Rewards programme launched

Gulf Daily News Thursday, 29th January 2015
Key Tenmou-backed app
raises $300,000 funding
MANAMA: Tenmou, Bahrain’s first ‘Business Angels’ company, yesterday
announced that ‘eat’ – an
app that allows users to create restaurant reservations
online, has raised $300,000
in the second round of funding.
With this additional capital, ‘eat’ has raised a total of
‘Eat’ is a real-time reservations system for fine-dining
For restaurants, ‘eat’ supplies an iPad application that
manages table reservations
with simple floor planning features, records customer history
and preferences, and provides a
tool to publish targeted promotions and discounts.
For diners, ‘eat’ supplies an
iPhone application that allows
users to discover restaurants
n At the media roundtable are Mr Kadhem, left, and Mr Haider
around them, find available
tables and confirm reservations
The iPhone is linked with the
iPad, and reservations are communicated with the restaurant
in real-time.
Eat’s iPad application has
already been installed at more
than 30 per cent of Bahrain’s
fine dining venues including
hotels and boutique restaurants.
It has seated 200,000 guests
in Bahrain since its launch in
March last year.
Clients include the Gulf
Hotel, Mirai, La Vinoteca and
The Orangery.
‘Eat’ has also announced the
launch of its iPhone application
in Bahrain which is downloadable through
Tenmou chief executive
Hasan Haider and ‘eat’ chief
executive Nezar Kadhem made
the announcement at a media
roundtable held at the Crowne
Plaza Hotel.
Mr Kadhem said the next
18 months would be critical
for growth and the funding
allowed the business to hire
and ensure the momentum kept
He said when he started it
was a surprise to find that even
the most prestigious fine-dining
venues were still using pen and
paper, and traditional methods
to manage their reservations.
“The Middle East was still
in the early stages of Internet
adoption, and we are determined to push the boundaries,”
he said.
According to Mr Haider, the
additional capital would enable
‘eat’ to expand into Kuwait,
Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Tenmou chairman Sami Jalal
said the additional investment
underscored the seed funding provider’s belief in digital
entrepreneurship and in helping
position Bahrain as the leader
in innovative apps in the hospi-
n BIBF received a high-level delegation of leading Sharia scholars from Morocco as part of their visit to Bahrain to learn about
the kingdom’s experience in Islamic finance and to exchange knowledge and expertise. The delegation praised BIBF’s position
as a global provider of Islamic finance education and discussed the development of joint curricula, workshops and other training
programmes. Above, the delegates with BIBF officials.
Rewards programme launched
MANAMA: Citi Bahrain has launched a
rewards programme giving its local credit
card customers access to merchandise from
across the globe.
These include product catalogue redemptions, airline/hotel points transfer capabilities and end-to-end travel bookings online.
Through Citi’s rewards website (www.,
customers now have the option to redeem
their accumulated reward points by choosing and shipping their desired products
directly to the kingdom.
They can use the rewards travel centre
that allows point redemption on anything
from flights and hotels to rental cars and
holiday activities.
“Credit card customers will not need to
call Citiphone for their rewards redemption
requirements anymore,” Citibank Bahrain
consumer banking head Navneet Kampani
“This will make a huge difference to our
customers who wish to benefit from these
rewards all the time, wherever
towards vouchers from a growthey are.
ing local partners’ catalogue such
“Also, if the clients do not
as Ashrafs, Jashanmal, Marks &
have enough points for their travSpencer and others.
el, they simply pay the difference
A new global catalogue of
using their Citi credit cards,” he
more than 5,000 merchandise
items from international brands
In addition to this, Premier
is now available with a few
Miles has added six more airlines
clicks including electronics,
to its portfolio – Delta Airlines,
jewellery, sporting goods, travel
Air France/KLM, Thai Airways, n Mr Kampani goods, and more.
Singapore Airlines, Malaysia
Citi Life and Ultimate cardAirlines and Czech Airlines.
holders can also book their dream vacation
The new offering also includes Carlson and all their travel needs using Citi’s
Family Hotels, allowing Premier Miles Travel Centre.
card members to fly to a 1,000 more des“Citi Bahrain customers can access
tinations around the world and use one of all these benefits by logging on to their
the most robust hotel and resorts networks. account online using the www.citibank.
Premier Miles customers can now, for com/bahrain website,” said Mr Kampani.
the first time, redeem their miles towards
“When they access their credit card
acquiring exclusive products from the details, they will have to click on View
global product catalogue.
Rewards after the account activity details
As for Citi Life and Ultimate card mem- to be directed to the global rewards webbers, they can continue to redeem points site,” he added.
Bateel agrees
DUBAI: Bateel, which makes
chocolate-covered dates and other delicacies, has agreed a partnership with L Capital Asia, a
luxury goods-focused private equity firm backed by LVMH Moët
Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
The deal is the first completed
by L Capital Asia in the Middle
East, a statement from the pritality industry.
vate equity firm and Bateel said
With a start-up capital of yesterday. It did not give details
BD1 million ($2.7m), Tenmou of the terms.
was established in 2011, and
Bateel was in talks to sell a stake
invests an average of BD20,000 of between 20 per cent and 40pc
for a stake of on average 20pc and Jadwa Investment had been
in each entrepreneurship pro- picked to advise Bateel on the sale.
ject that meets its criteria.
“We are poised to accelerate
It also provides a three- Bateel’s expansion beyond our
month mentorship period, current core markets in the Gulf.
including support services, at L Capital Asia is the perfect partno cost to the funding recip- ner to help in this endeavour,”
AD with new qrcode 21x2col fastfoods&casualdining.pdf
Ata Atmar, managing director of Bateel, said.