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Fribourg, January 28th, 2015
SICHH Forum «Food Tech» event: a great success!
The team of the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health (SICHH) is proud of the success of the 4th edition
of the SICHH Forum about «Food Tech» (Food Technologies). The launch of the pioneering «Immersive
Experience» (IE) and the possibility to meet the experts in the field of «FoodTech» attracted more than 120
More than 120 participants took the elevator at the «Théâtre de l’Equilibre» in Fribourg in the afternoon of
January 27th, 2015 in order to attend the 4th edition of the SICHH Forum. This outstanding event allowed the
creation of rich networking opportunities and fruitful encounters between expert speakers and a curious
general audience, passionate by the latest scientific advances and the technological breakthroughs in the food
For the first time, the pioneering program «Immersive Experience» was proposed by the SICHH Forum. The IE
integrates the competencies of SICHH’s academic partners, particularly those from the University of Fribourg
and the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM). This technology, in constant evolution, will
be part of the future Ergonomic platform that will be set up within the SICHH. The IE allowed the audience to
participate in a multidimensional experience, including the study of human-environment interaction. At this
edition, Agroscope, a recent partner of the SICHH, conceived, in collaboration with the Swiss Integrative Center
for Human Health, an experience focused on food. The results will be analyzed and communicated via the
SICHH’s website.
Another feature of the Program aims at understanding and developing innovative applications based on
human-human interaction. The public showed keen interest in the applications of the technology.
SICHH wishes to thank all the speakers of the SICHH Forum, Paul-Albert Nobs, General Director of the company
Cremo based in Fribourg, Dr Patrick Descombes from the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), Dr Guy
Vergères from the Institute for Food Sciences (IDA) at Agroscope and Jacques Chavaz from the Cluster «Food &
Nutrition». In addition, SICHH would like to thank its academic partners, in particular to Agroscope, the CSEM
and the University of Fribourg. Special thanks go to BioAlps the co-organizer of this forum’s edition, to the
«Théâtre de l’Equilibre», and last but not least to all the participants without whom the event would not have
been possible.
Satisfied with the great success, the SICHH Forum’s organization team is pleased to invite you to SICHH’s 2nd
anniversary scheduled next June 2015 which will be held under the topic «The Advent of Technology
Integration». The summer edition of this SICHH Forum promises more surprises and will be a key event to keep
you up-to-date with the current and the future scientific and technological innovations.
Contact: Dr Jean-Marc Brunner, CEO, 026.424.07.00,
Alaitz de Eguia, Project Manager & Public Relations, 026.424.07.27,