Corporate dossier - Campos Corporación

Integral solutions
in engineering, construction and energy
years of
experience in construction,
delivering energy, savings
and innovation
Life changes, it evolves. And the needs of our surroundings
change with it. This is why at Campos Corporación we find
innovative solutions to bring about progress, create sustainable cities, improve the environment and design the
Comprehensive solutions
Our business diversification policy along with the backing
provided by the various group companies make it possible
for Campos Corporación to offer custom services in
engineering, installations and maintenance in the sectors
of construction, telecommunications, renewable energy,
efficient energy use, sustainable transport and HVAC.
Electrical installa
tions, building, civil
works, telecommuni
cations and
renewable sources.
Corporate furniture
design and
Urban mobility
and Energy
power, HVAC
and Energy
Thermal energy
HVAC systems
Photovoltaic solar power
Offices and Retail sector
More than
projects vouch for us: mobile phone
stores, dental clinics, boutiques,
cinema theatres, and large-sized office
Data Processing Centres in
More than
km of
Fibre Optic cable installed
Turnkey construction and maintenance of more
Maintenance of photovoltaic solar installations
Plant management of more than
Energy Services Enterprise (E.S.E.)
Usual Bike public bicycle system
Installation of
MW in Spain
and and 21 MW in United Kingdom
Geothermal power
Corporate Furniture
Civil works
Energy audits
mobile telephony base
in excess of
More than than
MW installed of
HVAC with Geothermal power
Energy audits in more than
and in more than
in Spain
More than
cities and towns
cities have our
Valladolid, Tres Cantos, Elche, Salamanca, Las
Palmas de Gran Canaria, Aranda de Duero,
Montevideo, Atlanta, Salzburg, etc.
Manufacture of high-efficiency
thermal energy equipment
Production of more than
efficient HVAC machines,
of which
for the American
market: Argentina, Mexico, etc.
More than
of conventional HVAC
MW installed
National Offices
The multidisciplinary, flexible and dynamic nature of the company
allows us to develop projects and installations simultaneously throughout the entire national territory.
Proof of this is the geographic evolution of our business in recent years,
going from developing installations in a mostly regional area (Castilla
La Mancha and Levante) to implementing these throughout the entire
national territory.
Currently, Campos Corporación has the necessary human and material
resources as well as the capacity to grow and adapt required for meeting the current and future needs of our clients
Ctra. Badajoz-Valencia, 60
E-02611 Ossa De Montiel (Albacete)
Tel. (+34) 967 377 317 - Fax (+34) 967 377 490
Parque Empresarial Campollano
Calle F, 21 E-02007 Albacete
Tel. (+34) 967 592 334 - Fax (+34) 967 592 984
Polígono Industrial La Raya
Calle Travesía de Tajo, nave A-39
E-28816 Camarma De Esteruelas (Madrid)
Tel./Fax (+34) 911 342 000
Polígono Industrial San Antonio del Poyo
Calle La Masía, 3, nave 78
E-46190 Ribarroja (Valencia)
Tel./Fax (+34) 961 642 832
Polígono Industrial Parque Plata
c/. Calzada Romana nº 14 Carretera N-630
( Salida 20B de circunvalación SE30 )
41900 Camas ( Sevilla )
Polígono Industrial Pla de la Vallonga
C/Mistral, 173
03006 Alicante
Polígono Industrial Z
Calle Imprenta s/n
E-08150 Parets Del Vallés (Barcelona)
Calle Obispo Encina, 19 - Planta 4
E-35004 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Av/ José Luis Lasa, 71 -A
E-47195 - Arroyo de la Encomienda
International Activity
Currently, at Campos Corporation we are carrying out a progressive internationalization of our services, which focuses mainly on countries like the
United States, México, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Austria,
Romania or Hungary.
