Information Brochure for the Short Term Course on - QIP/CIP

IIT Delhi is inviting faculty fellows from various Engineering and Science Institutes and Colleges in India other than IIT Delhi to come and spend summer (May‐July, 2015) for doing research under the guidance of a faculty mentor of IIT Delhi. The objective is to facilitate and orient the faculty fellows to undertake research. The faculty fellow will get an opportunity to interact and work with the faculty mentor and his/her research students and get exposure to the equipment and lab facilities associated with the faculty mentor. Access to other general facilities such as the central library would also be feasible. About the programme A list of faculty mentors from the various departments at IIT Delhi will be notified, on our website Faculty Mentors Support Eligibility ( by January 30, 2015, along with a brief profile of their research. The prospective candidates may select a faculty mentor depending on the match of their research interests and of the faculty mentor. To facilitate the process prospective fellows are requested to indicate up to four preferences for faculty mentors. The faculty fellows will be provided subsidized campus accommodation. Single Room (Hostel): Rs.230/‐ per day per head (includes boarding and lodging –with mattress but no bed sheets ) Note: The campus accommodation is available only in the period May 15, 2015 to July 16, 2015. The faculty fellow should be a regular faculty. The preference will be given to those who are considering higher studies (Masters/PhD) in the near future. How to apply The applicant should submit the following: (a) Application form giving, amongst others: Application (i) Area of interest (ii) Statement of interest for working in the area (iii) Resume (b) No Objection Certificate from the parent institution stating the starting and ending dates for carrying out full time research work at IIT Delhi under the summer programme. The expected period of stay is 6‐8 weeks (c) One photograph (passport size), pasted on the application form. (d) Two envelop (size 8’X4’) with self address also enclosed with application form. (The form can be downloaded from IIT Delhi website: ) Where to submit The application form along with the above documents should be sent to :‐ CEP Coordinator CEP/QIP office, 1st floor, Wing‐B Vishwakarma Bhavan, IIT Delhi Hauz khas, New Delhi‐110 016 Phone:‐ 011‐26597118, 26591915, 26591343 The application can also be submitted by email to
Time Line Last date for application Result notification Programme Commencement
March 31, 2015 April 21, 2015
May 15, 2015
Application Form Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme ‐ 2015 Under Continuing Education Programme at IIT Delhi Name: _______________________________________________________ Designation:___________________________________________________ Department:___________________________________________________ Institution/College with Address___________________________________ Please affix a recent passport size photograph _____________________________________________________________ Address for Correspondence:_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone/Mobile No._______________________________ Email________________________________________ Date of Birth ______________________ Sex: M/F ______________ Married: Yes/No________________ Qualification: (Under graduation and above, should also include degree being pursued at present, if any) Degree % of marks Year of College/University Institution
Branch Sr. obtained passing Specialization Nos. Experience: Sr. Name & Address of Employer & Institution Nos. Duration
Years‐Months Have you attended any SFRF programme in the past? (Yes/No) ______________ If yes give details ________________________________________________________________________________ Any other Information: ____________________________________________________________________________ Area of Interest: _________________________________________________________________________________ Name of the Faculty Mentor of IIT Delhi (1) _____________________________________________ (Must give names of mentors in order of preference (2) ______________________________________________ from the list displayed on the website IITD) (3) ______________________________________________ (4) ______________________________________________ Accommodation required? Yes/No ____________________ Declaration: I declare that all the information given by me in the application form is correct. Place:__________________ Date:__________________ Signature of Applicant NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE Ms./Mr._________________________________________ working as_______________________________ in the department/centre of _________________________at____________________________________ is hereby permitted to attend the Summer Faculty Research Fellow Programme ‐ 2015. This Institute/College has no objection for attending full time research work by above faculty at IIT Delhi under Summer Programme from ________________________ to _________________________. Signature & Seal of Head of the Institution/College Name & Designation