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Feb. 2015
A Newsletter for Parents and Families
Director Reflections…
director reflections
class review
supporting families
recipe of the month
Harvest of the Month:
Cooked Greens
The school year is going by quickly; here we are in the
month of February already! Before we know it summer
will be here.
Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make our
winter field trip to the Shanghai Acrobats a success.
The children had a wonderful time. I heard them say
things like, “those people must practice a long time” and
“the golden hula hoops were my favorite”. Giving
children different types of first-hand experiences can
provide them with information and a level of
understanding, which adds elements to their play,
enriches vocabulary, and enhances their overall
I see many of the children trying new foods for the very
first time in our Harvest of the Month. We use these
different foods each week in snacks and cooking
projects. Our most recent new food was Bok Choy. We
used it for a small to large math experience and then
cooked it with carrots and sticky rice. It’s amusing to
see the children’s faces when they try something new
for the very first time!
The month of February will bring many new learning
experiences as we’ll study our community, Presidents
Lincoln and Washington, talk about our flag, learn about
various citrus fruits and have a Valentine celebration.
Have a lovely month! – Kerri
roots and wings preschool :: inspiring young minds
issue 8 :: Feb 2015
our class
timelines of our life. pomegranate. months and
years. celebration of life. dreams.
Teacher Diana & Sarah
We had a busy January with many new
children joining our class. We like to send
a warm welcome to Callie, Amelia, Callen,
Cole, Ema, Enzo, Jack D, Kai, and T.J.
We look forward to watching you grow and
explore in your new adventures at school.
One thing children have enjoyed was
making Pomegranate Parfait. At group
time we discussed how the fruit grows and
tastes and passed it to feel it. Next we cut
it in half and pulled out all the seeds
(called arils). The children enjoyed eating
them and showed it by asking for more!
During morning meeting we explored
different ways to move our bodies, learned
our friends names, and worked on our
timelines, eagerly saying
a few words about each
Teacher Kerri & Carmen
January was a very busy month in our
classroom. We all came back from winter
break energized and ready to go. We
learned the twelve months of the year and
how, after twelve months, we begin a whole
new cycle and a new year. I explained that
this is why we celebrate all the holidays and
a birthday each year.
One of our most exciting projects was our
Timelines of Our Lives. The children
presented their life stories by sharing their
beautiful photos. They were all so excited!
Skyla talked about her 2-year-old photo and
said, "I bought this dress at the store for
Christmas." Ethan was especially proud of
his 3-year-old photo. He pointed to it with a
big smile and said, "Look that’s me!" All the
children were so happy to be able to talk
about themselves and share their life story.
Class Review continued on Page 6
roots and wings preschool
issue #8 :: Feb. 2015
Check out some of the new Roots & Wings resources for parents!
our class
Nature Explore Families Club
Join today! Parent Volunteer Nikki (Noor Pedram) is
organizing a monthly family play date Saturdays at 10am,
with a fun nature-based activity from the Arbor Day
Foundation. Moms, dads, siblings, friends, grand parents ..
all are welcome!
Contact Nikki: for more info.
Parent Lending Library
Did you see a book you might like to check out from our new
parent lending library? Stocked with more than 40
parenting and activity books, come have a look today. Or
browse the catalog in the Book Retriever iOs App.
(username: parentlibrary, password: rootsandwings)
Located in Teacher Diana’s room.
We love parent volunteers. Have you signed up for a job?
Connect with the school today!
pick up the CSA box (1x or weekly, you choose)
nature explore families club (1x month)
handy or crafty people (as needed)
business connections (1x)
parent feedback & surveys
Sign up on the Parent Bulletin Board or email
issue 8 :: Feb 2015
roots and wings preschool :: inspiring young minds
Young, inquisitive minds in action.
“I have a big,
yellow leaf.”
Callie, 2
Recognizing and naming color,
using descriptive words.
Amelia, 2
Working 1:1 to recognize
numerals for gluing onto
timeline and describing pictures.
“I hear ocean
Miss Diana!”
Kai, 2
Investigating nature tray items.
" Yum! Carrots are
my favorite! ... They
are my favorite too.”
Violet, Emmy, Aubrey, 4
Hannah, 3
Cutting bok choy and carrots
during cooking activity.
Investigating a new, unusual
winter food.
Matching Days Work
Catherine, 4
Focused as she works with the days of
week via Lego blocks and cards.
roots and wings preschool
issue #8 :: Feb. 2015
Please keep all students
safe by closing gate at
entry and exit.
Call or email us by 9am
if your child will be out.
Feb 1 – Tuition Due
Fri. Feb 13 – Valentines
• 11:15am – T. Diana
• 11:45am- all others
Mon. Feb 16 – No School
* Presidents Day
Fri. Feb 27 – No School
* Staff Development
Fri – Apr 3 – No School
*Staff Development
Online Parent
Bulletin Board
Check regularly for
updates and sign ups.
Re-enroll by 3/1. More
details to come.
Re-Enrollment Preview
Re-enrollment for 2015-2016 school year and summer 2015 begins soon!
• All returning families must re-enroll by 3/1 to guarantee spot
• Rates, program and schedules will be released Tues. 2/17
• Enrollment opens to siblings, waitlist and public on 3/2
Recipe of the
romaine & butter lettuce, spinach and
parsley, chopped
beets, celery and apples, thinly sliced and
dash garlic salt
• Balsamic Vinegar
• Olive Oil
Try this new salad made from our CSA box produce ...
• garlic salt
Shake together to make a creamy dressing. Enjoy!
Teacher Rose
Talking turns and "making peace" were
discussed after we read briefly about Martin
Luther King Jr. wanting peace for all. Miles
added, "Hey, we are suppose to make peace,"
when noticing two classmate wanting the same
materials. Catherine said, "instead of fighting
we should be listening to each other!”
We have been noticing rhymes while reading
books and singing songs. Hickory Dickory Dock
and This Old Man have generated lots of
awareness in sounds. One of our games has
been listening to and counting syllables in our
names. These are both pre reading skills. You
can help your child at home by reading
rhyming books and making up lists of words
with same beginning letter sounds. (When they
get good at beginning sounds, try ending letter
sounds, then middle sounds.)
February brings us several birthdays; with
each we will be using the Celebration of Life.
The birthday child walks around a sun, as the
class sings. Each time he completes one turn
(representing one year) another candle gets put
on sun plate. It's a special time and you are
invited to join and share about each year of life.
Roots and Wings Preschool :: 805.492.8560
1492 Calle Tulipan, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Please be sure to label jackets and lunch
washing 101
box containers with your child's name.
Also, if you have reams of paper at home, of
any age/kind, please bring it in for scratch
Talking about the dream of MLK Jr.
brought up the topic of dreams. Several
children shared they have bad dreams.
This is normal at this stage of development
growing. gives some insight to help
parents help children. Having a pleasant
bedtime routine, talking about the day's
high/ low times, or using magic fairy dust
to help your kids turn the dreams around,
are all ideas to try.
This month brings our Valentines Day
party on Feb 13th and parent decisions
about kindergarten attendance. I am happy
to answer any questions that arise.