Time Programme and Speakers Duration 12.00

Programme and Speakers
Registration, lunch and networking. Participants choose which of the London Health
Commission (LHC) table group themes they wish to join
Welcome and housekeeping
Mike Farrar, Facilitator
Dr Anne Rainsberry, Regional Director, NHS England (London region) to introduce the
10 LHC ambitions and the NHS Five Year Forward View.
General introduction to the Forum from Lady Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor of
London; Martin Smith, Chief Executive for London Borough of Ealing and Chair of the
London Health Chief Officers Group and Dr Marc Rowland, Chair of the London
Clinical Commissioning Council and Chair of Lewisham CCG
Interactive Q&A: Professor Yvonne Doyle, Regional Director, Public Health England
(London region); Ian Abbs, Medical Director, Guys & St Thomas, NHS Foundation
Trust; Peter Ellingworth, Chief Executive, Association of British Healthcare Industries;
along with Alan Milburn (former Secretary of State for Health) and Rt. Hon. Stephen
Dorrell (Conservative MP for Charnwood and former Chair of Health Select
Facilitated table discussion exercise
In table groups consider the theme you have chosen to discuss:
• What are your immediate reactions and reflections on the LHC
recommendations for London?
• What are the key priorities in the next 12 months? And for the next 3 years?
• What should be done at local, community, London-wide and national levels?
• What will enable us to make this a reality for London?
Reflections in plenary led by Mike Farrar – focusing on reaching an agreement on the
issues / areas that the leadership in London will take forward
Professor Yvonne Doyle to introduce a video featuring Linda Gibbs, Former Deputy
Mayor Health and Human Services, New York City, showing examples of self-care and
managing complex care from New York
Empowering People and Patients
John Craig, Managing Partner, Innovation Unit to present video clips illustrating real life
situations that service users and carers encounter. Reflections from Jane Barnacle,
Regional Director of Patients and Information in NHS England (London region).
Table group discussion on how London health and care organisations and systems will
change to meet the needs of Londoners now and in the future.
Leadership Insights
Alberto de Rosa, CEO, Ribera Salud Grupo will describe how he has set up and run a
number of successful capitated health and care systems in Spain.
Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive of Scope will talk about the role of the voluntary
sector, the relationship between the voluntary and public sectors and the challenges he
faces as a leader seeking to transform the organisation’s service provision.
Q&A session with Alberto de Rosa and Richard Hawkes, on their leadership insights.
30 minutes
5 minutes
20 minutes
50 minutes
40 minutes
10 minutes
20 minutes
10 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes
35 minutes
Interactive Q&A session with delegates to give their reflections on what they have heard
and how this resonates with some of the leadership challenges and solutions for
10 minutes
Closing remarks and next steps by Dr Anne Rainsberry and Dr Marc Rowland
10 minutes
Networking and drinks reception
30 minutes