December 13, 2015 - Saint Joseph Parish

oseph Parish
Mission Church of St. Vincent de Paul
9961 Elk Grove Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624 ● (916) 685-3681 ● FAX (916) 685-7254
Mission Church: 14673 Cantova Way, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683 ● (916) 354-2403 ● FAX (916)354-2404
We, the parish community of Saint Joseph Catholic Church (Elk Grove) and Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
(Rancho Murieta), enriched by many traditions and cultures, come together to worship God in Sacrament, liturgy, and prayer.
We are committed to acting as One Body in Christ, and to living our One Faith with the help of the Holy Spirit. We
continually seek to reach out in loving service to others, both within our parish as well as in the greater community, in order to
spread the Good News of our faith.” (Parish Mission Statement)
Schedule of Services
Office Hours
Saint Joseph Parish
Saint Joseph Parish
Weekend Masses
4:30 PM
7:30 9:00 11:00 AM
& 1:00 PM (Español),
& 5:00 PM (Filipino Mass Every First Sunday,
English Mass - All Other Sundays)
Weekday Schedules (Monday to Friday)
Liturgy of the Hours
7:30 AM
Daily Mass
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
First Friday Mass
7:00 PM
Eucharistic Adoration
8:30 - 10:00 AM
Every First Friday
7:30 - 10:00 PM
Sacrament of Reconciliation
2:30 - 3:30 PM
Or By appointment
Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
Weekend Masses
Weekday schedules
Daily Mass (Wednesday)
Service of the Word
Eucharistic Adoration
Every First Friday
Sacrament of Reconciliation
9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Tuesday to Friday
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Visit us on our website:
See us on Facebook: St. Joseph Catholic Church (Elk Grove, CA)
Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Parish Staff
Fr. Brian Atienza (Pastor), ext. 122
Fr. Carlo Tejano (Parochial Vicar), ext. 125
Deacon Larry Hiner, 916-685-3681
Deacon Ned Quigley
Aurora Fragozo-Aguirre (Parish Administrator), ext. 120
5:00 PM
9:00 AM
8:30 AM
8:30 AM
Sr. Ma. Imelda Grace Dañas, RVM (DRE of Faith Formation),ext. 124
Jerome Baybayan (Youth Ministry Coordinator), ext. 123
e-mail: jbaybayan
Veronica Padilla Perez (Administrative Assistant), ext. 127
8:30 AM
4:00 - 4:30 PM
Or By appointment
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
Trina Koontz (Principal) (916) 684-7903, ext. 12
Tammy Babich (Preschool/EDP Director) (916) 691-4825
Bill DuVal (SVdP -Administrative Assistant), (916) 354-2403 ext. 129
Amy Roberts (Liturgical Music Coordinator)
Paul Seishas (Marriage/Family/Therapist) (916) 616-1800
Saint Joseph Parish
: 12/14 08:00am - Courtney Thompson (SI)
Ramiro Toledo †
: 12/15 08:00am - Ronnie & Lena Tereau (SI)
Jamie Arellano (SI)
: 12/16 08:00am - Concordia Celino †
Rosalyn Vinalon †
RM 08:30am - For the Parishioners of SVdP
Thu: 12/17 08:00am - Franklin Souza †
Mickey Rutter †
Fri: 12/18 08:00am - All the Souls in Purgatory
Maria Elia Muñoz †
Sat: 12/19 04:30pm - Juan Jose Valdez †
Pete finochiarro †
RM 05:00pm – For the Parishioners of SVdP
12/20 07:30am – Cornelio Pagtalunan †
Franklin Souza †
09:00am - Violis Caravello †
Jim Venard †
RM 09:00am - Louise Allen †
11:00am - Vidal Nepomuceno †
Eduardo Oliva (SI)
01:00pm - Missa Pro Populo
05:00pm - Alfredo & Carmina Pereira †
Pray For Our Military Families
Steven Alsop
Josh Alonzo
Don R. Baker II
Robert Bohon
Solomon Bolt
Carl Ian Bravo
Jaclyn Buno
Mark Dollar
Benjamin Erwin
Matthew Farrell
Joey Feathers
Roman Fernandez
Gabriel Franzoia
Serena Grandov
Graham Hebert
Valery Keaveny Jr.
