January 2015 - RTO

RTO / ERO Peterborough
District 36
January 2015
In this edition:
In Memoriam
President’s Message
New Treasurer
Merit Awards Presented
Retirement Planning Workshop
Annual Meeting Luncheon
Dorothy Sullivan turns 100
Remembering Ray Johnson
2014/15 Executive
RTO/ERO District 36 News ---- Page 1 ----- January 2015
Mary Carmichael
Robert E. Druery
Barbara Hudson
Christine Johnson
Ray Johnson
June Morrow
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RTO/ERO District 36 News ---- Page 2 ----- January 2015
President’s Message
Resolutions, Bucket
Lists and Laughter
I assume by now that you
have read the Winter 2014
Renaissance Magazine entitled “The bucket list issue”. I
also assume many, if not all
of you, have made New
Year’s Resolutions some of
which may translate to bucket
lists. Whenever I try something new I invariably
call it something on my bucket list, although I
have never sat down and made an actual list.
In checking New Year’s Resolutions on the internet, the number one resolution was ‘lose weight’.
It also says many Canadians forget their resolutions within 24 hours. That’s my kind of diet!
In the past I had a teaching unit called “Laughter
is the best medicine”. These days I particularly
like to laugh and be ‘crazy’ with my grandkids.
That is medicine I love to take every day. It seems
that the whole world gets you when you laugh or
even when you just smile.
Engage the new year with laughter! Please mark
Thursday, May 28, 2015 on your calendar and
enjoy an afternoon of historical wisdom and
laughter all wrapped up in one package as we welcome Drew Hayden Taylor, a local boy, taught by
some of our members, who has become world
renowned for his literary work and humour.
As the new year begins we have some executive
changes. We welcome Ray Saitz as a Member-at
–Large. Jim Dancey, our past treasurer, has left
the ‘financial books’ in excellent shape as our new
treasurer Annette Thomson takes over. Bill Bird
is on the Health Services and Insurance Committee at Provincial. At the last Provincial Senate
Martin Higgs was elected as First Vice President.
A picture of Martin with the Provincial executive
Retirement Planning
Invite your colleagues who are still teaching
to attend our Retirement Planning Workshop.
February 25, 5 - 9 p.m.
Bakers’ Hill Banquet Centre
Workshop is open to all School Board employees.
OTPP and OMERS Pensions
Planning financial future
Insurance options
Insights into retirement
Free $20 Tim Hortons Gift Card to all prospective
RTO/ERO members who attend.
Draw for an Ipad Mini.
For information and online registration, go to
New Treasurer Appointed
Many thanks to Jim Dancey for
his work as our treasurer for the
past four years. We appreciate his
dedication and sound advice on our
District’s financial affairs.
Annette Thomson has assumed
the treasurer’s position as of January 1. We
look forward to working with her in her new
is on the cover of the Renaissance. Ray Johnson, a long time dedicated executive member,
died New Year’s Day and we will miss him
Wishing you all the best in 2015,
Darlene Holyoake
RTO/ERO District 36 News ---- Page 3 ----- January 2015
District 36 Merit Awards Presented in November
by Audrey Moore
RTO/ERO District 36 Merit Awards are given to students, chosen by their
school staff, who are positive and helpful to everyone and treat all others with
respect and dignity; qualities which we
believe help them have happy and successful lives in the future. Observing
these worthy students and seeing the
character of students in our schools academically and in many other civic and
committee programs displays the quality
and dedication of our teachers and the
ability and skills of our students.
Annette Thomson presents to
Rachel Gillingham
Pat Smith presented the award to Ryan
Ruth a ‘very worthy student and pleasant’ Crestwood graduate. The ceremony was held at Calvary Pentecostal
Church to accommodate the huge crowd of parents and supporters.
Annette Thomson presented to Rachel Gillingham at
Lakefield District Secondary School. Rachel is continuing in Early Childhood Education at Sir Sandford
College this fall. This ceremony featured native
drummers and singers from Curve Lake.
At Adam Scott Secondary School, Audrey Moore
presented to Caroline Butcher, who has a hearing
disability and plans on becoming a Communication
Disorders Assistant in the future. We received a
Thank You card and note from Caroline and a letter
from Melanie Laton on behalf of the Commencement
Committee for our award. At this graduation the
overflow crowd was accommodated with extra TV
screens in the foyer.
We wish all these deserving students the best in their
future plans.
Idle Thoughts
I am neither for nor against apathy.
All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't
make me happy.
They told me I was gullible and I believed them.
The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity.
Pat Smith presents to Ryan Ruth
Join us for our monthly
A “Drop-In” Social for
District 36 members.
Breakfast at the Holiday Inn
starting at 8:30 a.m. on the third
Wednesday of each month.
Upcoming Dates: Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 18, Apr 15
The RTO/ERO Charitable
Foundation aims to raise
funds to increase the numbers of
professional and support staff qualified and trained in geriatric care as
well as to support research and programs that improve the quality of life of seniors in
Ontario and Canada. Donating to this fund will help
RTO provide significant benefit to seniors in this
province and beyond.
To donate by phone, call 1-800-361-9888 or
go online to www.rto-ero.org and follow the
quick links.
