Design a Poster - Entry details

May 22 – May 30
The Come Out Children’s Festival 2015 is now being directed and managed by the
Adelaide Festival Centre and will be held from 22 – 30 May 2015. Students are invited to
participate in a poster design competition where the winning entrant will have their artwork
professionally incorporated into a poster for the Come Out Children’s Festival 2015.
• Does your school have keen visual artists?
• You could use the Come Out Children’s Festival 2015 poster competition towards
teaching and learning in the Australian Curriculum: The Arts and/or across other
areas of the curriculum.
The winning entrant will receive:
• the opportunity to observe a professional designer create the final poster image
• a $500 gift voucher from a computer store.
Entries need to comply with the following criteria:
1. The competition is open to South Australian children from Reception to Year 10.
2. The image or design must reflect the Come Out Children’s Festival 2015 theme of
Building Bridges; but without actually showing a bridge (!)
3. Schools are asked to send in either the best two (2) student entries from each class
but no more than 25 entries per school; whichever is the lesser amount.
4. Preferably, entries to be submitted in hard copy (no photocopies or scans),
however, if an electronic submission needs to be used the image must be provided
in full resolution 300dpi at size A4. Before sending an electronic entry please contact
Sharyn Schell – contact details follow.
5. A4 size only, with no textures added i.e. no glitter, no glue, stickers, felt…
6. Use of colour, style and techniques.
7. No text / no words and no logos are to be used at all in the design.
8. Each entry must be:
the students own, original work (no copies, no photocopies, no use of other
images (Copyright rules apply)
produced during Term 1, 2014
clearly labelled with detailed contact information - the student’s name, year
level, school, contact teachers’ name and email address and the school
telephone number
accompanied with a brief description (about 100 words) of how and why the
design fits with the Festival theme, Building Bridges
accompanied by a fully completed and signed DECD and Adelaide Festival
Centre / Come Out Children’s Festival Consent Form (copy attached) or
download from:
The winning entry will be selected by a panel of festival and education staff. Given the
broad age range from which entries are being invited the selection panel will take into
account the year level of students. The prize will be awarded to the student whose poster:
portrays an innovative approach to the Festival theme Building Bridges
complies with the judging criteria supplied.
The winner will be notified early in Term 2, 2014 by a member of the Festival team and
announced in the Arts Ambassadors e-newsletter. Shortlisted entries will be displayed on
the Come Out Children’s Festival website:
Entries must be received by 4pm on Friday 4 April 2014 (end of Week 10, Term 1).
A reminder that entries will not be returned.
Hard copy entries must be clearly labelled and addressed to:
Sharyn Schell
Education Centre
Level 5, 31 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000
DECD Courier: R11/37a
OR by post GPO Box 1152
Education Centre, Level 5
Adelaide SA 50
Electronic submissions are permissible as large, high resolution files. Such entries may be
forwarded using (free) online transfer services available on the internet, enabling teachers
to send large files (up to 2GB) via email. You do not need to download any free software.
For suggestions of suitable transfer services please contact Sharyn Schell.
NB: The winning image may be manipulated, cropped or altered to suit a range of
applications including but not limited to the press, online or print materials. The general
integrity of the image will remain although the finished product may not look exactly as
originally provided.
Sharyn Schell
Come Out Children’s Festival
DECD Arts Education Manager
Phone: (08) 8226 2072
If you are not yet a registered Arts Ambassador please email your details to
If you are unsure please check your emails to see if you have received this flyer electronically.
If you have, then you are registered and do not need to do anything further!