Str.Gh Lazar nr. 5B, ap. 1,
sector 1, 010202,
Bucuresti. Romania
Hemisphere Trade Services
909 West Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
Circunvalación Durango 383 of. 303
Plaza Zabala
Montevideo 11.000
Countries where we operate
International Branch Offices
Human Resources
The employees at our company comprise a multidisciplinary team
that is flexible, highly qualified and capable of offering our clients
the best solution for their projects and needs..
The business growth experienced by the company and the social
commitment to job creation has resulted in a significant increase in
personnel is recent years.
The Campos Corporación Board, being aware of the importance of quality and
the environment has on the current and future business environment, want to
get such quality and proper environmental management through the implementation of an integrated management system of quality and environment in their
different companies. For this we have management systems certified by reputable organizations that support our actions in relation to:
· Quality Management, according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008
· Environmental Management, according to the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004
Our services
l Engineering
l Installations
l Maintenance
l Engineering
Specialised in dealing
with new challenges
Engineering constitutes the central theme of our activity since it supports all our lines
of business with the aim of offering a comprehensive and professional service, avoiding
using intermediaries and reducing costs and efforts. We provide the following services,
which are mainly in the industrial, energy and construction sectors:
g R&D&I
g Project Management
g Engineering projects
g Consulting
Part of our workforce is comprised of Engineers specialized in electricity, mechanics,
electronics, telecommunications, automation, IT and occupational risk prevention
among other. Our aim is to optimize the material, human and economic resources ion
each project in order to obtain the maximum return on investment for our clients.
Our services
l Engineering
l Installations
l Maintenance
l Engineering
>> R & D & I
At Campos Corporación we find SOLUTIONS for
improving the efficiency of the final use of energy
as well as control the energy demand and decrease
the emission of greenhouse gasses.
In this regard, our R&D&I department works to provide a quality service to all persons, companies and
administrations that believe in a different model
that is based on a clean and environmental friendly
energy production. To accomplish this we have developed and innovated in the following areas:
>> Urban Mobility Solutions
Development of software, hardware, firmware, Web, mobile applications for Android and IOS and industrial design for automatic bicycle
leasing systems.
>> Air conditioning solutions
Development of mechanical, electrical and electronic control of innovative air conditioning and refrigeration products focussing on Energy
Efficiency and the subsequent manufacturing of the equipment. Development of comprehensive air conditioning systems allowing the integration of aerothermal and geothermal to take advantage of available
Renewable Energies.
Our services
l Engineering
l Installations
l Maintenance
l Engineering
We direct the work of any project as far as the technical,
aesthetic, urban planning and environmental aspects of
said project for the purpose of ensuring a proper execution
of the work in compliance with established deadlines and
following the highest professional, quality and safety standards.
Document management: Management of deadlines and
phases, quality management, managing technical solutions,
managing the relationships between different agents, etc.
Worksite Monitoring and Control: Once the work has begun, we monitor to ensure it is being carried out according
to the project and that the applicable regulations are being
complied with.
Health and Safety Coordination: We coordinate compliance with the general health prevention and safety principles,
Energy audits, sustainable development, energy management, rate
optimization, sustainability, training and awareness programs, etc.
>> Project Management
the approval of the health and safety plan, and we organize
the coordination of business activities, etc.
Environmental Monitoring, including the storage and management of waste, storage of chemical substances (chemical products and fuel), control of machinery (CE markings,
technical inspections), etc.
Drafting and subscription of documentation and certifications required for the proper performance of the project.
Our services
l Engineering
l Installations
l Maintenance
l Engineering
>> Engineering Projects
We offer a consulting and project management service in engineering, developing the general
and specific applicable specifications that allows carrying out a civil work; electrical, mechanical or of any other specialty.
We study interferences with public elements such as coastlines, roads or riverbeds, we assist in requesting environmental licenses, permits, authorizations, we control the aspects
relative to worksite safety and we manage the records for legalizing them.
>> Consulting
At Campos Corporación we offer a consulting service specialized in energy efficiency and
sustainable urban mobility that guarantees compliance with required regulations while achieving the highest degree of energy efficiency, saving energy and money.
