Bulletin - St. Mary (Nativity)

A Pennsylvania Charitable Trust
A Parish of the Diocese of Greensburg
Parish Staff
Mass Schedule
Parish Office Hours
Saturday Vigil Mass:
4:30 P.M.
Sunday Masses:
7:30 A.M. and 10:00 A.M.
Daily Mass:
As listed in the weekly bulletin
Holy Day Vigil Mass:
7:00 P.M.
Holy Day Masses:
8:00 A.M. and 12:00 Noon
Sacrament of Baptism:
Couples anticipating the birth of a child
should call the Pastor two or three
months prior to the anticipated birth.
Chosen Godparents must be able to
provide a Sponsor Certificate from their
respective parishes.
Baptisms are usually scheduled either
within the Sunday Liturgy at 10:00 A.M.
or after the 10:00 A.M. Mass. It is the
choice of the parents. Baptism at other
times may be arranged with the Pastor.
Pastor: Rev. Peter L. Peretti
Priest in Residence: Rev. James Clark
Pastoral Associate: Mrs. Nancy Blake
Parish Secretary: Mrs. Karen Muzika
Sacrament of Marriage:
Couples planning marriage are to make
arrangements at least six months before
the anticipated marriage. They are to call
to register the date of their anticipated
marriage in the Parish Mass Book up to
one year or more ahead of time. The
couple are then to schedule an
appointment with the Pastor after the
date is registered in the Parish Mass
Sacrament of Holy Orders:
Anyone interested in learning more about
the vocation to priesthood, is invited to
contact the Pastor, or the Diocesan
Office of Clergy Vocations at 724-8370901.
Mon.–Fri.: 9:00 A.M.–Noon;
1:00–4:00 P.M.
Parish Website & Email
Parish Address
Saturday beginning at 3:30PM, by
request before Daily Mass or by
appointment by calling the Rectory.
61 N. Mt. Vernon Ave.
Uniontown, PA 15401
(724) 437-1512
Fax (724) 437-7482
(724) 437-5478
Protecting God’s Children:
If you have a concern about sexual
abuse of a child or young person
by any in a parish or Diocesan
position—clergy, volunteer
or paid staff—please contact
Bishop Brandt’s delegate
for matters of sexual
misconduct. He may
be reached at
Ext. 1221.
Bulletin deadline:
Friday afternoon, ten days
prior to the Sunday that you
are requesting the notice to appear.
February 1, 2015
Ministry of Spiritual Support
The month of FEBRUARY is dedicated to the
HOLY FAMILY, reminding us of the sacredness
of our own family and its members. The intentions
for the Ministry of Spiritual Support for this
month are:
That all families may be rooted in the example
of the Holy Family...
That those who have no family on earth may
experience the love and support of their
Christian family...
Memorial Candles
For the Week of January 31 to February 6
The Sanctuary Lamp is burning in memory of
Edward Zapach by Wife, Martha.
The Blessed Mother Candle is burning in memory
of Carolyn Mrowca by Joyce Puskar.
The Sacred Heart Candle is burning in memory of
Richard Saltrick by Sister, Lucille S. Nixon.
Father Clark has celebrated the following Mass
Intentions at St. Mary (Nativity) Church or as part
of his health care ministry at area nursing homes:
Pearl Kupets by Angela Quaranto & Susan
Quaranto-Clark (12/23); Dorothy Labuda by Tom
& Kathy Johns (12/26); Tom Shaffer by Elizabeth
Krizner (12/27); Bertha Rochek by Bob & Sue
Szelc (12/28); Daniel Fronczek by M/M Michael
Galluzzo (12/31); Frank Horvath by M/M Gary
Sisson (1/1); Kathleen Gebe by Chuck & Karen
Riser (1/2); Randall Kusniar by Tom & Amy
George & Karly (1/3); Michael Nestor by Wife,
Roberta & Family (1/8); Margaret Podlogar by
Susan & Alicia Lusetti (1/9); Paul Blycheck by Ken
& Dorothy Marcinko (1/12); Sandy Mohall by
Mary & Anthony Filicky (1/18); Katherine
Stepanik by Larry & Rosalie Shotter (1/19);
Eugene Bartock by Larry & Mary Ann Kiefer &
Family (1/20); Dr. Anthony Krizner by John
Vaclavik (1/21); Mildred Morris by Phil & Eleanor
McGrogan (1/23); Theodore Vitti by Regina
Cindric (1/25); Mary C. Shimko by Denise & Rick
Bobincheck (1/26).
