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Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church
Lillian Alabama
February 2015
We live in
difficult times.
Our culture is
changing rapidly. Sometimes we feel left
behind, left out, uncertain of our place in
this “postmodern” world. Our mid-week
Lenten services this year will help us to
put things in perspective and allow us to
understand how God has called us into
community in His church and how this
“communion of saints” can bring us
much comfort, strength and hope as we
walk together on our way to the cross,
His empty tomb, and our resurrection
unto eternal life. Come join us on
Wednesday evenings beginning on Feb.
18 as our little community of saints here
at Shepherd of the Bay meet at 6:00 pm
for a soup and sandwich supper and
then gather together for Divine Service
to hear God’s word for us.
Pastor Leigeber
Ash Wednesday February 18
From our Hearts
Valentine Collection
Personal Care Kits
During February and March we will be
gathering personal care kits and
fleece blankets for
Lutheran World Relief.
We will collect the stuff at the
Lent services
and at the
Valentine Lunch
For details see the LWML and PSM
articles on page 2.
For details on the Valentine Lunch see
the Lunch Bunch article on page 6.
LWML - Personal Care Kits
We will assemble kits at Easter that will be
sent to mission fields by Lutheran World
Relief. Our goal is to have 50 kits this year,
twice as many as we have ever done
before. Please help – there will be a basket
at the church to drop your donations in:
Bars of Soap - unopened. Major item, lots
Bath Towels lightweight, 27X52” maximum
Toothbrushes. Adult. Unopened
Combs and Nail clippers
Cash (or check) donations can be used to
purchase items we need.
Donations for the kits will also be collected
at the Lunch Bunch Valentine Lunch. It will
be your “ticket” to get in. Give a gift from the
Prayer Shawl Ministry (PSM)
will meet Friday, February 13, 1-3PM in the
Fellowship Hall. At the meeting we will
begin making No-Sew Fleece Tied Blankets
for Lutheran World Relief, which will use
them to protect and comfort needy people
around the world.. Bright, colorful, sturdy
and warm, Fleece Tied Blankets are a soft,
cozy reminder that someone cares. This is
an easy and fun global outreach service
project sponsored by our LWML. All you
need to bring to the meeting is a part of
sharp scissors, and know how to tie a knot.
It is that simple. Funding to help purchase
fleece material is generously given to us by
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Please
come and bring a friend.
To God Be the Glory.
Sally Smith
Bible Class
God Is
9 – 16 – 23
We will look at the movie “God's Not
Dead” and Bible study material designed
for churches using the film in Bible Classes.
This was a very successful movie by
Hollywood standards; lots of people came
to see it in the theaters. However, it was
also criticized by reviewers in the press for
the script, characters, and various story
lines not being very realistic. This may be
true, but the issues of faith and witness are
indeed real. We will focus on the issues of
faith, in particular how faith in the existence
of God is defended. And we will look at our
own lives, particularly in light of 1 Peter
3:15: Always be prepared to give an answer
to everyone who asks you to give the
reason for the hope that you have...”
In order to maintain continuity as we watch
the movie we will have class THREE
MONDAYS IN A ROW in February. Lunch
at 11:30 and class from noon to 1:00 (or
so....). The movie includes an appearance
and music by the Newsboys. If you aren't
familiar with this group you might want to
check them out online, especially the songs
“God is Not Dead” and “We Believe”.
For those who like the movie we could
plan to go as group to see the sequel
“Do You Believe” when it comes out in
theaters on March 20.
From the Pastor
Let us set our eyes on Jesus, the founder
and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy
that was set before him endured the cross,
despising the shame, and is seated at the
right hand of the throne of God.
Hebrews 12:2
In a couple of weeks we will celebrate Ash
Wednesday and begin a journey to the
cross with Jesus. On this journey, we learn
from him how to live with joy, even in a
broken and dying world. He has overcome
the world, for us. The time is short for us
here. We are looking for a new heaven and
a new earth, the home of righteousness.
Our home…forever. Let us set our eyes on
He was the King. “His first home was a
palace. Servants were at his fingertips. The
snap of his fingers changed the course of
history. His name was known and loved. He
had everything – wealth, power, respect.
