No: EE(GRN)/AE/TN/GL-30/2014-15
Office of the Executive Engineer,
Govindarajangara Division,
BBMP Office Complex, 4th Main Road,
M.C. Layout, Vijayanagar,
Bangalore – 560 040. Ph: 080-22975725
Date: 28.01.2015
(Through GOK e–Procurement Portal only)
Tenders on item rate basis are invited by the undersigned for the work mentioned below
from the registered contractors of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike or equivalent registration
with CPWD / KPWD / Railways / MES or any State Government Organizations.
The Tender Document can be downloaded from the GOK e-Procurement Website
( on payment of prescribed fee noted against each item of work
(non refundable) in the form of e-Payment through e-Procurement Platform. The Tenderer should
accompany a copy of the Registration Certificate valid upto the year of 2015 and shall be
submitted through e-Procurement Portal. The Tenderers are advised to note the minimum
qualification criteria specified in clause 3 of the instructions to Tenderers to qualify for award of
the contract (Standard Tender Document – KW2)
Apprx. value
of work (Rs.
Name of the Work
Constuction of multipurpose building over
existing ward office building in Ward No 126
(3rd Call)
in Lakhs)
Period of
(in Rupees)
(in days)
Tender Processing fee and EMD should be made in e-procurement portal only using any of the
following four modes of e-payment.
Credit Card
Direct Debit
National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)
Remittance of the bank counter (OTC)
Note: Eligibility & Class of Contractors:
1) Class IV
2) Class III
3) Class II
4) Class IB
5) Class IA
Upto Rs.1.00 Lakhs
Upto Rs.10.00 Lakhs
Upto Rs.25.00 Lakhs
Upto Rs.100.00 Lakhs
any amount
Calendar of events:
1. Last Date & Time for receipt of Tenders: 11.02.2015 up to 4:00 P.M.
2. Last date for Submission of Tender difference Amount: 12.02.2015 up to 4:00 P.M.
3. Date of Opening of Technical bid is 13.02.2015 upto 4.00 p.m.
4. Date of Opening of Financial bid is on 16.02.2015 by 4.15 p.m (After the approval of the Technical
bid from the competent authority)
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1. The Tender Notification along with Blank Tender Form will be accessible in the website of
GOK e- Procurement Platform ( website.
2. Tender documents may be downloaded from Government of Karnataka e-Procurement
Bidders/Contractors who have not registered in e-procurement should register before
participating through the website or contact e-Procurement
Helpdesk at 080 – 22485867 / 22485927.
3. The Tender will remain valid for 180 Days from the Date of Opening of Tender.
4. The Contractor is not eligible for submission of application for tender form if he has not
put the tender after purchase of the tender document continuously for three times.
5. The Successful tenderer will have to execute an agreement with BBMP with in seven days
of receipt of intimation of Letter of Acceptance, failing which his tender will be summarily
rejected without giving any further Notice.
6. The Contractor / Agency shall intimate the change, if any, in any of the addresses, in
advance or maximum within one week of such change along with acknowledgement of
noting down of such change in address from the bank, Income tax, Sales Tax authorities
etc. Failure to do so liability lies on the Contractor / Agency what so ever.
7. The Work shall be commenced with all Men, Material Toole and Plants within 7 days from
the Date of Work Order, failing to which it would be presumed that the Successful
Tenderer is not interested in the Work and Action will be taken to get the Work executed
through Alternate Agency at the risk and cost of the Former Tendered.
8. The defect liability period for completed works is as shown in from the date of final
9. (a) The E.M.D and S.D will be refunded only after Completion of the defect liability
(b) The Total E.M.D and F.S.D amout should be 7.5% of the project cost as applicable.
(c) In Asphalting works the Contractor shall complete the work to the satisfaction of
the corporation and shall rectify the defects developed within the guarantee
period as per Commissioner inter Office Note No: Comm/PR/1043/2009-10 Dt:
26-10-2009 the EMD and SD recovered from the contractor’s bills shall be released
only after the guarantee period as per Commissioner Inter Office Note of Dt: 2610-2009 without any interest thereon As follows.
(1). Asphalting ( Strengthening of road Provision of DBM/BM/BC/&
BM/SDBC in Asphalting ) Maintenance period Minimum 5 years
(2). Asphalting ( Works Provisions of BM for Camber/SDBC & SDBC/ OGPS/
or CGPS) Maintenance period Minimum 3 years
10. The maintenance of period in case of Chip Carpeting & Asphalting works is minimum 3
years as mention above and 1 Year for civil works from the date of final bill / or after the
expiry of maintenance period whichever is later.
11. Tenders must be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit specified for the work in the
Table below. Earnest Money Deposit will have to be in any one of the forms as specified in
the Tender document and shall have to be valid for 45 days beyond the validity of the
12. For Asphalting works, like Pothole filling, Chip Carpeting, B.M & B.C etc., those who own
their hot mix plant & mechanical paver only need apply. Such of those tenderer will have
to furnish the list of machinery equipment along with the copy of the Registration
Certificate at the time of scanning of tender documents.