Joseph King
Freddie Koeller
Glenn Lewis
Kyle Linebaugh
James Lovello
Amber McGovern
Russell Miller
Midori Mekata
Mike Montini
Jared Ortner
Sean Passmore
Cherry Pangilinan
Diosdado Pangilinan
Dominic Peterson
Ian Rubstello
Michael Riehl
Jousha Shaffer
Zachary Schiele
Jason Stiles
Shawn Tostado
Jason Lee Tudor
Brien Warfield
Jaime Wong-Lopez
Jordan Wood
Jason Woodford
Shai-Lin Ynacay
Military Prayer List Additions
To add new names of active military to our
military list, please send an e-mail to or call Pat at 916-686-5977.
December 12 and 13, 2015
Retirement Fund For Religious
Parish Weekly Collection
Weekly Goal:
St. Joseph
$ 11,200.00
$ 2,600.00
Offertory this Week:
St. Joseph
$ 13,154.70
FOR EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)
If you wish to contribute via EFT (electronic fund transfer)
please visit our parish website for more information.
“Thank you for your generosity and may God continue to bless
you with His providence.”
First Reading
Today’s Readings
— Shout for joy! Sing joyfully! Be
glad and exult! The L
, your God, is in your
midst, a mighty savior (Zephaniah 3:14-18a).
Psalm — Cry out with joy and gladness: for among
you is the great and Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 12).
Second Reading — Rejoice! The Lord is near. Make
your requests known to God (Philippians 4:4-7).
Gospel — John tells his hearers to share their
possessions with the needy; be honest; do not
threaten or accuse others falsely (Luke 3:10-18).
12 y 13 de diciembre 2015
Fondo de Retiro para los Religiosos
Facility Request
If you are interested in using the parish
facilities, please visit the office and fill out a
facility scheduling request form or you may
also contact Aurora Fragozo-Aguirre at .
Readings For The Week
Mon: Nm 24:2-7, 15-17a; Ps 25:4-5ab, 6, 7bc-9;
Mt 21:23-27
Tues: Zep 3:1-2, 9-13; Ps 34:2-3, 6-7, 17-19, 23;
Mt 21:28-32
Wed: Is 45:6b-8, 18, 21b-25; Ps 85:9-14; Lk 7:18b-23
Thur: Gn 49:2, 8-10; Ps 72:1-4ab, 7-8, 17; Mt 1:1-17
Fri: Jer 23:5-8; Ps 72:1-2, 12-13, 18-19; Mt 1:18-25
Sat: Jgs 13:2-7, 24-25a; Ps 71:3-4a, 5-6ab, 16-17;
Lk 1:5-25
Sun: Mi 5:1-4a; Ps 80:2-3, 15-16, 18-19; Heb 10:5-10;
Lk 1:39-45
Saint Joseph Parish
Jubilee Year of Mercy
December 13, 2015
Third Sunday of Advent
Pope Francis chose to inaugurate the Jubilee Y ear of Mercy last Tuesday
because December 8 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the closing of Vatican II.
That council, Pope Francis reminds us, inaugurated a new phase in the Church’s
history. The Spirit called the Church to tear down the walls that for far too long
had made it a fortress, and to proclaim the gospel in a new, more accessible way.
Pope Francis quotes Saint John XXIII in declaring the Church’s preference for
“the medicine of mercy,” and Blessed Paul VI in proposing the Good Samaritan as our model for discipleship
(Misericordiae Vultus, 4). Pope Francis adds that God’s mercy is “the beating heart of the Gospel,” and that
mercy “must penetrate the heart and mind” of every disciple (MV , 12). Three times today’s Gospel asks,
“What should I do?” Pope Francis would say: Imitate Jesus, who came not wielding the fiery judgment that
John the Baptist had threatened, but instead imparting healing, compassion, forgiveness—mercy!
—Peter Scagnelli, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.
Papal quotes Copyright © 2015, Libreria Editrice V aticana. Used with permission.
Año Jubilar de la Misericordia
13 de diciembre de 2015
Tercer Domingo de Adviento
El Papa Francisco eligió inaugurar el Año Jubilar de la Misericordia el
pasado martes porque el 8 de diciembre marca el quincuagésimo aniversario de
la clausura del Concilio Vaticano II. El Papa Francisco nos recuerda que el
Concilio inauguró una fase en la historia de la Iglesia. El Espíritu llamó a la
Iglesia a derrumbar muros que la habían hecho una fortaleza por mucho tiempo,
y a proclamar el Evangelio en un modo nuevo y más accesible. El Papa Francisco
cita a san Juan XXIII declarando la “preferencia por la medicina de la misericordia” de la Iglesia, y al beato
Pablo VI proponiendo “al Buen Samaritano como nuestro modelo de discipulado” (Misericordiae Vultus, 4).