The St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry collection request for February is:
A through G - Pasta, cereal, crackers, cookies, etc.
H through N - Canned fruits.
O through T - Canned vegetables.
U through Z - Personal hygiene items: soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
During these colder months, assistance offered by
the St. Vincent de Paul Society peaks. Your spiritual and material support is greatly appreciated.
Thought for the Week
In today’s gospel Jesus casts out an unclean spirit.
At first glance we may see this as an "exorcism"
in the fashion popularized by Hollywood movies
featuring a tenacious priest battling it out with
belligerent minions of Satan. On the other hand,
Mark may be saying that Jesus encountered a
heckler - like one who comes to an assembly for
the sole purpose of shouting obscenities at the
speaker. In other words, not all demons are denizens of hell. The evil spirits that possess us are
often the products of our own prejudice mind or
fractured personality. They are referred to in
popular terminology as bad attitudes. Their
names are legion: jealousy, cynicism, envy, anger,
impatience, lack of compassion, fear, criticism,
insecurity, prejudice, selfishness, gossip...the list
could go on. All of them find a comfortable home
deep in the dark recesses of my heart, and wreak
havoc upon my ability to live in peace with my
neighbor. These are the devils that so frequently
bring pain and suffering into the life of those
whom I am called to love. They are so insidious
and destructive because we think of them as qualities that are only human, when they are instead
totally inhumane. They destroy happiness, erode
friendships, and kill love. Today, I need to ask
myself: What unclean spirits possess my soul? Am
I sulky and bad tempered when I don't get my
way? Do I find myself relishing gossip about the
faults and foibles of a fellow worker, friend, or
parishioner? Do I envy those who are more
successful or popular than I? Do I usually attribute a bad motive to another person's good deed?
When others are being praised for their accomplishments do I find myself tearing them down?
Could it be that I am the man in the synagogue?
Creighton University's Online Ministries. Used with permission.
FEBRUARY 1, 2015
Lenten Devotional Booklets
Lent will be here in a few weeks. St. Mary
(Nativity) Parish will again provide the
Lenten issues of The Word Among Us for
your family’s use at home. These daily meditation
booklets contain the scripture readings and a reflection for each day along with several timely articles
for the Season of Lent. The booklets will be available on the tables at the church entrances while our
supply lasts.
Ash Wednesday Fish Dinner
Preparations are underway for the Annual St. Mary
(Nativity) Christian Mothers Fish Dinner which will
take place on Ash Wednesday, February 18, 2015.
At the present time, the Christian Mothers are
requesting monetary donations to help defray
expenses for the dinner. Checks may be made out
to St. Mary Christian Mothers and dropped in the
collection basket or mailed to Susan Palencik, 305
Virginia Circle, Uniontown, PA 15401. Additional
details about the dinner and ticket sales will be in
the bulletin next week.
Ladies of Charity
The Ladies of Charity of St. Mary
(Nativity) Church will meet on Thurs.,
February 5, 2015, at 10AM in the Parish
Center. New members are welcome to attend.
Women at the Well
The next gathering of Women at the Well
will be Thursday, February 5, 2105, at 6:00
PM in the Parish Center. All women seeking to discover and deepen their personal spirituality in today’s world are encouraged to attend.
Children’s Envelopes
Children’s 2015 Offertory
Envelopes are available in
the back vestibule of the
church. Envelope numbers
have changed, so please be sure to return the
enclosed form to the Parish Office with your first
contribution. PLEASE NOTE: Some have begun
using the new envelopes but did not return the
form. We need your name with the new envelope
number to assure that proper credit is given. We
ask all youth to place their name on the next
contribution envelope they use.
Book Signing Event - “A Holy Dwelling Place:
The History of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral” Bishop Connare Center, Gbg: Sun., Feb. 8, 24PM. Call 724-834-7350 for info.