Amortización y
Our services
l Engineering
l Installations
l Maintenance
l Installations
We transmit energy
We carry out all manner of electrical installations in the industrial, power and
construction sectors:
Electrical installation work lies at the origin of our
business. Campos Corporación during its first years
of operation was primarily involved in the installation of medium and low voltage power lines, transformer substations, public lighting and electrical
assemblies in general. It later entered the world of
mobile telephony and telecommunications and today offers a comprehensive installation service in
all its lines of business.
Design and execution of electrical installations (lighting, illuminations, etc.)
Medium Voltage and Low Voltage power distribution grids
Live-line working for connections, shunts, changes in insulation, etc.
Transformer substations
IT networks
Power production plants
Comprehensive construction and fit-out for the retail sector and office buildings
Telecom installations: DPCs, DBs, fibre optic cable and security
Photovoltaic solar and geothermal installations
Execution of works for Efficient Energy Use: public lighting, industries, etc.
Public bicycle systems
High-efficiency HVAC installations
Installations using in-house personnel with technical
training in the different areas of work
Our services
l Engineering
l Installations
l Maintenance
l Maintenance
Fine-tuned and ready
At Campos Corporación we carry out maintenance in all sectors of our area of work
Preventive and corrective maintenance: A good preventive
maintenance program allows detecting and correcting problems before they occur and in the case they do occur, to repair them as soon as possible,thus reducing non scheduled
stoppage times. In the same way, planning and carrying out
a good maintenance plan prevents workplace accidents and
minimizes the risks associated with potentially dangerous
machines and installations.
We have the right test,
diagnosis, measurement,
management and control
equipment required to
provide appropriate service
in all our lines of work
Our aim is to provide advice and technical support to our
clients to guarantee a correct operation of their installations
and in this way improve the efficiency and productivity of
these, resulting in reduced operating costs, which will consequently result in energy and cost savings.
Our services
l Engineering
l Installations
l Maintenance
l Maintenance
Fine-tuned and ready
The new Management APP:
An effective tool for notifications
processing and warehouse activity control
The Notifications Management and Warehouse Control mobile application is a management tool for devices with an Android operating system.
It allows job orders to be assigned over the phone, leading to daily work
control that is comprehensive and paper-free.
This application can manage notifications for executing an installation
and can also provide comprehensive control of warehouse stocks.
This way all the information required to carry out the relevant technical
action is available on the mobile phone allowing orders to be issued wherever the location.
Business areas
Renewable energy
Energy Efficiency
Urban mobility
Business areas /
We offer a comprehensive service to carry out the construction and refurbishing of any type of property (commercial properties or franchises, homes, offices, gymnasiums, day care centres, trade fair stands,
industrial buildings, etc.) from the design and drafting of the project to
the manufacturing and installation of corporate furniture made by us.
We include the following services
>> TURNKEY design, construction and fit-out of office buildings and in the
retail sector
>> Design, manufacture and installation of custom-made corporate furniture
>> Civil Works and construction
Campos Corporación carries out the construction using their own personnel for completing “Turnkey” projects and all focused on energy
efficiency, implementing comprehensive lighting and air conditioning
plans with the aim of reducing the energy costs of each property.
Business areas /
>> TURNKEY design, construction and fit-out of
office buildings and in the retail sector
g Design and drafting of a tailor made engineering project
g Processing of the required certifications and permits
g Execution of the work using our own personnel
g Manufacturing of corporate furniture and commercial equipment at our own production plants
g Development and support of the property’s corporate image: graphics, vinyls, posters, signage, etc.
g Custom projects for lighting and air conditioning that are focused on energy efficiency
g Automation of installations using custom control systems
Business areas /
> Engineering
We design and draft “custom” engineering projects adapting to the needs of each client and
the peculiarities of each property. additionally, we take care of submitting, legalizing, processing permits/ certificates as well as the project management of any type of installation; since
we are involved in the project from the beginning, we know what all the legal requirements are
> Execution of the Work
We carry out each project using our own personnel for executing “Turnkey” projects. We provide the human resources required for each
project: Electricians, welders, masons, plumbers, painters, carpenters, aluminium workers, air conditioning technicians, glaziers, etc.