13. Tenderer who have the works Pending with them will not be entertained.
14. Tender capacity of the Contractor will be based on qualification information vide clause of
the Instructions to the Contractors.
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15. Road cut Portin: During the maintenance period if any other agency cut the road for laying
BWSSB/OFC/BESCOM & other agency the contractor has to re do the road cut portion. If
necessary permission / payment will be made to the contractor by the other agency
through Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike.
16. Frequency of the Quality tests of all the materials and other tests have to be conducted by
contractor as per Specifications for Road and Bridge Works (5th Revision) and IRC:SP:111984 Handbook of Quality Control for Construction of Roads and Runways, IRC:SP:471998 Guidelines on Quality Systems for Road Bridges (Plain, Reinforced, Prestressed),
RC:SP:57-2000 Guidelines for Quality Systems for Road Construction and Composite
Concrete and SP:7-2005 National Building Code of India & other relevant Indian standards
in his laboratory or any other Laboratory assigned by the BBMP on his own cost in
presence of Engineer/ consultants appointed by BBMP.
17. As per Govt. Order No: LD 300/LET/2006, Dated: 18.07.2007, 1% of the bill amount will
be deducted and remitted to Karnataka State Building & Other Construction Employees
Welfare Board.
18. The Tenderers are advised to note the minimum qualification criteria specified in clause 3
of the Instructions to Tenderers to qualify for award of the contract (Standard Tender
Document – KW-1/2) also Tenderers are advised to go through the Standard Bid
19. Any Corrigendum / Modification will be notified in the Notice Board of the Undersigned.
20. The BBMP reserves the right to accept/reject any or all tenders without assigning any
reasons what so ever.
21. If the Contractor / Agency intended to quote less than the estimated cost the contractor
shall put an DD / Pay Order for the tender difference amount quoted drawn in favour of
Commissioner, BBMP A/c Executive Engineer, Govindarajnagar Division, BBMP,
Bangalore payable at Bangalore from nationalized / scheduled bank. The Tender
Difference Amount DD should be produced in a date as specified in calendar of events
at the office of the undersigned to Account Superintendent (Govindarajnagar). If the
contractor fails to produce the Tender Difference Amount his tender will be
disqualified and EMD will be Forfeited. The DD for difference amount shall not be
accepted after completion of the specified time Schedule.
22. The DD for Tender difference Amount may also be scanned and up loaded to eProcurement Platform if possible as mentioned in the Calendar of events.
23. The Tender Accepting Authority shall have the power to accept or to reject any tender
without assigning any reason thereof.
24. The Income VAT and K.S.T. as applicable will be deducted from every running and final
bill of the contractor. The Income Tax at the rate of 2.30%, KST at 4% and Cess at 1% will
be Deducted and certificate will be issued in favour of the Contractor from every running
bill / final bills of the contractor:
25. The rates quoted in the schedule shall be inclusive of all taxes applicable.
26. As per Government Circular No. CI 226 MMN 2006 Dt: 04.12.07 the contractors are liable
to pay royalty in terms of the contract if they are not able to produce the materials
purchased document / MDP’s from where they purchase.
27. Black Listed Contractors / in Govt. / Quasi Govt. / Boards / BBMP etc., are not eligible to
quote, if found such Tenders will be rejected.
28. All the participants should produce all the original documents for verification whenever
29. The work shall be carried out as per the directions of the BBMP and if necessary in
coordination with BESCOM, BWSSB, Other Agencies and Engineer in charge of Work.
30. No Joint Venture / Consortium is permissible.
31. The Work shall be commenced with all Men and Machinery within 7 days from the Date
of Work Order, failing which it would be presumed that the Successful Tenderer is not
interested in the Work and Action will be taken to get the Work executed through
Alternate Agency at the risk and cost of the Former Tenderers.
32. Conditional Tenders will not be entertained and they are summarily rejected.
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33. Further particulars can be had from the office of the Executive Engineer,
Govindarajanagara Division, and BBMP during the working days between 10.00 A.M. to
5.30 P.M.
34. The Construction Debris Generated from Work Shall be dumped in Designated Dumping
Yards Only.
Eligibility Criteria Follows
i) The Bidder should have executed and completed successfully within the stipulated
contract period a single work of similar nature contract not less than 60% of tender
amount in financial Years of 2013-14. In support of this, bidder should furnish a
certificate duly certified by the competent authority along with Technical bid.
Achieved in at least two financial years a minimum turnover not less than two times
the amount put to tender.
ii) Present networth should be two times the amount put to tender. In support of this,
bidder should furnish certificate certified by the Charted Accountant.
iii) The bidder should have his own plant and machinery and furnish the list of man
power, equipments and machineries possessed by him as per the tender document.
iv) The bidder should quote for all items In all sub works
The Tender is a two cover system consisting of
The Technical bid should contain EMD, details of technical, financial & managerial
capabilities to execute the work as per the requirements in Para
(i) to (iv) above.
The Financial bid contain only price bid. For such of those contractors, whose
technical bids do not satisfy the eligibility, their financial bids will not be opened and
the tenders will summarily rejected.
Sd/Executive Engineer,
Govindarajanagar Division,
Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike
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