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December 19,, 2014 Su
o Mitsui B
Banking C
Corporatiion and P
o sign a
um of Understand
ding (MOU
U) on Bussiness Paartnership
December 19, 2014 – Sumittomo Mitsui Banking Corpporation (SMB
BC, President & CEO: Takashi Kunibe) announced tod
day that it haas signed a Memorandum of Understan
nding (MOU) on business partnersh
hip with ProM
México to prom
mote investm
ment in Mexicco by Japanesse enterprisess. ProMéxico is the Mexican government institutio
on that suppoorts Mexico's ttrade abroad
d and the onalization of Mexican com
mpanies, and attracts foreiign investment. Mexican b
business owners internatio
have acce
ess to a ProMéxico office in
n their place of origin, botth in Mexico aand abroad, b
bringing them
m closer to ttheir potentiaal buyers. Furrthermore, fo
oreign investoors can reach every cornerr of the world
d through o
offices strateggically located
d in areas that are key for world trade. For more info
ormation go tto: www.promexico.gob.m
mx In recent years, Mexico
o has become
e one of the m
most attractivve countries ffor the autom
motive industrry to ot of Japanese enterprisess have investeed in Mexico. And still mo
ore investmen
nt by invest in, and quite a lo
will be expectted in future, too. Japanese enterprises w
C will strength
hen the relatiionship with ProMéxico to
o promote invvestment in Under the
Mexico byy Japanese en
nterprises. —o0o—