Electrical and Electronic installation - Installing flooring and
ceilings - Coverings - Masonry work and plumbing - Air-conditioning - Lighting - Sound - Fire
prevention - Safety and security - Technology and home automation - Paintwork - Doors Closures - Shop windows - Awnings
Business areas /
>> Offices and large corporate headquarters
In addition to commercial construction, at Campos Corporación we offer “turnkey”
completion of office buildings and large corporate headquarters for different businesses and multinational companies.
Specialized in coordinating very complex projects, we offer a comprehensive service
where we design the project, execute it, coordinate with subcontractors and carry out
project management as well as technical management of the works.
During the execution of these projects, interaction with the client is ongoing, listening
to them and adapting our work to their needs for the purpose of meeting the deadlines and expectations, simplifying their work and offer a professional and quality service and attention.
Execution of construction works and fit-out of the Corporate
Business areas /
>> Design, manufacture and installation of custom-made corporate furniture
We have our own furniture production plant where as wood
specialists and based on the designs of our architects, we
manufacture standard furniture, custom made furniture, display cabinets, accessories, counters, display stands, panels,
wood shelving for shops and exclusive wood coverings.
We design, manufacture and install custom made corporate
furniture in all sectors (telephone, bank, fashion, food, hair
salons, etc.), optimizing the space of each area and adapting
it to the corporate image or to the decor desired by each of
our clients.
We work with solid wood, DM, melamine, plywood,
laminate, methacrylate and polycarbonate.. We
adapt to each design as authorized handlers of
Líneas deareas
/ /
>> Civil works and construction
At Campos Corporación we offer professional solutions in the area of construction, from
drafting the project to carrying out the work.
We have the human and material resources
required for building any basic infrastructure
in urban spaces, without ignoring the study of
the social and environmental aspects present
in each situation.
g Foundation
g Structure
g Roofs and facades
g Exterior walls
g Interior walls
g Flooring
g Carpentry
g Installations
Our Civil Work activity focuses on building urbanizations for homes,
industrial and leisure areas and carrying out the following works among
gDemolitions, excavations, earth movements
gRoad networks: Grading and paving sidewalks and roads
gDrinking water distribution networks, electrical power, natural gas and telephone
g Sanitation and sewerage networks
gPublic lighting network: conduits, utility boxes and foundations for lamp posts
gUrbanization of common areas such as parks and gardens
Business areas /
At Campos Corporación we adapt to each client and project to cater
for their specific requirements. This allows us to offer a Comprehensive Project Management service which includes: design and planning, onsite layouts, drafting of plans and complete projects, legalisations and permits, procurement, installation and commissioning,
complete supervision, quality audits and financial control. Our areas
of activity cover:
ITC Installations
Business areas /
>> ITC Installations
We design and deploy systems in a wide range of ITC contexts,
taking charge of the entire project life cycle and adding value to
system integration capabilities with our engineering, software
development and installation, commissioning, documentation
and maintenance services. We install all types of platforms including frames, wiring, power supply and initialisation.
Experts in onside layouts, infrastructure and
maintenance of DPC
> Data processing centres
These large rooms containing the electronic equipment that
stores the information of Organisations, require a specific infrastructure and adequate maintenance to function correctly.
Campos Corporación takes on the design, installation, start up
and maintenance of DPCs.
We provide the Plant Management Service at Vodafone’s 200 Data Processing
Centres in Spain
Business areas /
> Some DPC Services
gPlant management: onsite layout, infrastructure, documentation, plans, etc
Floor plan design (cold aisles, hot aisles, power supply, climate control…)
Overhead and underfloor ducts
Platform installation for operator clients
Assembly, documentation and management of electrical panels and UPS systems
Electrical installations
Certification of installations
Efficient energy use
HVAC and energy saving audits
Maintenance and technical support
> Other ITC services
Assembly of fibre, Ethernet and coaxial cable distributions
Networks of structured cable, fibre and coaxial cables.
