30 January 2015 - Water Street School

―All Hail Macbeth, Thane of Glamis.‖- Yes it‘s true;
Year Y6 have been studying Macbeth over the last
couple of weeks! In our drama base approach we
have been re-enacting
parts of the initial battle and witches opening scenes
as well as discussing ways in which the witches are
represented both in Tudor times and the modern day.
I have been extremely impressed with the children‘s
acting and improvisation skills.
January News
Water Street Primary School
Year 6:
In preparation for our residential visit to Bewerley Park
we have started our studies on the Yorkshires Dales; initially looking at the wider
context of National Parks across the UK. In the following weeks we will focus on
the Yorkshire Dales National Park including looking at conflicts between different
Our Monday morning Street Dance session with
Cool Sports has been providing us with a lively start
to the week. The class are becoming experts on
―Popping and Locking‖ (You will have to ask them
what that is!) This, combined with some great Cricket Coaching from Gilly an ex Yorkshire Cricket player, certainly means we are starting the New Year
with some varied and fun sporting activities.
We have also been developing our musical skills.
Thanks to the kind donation of a grandparent of
the school we have been able to buy a full set of
class ukuleles! They are amazing! I know lots of
other classes can‘t wait to get their hands on
them! Thanks to Mrs Turvey we have already got
several tunes in our repertoire and are looking forward to putting together a small Y6 group to perform in Skipton Music Festival.
Finally, many thanks to all parents who were able to attend our parents‘ meeting this week about Bewerley Park. Should you have any further questions about
the visit do come and see me, or email.
Mrs J Macnab
PTA Bingo Night
Friday 27 February 2015
@ Ermysteds
Grammar School
More information soon
Well the dinosaurs have visited Reception class in the
last three weeks and have left their footprints all over
the classroom. We have had great fun counting,
weighing and measuring dinosaurs as well as looking
for fossilised remains in our dinosaur swamp. We also
had a travelling bucket of dinosaurs that each child
took responsibility for at some time during the topic.
The dinosaurs even went to the library with us on our
library trip.
Now the dinosaurs have all been chased away by the
ice age that has arrived in Reception; as our new topic is ‗Frozen‘ embracing all things cold. We are
collecting (clean) plastic milk cartons to build
an ice palace and would be grateful for any
donations (Year 3 are still collecting the tops!)
As well as building ice palaces we intend to do
interesting science activities involving melting
and freezing as well as creative
Winter wonderland art work.
Watch this space.....
Mrs Hayes
Parents’ Evenings:
Tuesday 24 February
Thursday 26 February
Letters will be sent home
next week regarding
Year 5:
Year 5 have been busily working away on this half term‘s history
theme, ‘What Changed?’. The focus has been the Industrial Revolution which initially we had no idea about at all. However, after
some Literacy based information book research and wool spinning (demonstrated here by Kaden and Emily), after some map
studying and timeline deducing, we are starting to get quite intrigued! Watch out for an additional letter regarding a school
visit to Saltaire in the last week before half term.
We have also been looking at David Hockney‘s ipad art and working on our
school art programme to learn about techniques of
digital artistry. We‘re about half way through this
work but already the improvement in our skill level is
INCREDIBLE! I‘m sure you‘ll agree that Aakash and
Billy‘s fruit bowl work is VERY impressive.
Thank you for all your work in keeping our PE kits up
to date and present! Bradford City football and tag
rugby lessons remain a highlight of the week.
Miss Longman
Year 4:
Well, what a busy start to 2015 Year 4 have had! We started the year with a visit to
Morrisons to purchase the ingredients needed to make our soup. Then we made
the soup and had great fun testing it, describing it and giving each one a score.
Our Literacy topic started with some mystery items that were in a large bag. We
pulled them out of the bag and spent time trying them on, drawing and labelling
them and discussing what we thought they were. We later found out that they belonged to Frank, a doctor at Airedale hospital, who had been to Antarctica. In
that same week, on the Friday, we had a mystery delivery to the class. When we
opened the packages, we realised that inside was a penguin and a polar bear.
