4th April Sprint Auto Parts SA Track Championships Round 2

Event Date: 4th April 2015
Entrant Name: __________________________________
Surname: _________________________________________________
Contact Ph:
Email: ____________________________________________________
Vehicle Details:
_______________________________________________ Engine Capacity: ________________________________
_______________________ State: ________ P/C ________
_________________________________________________ _____________________________________________
_______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
ANDRA Race Number _________________________
Please nominate your vehicle class. Full ANDRA crew allocation permitted in entry fee. Please refer to supplementary regulations
regarding crew allocations. No Day licences issued for super street, must be ANDRA licence holder.
$110.00 (No Crew)
$130.00(3 Crew)
$220.00 (3 Crew)
$220.00 (3 Crew)
$260.00 (5 Crew)
 Street Registered Vehicle
 Street Registered Bike
 Junior Dragster
 Super Street
 Super Sedan
 Super Gas
 Modified Bike
 Modified
 S/Charged Outlaw
 Super Comp
 Top Sportsman
 Day Licence
**$20.00 Required For All Street Registered Vehicles/Bikes for Non Andra Registered racers**
Racer Discounted General Spectator Tickets_______ @ $15.00 =_________
Total Amount payable for 4th April $ _________________________
 I wish to enter for the 31st October SA Track Championships
Racer Discounted General Spectator Tickets_______ @ $15.00 =_________
Total Amount payable for all 3 events $ _________________________
(minus 10% discount)
Entry will need to be paid for and submitted before the cut off date to receive the bonus points.
Bank Details
please provide surname as reference
Account Details: Racing Onn Promotions
BSB: 065-189 (Commonwealth Bank)
Account No: 1004 4535
Account Name: Racing Onn Promotions
Racing Onn Promotions, P O Box 154, Angle Vale SA 5117 Ph 0419 722 464
Credentials will close at 11am on race day. No crew allocations will be allocated after this time.
Part A
Event Dates ____________________________
First Name _________________________________
Class ____________________________________
Part B
Category 1
Safety Critical
Surname ____________________________________
ANDRA Licence Number _________________________
Category 2
Safety Non Critical
Category 3
Class Compliance & Non Safety
(White box is for ANDRA officials, Grey box is for competitors)
Protective Clothing
Safety Harness
Roll Over Protection
Bellhousing/Auto Trans Shield
Fuel Shutoff
Supercharger restraints
Engine & Transmission
Clutch & Flywheel
Neutral Safety Switch
Wing Mounts
Fuel Tank/Cell/Lines
Liquid Overflow
Lower Eng Cont. Devices
Engine Capacity & Components
Transmission Type
Body Dimension & Aerodynamics
S/Charger Overdrive/Size/Type
Electronic devices
General Vehicle Presentation
Completion Number & Class
Fuel Blend ______________
Steering Systems
Cooling Systems
Suspension Systems
Seat & Mountings
Battery isolation Switch
Lubrication System
Blower Belt Guard
Tailshaft Loop
Technical Inspection
Cylinder Head Restraints
Vehicle Weight ___________________
Throttle Return
Fire Extinguisher
Fire System
Breaking System
Clutch/Chain guard
Wheelie Bars
For clarification, please refer to supplementary regulations under “ESP Extended Scrutineering Declaration”
This form is to be presented for scrutineering on race day.
Part C
I, the competitor noted in Section A, state that I or may Agent have inspected the entered vehicle against all items ticked
in Part B of this form, and confirm that the vehicle complies with all relevant minimum safety and class eligibility requirements of the ANDRA
Competition Regulations, and that the vehicle will be made available for Compliance Audit/s if requested, and I am aware that where any breach of, or
non-compliance with these regulations is found during Compliance Audit I render myself liable to the penalties noted in Section 6.2 of the ESP Policy
and/or Tribunal Action and my signature below indicated my acceptance of these conditions.
Signature of competitor _____________________
Witness Name_____________________________
Witness Signature _________________________
ANDRA Official Signature ___________________
Officials Name _______________________________
Racing Onn Promotions, P O Box 154, Angle Vale SA 5117 Ph 0419 722 464
I/We being the entrants and/or driver and/or rider, certify that the particulars of this entry form are true and correct in every particular, to the
best of my/our knowledge and belief.
I/We declare that I/We have read and understood the supplementary regulations issued for the event, and agree to be bound by them and the
provisions of the competition rules of the Australian National drag Racing Association Pty Ltd (ANDRA Ltd).
In exchange for being able to enter, attend or participate in the event I/We agree:
To release ANDRA Ltd, promoters, sponsor organisations, land owners and lessees, Racing Onn Promotions, their respective servants, officials,
representatives and agents (collectively, the Associated Entities”) from all liability for my death, personal injury (including burns),
psychological trauma, loss or damage (including property damage) (“harm”) howsoever arising from my participation in or attendance at the
event, except to the extent prohibited by law:
That ANDRA and the Associated Entities do not make any warranty, implied or express, that the event services will be provided with due care
and skill or that any materials provided in connection with the services will be fit for the purpose for which they are supplied: and
To attend or participate in the event at my/our own risk.