Special fibre optic tray
Fibre Optic networks (Fused fibre)
Cabinets, RACKS, frames...
Network electronics
Software development
Business areas /
>> Radio: GSM, DCS, UMTS and LTE
We offer a turnkey BTS service including project design, civil works, foundations and power supply, towers and supports for antennae and radio relays, installation of radio equipment, and antennae supply, installation and
Campos Corporación has collaborated in the deployment of 2G (GSM AND DCS), 3G (UMTS) AND 4G (LTE)
technologies for telephony operators ORANGE, TELEFONICA, YOIGO AND VODAFONE.
• Complete BTS installations
• Ran renewal and other technology changes in existing BTS
• Replacement and installation of radiant systems, antennae and
• Storage, installation, configuration and SWAP of radio relays and
transmission equipment (PTN, passive DWDM...)
• Design and installation of indoor cover in different locations
• Antenna reorientation
• Microcell installations
• Installation and adjustment of relay masts in urban and rural areas
• Civil works in new locations and mast and tower replacement
• Complete dismantling of locations including relocation and adjustment
• Installation and improvement of site infrastructure (a/c, power supply,
continuous power systems)
• Capacity expansion projects for telecom installations
• Projects for improved energy efficiency using renewable sources
Business areas /
> Equipment
Ericsson Technology: The equipment installed is based on the
2G, 3G and 4G technology of Ericsson’s new RBS6000 family
(RBS6201, RBS6101, RBS6102, RBS600). Largest number of technologies implemented on the same equipment: UMTS900,
GSM900, DCS1800, UMTS2100. Installation of the RBS 6601 in
Orange locations using LTE2600 technology. With Main Remote
HUAWEI Technology: We have been responsible for the installation and network integration of RRU/BBU radio equipment, radio
relays (RTN) and other transmission equipment (PTNs)
> Other Solutions
Discrete Installations: To help telecommunications infrastructure
to blend into natural surroundings or urban settings, in an environmentally-friendly manner.
Mobile Systems: Telecommunication support in specific locations
to achieve increased capacity or cover in case of catastrophic circumstances, repair and replacement of fixed locations or mass
events requiring additional resources.
Business areas /
>> Fibre Optics: FTTH, FTTN, ADSL...
With more than 5,000 km of fibre optic cable installed
throughout Spain, we are specialists in laying, installation,
FC, SC, SC-DUPLEX, LC connectorisation, fusion and certification of both multimode and monomode fibre optic cabling. We install buried cables, torpedoes, junction boxes,
fused fibres or pigtail.
In the field of certifications, we use fully calibrated reflectometers and power gauges to guarantee the highest
standards. Our installations adopt the least aggressive
methods for our surroundings using micro-trenches, existing ducts, cable moles…
Líneas de negocio /
>> Security Installations
We design and install Security Systems offering a tailored
turnkey service adapted to client requirements. We execute
projects in line according to administrative specifications:
CCTV: control centres
Access control
Intrusion systems
PCI systems
System integration: centralised software
Business areas /
The rapid market growth and our fast but sustainable
expansion has positioned Campos Corporación as a
leader in the Renewable Energy sector, where our aim is
to guarantee the optimum performance of every installation. Our activity is classified as:
Solar Photovoltaic energy:
Large photovoltaic installations
Installations isolated from the grid
Comprehensive maintenance and audits
Geothermal energy
Currently, our experience in the sector is allowing us
to also direct our efforts to other countries, mainly in
America and Europe.
Renewable energy
Business areas /
Renewable energy
>> Solar photovoltaic energy
> Large photovoltaic installations
At Campos Corporación we are committed to the internationalization
of our services, offering our knowledge and resources outside our borders in order to advance the photovoltaic market in other countries of
Europe and South America.