El Papa Francisco añade: “la misericordia de Dios es el corazón palpitante del Evangelio” y que esa
misericordia debe “alcanzar la mente y el corazón” de cada discípulo (MV, 12). En el Evangelio de hoy, tres
veces se pregunta “¿Qué tenemos que hacer?” El Papa Francisco diría: Imita a Jesús, quien vino no
empuñando el juicio de fuego que Juan el Bautista anunciaba, sino en su lugar sanando, siendo compasivo,
perdonando —¡misericordia!
—Peter Scagnelli, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.
Citas del Papa Copyright © 2015, Libreria Editrice V aticana. Usadas con permiso.
Saint Joseph Parish
4th Annual Simbang Gabi
We are starting our 9
days of Simbang Gabi
Novena Mass. This is a
traditional Filipino Mass
Celebration, in preparation
of the coming of the birth
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On December 15 through
December 23, 2015 our Novena mass will be
7:00pm with exception of December 20th at
5:00pm. Ther e will be a Rosar y at 6:30pm befor e
every mass. Please bring food to share on our
Fellowship potluck after mass.
Day 1, December 15th
Macaroni/Chicken Soup and Bread
Day 2, December 16th
Arroz Caldo
Day 3, December 17th
Sotanghon and Bread
Day 4, December 18th
Meat Dish with Rice (example, dinuguan, menudo,
Day 5, December 19th
Dessert night with/Hot Chocolate and Tea
Day 6, December 20th
Champorado/Chocolate Rice
Day 7, December 21st
Adobo and Rice
Day 8, December 22nd
Palabok Pancit
Day 9, December 23rd
If your last name begins with:
A-E Meat Dish
F-M Vegetable Dish
N-T Seafood Dish
U-Z Desser t Dish
Join Us to Decorate for Christmas...
Would you like to donate a
Poinsettia plant in a loved
one’s name this year and help
us decorate our church? We
will be accepting donation
starting Tuesday, December 15
through Christmas Eve. Please
bring your Poinsettia to our vestibule where we will
have a table set up for you to dedicate your gifts. We
thank you for your generosity in helping us make
our church beautiful, and we wish you the many
blessings of Advent and Christmas seasons!!!
Schedule of Masses
Liturgia de Reconciliación
St. Joseph Monday, December 14 7:00PM
12/15/2015—12/23/2015 6:00 PM
12/15/15—12/23/15 7:00 PM
Misa Vigilia de Natividad
Thursday, December 24
St. Joseph 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM and 12:00 Midnight
St. Vincent de Paul 5:30 PM
Misa de Natividad
Friday, December 25
St. Joseph 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM
St. Joseph (Español) 12 del Medio Dia
St. Vincent de Paul
10:00 AM
Saint Joseph Parish/Saint Vincent de Paul
St. Joseph Parish in Elk Grove has an immediate
full time opening for an Administrative Assistant II
for Data Entry and Website services. This position’s
primary responsibility is to provide the pastor and
parish administration with prompt and accurate
parishioner information using the Parish SOFT (a
Microsoft Access-Based Program), Family Directory
and Religious Education databases. Via and Google Apps, he or she will also
be responsible for maintaining and updating our
website and calendars. Records Management
responsibilities include maintenance/development of
our current records management system to adequate
Skills: Three years computer experience in:
database, website and records keeping maintenance.
Knowledgeable in data base entry with Microsoft
Office: Word, Excel, Access and Publisher.
Familiar with Mail Merge and Sort functions.
Proficiency in Spanish is a big plus. Full
understanding of Google Apps and Google sites is a
desired advantage. Experience in basic computer
networking is also a plus. Typing speed at 45 words
a minute, 10-key adding machine operation.
Interested applicants submit a cover letter and
their resume to Aurora Fragozo-Aguirre,
Early Bulletin Article
Due to the up coming holidays, please email all
requests for articles to be in the bulletin by the
following dates:
Wednesday Dec.16th - for the Jan. 3rd bulletin
If you have any questions please contact Veronica
by email at
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and
support it is greatly appreciated.
Returning To ST. Joseph’s in January
Our adult faith study group will return this coming
January beginning with "Encountering God".
We will have more information soon, so keep
reading the bulletin for further information regarding
registration and other details. We are looking forward
to getting together again.
