October 19, 2016 - Galileo Scholastic Academy

Taller para celebrar el Dia de Los Muertos
October 19, 2016
Dress up in your
* * Day of the Dead costume
At 5:00pm-7:00pm *illGalileo Students
be Recit
ing a Po *
Dear Parents and Students,
Estimados Padres y Estudiantes,
Come one, come all! The Galileo
Bilingual Advisory Committee is
excited to invite you to an Arts and
Craft family workshop. We are asking
all families to pre-register for this
workshop. Each family who preregisters will be given a bag of arts
and crafts material on that day.
Están cordialmente invitados a una noche
de Actividades Manuales, para la celebración
de Día de los Muertos. Si les interesa participar
en el taller les estamos solicitando que por
favor se registren para este evento. Las
familias que se registren temprano recibirán
una bolsa de materiales que usaran para hacer
las actividades manuales esa noche.
Hot Chocolate and sweet bread will be served!
¡Tendremos chocolate caliente y pan para este día!
Day of the Dead Workshop Pre-Registration
Parent Name:_____________ Student Name:_______________ Grade Level: ____ Total #of Family members a<ending:________ Phone # :_________________ RETURN TO THE OFFICE by FRIDAY October 14,2016
Music Group
Photo Booth
The workshop will have a contest to see who made the most creaDve Day of the Dead Altar. Galileo students will vote to see who wins the GRAND PRIZE from the BAC. The RULES for the contest are as follows: 1)  Be creaDve, and think outside the box. 2)  Bring any extra craMs supplies from home. 3)  Bring a picture of a loved one who has passed. 4)  Use the craMs from the workshop. 5)  All projects need to be completed at the workshop. 6)  Name, room number and phone number need to be printed on the project. 7) Projects are a team effort with parent and student. 8) Projects will be displayed for voDng by the Galileo staff. 9) Winner will be announced at school and parent will be called.