In the European Union, photovoltaic energy has been the technology
with more electrical power generation that Campos Corporación has
installed in 2011; thus, a notable growth has been experienced globally
due to the lowering costs of photovoltaic systems, the different photovoltaic energy support policies and the increase in capacity of photovoltaic plant installations.
Campos Corporación in Romania: The Romanian energy market is optimum due to the existence of a large number of natural resources. For
this reason and after having opened our office in this country, we are
carrying out different photovoltaic projects with the conviction that
there is still much more to do in this sector at an international level.
Business areas /
Renewable energy
> Installations isolated from the grid
These types of installations are designed for locations or facilities
which do not have access to the electrical distribution grid and therefore, stand-alone power generation systems, are required to be used,
which may be comprised of just solar panels, by wind turbines or mixed
systems, that is, solar panels and wind turbines.
Using a system capable of storing power guarantees a reliable supply of
up to three days without sun and with an investment that is much lower
than routing the electrical distribution grid to the location. To achieve
a power supply that is absolutely reliable and continuous, a support
generator set may be incorporated to the system. This way, if the accumulators run out of power, the system can continue supplying electrical
Some applications:
gTelecommunications towers
gSupplying of electrical power to rural homes and livestock farms that do not have access to
the electrical power grid.
gDirect and self sufficient pumping of water
gDrip irrigation
gSigns and street lights for public lighting of towns
gBike-sharing systems
gDoes not consume fuel and thus does not pollute the environment
gHas a long working life cycle
gMinimum maintenance since it does not include any mechanical parts
gAllows increasing the installed power by installing modules
Business areas /
Renewable energy
> Self-consumption
Instantaneous self-consumption refers to the energy we generate with an installation that uses a renewable energy source and
which is immediately consumed without being accumulated. With
a photovoltaic installation all possible electricity will be consumed from its panels and it will only buy the energy it needs to cover its requirements, when the solar power cannot be delivered,
as occurs at night.
At Campos Corporación we support this form of Renewable Source in the industrial and domestic sectors, which are the major
power consumers in the form of electricity and heat, and which
comprise large numbers of small power consumers usually connected at low voltage.
The purpose of an installation of this nature is for the user of each
private home or industrial building to enjoy significant SAVINGS
in their electricity bill by making use of 100% of their production
without fully disconnecting from the grid.
The user retains their standard connection to the power grid, but
use an installation in their home or premises that may be photovoltaic only, or combined (solar panels and mini-wind power). The
saving this would represent for companies in energy costs and increased efficiency and productivity is nowadays unquestionable.
Business areas /
Renewable energy
> Maintenance and Auditing
We are aware that maintenance is the key to success of any power
generation plant since without this service, the different components of an installation may deteriorate and their useful life expectancy may be shortened.
Photovoltaic audits: we guarantee the performance of your installation offering Audits of photovoltaic installations, which purpose
is to provide an overall picture of the state of the installation, detect the possible material deficiencies and hidden defects in the
assembling, which in the mid term will affect the normal operation
of your installation and provide guidance to the owner of the installation regarding the best solutions for the different discrepancies
that are detected.
We carry out the comprehensive maintenance tasks required for
any installation:
gManagement of the installation using specialized software
gAdvanced Control Centre
gRemote reading of meters
gAutomating installations
gInstallation of safety and monitoring systems
gComparative of maintenance expenses; Viability study
gDaily predictive maintenance
gScheduled physical maintenance
gMedium voltage maintenance
gCleaning of solar panels
gMaintenance of common areas: clearing, etc.
gThermographic reports, investment studies, audits
Business areas /
Renewable energy
>> Geothermal Energy
Outside temperature
Summer - 140
Winter - - 140
Heat pump
Our aim is to use low enthalpy geothermal energy to optimize the
air conditioning requirements of buildings, consisting of using
the energy stored in the subsoil, which is renewable and able to
be used by people.
