Tentative program - 16th Australian International Aerospace Congress

Tentative program
Sunday 22 February 2015
1700 - 1930
Registration Opens – Hilton South Wharf
1800 - 1930
Congress Welcome Reception – Hilton South Wharf
Monday 23 February 2015
Registration opens
Opening Plenary session, MCEC - Meeting room 212/213
1005- 1030
(25 min presentation
inclusive of 5 minute
Congress Opening Address
Congress Plenary Address
Keynote Address 1
Keynote Address 2
Morning tea – Level 2 Foyer
Concurrent session 1
Aerodynamics I
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 212
Efficient sampling strategies
for the development of a
flight dynamic database
Michael Young
Aeroelastic modelling of
vertical tail buffet
Oleg Levinski
Optimization of a counterrotating propeller in UAV
Chao Xu
Computational benchmark
of commercial fluidstructure interaction
Nicholas Giannelis
Structures & Materials
Chair: TBA
Meeting Room 213
Design for additive
manufacture: Design of
efficient structural
Marten Jurg
Fibre metal laminates:
Linking damage modes
with impact
Adrian Orifici
Computational Design
of Inhibited aerospace
Ivan Cole
Residual stress effects
in extruded wing
panels on large military
transport aircraft
Kevin Walker
Aerospace design I
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 216
Comparison of the size of
Australian Defence Force
aircrew and US Army
Peter Blanchonette
Design of bio-inspired
autonomous aircraft for
bird management at
sporting facilities.
Brayden Muller
Energy efficiency in hover:
Uneven stroking versus
Jia Ming Kok
Conceptual Design of a
Mach 4 Supersonic
Business Jet
Cees Bil
Aircraft systems (on board & offboard) I
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 217
Antenna system optimisation of
UAS data links
Samuel Dudley
HUMS I Applications
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 218
HUMS Keynote 1
Lessons Learnt from 30 Years of RAAF F/A-18 Hornet Usage
Neil Moorhouse
Theoretical Model of a Rotary
Decelerator for use in Multi-rotor
Sean Morrison
An Innovative Low Maintenance Data Acquisition Solution
for Load Factor Capture
Design, analysis and control
allocation of an over-actuated
multirotor platform
Robert Porter
PC-9/A Edge of the Envelope Flight
Testing Data Integrity Checking
Trevor Mills
MH-60 Droop Stop Pounding Identification
Suresh Moon
HUMS are NOT a Magic Bullet
Graham Forsyth
Tentative program
(25 min
Lunch – Level 2 Foyer
Concurrent session 2
Aerodynamics II
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 212
Modeling of a Business
Aircraft using Research
Aircraft Flight Simulator
highest Level D of
Ruxandra Botez
Range and endurance
modelling of a multi-engine
aircraft with one engine
inoperative (OEI)
Ye Naung Kyaw Kyaw
(25 min
Structures & Materials II
Chair: TBA
Meeting Room 213
Transverse free
vibration of rotating
non-uniform EulerBernoulli beams using
the Adomain modified
decomposition method
Desmond Adair
A ground and
operational vibration
assessment of the RAAF
PC-9/A airframe
David Conser
Active flow control methods
on dynamic stall
Joshua Yen
Thoughts on accounting
for the scatter seen in
delamination growth
Rhys Jones
Computational Fluid
Dynamic study of a
Supersonic Ejector-Diffuser
Indukuri Lahari Sumanth
Afternoon tea – Level 2 Foyer
Concurrent session 3
CGAP fatigue life
developments with
improved elastoplastic
constitutive modelling.