St. Vincent de Paul Society News
Such a generous parish! Through
your response to the St. Vincent de
Paul Giving Tree and Adopt a
Family programs, hundreds of
children. senior and disabled people
will receive a gift and know that
God loves them. You are the hands of God.
If you or someone you know needs help with
food, clothing, utilities, or anything else, please call
our confidential hot line at 916-667-2779. One of
our volunteers will return your call to schedule a
home visit to discuss your needs. May God bless
Noticias de la Sociedad de S.V. de Paúl
Somos una parroquia muy generosa, por su ayuda
al Arbolito Navideño y los programas de Adoptar a
Familias, cientos de niños, personas de edad avanzada e incapacitados, recibirán regalos y sentirán el
amor de Dios. Ustedes son las manos de Dios.
Si usted o alguien que usted conoce necesita
ayuda de comida, ropa, muebles o renta, por favor
llame a nuestra línea confidencial, al 916-667-2779
y deje mensaje. Cuando le regresemos su llamada,
platicaremos sus necesidades en su casa. Que Dios
los bendiga.
Dine Out to Donate
Go out and have a meal on Wednesday,
December 16th in between 10am and 9pm at
Cilantro’s Mexican Grill at 9320 Elk Grove Blvd.
Cilantro’s will donate 20% of your check to our
World Youth day pilgrims.
Vamos a Cenar para Donar
Por favor apoyenos en nuestra cena de
recaudación de fondos para la Jornada Mundial
Juvenil! El miércoles 16 de diciembre, 2015 10am
a 9pm en Cilantros y el 20% de lo que consumas
será otorgado a nuestro grupo juvenil para
ayudar con los costos de nuestro viaje a Polonia.
Esperamos verte ahi!
To celebrate the Sacraments of Marriage
and Baptism, please visit or call the parish office.
Or visit our parish website:
Saint Joseph Parish
Youth Ministry News
¡Noticias Del Ministerio
EDGE meets again on Monday, December 14th from
6:30-8pm in the church for the Communal Penance
Service. Parents are asked to a end with their
children to prepare for the season of Christmas.
High School Youth Ministry will meet on
Sunday December 13th from 6-8pm for our
Christmas Party! Please bring a wrapped unisex gi
($10 minimum) for White Elephant. We will meet in
the youth room. Bring an appe zer or dessert to
share among friends!
1:8 Program Confirma on Dates
Year 2 Confirma on will meet on Sunday
December 13th from 2:30-4pm in the Social Hall.
We will be discussing Courageous Witness:
For tude, Piety, Fear of the Lord, and the Saints.
Thank you, Salamat Po, Gracias, Merci
beaucoup, cảm ơn!
Thank you to all of the youth and parents
who participated as
volunteers, those who
donated gift baskets, baked
goods and food, or came to
celebrate our 2nd Annual
Christmas Around the
Frozen Pie Sale
The Knights of Columbus, Council 7274 will be
holding a Frozen Pie Sale for December (13-14 and
19- 20) after ALL masses in the Renwald Room.
The sales benefit the Knight of Columbus Charities.
Please, come by and purchase your holiday pies to
help the Knights of Columbus support parish and
community charities. Contact Jackson Campbell
through the parish office if you have any questions.
El programa de EDGE se reunirá el 14 de
diciembre en la Iglesia de 6:30pm-8pm. Esta noche
celebraremos el Sacramento de Reconciliación
como una comunidad. Invitamos a los padres y sus
hijos para que se preparen a recibir al niño Jesús
en esta Navidad.
Confirmación Año 2 se reunirá el domingo 13 de
diciembre de 2:30 a las 4pm en el Salón Social. El
tema será Tes monio Valiente: Fortaleza, Piedad,
Temor del Señor y los Santos”
Grupo Juvenil- El domingo 13 de diciembre los
jovenes de nuestra parroquia se reuniran y
festejaran la Navidad. Invitamos a los jóvenes a
que traigan un regalo unisex envuelto, con un valor
de $10 para intercambiar. Nos reuniremos en el
salon de jovenes, por favor traigan un aperi vo o
postre para compar r.
Thank You, Gracias, Salamat Po, Merci
Gracias a todos los jóvenes y padres de
familia que participaron
como voluntarios, a las
personas q ue donaron
comida, repostería, adornos
y canastas para las rifas y
a todos los que nos
acompañaron a celebrar
nuestra Navidad Alrededor del Mundo 2015
Crab and Shrimp Dinner
RM Kiwanis/KofC Crab Feed
Tickets will be on sale this weekend for the 2nd
Annual RM Kiwanis/KofC Crab Feed on Februar 6,
2016. Anyone interested in sponsorship opportunities
(and the benefits it entails), or donating raffle/auction
items should contact Joe Mazzoni, Sr. at 354-0197.