This created many questions for our topic work based around these two creatures
and the areas they came from.
In our topic work we have been studying cold places, especially the Arctic and
the Antarctic. This week we had a visit from an Antarctic explorer who came to tell
the children about his is experience in Antarctica. He showed us lots of photos and
shared some very interesting facts and stories. We have thought about cold places
around the school grounds and collected readings from a thermometer. We have
also found out where the Arctic and Antarctic are and what they are like.
In Literacy we have been reading about the life and adventures of Eric Shackleton, an Antarctic explorer, and we have been finding out why the men who travelled with him called him ‗the Boss‘. We have been reading about his life and
picking out the main points in the text. The children have been using some pictures from a picture book about Ernest Shackleton to learn about and practise
with speech marks and frontal adverbials.
In Maths the children have been working on fractions and decimals. They have
been putting the fractions on a number line and linking fraction tenths and hundredths to decimals. We have rounded the decimals to the nearest whole numbers. The children have been further developing their written methods and rounding four digit numbers.
Mrs Bownass & Mrs Smith
Wednesday 4 February is class ‘Vista’
photograph day for Reception & Year 6.
Year 6 & Reception will be having special class photographs taken on Wednesday 4 February during morning school. These ‗long‘ framed photographs are taken twice during a child‘s time at Water Street. We do not undertake these with
every class because of the expense. Usual class photos take place in June.
Year 1:
What a great start to our New Year!
Year One have been busy learning all about Fairy Tales and the language we
use in them. We have done lots of acting and role-playing as different characters and have just undertaken some fantastic writing - our own Little Red Riding
Hood Stories. Along the Traditional tale theme we have been looking at the story of the Three Little Pigs and all the different materials that they used to build
their houses.
In our science we had to have a go at building another house out of some of
the materials we had in our classroom to see if we could find ways of making a
strong house for when the Big Bad Wolf Hairdryer came to visit!! We learnt lots
about team work and how important it is to work together when making just
one building. We have gone on to make our own house models which all have
windows, chimneys and a moving door.
We had a great visit from Mr Webster and the children practised their interview
skills and were able to find out a bit more about what a Quantity Surveyor
does. All in all an exciting term so far!
Mrs Munslow
Year 2:
Year 2 have been working their socks off this half term! We have been very
busy learning about the seven continents and the 5 oceans of the world and
are now focusing on one particular continent – Antarctica! On Tuesday we
joined together with Year 4 to listen to a talk from a real Antarctic explorer –
Frank Swinton (see photos) The children had a great time listening to Frank‘s
tales of adventure and learnt lots about what it is like to actually visit Antarctica. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about how we might travel to Antarctica, where Antarctica is in the world, who lives there and what we might need if we were to
visit. We will also be learning about the ‗Race for the Pole‘ between Scott and Amundsen. Thank you for
the atlases and penguins we have received so far – please keep sending these in!
Our Julia Donaldson topic is also going really well and the children are very keen to read and study her
books. We are trying to read as many of her books as possible but she has written a LOT!! We are getting
really good at spotting rhyme, alliteration and repetition. We have compared some of her books and will
be completing character studies. We also hope to do some drama and eventually write our own story in
Julia‘s style. Thank you for the books we have received from home – this has been very helpful.
Please remember topic homework is due in on Thursday 12 th February – we are really looking forward to
seeing your presentations!
