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Election season is in full swing on campus as the Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) has
announced this year’s electoral candidates. On Jan. 27 and 29, an All Candidates Forum was
held to give each candidate a chance to share their ideas and platform to students on campus.
We caught up with all of the electoral candidates* to learn what they have in store for the
future of Capilano University and what they have brewing for Valentine’s Day.
*Sephia Jeon, running for Global Studies Representative, did not respond to the Courier's
requests before ress deadline.
Zach Renwick - Business
Kate Phifer - Tourism Management
Rhita Hassar - Business
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
if elected?
Q. What attributes do you have that will help
you if elected to this position?
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
if elected?
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
if elected?
I was really hoping to run a campaign encouraging youth involvement in the federal
elections, as well as one addressing student
concerns for TransLink, regardless of the
way the referendum goes. Finally, I want
bring the puppies back to campus. Yup,
that’s right. Game changer!
Over the last year I have reviewed and created countless contracts on behalf of the
Society, improved financial reporting and
accounting processes, and participated in
all Collective Bargaining sessions as we negotiate a new Collective Agreement with our
unionized staff. One of the most exciting
aspects of this position is that I am able to
directly apply the knowledge I have learned
in my Accounting and Business courses to
the work I will do within the CSU.
If I am elected my plans are to continue to
grow and develop student life on campus. I
think that Capilano University has so much
potential to be a fun and vibrant campus.
Using my experience sitting on this collective this year, I will help student life become
more active and engaging. I want to see
more pub nights, more fun events like the
Rail Jam and more activities for students.
If I am elected, I would focus on two main objectives: First, enhancing student experience through
increasing clubs and clubs’ presence on campus as
well as work along the Vice President of University
Relations and Services to provide students with
a Students’ Union Building in the future and to
work with the university to have a pub on campus.
My second main objective would be to build and
strengthen community relations through collaborations with other students’ unions, especially the
VPs of student life of other universities.
Q. State an interesting fact about yourself
My ideal Valentine’s Day date would happen in the warm Mediterranean Sea, atop a
sailboat with the sun on our shoulders and
wind in our hair.
I used to really be into bike racing. I was
so committed, I shaved my legs and would
make sure all my shorts were the same length
(so as to preserve those crisp tan-lines). Holy
crap I was weird.
Q. What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date?
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
if elected?
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
if elected?
Q. What is your ideal first date?
My ideal first date would be June 1, 2015
with your CSU as Vice-President of External
Q. If you would be able to bring a celebrity to
CapU who would it be and why?
If I was still in touch with her, I would bring Ellen
Degeneres! She's just amazing and so much fun.
The campus would have such a great time in her
company. Unfortunately, we didn't stay in touch.
Heidi Anderson - Liberal Studies
Jullian Kolstee - Communications
Brittany has done a great job in this role. I’m
not looking to make major changes because
the issues haven’t changed: we still need to
increase core funding, we still need to decrease student debt and we still need better
transit. However, I am interested in looking
at new approaches to these issues that could
yield different results, such as seeking out
student grant and apprenticeship programs
that more proportionally reflect a diverse
Volume 48 I ssue N o . 16
Taylor Wilson - Film
The Capilano Courier.
February 7, because that's my actual first
date — the day I was born.
Q. What is your ideal first date?
Sacha Fabry - Global Stewardship
Q. What attributes do you have that will help
you if elected to this position?
My first term in office has given me a firm
grasp of the University's internal structure
and allowed me to understand the most
pressing issues being debated. With my
current knowledge, I plan on continuing to
advocate for students at every level.
Q. What do you have planned for Valentine’s
Probably crying on the couch, eating ice
cream and watching Friends re-runs.
I’m doing my studies a lot on engagement and
engagement with children and this position
you really need to be engaged with the students
and [be] engaging with the clubs and the faculty members and I just want to have a greater
sense of community on campus, and also,
people are paying money into the organization.
I really want to give their money’s worth, feel
like they’re paying into something that’s worth
it for them and [that] the university experience
is great, memorable and fun.
Q. What is your ideal first date?
Emily Solomon - Business
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
for your collective if elected?
My highest priority as a faculty representative is, and would continue to be, to establish and fortify the front-line connection
that the CSU has with its members. Our job
is first and foremost to represent the student
body, and to adequately live up this responsibility, our duty begins with outreach work
with the students.
Q. State an interesting fact about yourself.
Something relaxed where you get to know the
person and like the real person and I guess
watch a movie and eat yummy food that I make,
because I love to bake.
I’m actually a mermaid.
Taylor Smith - Liberal Studies
Jon Kinsley - Communications
Jonald Chan - Arts and Sciences
Kyle LeGrow - Tourism Management
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
for your collective if elected?
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
for your collective if elected?
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
if elected?
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
for your collective if elected?