Dylan Agius
Aerospace design II
Airworthiness & Regulations I
Helicopter Applications
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 218
Life Cycle Management
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 215
CH-53 Rotor Loads
Prediction Using the
rotorwise Load Confluence
Chance McColl
Verification and Validation
of Complex SystemsMethods, Tools and
George Vachtsevanos
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 216
The impact of digital
diffusion, adoption and
adaptation on Small
Unmanned Aerial Systems
David Carr
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 217
Challenges to the airworthiness
certification of unmanned
aircraft systems
Reece Clothier
Linear matrix inequalitybased steering control law of
variable speed control
moment gyros for flexible
Shinya Kasai
Design of a light, four-seat,
zero-emissions aircraft
John Page
A generic model for
quantification of risk posed by
UAS ground impacts
Vamsi Krishna Madasu
Energy Harvesting, Wireless
Fiber Optic Sensor (WiFOS™)
Structural Health Monitor
System for Helicopter Rotors
Edgar Mendoza
A case for good HUMS: The
impact of exchange rate
distributions on fleet
availability and risk
Nickolas Armstrong
The changing face of Military
Airworthiness Interactions
Leon Purton
Annual ADF cost of aircraft
Lessons on designing against
fatigue from multinational
fatigue testing and service of
the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft
Loris Molent
Kinetic Energy does not quantify
the safety of personnel or
materiel impacted by small UAS
Javaan Chahl
Investigation of a helicopter
harsh landing based on
signals from installed
Andrzej Leski
Panel session TBA
Aerodynamics III
Structures & Materials
Aircraft operations I
Airworthiness and Regulations
II & System Support I
Chair: TBA
Chair: TBA
Chair: TBA
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 212
Low Speed Stability Analysis
of Hypersonic Cruise
Jonathan Jeyaratnam
Meeting Room 213
Intermediate Failure
Modes of Bolted Joints
in Composite Materials
Coel Gould
Meeting room 216
Aerial Bushfire Quencher
Cees Bil
Meeting room 217
Engineer resilience in high
reliability aerospace
Eric Wilson
Experimental study on the
impact of incorporating bioinspired leading edge
tubercles on aerodynamics
of the unmanned aerial
vehicle wings Aswinraj
An investigation of
crack tip plastic zone
size for metallic fatigue
in highly stressed
critical aerospace
Autonomous communication
between air traffic control and
remotely piloted aircraft
Luke Bouwmeester
How must logistic frameworks
adapt to support future
unmanned systems
Keirin Joyce
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 218
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 215
Accelerated Testing of UH60 Viscous Bearings for
Degraded Grease Fault
Brian Dykas
The issue for land HUMS is
consistent data collection
Keith Mowbray
Estimating Bearing Fault Size
using Vibration Analysis
Wenyi Wang
Condition Based
Maintenance: Is Too Much
of a Good Thing Bad?
Guy Gallasch
Tentative program
Angelika Schuck
Effect of the leading edge
shape on the formation of
asymmetric vortex flow
over delta wing of varying
sweep angles
YongYing Zheng
Development of
Conductive coatings for
Aircraft Skin
Anand Khanna
Business Plan: Viability of
Using Moorabbin Airport as
Destination for Scheduled
Domestic Flight
Asmamaw Negash
Aerodynamic noise
simulation of synthetic jet
actuator application for stall
Yendrew Yauwenas
A Methodology of
Integrating Convex Hull
into Data Mining for
Simulation of
Yang Pei
Experimental validation of
ship-helicopter dynamic
interface simulations using
instrumented aircraft
James Forrest
Maintenance Requirements
Determination (MRD) and
Reliability Availability
Maintainability (RAM) Disciplines
in support of Army Aviation
“From There to Here to Where?”
