser output
Available solid-state lasers
8000 W
TruPulse, TruFiber, TruDisk, TruDiode
Corresponds to “mean bi­directional positional deviation M”. Measured at the tool center point (TCP) of the processing optics.
The accuracy of the value given assumes a working length of 300 mm and represents an acceptance criterion for delivery.
TRUMPF is certified according to ISO 9001:2008
Ident no. 1746789_201304_ F – Specifications subject to change
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