I/We acknowledge that:
The risks associated with attending or participating in the event include the risk that I may suffer harm as a result of:
Motor Vehicles (or parts of them) colliding with other motor vehicles, persons or property:
Acts of violence and other harmful acts (whether intentional or inadvertent) committed by persons attending or participating in
the event: and
The failure or unsuitability of facilities (including grant-stands, fences and guard rails) to ensure the safety or persons or property at
the event.
Motor sport is dangerous and that accidents causing harm can and do happen and may happen to me/us
I/we accept the conditions of, and acknowledge the risks arising form, attending or participation in the event and being providing with event
services by ANDRA Ltd and the associated entities
Conditions of Entry
I have read the “Motorsport is dangerous and supplementary regulations” issued for this event and agree to be bound by them and the rules of
the Australian National Drag Racing Association, (ANDRA) I also acknowledge and agree as a condition of entry that neither the Australian
National Drag Racing Association, (ANDRA) nor the promoters Racing Onn Promotions Pty Ltd, nor the sponsor organisations, nor the land owners
Adelaide International Raceway Promotions Pty Ltd and Adelaide International Raceway, nor the organisers of the event, nor their respective
servants, official , representatives or agents (all of whom shall collectively be called the (“Organisers”) shall be under any liability for my death, or
any bodily injury, loss or damage which may be sustained or incurred by me as a result of participation in or being present at the event except in
regards to any rights I may have arising under the Trade Practices Act 1974. I acknowledge that motor racing is dangerous and that accident
causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage can and do happen
Signature __________________________
Where the driver/rider is under the age of 18 years the following Parent/Guardian Consent must be completed.
I ______________________________________________________________________________________________ (please print)
of ______________________________________________________________________________________________ (address)
Am the parent/guardian of the above name (the minor) who is under 18 years of age, I have read this document and
understand its contents, including the exclusion of liability and assumption of risk, and have explained the contents to the minor. I consent to the
minor attending/participating in the event at his/her own risk.
Parent/Guardian Signature
________________________________ Date
Racing Onn Promotions, P O Box 154, Angle Vale SA 5117 Ph 0419 722 464
PIT ALLOCATIONS: Pit sizes will be approximately 10m x 6m per entrant. All entrants with specific requirements must
forward their request with their entry. Racing Onn Promotions will attempt to accommodate all requirements, however first in best dressed.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Update of event information will be emailed prior to all entrants. All licences must be current and up to date. No Day
licence competitors are to compete in Super Street, ANDRA licence holders only.
POWER FACILITIES: Power facilities will be limited in certain areas of the track, Racing Onn Promotions recommends bringing your own generator if
you require power.
RAIN OUT POLICY: In case of a rain out, we will try to run the event the next day (Raceway permitting) In case of not being able to complete the event,
all entries will receive 20 points. In case of complete abandonment, no refund will be issued if racing had begun. If racing has not started, your entry
will be transferred to the next event with the prize money being 1/3 less than the full amount.
FIELD: Field number may change pending entries and are not limited to sizing
SITE PRESENTATION: Your allocated pit will need to be presented and maintained throughout the course of the event and left in the same presentable
state as when you arrived. Penalties will apply. Strictly enforced.
WASTE OIL: Due to environmental regulations all waste oil must be disposed in oil waste bins supplied. It is a serious offence to dump oil on the
ground or in a drain of any sort. Any person found dumping oil inappropriately will be disqualified and reported to the appropriate environmental
OH&S: All Occupational Health and Safety requirements must be adhered to.
CURRENT REGULATIONS: It is the responsibility of the driver/rider to acquaint themselves with the regulations and supplementary regulations for this
event. A competitor or entrant who breaks these regulations maybe disqualified. All entrants/competitors are reminded that their crew are their
responsibility. Competitors will be penalised for the actions of their crew. If you have any problems or complaints during the meeting, please direct
them to the meeting director, not the tower staff. Any official at the track will be able to point you to the meeting director. The meeting director’s
decision is final.
PRIZE MONEY: All brackets will receive a trophy at the end of each event for each winner and runner up at the end of the series
Points are allocated as follows:
100 points = Win
80 points = Runner Up
60 points = Semi Finals
40 points = Quarter Finals
10 points = Early Bird entry (entry in and paid for 2 weeks prior to each event)
20 points = Awarded to participants who attend the event and it’s deemed a rain out.
5 points = Track champs bonus for entering and paying for all 3 event prior to the first event.
Racing Onn Promotions, P O Box 154, Angle Vale SA 5117 Ph 0419 722 464