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Jonathan Rhys Myers to
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Steve Forrest
leaves Placebo
G o s s i p
Kasabian’s Serge finds Ed Sheeran’s success scary
teve Forrest has left Placebo. The drummer - who joined
the ‘Pure Morning’ group in 2008 - has “amicably” departed
the band to focus on his own music, and singer Brian
Molko and bassist Stefan Oldsal will now be joined on the road
by former Colour of Fire drummer Matt Lunn. A group statement said: “The split is very amicable and Steve was keen to
pursue his own musical ambitions, and has been writing and
recording his own material over the last few years. “Brian Molko
and Stefan Olsdal would like to thank Steve for all his work with
the band and wish him all the very best in his future career.”
Fans will get their first glimpse of Matt when the group embark
on their huge UK and Ireland tour later this month, on which
they will be supported by The Mirror Trap. The 20-date tour
begins at the Olympia in Dublin on 25 February and ends with
two nights at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on 24 and 25
March. Some fans may already be familiar with the new touring
drummer as his former group previously supported Placebo
when they toured in 2004. Matt is the band’s fourth drummer,
with original sticksman Robert Schultzberg replaced by Steve
Hewitt in 1996. Steve left in 2007 due to “personal and musical
asabian rocker Serge Pizzorno can’t understand why Ed Sheeran is so popular, admitting he finds his success “scary”. The guitarist
misses the music scene of the 1990s, which was
dominated by Britpop and rock acts, and thinks the
charts nowadays are “too pop” and “middle
England”. Serge has cited acoustic songsmith Ed who is up for several Grammy Awards and BRITs as a prime example of what’s wrong with modern
pop. Speaking in the new issue of Loaded magazine, he said: “I do miss the Britpop era. The loonies
took over for a bit, which was great. It’s so pop right
now. Too pop. It was great with Blur and Oasis.
Those days were so exciting to watch and I’m not
sure if we’re ever going to get that back. Ed
Sheeran is killing it. It’s middle England. We are so
middle England, it’s scary.” Despite enjoying a phenomenally successful 2014 - which included a
headline set at the Glastonbury Festival - Kasabian
have not been nominated for any prizes at the
upcoming BRIT Awards. Although they have been
snubbed from the ceremony, singer Tom Meighan
is hopeful the event will still open people’s eyes to
different genres of music. He said: “What’s good
about the BRIT Awards is rock music - if you can call
it that. It allows the music to reach out to people
who usually watch ‘The X Factor’ or some thing. It’s
about turning them on to alternative music which
can only be a good thing.” The 250th celebratory
issue of Loaded - which has Kasabian on the cover is available to buy in both print and digital formats
Gallagher’s High Flying
Birds for Calling Festival
onathan Rhys Myers is to star in ‘Damascus
Cover’. The ‘Mission Impossible III’ star will take
on the lead role in the espionage thriller,
which is based on the 1977 novel by Howard
Kaplan. He said: “I’m enormously excited about
this role. This was a hugely significant time in the
conflict in the Middle East, post-cold war and with
the collapse of the Berlin Wall when an amount of
spies were redeployed to the Middle East, where
the theatre of covert operations would now take
precedence. “With a highly thoughtful and intelligent script by Daniel Berk and Samantha Newton
I’m thrilled to be a part of this project and can’t
wait to start shooting with a very gifted international cast and crew.” The 37-year-old actor has
already joined Olivia Thirlby, Sir John Hurt and
others in Morocco, as filming begins in the African
oel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will headline Calling
Festival. The one-day event will take place on Clapham
Common in London on Saturday July 4 with Ryan
Adams, The Hives and Echo and the Bunnymen also confirmed
to perform. Speaking about the booking, Live Nation’s Vice
President of Promotions Toby Leighton-Pope said: “We’re so
pleased with the Calling Festival 2015 bill. Noel Gallagher’s
High Flying Birds will be incredible and we’re so happy to welcome the fantastic Ryan Adams, The Hives and Echo and the
Bunnymen. This year is going to be huge and we look forward
to seeing the crowds back in Clapham this summer.” The band
will perform their first outdoor headline set at the multi-stage
festival four months after the release of their eagerly anticipated second album, ‘Chasing Yesterday’, which will be available
from March 2. In October, the 47-year-old performer sold out
his six-date spring tour - which will see him visit Belfast,
Dublin, Nottingham, Glasgow, and Manchester before end in
London on March 10 - in just 10 minutes. Previous headliners
of the annual event include The Who, Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi
and The Killers, with more than 80,000 music-lovers flocking to
the festival in south west London last year to witness performances from Stevie Wonder and Aerosmith. Tickets for Calling
Festival go on sale at 9am on Friday 6 February and are priced
at £57.50 plus booking fee.
country this week. Speaking about her role, Olivia
added: “I’m thrilled to be a part of ‘Damascus
Cover’. “It’s an honor to collaborate with and work
alongside such a diverse and talented group of
individuals on a project that looks closely at a fascinating time in history. I am extremely excited to
begin the shoot.” The movie’s plot follows the story of an undercover spy who is sent to Damascus
to help a chemical weapons scientist and his family sneak out of the country. Soon, things turn bad
for the man, as he becomes the target of murderous conspirators.