I’m looking to decrease barriers for students
who are facing systemic inequalities within
the University. It’s come to my attention that
many students have been dealing with various issues in which they are either silenced,
uncertain of resources, or not welcomed
to talk about. This can range from access
to affordable and stable housing, violence
prevention, or even questions on legal advocacy all from a student perspective. Overall,
I want to give students the stepping stones to
success, no matter who they are. I’m open to
doing workshops on stereotypes and stigma,
or even engaging the student community on
topics such as justice for street youth, sexual
health and consent, criminal harassment,
inequality in the classroom, and violence.
Most of all, I would like our university to
join the fight in calling for a national inquiry for Missing and Murdered Indigenous
As I have been in the position for the last
two years I would continue to create a larger
presence on campus. To make our campus
a more welcoming and friendly space and
bringing attention the issues faced by this
community. This year for the first time ever
we will be hosting Capilano Pride on campus I would like to continue initiatives such
as this and develop more of a solid base on
campus, building more connections with
faculty and staff.
I plan to have more events throughout the
school year promoting the enrolment of new
and current students into the Arts and Sciences program. This will allow some classes
that are not currently offered at Capilano
University to become available, such as microbiology.
I have two main goals if elected. First would
be to get healthier food options on campus
with options from multiple vendors to increase competition. In turn, this will keep
prices lower for students instead of Aramark
[and its] unprofessional staff profiting off
of our hard-earned dollars by selling unhealthy fast food. Secondly, I would like to
help initiate more on-campus activities to
bring students from the different departments together while utilizing our ability to
serve alcohol in the CSU.
Q. State an interesting fact about yourself.
Q. State an interesting fact about yourself.
I’ve driven across Canada and hitchhiked
from Toronto to Cape Breton and across
Newfoundland. I love to travel and will do
it in every way possible, hence why I’m in
Barcelona right now.
Some people at school call me “Darizard.” I
have no idea why.
Q. If you would be able to bring a celebrity to
CapU who would it be and why?
If I could bring a celebrity to Capilano University, it would be David Suzuki. This is
because last semester (Fall 2014) there was
a Virtual Classroom featuring David Suzuki
in the Earthworks event "Our Food Systems:
Are you Hungry for Change?" David Suzuki
has inspired me and most likely other students during that event, but it would be even
better if he came, in person, to speak to and
inspire all of the students.
Q. State an interesting fact about yourself.
I have been to the Emergency Room four times
due to mountain biking-related injuries.
Catrina McCrae – Communications
Q. What attributes do you have that will help
you if elected to this position?
Nicole Spencer - Liberal Studies
The term “Social Justice” is huge; it covers
basic human rights, environmental rights,
injustices in wealth, compassion towards
all others and so much more. This position
was left vacant this past year, so if I’m lucky
enough to be elected I plan to bring this
collective into light again and invite everyone who strives for social justice to come
together and work towards creating community without prejudice (not only in our
school but in our wider community as well).
Q. If you would be able to bring a celebrity to
CapU who would it be and why?
This is tough, but probably Joseph GordonLevitt. He seems very down to earth for such
a high profile celebrity and does a lot of great
charity work. And I also kind of love him.
Q. What’s your ideal first date?
Good conversation over a beer on Commercial Drive and then seeing a show at the Rio.
Q. What attributes do you have that will help
you if elected to this position?
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
for your collective if elected?
I follow through on projects that I commit
to, I am able to make connections and see the
larger picture, and I would consider myself to
be a good listener. Perhaps most importantly,
I have a love for the environment, working
with people, and learning.
If elected, I would like to improve the collaboration between faculties through events
on campus. I would also like to collaborate
with local communities. Monthly volunteer events could be a great example where
students from all faculties and community
groups get to build partnership.
Q. State an interesting fact about yourself.
Q. What’s your ideal first date?
I was a home learner throughout most of my
pre-post-secondary education — which correlated to outdoor classrooms, hours inspecting insects in the yard, training for ski racing
multiple days each week, playing music and
Irish dancing with my sisters, forest walks with
my dogs, random tap-dancing episodes in
"school" halls, and having a (mostly) invisible
pet dragon named “Sky”. Some of these things
still happen.
My ideal first date would be quite simple.
As long as the setting is in the outdoors,
like a walk along the water or a hike up the
mountain, this could definitely be an ideal
first date!
There are still vacant positions in the CSU elections which include: Accessibility Justice
Coordinator, First Nations Students’ Liaison, International Students’ Liaison, Students
of Colour Liaison, Education, Health, & Human Development, Fine & Applied Arts,
Squamish Campus Representative and Sunshine Coast Campus Representative.
T h e C a p i l a n o C o u r i e r . Volume 48 I ssue N o . 16
Q. What plans or changes will you implement
for your collective if elected?
I come armed with fresh ideas and thoughts
about the events and discussions that can be
held within the Women’s Collective, as well
as how it will interact with the campus and
the community. I feel that my positive energy, enthusiasm and creativity will be vital
in re-energizing this Collective and bringing
positive changes to it. I’m pursuing a career
in Conflict Resolution in Management, and
I plan to bring my skills in Communications
to this Collective to be a resource to, and
provide support to, all women on campus.
Kaylie Higgs - Global Stewardship
Sabrina Ouellette Tourism Management