And then…. he had nothing.” (Max Lacado)
How could a king lose everything in one
instant? He went from plenty to poverty. He
was homeless. He owned nothing but the
clothes on his back. He was dependent
upon handouts for his income. He was
sometimes so hungry he would eat raw
grain from the field or pick fruit off a tree. He
knew what it was like to be rained on, to be
cold. He went from riches to rags in a
His palace grounds had been spotless; now
he was exposed to filth. He had never
known disease,but was now surrounded by
illness. In his kingdom he had been revered;
now he was ridiculed. Hisneighbors tried to
lynch him. Some called him a lunatic.
Those who didn’t ridicule him tried to use
him. They wanted favors. They wanted
tricks. He was a novelty. They wanted to be
seen with him – that is, until being with him
was out of fashion. THEN they wanted to kill
He was accused of a crime he never
committed. Witnesses were hired to lie. The
jury was rigged. No lawyer was assigned to
his defense. A Judge swayed by politics
handed down the death penalty. They killed
him. He was buried in a borrowed grave, his
funeral financed by a friend. Though he
once had everything, he died with nothing.
He should have been miserable. He should
have been bitter. He had every right to be a
pot of boiling anger. But he wasn’t. He was
joyful…He was joyful when he was poor. He
was joyful when he was abandoned. He
was joyful when he was betrayed. He was
even joyful as he hung on a cross, his
hands pierced with six-inch Roman
spikes…Jesus embodied a stubborn joy; a
joy that refused to bend in the wind of hard
times. A joy that held its ground against
Here we see the very truth that the writer of
Hebrews proclaims, “For the joy that was
set beforeHim, Jesus endured the cross!”
He endured the cross for you and for me
and He did so with greatjoy knowing that it
was the only way for us to be saved. As we
move forward into this year, as we quickly
approach the Lenten season; let us
remember with never ending joy that God,
the word made flesh came and lived among
us and died upon the cross so that we might
be saved.
Lord we pray that You keep our eyes
focused upon His glory until He comes
Pastor Leigeber
Our general offerings goal for January was
Our actual offerings for January were
Our estimated expenses for February are
Word and Deed continues. It ensures that
our neighbors’ state and well-being is cared
for and attended to. It ensures that our
neighbors have access to our heavenly
Father’s mercy just as we have received it
here in time for all eternity.
(LCMS Stewardship Resources)
Debby Rotonda, Susan Church, Sally Smith
Crossword Puzzle- How much do you
Our estimated expenses for March are
It is important to build a healthy bank
balance in these EARLY months in order to
cover the expenses that need to be paid
over the summer months when our
attendance drops and the snowbirds return
We have a quarterly insurance bill that will
have to be paid in March for $2,932. Our
generous giving during these early months
will enable us to meet these quarterly
payments and still continue to pay the
normal expenses.
Be merciful as your Father in heaven is
merciful” (Luke 6:36). The word for mercy
that Jesus uses here has a more concrete
meaning than what we typically associate
with mercy. It means more than just being
kind. It means to be concerned about your
neighbor’s state and well-being. Thus,
Jesus taught that we are to care, to be
concerned about our neighbor’s state and
well-being even as our Father in heaven
cares for and is concerned about our state
and well-being. And since this is how the
church lives and what the church does, this
is likewise how Christians live and what
Christians do. That is why giving to the
church is so important. It ensures that the
proclamation of the forgiveness of sins in
2. treasurer
4.things we plan to buy in the near future
are called
7. a plan to balance income and expenses
9.highest expense
1.second highest expense
3. council president
5. money set aside for future needs
6. average lowest giving month
8. head elder
Puzzle answers next month or for those that
can’t wait go to
Elder’s Report
Food pantry
Elders include Pastor Leigeber, Dan
Church, Mike Rotunda, John Young, and
Gary Bobleter. Our meeting included
discussion points submitted by individual
Elders. A good dialog followed to address
each of the items; following is a brief
Gary will get out a schedule of Elders and
ushers to support worship services. A class
for training will be held on January 25. Men
and women members (including winter only
Visitors) may serve as ushers. (There is a
volunteer usher sign up list in the Narthex.)