Dylan says comparisons
Heidi Klum became model eater with Sinatra are a ‘joke’
forgets recording
adonna “can’t remember” making all her records. The 56year-old singer is preparing to release her 13th studio
album, ‘Rebel Heart’, and admits she has released so many
LPs throughout her illustrious career she cannot recall the creative
process she went through to make all her albums. She said: “I cannot remember every record-making experience. It feels like there’s
been too many of them. “But this [‘Rebel Heart’] has been really,
really intense ... complicated. Just because there are so many people involved. “It’s like a train that keeps picking up people. And
every time someone gets on the train, they add another flavor.
“Then I have to step back and see, OK, how does this all fit into the
big picture? So it does seem endless.” But the ‘Papa Don’t Preach’
hitmaker has no problem recalling her fourth studio album ‘Like A
Prayer’, which came with a cover scented with patchouli oils to
simulate church incense, because she now “cannot stand” the aroma of the plant species. She added in an interview with Mojo
magazine: “Terrible, terrible perfume. I can’t stand it. I don’t [like it]
any more. It’s a tree hugger’s smell.”
eidi Klum had to give up her favorite German foods to make it as a model. The 41year-old catwalk star was born and raised in Bergisch Gladbach, a town just outside of Cologne, and she began her career she quickly realized she would have to
ditch the delicious calorific treats she enjoyed, such as schnitzel, if she wanted to make it
in the fashion business. She explained: “Once I started modeling, I changed my life. When
I left Germany, I went to Paris, London and Milan and I saw how the girls were all so fit
and ate differently. Coming from Germany, I ate all the schnitzel and potatoes that my
mother would cook for me, but that doesn’t work if you want to be in this industry. “You
have to be fit, your skin, your nails and your hair have to look great, as well as your body,
of course, so I completely changed the way I ate.” Although she follows a strict diet and
exercise regime, Heidi will still allow herself the occasional treat, and she enjoys nothing
more than munching on a slice of pizza with her four children - 10-year-old Leni, her
daughter with ex Flavio Briatore, and Henry, nine, Johan, eight, and Lou, five, with her former husband Seal. Speaking to You magazine, she said: “I eat everything but not on a daily basis. I don’t eat a lot of bread, spaghetti, rice or carbs - it’s not really necessary. I’m not
saying that you shouldn’t eat carbs, but have them in moderation. I eat a lot of vegetables
and I don’t eat a lot of sauces ... but when I go with my kids to a pizza restaurant, yeah, I’ll
eat pizza.” Heidi accepts it is her responsibility to always be ready to strip off and look
good and that’s her motivation for sticking to her regime of distance running and weight
training. She said: “I always have to be ready to take off my clothes and look great ... If
you’re not fit and you’re not 100 per cent, someone else is going to get the job. There are
so many beautiful girls to choose from, so if you want to be top, your body has to look
top. It’s just the way it is - it’s the job.”
ob Dylan thinks people are “joking” when they compare him
to Frank Sinatra. The 73-year-old singer-songwriter’s 36th studio album, ‘Shadows in the Night’, features a number of songs
associated with Sinatra - including ‘Autumn Leaves’ and ‘That Lucky
Old Sun’ - but Dylan insists the legendary crooner is beyond compare. Asked whether it’s a risk to make records previously sung by
Sinatra, he said: “There’s nothing risky about making records.
“Comparing me with Frank Sinatra? You must be joking. To be mentioned in the same breath as him must be some sort of high compliment. “Nobody touches him. Not me or anyone else.” Dylan confessed his new album is “out of step with the current media culture”
but dismissed accusations of being “corny”. He told the American
Association Of Retired Persons magazine: “These songs, take ‘em or
leave ‘em, if nothing else, are songs of great virtue. That’s what they
are. “If they sound trite and corny to somebody, well so much for
that. “But people’s lives today are filled on so many levels with vice
and the trappings of it. Ambition, greed and selfishness all have to
do with vice. “We see the destruction of human life and the mockery of it, everywhere we look. These songs are anything but that.
Romance never does go out of fashion. “It’s radical. Maybe it’s out of
step with the current media culture.”
Kardashian West’s hair ‘part of her identity’
im Kardashian West’s hair is “part of her identity”, according to Chris McMillan. The hairstylist - who is responsible
for creating the “Rachel” haircut made popular by his pal
Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’ - has opened up about working
with the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star and insists he’s
never had to use extensions because her natural hair is a great
base to work with. He said: “Kim’s long, gorgeous hair is part of
her identity.” Chris added: “Kim’s natural texture is so thick and
wavy. Instead of fighting it, I like to go with it, keeping everything soft, easy and understated.” The celebrity stylist was on
hand to style Kim’s stunning half-up, half-down hairdo at her
nuptials to Kanye West - with whom she has 19-month-old
daughter North - in Florence, Italy last year and confessed he’s
proud she is still re-creating the look herself. Writing in his column for the February issue of Allure magazine, he said: “A wedding is not the time to do anything trendy. I teased her crown,
parted her hair down the middle, and pulled two small sections
straight back. This style has sort of become her go-to look since
the wedding.” Chris also revealed he managed to smooth her
tousled waves into a single braid in just six minutes in Paris during the run up to her wedding despite being allotted ten minutes. —Bang Showbiz