(AMIS) International Solo and Ensemble Festival, 31 January 2015

Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS)
International Solo and Ensemble Festival, 31st January 2015
The American School of The Hague
Middle School Bands Information Letter
The Solo & Ensemble Festival is a big event each year for the music students at ISL. The Festival provides
an opportunity for our 6 – 12 Grade musicians to perform solos and ensembles (small groups) in front of
experienced musicians and students from other international schools. At least 300 students come together
from different international schools around the world for an intensive day of music making. All events
receive ratings and written comments which reflect on their level of performance. The judges are always
very encouraging and we find our students come away from the Festival feeling very inspired. It is a
growing and learning experience for all of the students who participate.
The Festival will be held on Saturday, 31 January 2015 at the American School of The Hague in the
Netherlands. We will leave ISL by bus around 15.45 on Friday 30 January and spend the night in a hotel
close to the American School of The Hague. The bus will arrive back at ISL around 23.00 on Saturday 31
January. Chaperones will include Mr Libbey, Ms Mintz, Ms Bryson, Mr Raoult and Mrs MacDonald.
Although this is NOT a competition, we do encourage the students to learn their music to the highest
standard possible before going to the Festival. Students have a far more positive experience when they are
well prepared. Perhaps this is a good time to add private music lessons to your busy schedules!
Each Middle School Band student is encouraged to participate in the Festival. Students will prepare a solo
piece and an ensemble piece. A modified rehearsal schedule after the Winter Concert on 2 December
will allow ensemble groups to prepare a festival piece with a teacher during regular band time. Students
who take private lessons will prepare a solo piece in their lesson time. Students not taking private lessons
will choose their solo music and organize rehearsal times with Thomas Raoult, Felicity Bryson or Karen
Any student who commits to going to the Festival commits to a high level of practice in order to be
prepared to the best of his/her ability. Regular checks will be made by his/her teacher. Any student who is
consistently found not to be making the effort to prepare will be asked to cancel his/her participation, with
the refund conditions as detailed below.
The cost of the festival trip will be between €160 - €210 per student. This includes hotel and transport.
Unfortunately any student cancelling after 1 December will still be responsible for their festival registration
fees and their share of transport and other costs as per the respective cancellation policies.
This festival is a wonderful opportunity for every musician. It is also a chance to meet other students from
around the world who love to make music too. Please visit the Solo and Ensemble section of the AMIS
website for further information: http://www.amis-online.org.uk/
The permission form and a copy of your child’s passport need to be returned to Thomas Raoult, Felicity
Bryson or Karen MacDonald by Thursday 20 November 2014.
Further details of the trip, including what to bring, hotel information etc, will be sent out after Christmas. . If
you have any questions, please contact one of the above by e-mail: TRaoult@islux.lu, FBryson@islux.lu,
Best Regards,
Thomas Raoult, Felicity Bryson, Karen MacDonald , ISL Music Department
(Middle School Bands)
To be returned to Mr Raoult, Ms Bryson or Ms MacDonald
by Thursday 20th November 2014.
My child______________________________________, in Grade / Class_________, has my
permission to take part in the field trip to the Solo & Ensemble Festival at The American School
of The Hague in the Netherlands on January 30th - 31st 2015. I understand that my child will
perform with the school musical organisations at the Festival on Saturday 31st January and that
the bus will leave ISL around 15.45 on Friday 30th January arriving back at ISL around 23.00 on
Saturday 31st January.
My son/daughter has the following special health requirements:
I have attached a copy of my child’s valid passport and arranged for any required visa.
In case of emergency, I can be contacted on ___________________________________
Alternative contact details: _________________________________________________
I hereby authorise payment for this trip: a minimum €160 and a maximum €210 to be charged to
my child’s School Life Account.
I have returned my ISL School Life Account Direct Debit form duly completed.
I will return immediately my ISL School Life Account Direct Debit form duly
I understand that should my child not be able to participate, a refund may only be given according
to the specific reimbursements granted to ISL at the time of cancellation – e.g. hotel depending
on the cancellation policy, etc.
Should the school decide to unilaterally cancel the trip, 50% refund will be granted.
Parent/Guardian Signature
Parent/Guardian Name (printed)
If you do not yet have an ISL School Life account, forms are available under mail.islux.lu then
ISL School Life account. Please do not hesitate to contact businessoffice2@islux.lu should
you have any queries.