Mk2 Communications (Pty) Ltd Calton Centre, Maseru, Lesotho P.O.

Calton Centre, Maseru, Lesotho
P.O.Box 7453
Kingsway Road
Next to Queen II Hospital
Management structure:
Executive Director
Technical Director
Financial manager
Client service manager
Sales consultants
Company profile:
Mk2 communications is an Information Communications Technology (ICT) company
owned by professionals with more than twenty (20) years ICT experience. The
company is based and owned in Lesotho. Their experience and expertise in this
industry sets the company in a position where it is capable to compete with other
players when it comes to end user solutions.
The major business focus is data and voice communications solutions for small to
large corporate businesses where we supply, install and support PABX systems,
construct telephone networks for new and existing buildings, software and website
development, supply user electronics as well as constructing computer networks
and all ICT related.
We boast in our vast experience at designing, implementing and supporting costeffective Information Communication Technology (ICT) software and infrastructure
solutions. We provide software engineering consulting services, deployment of inhouse developed software systems, and implementations of off-the-shelf software
Mk2 Communications (Pty) Ltd
Why choose MK2 communications?
We continuously thrive for excellent delivery through our extensive knowledge,
commitment and experience in Telecommunications and ICT field at large. We have
the capacity, and commitment to work with our clientele. Moreover, we aim to
deliver high returns on our clientele investments, ensuring that our products and
services add real value to our clients’ business processes.
We focus on building relationship with our clients and partners, because we believe
in superior relationship between stake holders. We are managed and structured to
achieve trustworthy and effective results that add value to business. This therefore
forms an integral for commonly valuable, long-term partnerships and will ensure
that we reach our goals and objectives of adding real value to business. We
endeavour to exceed our clients’ expectations with our warmth reception and
solutions we provide. We price our services and products in the principle of best
value for money.
We boast with our extended list of highly experienced consultants who have
implemented numerous Telecommunications and ICT solutions. Our consultants
have qualifications and experiences that are globally recognized.
Our vision is to be the leading and best preferred company in
1. Value Added Services
2. Software Development
3. Wireless Internet Service
4. And Security Systems.
Our mission is to offer appropriate and affordable Voice and Data communications
advice and solutions to the customers.
We always adhere to the following values for our service offering:
1. Customer satisfaction
Mk2 Communications (Pty) Ltd
2. Excellence
3. Teamwork
4. Reliability
5. Honesty
6. Innovation
7. Growth
Mk-squared Communications provided the following services to the following
1. Connected additional digital extensions for Mamoth
2. Installed Telephone Management System for Sechaba health care
3. Provided Telephone extensions to District Administrator (DA) Maseru
4. DHMT Berea (58022782)
5. Restored switchboard operation and extensions for Rural Water Supply
Berea (285001351)
6. Provided Local Area Network(LAN) for Blue Mountain Inn
7. DAO Berea (28501244)
8. LSMD (28314572)
9. Wifi for
a. Mount view Hotel (22400578 )
b. Hotel Mount Maluti(22785224)
c. Blue Mountain Inn (22500362)
d. Morija Guest Houses (22360306) with Billing system
e. Dr. Nts’ekhe (62345266)
f. Motlejoa Guest House (22461555) with Billing system
g. Motherland Guest House (28900404) with Billing
h. Molengoane Lodge (22347766) with Billing
10. Developed Church Management System for Word Of Life International
Ministries. This offers online Database of members with all thier profiles,
church financial reporting per branch and ministerial activities like tracking
Mk2 Communications (Pty) Ltd
of first time visitors, etc. This system is used in around 50 church branches.
11. Provided IP Surveilance cameras for Bacerlos Maseru Mall (6359 3325)
Technical support and maintenance:
Mk2 offers a 24hrs support through all time stand-by technicians. Faults during and after
working hours can be reported on below contacts:
Support Contacts:
Tel: (+266) 28322260 or 22322260
Cell: (+266) 622 3 2260 or 622 3 0133
All calls must be followed by an email to the above address to help with faults
tracking. We also establish a remote assistance to our big corporate clients so that
systems can be monitored regularly and faults cleared before the client can even see
or report them.
Range of products/Services:
Our service list is as follows:
PABX installation and Support (both hosted and On-Premise)
Information Technology (IT) Network Support and maintenance
Telephone network construction, support and maintenance
ICT Consultancy
Supply of:
o fax machines
o Computers
o Toners and cartridges
o Stationery and other office consumables
o Printers
o photocopy machines
o UPS Systems
voice over I/P
Mk2 Communications (Pty) Ltd
WIFI Configuration
WIFI Billing
LAN design and configuration
Website and web applications development
Software Development
VAS services like
o premium rated SMS applications
o USSD Applications
o Bulk SMS Solution
Antivirus Installations
Security solutions like
o IP Cameras
o Eye scan
o Finger print scan
Accessibility solutions like
o Broadband access
o Hotspot Access
o Virtual Private Network (VPN)
We also offer Training on:
o Computer hardware Basics
o Microsoft Office Application
o Basic Computer Networking
Graphics design
Our products will be continually developed to stay abreast of technology and
provide additional value and offer new facilities to the market.
Mk2 Communications (Pty) Ltd