Geothermal Energy, a resource that is always available
Under-floor heating
Air convector
Soil Temperature
Summer - 140
Winter - - 140
Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy is the most efficient thermal
energy production system for air conditioning. Compared to a
conventional system, the energy savings in the air conditioning
of a building with a geothermal installation is huge, while also reducing CO2 emissions and obtaining a highly sustainable system.
Enabled for GIT and GEOTCASA programs by IDAE, we are the first company to
carry out projects under this program nationally.
Geothermal installations use a heat pump, which allows transferring heat energy from one environment to another as required.
Its operation is very similar to that of a traditional air conditioning system that provides cooling as well as heat. The subsoil is
usually at a neutral temperature throughout the entire year (cooler than the air in the summer and warmer in the winter); therefore, the performance of the heat pump is very high since it needs
to work less to transfer the energy.
Business areas /
Renewable energy
What do we offer?
Project design: we analyse the ideal solution for HVAC
and SHW using Geothermal power. We carry out the technical and financial study and can process funding for the installation.
2.Installation: we are experts in installing equipment,
distribution grids and low-enthalpy geothermal collection facilities,
etc. Our engineering department also takes care of legal permits
and of the start-up of any geothermal project.
Thermal room of the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH), GeoEner 2012 Prize for the
best geothermal installation in the Madrid region
3.Maintenance: monitoring of the operating performance of geothermal installations.
UAH Hydraulic pumps
Business areas /
Energy Efficiency
At Campos Corporación we are committed to using new
energy management models aimed at increasing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a rational and
efficient consumption. On this basis, we offer the following
g Energy audits of Public lighting, buildings and Industries
g Energy Services Enterprise (E.S.E.)
Business areas /
Energy Efficiency
>> Energy Audits
Energy audits is a consulting service, which consists of analyzing
the energy state of an installation. According to the results obtained, we determine the potential for reducing energy consumption
and different procedures are proposed for optimizing the energy
Energy audits of
Public Lighting
efficiency of the installation. The improvement proposals are accompanied by an economic viability study to guide the installation manger in making decisions when implementing the reforms.
Street Lighting
Ornamental Lighting of Buildings
Squares and Roundabouts
Town Halls
Energy audits
of Buildings
Sports Facilities
Health Centres
Social-cultural Centres
Primary sector: agrifood industry, grape and wine, olive
Energy audits
of Industries
and oil, animal feed, etc.
Secondary sector: manufacturing industry, construction,
Tertiary sector: hospitality, trade, transport, etc.
Remote management: Public
lighting represents more than
50% of Local Authorities’ power
costs. Therefore we offer remote management of the public
lighting system so as to optimise the consumption of any light
generating real energy savings
that can reach up to 20%. Plus,
we achieve a significant reduction in maintenance-related
Business areas /
Energy Efficiency
>> Energy Services Enterprise (E.S.E.)
All these services can be performed independently or in combination as an Energy Service.
Management and optimisation
1. Estimation of power requirements
1. Analysis of consumption requirements
The scope of the service is adapted to each client’s specific requirements.
2. Definition of the strategy and
2. Construction and modelling of the
purchase of energy
3. Contract management
consumption pattern
3. Adaptation and modification in line with
the evolution of consumption
Execution and funding
1. Diagnosis of the installations
1. Preventive maintenance
2. Adaptation and upgrade of the
2. Monitoring
3. Maintenance follow-up
3. Performance monitoring
4. Adaptation of preventive maintenance
Business areas /
Urban Mobility
The increased use of the bicycle as a mode of transportation
experienced in many of our cities has made this vehicle an ideal
alternative for urban transportation; not only from a mobility
point of view but also from an environmental and health one.
With this new vision of urban mobility we have developed Usual
Bike; an automatic bicycle leasing system that is easy, compatible and viable.