Robert Crowe
Is Engine Failure on the Runway
at Takeoff the most limiting
Bertrand Masson
Vibration Comparison
Between Conventional and
Hybrid Angular Contact
Kelsen LaBerge
Generic Mobile Device
deployment for Aerospace
ground support equipmentHUMS Implementation
Craig Watkins
Development of Diagnosis
Algorithms for HUMS Byung
Hyun Ahn
Models and Tools for the
Cost/Benefit Analysis of
Condition Based
Guy Gallasch
Congress Banquet & Awards
Tuesday 24 February 2015
1015- 1040
(25 min
Registration opens
Keynote Plenary – Meeting room 212/213
Keynote Address 2
Keynote Address 3
Morning tea – Level 2 Foyer
Concurrent session 4
Propulsion I
Structures & Materials IV
Chair: TBA
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 212
Meeting Room 213
Extending range and
Entrainment Defects in
endurance estimates to
Light Alloys
battery powered electric
William Griffiths
Andrew Gong
Assessment of Allowable
Blade Damage Size for a
determination of critical
crack size for an aircraft
Jianfu Hou
bulkhead with oversized
fastener holes
Wyman Zhuang
Airframe Surface Heating Multifunctional
by a High Speed Micro
composites exhibiting
Jet Turbine Exhaust
structural and thermal
management capabilities
Yee Dah Kuo
Everson Kandare
Measurement of the
NIR-reflective pigments to
shock train speed in the
improve the stability of
isolator using wavelet
airframe composites
Balwinder Kaur
Zhi Chen
HUMS Applications VI
Aircraft operations II
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 216
Self-Organised Swarms; A
technology for aerospace
John Page
Avionics & Mission Systems I
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 217
Closed-Loop Alternate
Navigation Demonstration: Bilateral UAS Program
Kent Rosser
Recent Ergonomic Advances
Deployed in Operational Air
Traffic Control Human
Machine Interfaces
Mark O’Flynn
GNSS Integrity Augmentation for
Unmanned Aircraft Sense-andAvoid
Robert Sabatini
Leveraging of Experts Knowledge to Improve Diagnostic of
Aircraft Engine
Sirizo Rabenoro
Multi-Agent Collaborative Air
Traffic Flow Management for
Unmanned Aircraft
Trevor Kistan
Exploring future display
concepts to enhance the
effectiveness of Army’s
unmanned aerial system
Low-Cost Sensors Data Fusion
for Small and Medium Size RPAS
Navigation and Guidance
Subramanian Ramasamy
A Standard for Filter Debris Analysis
Andy Becker
Comparison of numerical
methods for the analysis of
expansion-deflection nozzle
Ananya Khare
Analysis and Interpretation of Crack Propagation Signals
Adrian Hood
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 218
HUMS Keynote 2 HeloTrackTM; Benefits and Challenges of
Implementing the US Navy’s Newest Rotary Wing Dynamic
Component Structural Life Tracking
Patrick Dwyer
Tentative program
Peter Ryan
Lunch – Level 2 Foyer
(25 min
Concurrent session 5
Structures & Materials V
Aerospace design and
Structures & materials III
Chair: TBA
Meeting Room 213
Effect of anodising
treatments on equivalent
crack size of the 7XXX
aluminium alloy
Alex Shekhter
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 216
Fault diagnosis of electrical
discharge machining pulse
generator using artificial
neural networks
Bo Hu
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 217
Equivalence of Magnetometer
Calibrations and Soft Iron Magnetic
Field Characterisation
Andrew Ellis
Numerical investigation
An Aerospace Conformal
of effects of turbulence
Phased Array Slotted
and reaction models on
Waveguide Antenna
combustion in scramjet
Stiffened Structure
nozzles with supersonic
Thomas Baum
Michael Candon
Numerical analysis of a
Development of an
low angle linear
aluminium alloy for
aerospace applications at
nozzle in open wake
higher temperatures
Subodh Kumar
John Olsen
Numerical investigation
Effect of structural nonand optimisation of flow
linearity on aeroelastic
control effects of plasma
actuators for subsonic
David Munk
aerofoils in turbine
Graham Bell
Afternoon tea – Level 2 Foyer
Concurrent session 6
An environment model for
simulating small aircraft
flight in the marine
atmospheric boundary
Jonathan Dansie
