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Southern Uplands
The Galloway hills eastward to the Lammermuir hills. The Cheviots (including
higher hills within the adjacent Northumberland NP).
General Summary for Monday, 2 February, 2015
British Mountain Summary:
Based on forecast chart for noon 2 February, 2015
Wind speeds lighter than recent days, but where exposed still
considerable wind chill. Most areas dry, but in north and north-west
Scotland, also around Snowdon, expect areas of snow and hail showers.
Headline for Southern Uplands
Blustery higher eastern tops. Dry overall. Sunshine.
Detailed Forecast for Monday, 2 February, 2015
How windy? (On the
North to northwesterly: Borders and Cheviots typically 20mph.
Effect of wind on
How wet?
Very likely dry
Essentially dry throughout the day. Rare snow showers or flurries; most likely west
Galloway, perhaps also hills nearest North Sea in Borders.
Cloud on the hills?
Very little
Most hills extensively cloud free; rarely forming below 700m near showers.
Chance of cloud free
Sunshine and air
Bright sun.
The air very clear indeed.
How Cold? (at 750m)
Freezing Level
Terrain frozen from valleys upward; slight thawing lower sunlit slopes afternoon.
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Southern Uplands - Looking Ahead
Tuesday 3 February
Wednesday 4 February
Low confidence of wind: Northeasterly, in
range 25-40mph, strongest west, but
perhaps a considerable lull.
May well be small, but be prepared for
considerable buffeting and wind chill
on higher, particularly western areas.
Northerly, in the range 20 to 30mph.
Snow showers and flurries
Dry overall
Occasional snow flurries moving
southwards, but particularly Borders, over
a couple of hours, showers may become
frequent, giving whiteout.
Substantially or completely dry. Rare brief
snow flurries, most likely western Galloway
and eastern Borders or The Cheviot.
Often clear
Very little
Cloud base varied, dropping below 700m
during snow, but may frequently lift off
many summits.
Most cloud likely remaining above the
summits. Rare fragments forming on higher
areas near light precipitation.
Chance of cloud
free summits?
Sunshine and air
Bursts of bright sunshine.
The air very clear, but visibility suddenly
appalling in cloud and snow.
Bright sunshine, later may turn hazy as a
layer of high cloud thickens from the
Excellent visibility.
How Cold? (at
Freezing Level
Terrain widely frozen from low levels up;
slight thawing lower sunlit slopes.
Terrain remaining widely frozen from low
levels up; slight thawing lower sunlit slopes.
How windy? (On the
Effect of wind on
How wet?
Cloud on the hills?
Mostly small, but significant wind chill
where exposed on higher areas.
Planning Outlook
All mountain areas of Britain from Tuesday, 3 February, 2015
Cold throughout this week with snow substantially remaining in place on the mountains and most terrain remaining frozen.
Wednesday onward, substantially fine with winds easing markedly, although, one or two temporary deteriorations, most
extensively across the Scottish Highlands as weakening fronts bring temporarily stronger winds and snow (rain lower western
Indiciations favour high pressure and fine conditions developing by next weekend.
Forecast issued at 7:29 on Monday, 2 February, 2015
The production of the Scottish forecasts is fully funded by the Scottish Government through the Mountaineering Council of
Scotland with the support of sportscotland. Forecasts are issued daily by 16:30 and are kept under review and amended as
necessary. However, expected conditions can still change after issue. © Copyright Geoff Monk & Associates, 2015.
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