A volunteer “visitor’s pool” will be
reactivated to assist pastor to make followup calls on prospective new members,
members with special needs, and others in
the community needing help. Pastor will not
be expected to make every call, but there
will be a list of members whom he can call
on to either make calls with him or in his
Plans are underway to reactivate our Men’s‘
Club. We will begin to review the possibility
of providing a community dinner one
Sunday a month at the Lillian Community
Club beginning next fall. The congregation
will be asked for their input on this subject.
It was agreed that we should update our
church photo directory with new photos, as
several new members have joined the
church since the last directory was
published. Loree Hadley has agreed to
take the photos as well as process them for
the new directory. This task should be
completed in February.
Respectfully Submitted,
Gary Bobleter
Notice: This just In...... LWML ladies will
provide lunch on February 21 for Habitat for
Humanity workers building a house in Foley
sponsored by Thrivent. Contact Marie to
Marie Anderson
Some of the 1474 pounds of food delivered
to the Food Pantry on January 22. The
Food Pantry will be open this month on
Tuesdays, Feb 10 & 24. If you can help to
hand out all this food please contact me.
Claudette Bobleter.
Evangelism is allowing God to use you
today, as you are and where you are!!!
Sometimes we think we need to change
and be better before we can be God’s
witnesses. St. Paul writes in 1 Cor. 7:29
“The appointed time has grown very short”.
There is no time to waste. Today is the day
to reach out with the love of Christ and
touch others. Stop procrastinating! The time
is short. 1Cor. 1:18-31 reminds us that it is
ultimately not about us….but about God:
what God is doing for us, in us and through
Take a few moments today to consider what
God has done for you by giving his Son to
die your death and rise from the grave to
give you eternal life. Consider how God has
blessed you with hope and comfort that
can’t be found in this world. Consider how
God is calling you to be his witness to those
around you. Then be prepared to share
your faith and your Savior with the people in
your life by what you say and do.
Vera Jacobson
Notice: This Just In..... Choir is starting up
again. Rehearsals will be Thursdays at
10:00 and Sundays at 8:15 and we will be
practicing for Easter as well as Sundays!
Pastor Wargo will show video from the
Songfest in Bible Class on Feb. 9
Fred Heinecke is settled in at his new
home at Belvedere in Franklin, TN. Son,
Kurt, and his family visit every day. They
was able to find the Portals of Prayer
devotion they had shared with Mom the last
time they saw her on January 11 last year.
Kurt and Dad had a nice devotion to
celebrate Mom's life and reflect on what a
year it has been.
Pastor Harold Hoeferkamp and Ellie were
here for the service on January 11. He is
retiring from substitute preaching so we
celebrated with a special cake. God's
blessings to Pastor H! We will miss you!!
Fred with granddaughter Gretchen
In memory of Betty the LWML is sending
$100 to Valparaiso in her name for the
Music program.
The Lunch Bunch will have a special
Good Shepherd Lutheran School,
Elberta, was proud to join with the nearly
2,300 preschools, elementary schools and
high schools nationwide in observing
National Lutheran Schools Week, Jan. 25
thru 31.
This year's theme, "Standing in Christ,
serving others", is based on "For even the
Son of Man came not to be served but to
serve, and to give his life as a ransom for
many" (Mark 10:45).
Lutheran schools have a history of providing
excellent academic preparation while also
helping to raise up the next generation of
faithful Christian disciples.
Good Shepherd Lutheran School is located
next to St. Mark's Lutheran School, Elberta.
Charlotte Bailey
“From the Heart” Valentine lunch at Lillian
Pizza on Perdido Key on Thursday,
February 12, at 11:30. They have a pizza
buffet and a large seating area. All you
snowbirds are invited to share this special
time with us. Bring an item or two for the
Personal Care Kits as your “ticket”. Cash
donations will do, too.
In January the Lunch Bunch met in the wine
cellar at Vallartas, which is actually a secret
tunnel under the bay for the benefit of their
customers in the event the bridge is blocked
by snow drifts after a blizzard.