Proceeds benefit the Rancho Murieta Community and
Special Olympics.
Christmas Giving Tree Project
The Christmas “Giving Tree” is now up in our
vestibule. Again this year our gifts will go to the
children of the Moral Values Program in Sacramento.
Please take a tag or two and you can be assured that
you will be making Christmas brighter for a less
fortunate child. Please tape the tag to your wrapped
gift and return it to the church vestibule by December
20th. If you have any questions please contact
Lana Mason at 354-3855.
A New Ministry At St. Vincent de Paul
Please Note Corrected Phone Number
The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a World Wide
Ministry that helps people in times of need. Our
members utilize their talents to crochet, knit, sew or
quilt beautiful blankets, shawls, hats or scarves and
give them away to anyone that is enduring a difficult
time. We start our creations with a prayer and
continue this prayer throughout the making of the
garment. The finished product is then blessed by the
Priest and given (not sold) to a person that is need of
a warm, hug from God. This simple, charitable,
Works of Mercy brightens the lives of the many
people that are sick, lonely, or depressed, covers them
with love, lifts their spirits ,and brightens their
painful days or nights. The recipients have stated that
it gives them hope for a better tomorrow. It is a
comfort knowing that someone cares and is praying
for them. They are wrapped in our love and the love
of God. If you enjoy needlework and would like to
give the gift of love to help someone in need; please
call Shirley Rath at 916-354-1075 (Correct
Poinse as’
Please consider donating Poinsettias' to adorn our
Alter and Church for Christmas. We will be accepting
donation thru December 20, 2015.
Bulle n Deadline No ce
For the Month of December, the deadline has
passed for the bulletins on 12/20 and 12/27. The
deadline for the 1/3/16 bulletin is 12/11. Beginning in
January bulletin submissions must be to Bill by noon
the Wednesday a week prior to its’ run date. Don’t
forget to check out the rest of the bulletin!
Knights of Columbus Council #7241 will hold its
Crab and Shrimp Dinner, Raffle on Saturday,
January 23 with a no-host bar starting at 5:30pm
and dinner at 6:30pm in the Msgr. O’Connor Social
Hall her e at St. J oseph. Tickets ar e $45 per
person and go on sale after Mass on December 19
through January 17 or until sold out. No tickets
will be sold at the door. Percentage of profits
support Council #7241 Charities: Project Ride,
Horses Healing Heroes, Christo Rey H.S, The
American Wheelchair Mission, St. Joseph Youth
Group, Challenge Girls, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,
and St. Joseph Church.
To donate raffle prizes, please call Tony Romano
at 916-714-1035 or bring them to the hall the night
of the dinner. For tickets, call Bill Montoya at
The 12th annual San Francisco Walk for Life is
on Saturday January 23rd 2016. A bus will be
provided leaving St. Joseph. Cost for adult $25 and
children under 16 $15. Scholarship will be available.
Also shirts will be available for $10. Registration
DEADLINE JANUARY 5TH. Any questions,
please contact Dee and Joe Madruga for St. Joseph’s
church at 685-5679 and SVdP Church contacts are
Karen Mauro at 608-1647 or Lynn King at
Elk Grove Winter Sanctuary
Elk Grove Winter Shelter for the Homeless makes
it's Third Annual appearance at St. Joseph's from
December 27, 2015 - January 10, 2016. This is a
Four Month Program put on under the umbrella of
EG HART (used to be PATH) and sponsored
ecumenically in our city, by city churches, for
homeless in Elk Grove. We are in real need of Night
Monitors. We like 3 people a night. The shift is
8:30pm - 6:30am, although you ar e welcome to
come early to eat and socialize with our guests. Cots
are provided for you in a separate room, but you
must bring your own pillow and sleeping bag or
blankets. Our Night Captain, Ed Sanchez, will orient
you and show you what needs to be done. Mostly it's
just staying awake to make sure our guests are
secure. If you would like a way to extend your
giving beyond Christmas Day this would be a
financially inexpensive way to do it. If your heart is
leading you, please call Mr. Ed Sanchez at
916-690-2531. Thank you and God Bless.