World Meeting of Families Diocesan Pilgrimages
to Philadelphia Papal visit, Sept. 2015. Details at
www.dioceseofgreensburg.org. Register by Feb. 15.
Night at the Races - St. Edward Church, Herminie: Sat., Feb. 14, 7:30PM. Food, beverages $15/person. Call Dawna, 724-446-1802, for info.
Anyone wishing to order fresh flowers for the
church for a special occasion or for the weekend is
asked to contact the Parish Office prior to ordering
the flowers so that your date will be reserved and
these fresh arrangements can be spaced over
different weekends. At your request, an acknowledgement will be placed in our parish bulletin.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
Bulletin Announcements
Written announcements for the
parish bulletin should be brought
directly to the Parish Office, e-mailed to
nblake@dioceseofgreensburg.org, or placed in the
collection basket. Since most of next week’s
bulletin is prepared over the previous weekend,
announcements must be submitted by Friday, ten
days prior to the weekend on which you want your
announcement to appear. Announcements are not
taken by phone. Thank you for your cooperation.
Keep Christmas with You....
CD Recordings of the Traditional and Slovak
carols sung by the Adult Choir in concert prior to
the Christmas “Midnight” Mass and
broadcast on WMBS on Christmas Day
are available for purchase at $5 each. To
obtain a CD, contact Nancy Kalasky at
724-439-0774, or any member of the Choir before
or after the 10AM Mass. These CD’s would make a
cherished keepsake for your family or bring fond
memories to relatives who are now homebound or
have moved from the area. Quantities are limited.
4:30 P.M.
7:30 A.M.
10:00 A.M.
7:00 P.M.
January 31
Eleanor Grote
by Ed Hamborsky
February 1
Margaret & Robert Monaghan
by Tom & Nanette Ninos
Pro Populo
Regional Mass
at Ss. Cyril & Methodius, Fairchance
8:00 A.M.
6:00 P.M.
8:00 A.M.
7:00 P.M.
8:00 A.M.
8:00 A.M.
8:00 A.M.
4:30 P.M.
7:30 A.M.
10:00 A.M.
7:00 P.M.
February 2
Daniel Fronczek
by Ed Beck & Family
Children’s Faith Formation
In the Parish Center
February 3
Frank Horvath
by M/M Mark Horvath
Sacred Heart Prayer Group
February 4
Dorothy Burzawa Griffith
by Dolores & Bill Manyak
February 5
Kathleen Gebe
by M/M Frank Zorichak
February 6
Elizabeth Vitti
by Dgtrs., Kathleen & Patricia
February 7
Pro Populo
February 8
Katherine Stepanik
by Edward & Katherine Sumego
Mildred Morris
by Eileen Gmitter
Regional Mass
at Ss. Cyril & Methodius, Fairchance
Mass Servers
SATURDAY February 7
4:30 P.M. M. Krizner, I. Krizner.
SUNDAY February 8
7:30 A.M. A. Pisano, M. Shimko.
10:00 A.M. J. Pierce, M. Pierce.
Lectors and
extraordinary ministers
SATURDAY February 7
4:30 P.M. M. Gibson / M. Pisano, M. Kosco,
M. Shimko, K. Casterwiler, D. Kukan.
SUNDAY February 8
7:30 A.M. J. Gruskowski / R. Blycheck, D. Miller,
D. Centofanti, C. Coldren, B. Pillar.
10:00 A.M. C. Wanson / L. Kushnar, M. Nicol,
J. Hughes, J. Walters, D. Braum.
Money counters
Sunday, February 1 - Counting Team 7
Sunday, February 8 - Counting Team 8
Collection report
Third Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Adults: $5,539.00 Youth: $26.00
Energy: $32.00
Second Collection
This Weekend
The Special Collection this weekend for
the Church in Central and Eastern
Europe illuminates the way for the
people of the region by helping Catholic
organizations offer affordable shelter,
training for seminarians, catechesis, and pastoral
care. Your donation toward this collection helps to
restore the Church and build the future in the
aftermath of Soviet rule. Your generosity in this
annual collection is greatly appreciated.