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Parents of all applicants who do not live within the school’s
geographical boundaries must submit an Application for
Optional Schools to the Board of Education, Department
of Optional Schools and Advanced Academics, 160 S.
Hollywood, Room C106.
The principal and staff at Oak Forest encourage
parents and prospective Optional students to visit
the school. Please call the school office to schedule
a guided tour.
• First- and second-grade applicants must take the Optional
Schools admittance tests. No other tests will be accepted
for admittance to these grades.
• First- and second-grade applicants must attain the 70th
percentile or above in total reading AND total
mathematics on the admittance tests.
• Applicants for grade one must have satisfactory skills and
behaviors and achieve mastery in all academic and support
subjects on their most recent report card.
• Applicants for grades three through five must score at or
above the 70th percentile on the Reading/Language Arts
AND Mathematics subtests of the current TCAP or a
nationally normed achievement test.
• Applicants for grades two through five must have a B
average or above in all academic subjects and satisfactory
grades in special subjects, conduct, and attendance
(including promptness to school).
• A combined total of more than 15 absences, late arrivals,
and/or early dismissals is considered unsatisfactory.
To remain in the Optional Program, students must maintain
a B average in all academic areas, as well as the entrance
requirements of satisfactory conduct, skills and behaviors,
support subjects, and attendance.
Transportation is the responsibility of the student’s parents
or legal guardians.
Final approval is contingent upon the review of the
student’s final comprehensive report card.
Oak Forest Elementary School
(901) 416-2257
Department of Optional Schools and
Advanced Academics
(901) 416-5338
Oak Forest Elementary on the Web
Board Members
Teresa Jones, Chair
Kevin D. Woods, Vice Chair
Shante K. Avant
Miska Clay Bibbs
Chris Caldwell
Mike Kernell
Stephanie Love
Scott McCormick
William “Billy” Orgel
Dorsey Hopson II, Esq., Superintendent
Shelby County Schools offers educational and employment opportunities
without regard to race, color, religion, sex, creed, age, disability, national
origin, or genetic information.12/14
International Baccalaureate (IB) World
School Primary Years Programme
Oak Forest
Elementary School
Grades 1-5
7440 Nonconnah View Cove
Memphis, TN 38119
Principal: Kathy Joyner
(901) 416-2257
Encouraging Internationalism
As an authorized International Baccalaureate World
School, Oak Forest offers students a world-class education with a global emphasis. Our goal is to educate students through a challenging, internationally based curriculum. Oak Forest students are prepared to excel in the
IB Middle Years Programme at Ridgeway Middle, and
then in the rigorous IB Diploma Programme at
Ridgeway High School, Bolton High School, or
Germantown High School.
Oak Forest’s mission is to develop active, lifelong
learners who solve real-world problems, collaborate with
peers, respect diversity, and inspire others. Our focus on
international awareness enables all students to be challenged by a rigorous, globally based curriculum.
Cultivating 21st Century Skills
All classrooms are equipped with state of the art computers, interactive whiteboards, webcams, document cameras,
response clickers, and Internet access. In addition, Oak
Forest maintains two computer labs. Using technology tools
to acquire and process conceptual knowledge, conduct
research on real world issues, and communicate with students from other countries sparks students’ curiosity and
cultivates concern for the global community.
Developing Lifelong Learners
Oak Forest students are engaged in interactive learning
activities that teach them to solve real-world problems. As
students learn to construct knowledge through practical
applications, they begin to understand that their ideas, solutions, and contributions can make a difference in the global
Integrating the Curriculum
Oak Forest teachers engage students in learning activities
that are multi-disciplinary and centered around six transdisciplinary themes. These themes enable students to explore:
World beliefs, values, and relationships
Personal and world history
Forms of communication
The interdependence of people and other living things
The impact of technology on societies and science; and
World laws and economics.
In addition, Oak Forest nurtures the whole child by
offering programs and activities such as:
Chinese Instruction
Character Education
Art Education
Strings Instruction
Orff Music
Personal, Social, and Physical Education
Student Ambassadors
Peer Mediators
Honors Club
Guys in Ties
Girls in Pearls
Junior Achievement
Class Piano
Ensuring Excellence for All
In accordance with IB guidelines, all Oak Forest faculty members have been trained by certified IB consultants.
Teacher training is research-based, ongoing, integrated,
and collaborative. Students have many different learning
styles, so our dedicated teachers work hard to create
learning experiences and assessments that successfully
meet the needs of all Oak Forest students.
Oak Forest supports teachers’ pursuits of higher education. Our faculty includes four National Board Certified
teachers, and over 30 percent of our teachers have earned
a master’s degree in education.
Partnering with the Community
Oak Forest values and encourages the involvement of
community stakeholders. We believe
that all students,
teachers, paraprofessionals, cafeteria
workers, custodians,
administrators, parents, and other
community stakeholders can make a
valuable contribution toward fulfilling
our school’s mission. We encourage
our community
stakeholders to be
active participants in
helping us maintain
a high-quality learning environment.
Our school adopters include Kroger (Hacks Cross
Road), Chick-fil-A (Winchester Road), and Costco
(Winchester Road). These businesses donate supplies and
incentives for our students throughout the school year.