Have a great weekend. - Mrs Barrett and Mrs Roberts
Tuesday 10
February is…
As part of our e-safety curriculum
all children will be taking part in Safer Internet Day 2015 through a variety of age appropriate workshops &
Spring Term 2015
Monday 2 February:
Tuna Pasta Bake
Updated 30.01.15
Wednesday 4 Feb
Reception & Year 6 Vista Photographs
Friday 6 Feb
Year 3 Cake Sale @ 3.15pm
Monday 9 Feb
Year 5 Visit to Saltaire
Tuesday 10 Feb
Safer Internet Day
Thursday 12 Feb
Height & Weight Measuring—Rec & Year 6
Friday 13 Feb
School Closes for Half Term
Wednesday 4 February:
Monday 23 Feb
School re-opens for pupils
Beef Cobbler
Tuesday 24 Feb
Parents Evening
Cauliflower Cheese Bake
Thursday 26 Feb
Parents Evening
Cheese & Biscuits
Friday 27 Feb
PTA Bingo Night
Thursday 5 February:
Monday 2 March
Year 6 Residential Visit to Bewerley Park
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Friday 6 March
Year 6 return from Bewerley Park
Spinach, Potato & Lentil Bake
Artic Roll & Peaches
Tuesday 3 February:
Roast Pork Dinner
Vegetable Stew & Dumplings
Apple Pie & Custard
Roasted Vegetable Pasta
PTA Bags 2 School Collection
Sultana Flajack
Tuesday 10 March
Year 5—‘Rewind to Easter‘
Friday 6 February:
Friday 13 March
School Council Coffee Morning
Sausages & Onion Gravy
Monday 16 March
Year 4 Residential Visit to Malham
Skipton Music Festival this week
Jacket Potato
Chocolate & Pear Fudge
Tuesday 17 March
Year 4 Residential Visit to Malham
Wednesday 18 March North Yorkshire Rotters Workshops
Thursday 19 March
North Yorkshire Rotters Workshops
Fresh Fruit is available every day
Friday 20 March
North Yorkshire Rotters Workshops
Yoghurts are available very day
Monday 23 March
Theme Week Begins
Thursday 26 March
Full Governing Body Meeting
Friday 27 March
School closes for Easter Holidays
Monday 13 April
School closed for pupils—Staff Training
Tuesday 14 April
School opens for pupils
Year 3
Friday 6 February
This section will be updated regularly as more events are organised.
During School
Monday 2 February
After School
Key Stage 2 Street Dance Club
Year 5 Animation Club
Tuesday 3 February
Wednesday 4 February
Reception & Year 6 Vista
Thursday 5 February
Yr 3 & 4 Lego Club
Yr 3 Chess Club
Yr 1 & 2 Craft Club
Fencing Club
Friday 6 February
Minecraft Club—lunchtime
Year 3 Cake Sale
Year 6 Football @ Sandylands
Year 3:
In literacy we have been looking at performance poetry. As part of this we have been
developing our ability to read with the correct tone, volume and intonation. We are
now studying myths and legends and are enjoying the gripping tales of gods and the
In numeracy we have been trying to choose the most effective method to help us solve
calculations. We have also started to look at adding larger numbers using the expanded column method. At the moment we are measuring mad and are working to develop our
ability to measure with accuracy.
In P.E. this term we are lucky enough to have two specialist coaches working with us. We are
learning how to be street dancers with attitude and are getting to grips with locking and popping! On Thursdays we are developing our cricket skills and have already impressed our coach
with our skills and manners.
We have got off to a great start with our geography topic ‗Who are our European Neighbours?‘
We are doing really well with naming countries and last lesson had a great discussion about the
difference between laws, government and customs.
In D.T. we have now designed our Roman shields. We had to be
careful to make our design symmetrical, just like the Roman designs. We have also been lucky enough to work with artist Denisa Francis to design our
bottle top mosaic. Our next step is to pool our ideas to come up with an agreed design.
In the meantime we are still collecting as many bottle tops as possible and appreciate
your continued help with this.
Nibbles is a hit! We are doing really well caring for and handling our new class pet.
Thank you to all of you who have offered to care for her over the weekends and during the holidays. There will be
another opportunity to sign up at the start of the Summer Term for those children who were not able to do so this term.
Miss Bowler