Value Added

Tracy Acorn
Manager, Chamber Services
Alberta Chambers of Commerce
Value Added
Partners 2015
Major non – dues revenue opportunity (24 chambers receive over $1000/month)
Chambers own the plan- complimentary brochures provided through Pam Brace
Pooled benefits provide greater flexibility for your members
All you have to do is promote the plan-the advisor does the rest
Will collect monthly membership fees
With outstanding service and assistance, the Chambers Group Insurance
Plan will tailor a benefit program to suit your needs.
Fill out the bursary applications for all ACC events- you could
be selected and save $$
The Chambers Group Insurance Plan provides immense support for many
events through sponsorship dollars, bursaries and incentive programs
ACC-Political Action Day
ACC-Fall Board Meeting
Alberta Business Awards
of Distinction
ACE Summit
Marketing Award
Community Sponsorship
Incentive opportunities
(Office Max/Grande & Toy and Akran Marketing)
• Contract is currently in negotiations for non dues revenue
• Office Max offering 5%-85% off web products through the ALBA Group
• Includes office supplies, furniture, ink cartridges, cleaning and coffee room needs and
some electronic equipment
• Alba Group will pay local chambers .5% on net sales once 10% member penetration
across the province is met.
• Akran Marketing sells swag items like polo's, caps, desk accessories, mugs, watches and
a variety of logoed products. They are offering Chambers 20% off web based sales and
members 15% off web products.
• Akran Marketing will pay via the Alba Group to local chambers 2.5% of net sales once a
10% penetration is reached.
• Complimentary setup and design for Chambers and their members
Payment solutions you can rely on
Exclusive Chamber of Commerce Business offer
Visa 1.55%
MasterCard 1.60%
Interac fee 5¢ per transaction
Ask about a fee free bank account for your Chamber
Full Service 40 Account for your members- $24/month fee waived
$80 finders fee PLUS 5% revenue share to your Chamber-paid quarterly
Payment solutions you can rely on
Exclusive Chamber of Commerce Business offer
Quarterly tracking made available to Chambers
Listed options for various types of terminals
No set up fee for Chamber members
Co-branding and marketing materials (coming soon)
Evolve Collaboration would like to extend a Referral Program to The
Alberta Chamber of Commerce and their members and affiliated
Chambers of Commerce teleconferencing features for only 3¢/minute
Chamber Members 5¢/minute
Webpage to come
Co-branding and marketing materials (coming soon)
Fleet Discount Program
3.5¢/litre discount on fuel (gas or diesel) purchased on your ESSO Fleet
Credit Card.
NEW member portal Visit:
(no more 3 page applications)
NEW- Now open to employees of Members businesses
More than 1850 station across Canada
Convenient and secure card options
Husky/Mohawk Fuel Discount program
2¢/ litre at the pump discount on all fuel types
No minimum purchase required
Over 600 locations across the country
No transaction or annual fees, detailed monthly statements
Currently the application process is still a little arduous. The ACC will be reviewing the program very soon
1.59% Visa & MasterCard (plus 15¢/ transaction)
4¢ on Interac direct debit
Buy rent or lease your terminal for as low as $32.99/month
24/7 customer support
No hidden fees or surcharges
Contact: Gary Reilly 866-999-8729 ext. 1304 or
Not just a service partner-your business partner
Exclusive Member pricing
Base run fee $14.50 (regular fee $17.00)
Go Green base run fee options for as little as $11.60
Per payment and ROE discounts
25% off conversion and setup for Members
Contact: Devin Chatterjee 403-249-4939 or
Angela Peskett 877-499-8130
The Power of Connection for your Members
Exclusive Member pricing for all packages
Chambers use product for FREE
No risk no obligation, professional training available
Members save between 20%-25%
(includes existing customers)
Market your events, use Social Media, e-mail and even survey your
To sign up today visit:
or call 866-289-2101
Chamber Merchant Services
Non dues revenue sharing for your Chamber
Visa 1.55% MasterCard 1.60%Interac Debit 5¢/ transaction
Discover 1.60%, Card Brand 0.12% NQA 0.25%, Amex options available
Monthly account fee only $5.00
$100 finders fee & 15% on net recurring revenue
To sign up today visit:
or call 888-265-4117
On-hold infopacs
Customized on-hold services for your business
12% discount off regular ADTEL rates
3% additional discount if a chamber message is included on their on-hold
message program
Why use ADTEL-reduce drop calls, market events, professional image
Bilingual voice options, 52 updates per year, 3-12 minute scripts
Contact: Gary McCooeye @ 780-424-7777
Enjoy exclusive benefits and put your mind at ease
10% off best rate-home & auto insurance
Will tailor a comprehensive group plan for your staff
MEDOC travel insurance
Monthly payment options & 24 hour service representatives
Contact: Colin Kuefler 800-513-1576
Petro-Points Special offer
2¢/ litre on all grades of gasoline & diesel (200 litre per month minimum)
20% off car wash
3% discount off propane
Flexible payment and custom options available
ACC will conduct a Program review this year. Current application
is in your packages.
Now till January 31, 2015 lock in for 3 years
at only 6.98¢ per MWh
By combining the purchasing power of members, WHOLESALE energy
commodity pricing can be obtained at up to a 25% SAVINGS
The ACC/ACES benefit program is OPEN TO ALL MEMBER owners for
the home and business (must be 2 locations- home & business)
Non dues revenue share for your Chamber- $.050 per MWh
Allows small business to compete in a competitive market
Contact: Marty Skinner @ 403-341-0566
NEW Non-Dues Revenue for your Chamber
Better Discounts for your Members
• $0-10,000= 25% savings, $10,001-$25,000= 35%,
$25,001-$75,000= 45% savings
• Web portal for members to register (coming soon)
• Your current members will automatically move up to at
minimum the 25% savings
• Revenue share opportunity 3% of new business to local
The Alberta Chambers of Commerce has created an Audio, Web and Video
Conferencing Affinity Program for its valued members.
5¢ audio conferencing (45% below industry average)
Pay as you go-no contracts or minimum requirements
Contact: Pamala Matthews 877-299-7070 ext. 4018 Identify your Chamber Membership affiliation
The Alberta Chambers of Commerce is in talks with First call to
promote a provincial program.
First Call provides council and documentation on all HR matters like,
hiring staff, legal counsel and documents, notifications for annual
reviews and special dates and staff & records management
Will likely be complimentary for Chambers internal use and about 40%
discounts for your members
New non dues revenue stream and offering for local chambers
dependant on # of employees signed up through your membership
Details coming soon!