Ground Obstacle Avoidance System
for manned and unmanned aircraft
Alessandro Gardi
Implementation of
Advanced Failure Analysis
for an Improved Strength
Prediction of FRC Parts
Mukesh Bhasin
An infrared vision system for UAV
close formation flight
Daniel Wilson
Challenges in modelling
fatigue crack growth under
military transport and
helicopter type spectra
Weiping Hu
A method for autonomous
navigation of UAVs using landmarks
Javaan Chahl
Propulsion II
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 212
Environmental-energyharvesting technologies
for unmanned air
Jennifer Palmer
(25 min
Aircraft Operations III
and Airworthiness &
Regulations III
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 212
The Development of a
Mission Planning System
for Unmanned Aircraft
Operations in Windy
Urban Environments
Chung Sing Leung
Avionics & Mission Systems II
Structural Health
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 218
A history of fatigue tracking
the F/A-18 Hornet by the
Lorrie Molent
Determination of composite
patch thickness on the
accuracy of nondestructive
testing of the repaired
structure of PZL-130 ORLIK
Michał Sałaciński
Smart Pulse De-ice System
for Composites with integral
Ice Accretion and Structural
Health Sensors
Joseph Gerardi
Prototype rotational energy
harvester for structural
health monitoring
Scott Moss
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 215
Outcomes of the Corrosion
Prognostic Health
Management (CPHM)
Capability and Technology
Demonstrator (CTD),
James Waldie
Validation of an optical fibre
based plate-wave mode
conversion technique for
damage detection in plates
Cedrik Rosalie
Placeholder-corrosion paper
Evaluation of Modern Oil
Condition Sensors for
Lubrication Systems
Paul Rawson
Structures & Materials VI
Aerodynamics IV and
Propulsion III
Avionics & Mission Systems III
Chair: TBA
Chair: TBA
Chair: TBA
Chair: TBA
Chair: TBA
Meeting room 217
Avionics-Based GNSS Integrity
Augmentation for Remotely-Piloted
Aircraft Systems
Subramanian Ramasamy
Meeting room 218
Meeting room 215
Meeting Room 213
Real-time risk
management of aircraft
fleet based on the
probability of failure of
aircraft structures
Ribelito Torregosa
Meeting room 216
Effect of wing flexibility in
forward flight of tandem
flapping wings
Naidu Vishal
Data Driven Applications
Sensor technologies I
Leveraging HUMS for
effective sustainment
Chris Stecki
Sensor technologies II
An Introduction to
Prognostic Fingerprint
John Baker
Tentative program
Exploiting natural
resources to optimize
flight paths for greener
commercial flight
Matthew Marino
Critical Manufacturing
and Future Trends in
Aerospace Engine
Surya Kumar Singh
Enhancing fatigue test
outcomes through the use
of bar-coded marker band
load sequences
Madeleine Burchill
A CFD analysis of a passive
flow control device on a
Nicholas Findanis
Avionics-based GNSS Integrity
Augmentation Performance in a
jamming environment
Roberto Sabatini
A method through data
overload: System
Information Exploitation
Paul Cree
Investigation on Impact
Damage Experimental
Test and Repair Method
of Composite Laminate for
Aircraft Structural Design
Hyunbum Park
Mg Alloys for Seahawk
Helicopters: Corrosion
and its Mitigation
Parama Banerjee
Metal hydrides as additives
for boron combustion
Jianfei Xi
Micro-Autopilot for Research and
Kent Rosser
Elements of a successful
HUMS- lessons learnt from
acquisition to sustainment
Joanna Kappas
Tests of Alternative Fuels in
a Micro-Turbojet Engine
Sean Spencer
Communication, Navigation and
Surveillance Integrity Performance
Criteria for Safety-Critical Avionics
and ATM Systems Design
Roberto Sabatini
Meeting room 218
A Rule Based Track
Anomaly Detection
Algorithm for Force
Sharada Boinepalli
Congress Plenary Closing & Award Presentations
1900 – 2200
HUMS Conference dinner – Pier 35, Port Melbourne
*Tentative program based on abstracts accepted; as at Thursday, 20 November 2014
Closing HUMS 2015 session
Tentative-Moving Beyond
Aircraft Health Monitoring
Mythology: The journey
towards obtaining tangible
Life-Cycle Management ROI.