RTO/ERO District 36 News ---- Page 4 ----- January 2015
Save the date: May 28
Annual Meeting and Luncheon
Westwind Inn
Next to Gallery on the Lake, Buckhorn
Guest Speaker:
Drew Hayden Taylor
An Ojibway from the Curve Lake First Nations in
Ontario, he has worn many hats in his literary career,
from performing stand-up comedy at the Kennedy
Center in Washington D.C., to being Artistic Director of
Canada’s premiere Native theatre company, Native
Earth Performing Arts. He has been an award-winning
playwright , a journalist/columnist appearing regularly
in several Canadian newspapers and magazines, shortstory writer, novelist, television scriptwriter, and has
worked on over 17 documentaries exploring the Native
$25 / person
Watch for more detailed information in our April Newsletter.
Register early using the form below.
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I wish to register the following participants @ $25.
Please let us know about any
dietary considerations.
Total Payment: --------------- $ ___________
Make cheque payable to RTO/ERO District 36 and deliver or mail to:
Annette Thomson, 779 Fife Marina Lane, Selwyn , ON K9J 0C6 (705-304-1608)
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RTO/ERO District 36 News ---- Page 5 ----- January 2015
Dorothy E. Sullivan celebrates 100th
by Ausma Rowberry
Dorothy was born in London
England in 1914. During the
“English” years she was in nine
schools including “Grovenor
House Girls’ School”, Shaftsbury,
where she was a boarder for three
years; Carlyle School, Chelsea
and Chelsea College of Physical
Education where she also obtained her C.S.M.M.G.
In 1938 Dorothy began her teaching years in Northampton England at Notre Dame High School. She
taught swimming to all of the 850 students! She immigrated for “two years” to Toronto and headed the
Physical Education Department at Havergal College.
At her summer job at BIGWIN Inn, Lake-of-Bays, she
met Bud, and they were married in December of 1940.
Her two year stay in Canada became a lifetime stay!
During the war years she ran the music store and gift
shop, “SULLIVANS” on Charlotte Street, while Bud
was in the RCAF band, stationed at Rockcliffe. She
was very active in the Y.W.C.A. She was also active
in the “Little Theatre Group” under John and Irene
Campbell. Dorothy led the Peterborough Recreation
Commission in 1947, its first year of existence. She
was a leader of the Girl Guide Group known as the
“Cadet Rangers”. The following years she was also
busy raising a family.
In 1960 a return to Peterborough’s Teacher College
for training in “general’ teaching led to a position at
Grove School where she remained for eleven years.
”Art” was her subject on Rotary. After summer
courses in speech therapy in Toronto, Dorothy
changed her position with the Peterborough County
Board of Education to become a speech teacher
travelling to all the “new” schools taken into the
system in 1970.
Dorothy retired from teaching in 1980. During her
retirement years Dorothy has been closely involved
with her beloved church, St. John’s Anglican, particularly with Outreach, with study groups and formerly with the Junior Auxiliary. She frequently
played the piano for Wednesday services. Poetry
has been another one of Dorothy’s loves. She has
written poetry since an early age, some published,
including a little book for St. John’s called
“Vignettes”. Music, Painting, Poetry, Theatre, Opera and Ballet; all these Dorothy loves.
RTO/ERO District 36 News ---- Page 6 ----- January 2015
Ray Johnson: 1938-2015
We were shocked and saddened to hear the news that our friend
and colleague, Ray Johnson, passed away on New Years Day.
Ray will be remembered by many for his 38-year teaching
career in Peterborough, for his dedication to his church and community organizations such as the Alzheimer's Society as well as
his love for music and his participation in various choirs.
We, in Peterborough District, are grateful for the many years Ray
served as a member of our RTO/ERO Executive. For a number of
years he was our Membership Secretary and then went on to
become our Treasurer, collecting the money for our events,
paying the bills and guiding our financial affairs with a firm but
good humoured hand. His books were a model of neatness and
Ray was a guiding spirit behind our monthly breakfasts, creating
some games so each month some lucky winners take a small
prize home with them. With his wife, Marge, Ray welcomed
people to our District events, making sure name tags were available for everyone who had signed up.
At our 40th Anniversary Celebration, Ray spearheaded the compilation
of our District history and organized its display at our anniversary
dinner. Ray was our resident historian, having a phenomenal memory for
people and events. He seemed to remember everyone he had ever met,
their parents, who they married and what their children are doing now.
He was a treasure for us as we planned anniversaries and special events.
We were pleased to nominate Ray for the Provincial RTO/ERO
Distinguished Member Award which he received at our Fall Senate in
Toronto in October, 2009. He and Marge together received our District’s
Outstanding Member Award in 2011.
All of us who have had the privilege of
working with Ray on the Peterborough
RTO/ERO Executive, will be forever
grateful for his knowledge, his warm
humour and his constant encouragement
and support.
We will miss him greatly.
RTO/ERO District 36 News ---- Page 7 ----- January 2015
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RTO-ERO District 36 Executive & Board - 2014/15
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Antoinette Mylan (705-749-2282)
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Bill Bird (705-745-2909)
Member Services Committee
Ceris Higgs (705-748-9282)
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RTO/ERO District 36 News ---- Page 8 ----- January 2015