Business areas /
Urban Mobility
Simple, compatible and viable
Usual Bike is an automatic bicycle
leasing system capable of providing
urban areas with an alternate mode
of transportation for its citizens.It is
defined by six concepts:
Light, small, flexible, ecologic and silent
Practical and accessible for women, men, children and senior citizens
It is much less expensive for the user in comparison with motorised vehicles
The bicycle parking bases as well as the web application are capable of communicating with the user in several different languages
Improves the body and mental health of users
It easily coexists with other public and private modes of transportation
Business areas /
Urban Mobility
Usual Bike allows for an fast and flexible installation without requiring any civil works be carried out. Additionally the quality of
the components keeps vandal acts to a minimum and in its pursuit of sustainability, it offers the possibility of incorporating its
own electrical power supply (Photovoltaic). Without a doubt, it
results in COST SAVINGS for the Administrations since a good
bicycle infrastructure entails between 10 and 20 ties less investment than that required for the automobile.
Usual Bike constitutes the 4th evolution of our bicycle leasing
system. In addition to improving each of its components, our latest version is characterised in that it can be exported internationally, making it a project that can be manufactured.
More than 85 cities moving with our service: Valladolid, Tres
Cantos, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Elche, Salamanca, Aranda de
Duero, Montevideo, Atlanta, Salzburgo, etc.
Business areas /
Urban Mobility
System operation
Usual Bike is designed to offer a simple operation since once the user is registered, he only needs
to place his card near the RFID reader at any anchoring module that has bikes available and chose
his bike. At that moment, the security system is unblocked and the user may then remove a bike.
Each module includes an LCD screen and 2 buttons for communicating with the user, thus facilitating the process of selecting a bike. Once the user has finished his bike ride, he only needs to
approach any bicycle parking station in the city and lock his bike in any of the modules that are
free at that time. The system recognizes the bike and thus the user returning it.
Business areas /
We are experts in developing HVAC equipment aimed at saving energy, reducing the costs of the installation and blending
in architecturally and industrially. As pioneers in the pursuit of
efficient energy use as a working principle, we allocate a significant proportion of our investments in R&D to the field of
HVAC. Our services can be divided into:
g Manufacture of thermal energy equipment
Installation and maintenance
We have a vocation for
innovative and energyefficient projects
Business areas /
>> Manufacture of thermal energy equipment
> Air conditioning units for humid environments (indoor swimming pools, spas and baths)
The incorporation of high efficiency BOREALIS air conditioning units for humid environments helps our clients improve their profit and loss accounts by capitalizing their installations and achieving a better return on their investment: reducing energy consumption between 25 and 50% and replacing short term expenses with an investment
that is amortizable in the mid term and increasing the liquidity of their business.
> Machines designed to efficiently ventilate tertiary buildings
(office buildings, cultural buildings)
Packaged air conditioners for fresh air Borealis ACE ensure fresh air is treated with an efficiency that is 50% higher
than those existing on the market thanks to its dual energy recovery system.
> High quality and efficiency air conditioners (stand alone UTAs) for large spaces or areas with a large
influx of people
Borealis ABR packaged air conditioners combine the virtues of hydronic air conditioners and that of packaged compact units.
> Custom made machines for air conditioning or industrial processes
Custom made refrigeration units are designed for specific circumstances because a safer operation is
desired or because the working conditions are different than those of conventional units or even because
of its size.
Business areas /
>> Installation and maintenance
We are leaders in the planning, development, implantation
and management of comprehensive HVAC systems, including the design and implantation of centralised HVAC systems
Comprehensive HVAC solutions for private homes, property
owner associations, office buildings and large work centres,
industries, hospitals, health centres, schools, large public
facilities, etc.
Provider of consultancy, installation and maintenance services of Grupo Gas Natural Fenosa for efficient HVAC systems.
Energy efficient HVAC and power
supply system
> What do we achieve through improved maintenance?
g Lower power consumption
g Optimised installations
g Prevention of breakdowns
g Compliance with the law in line with the Thermal
Energy Regulations
PowerSmart is an energy efficient HVAC and power supply system which combines variable speed generators with thermal
modules supplied mostly by non-conventional renewable energy sources such as geothermal and aerothermal energy.
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