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6th February 2015
Increase in Dog Fouling on the
School Field
Dog fouling and littering of the school
field is once again becoming a problem
and the issue has got so severe that on a
number of occasions PE lessons on the
school field have had to be abandoned for
health and safety reasons.
Site Manager, David Quick and
Caretaker, Malcolm Daniels
assessing the school grounds.
Site Manager, David Quick said: “Dog
fouling and littering is unacceptable. It is particularly unacceptable when
dog owners allow their dog to foul on the school grounds and wander off
without clearing it up, or to drop litter such as cans and bottles which can
become very dangerous. The school site should only be accessed by those
with permission to use the school’s facilities. The school field and courts
are not for general use.”
Head of PE, Nathan Irons said: “The actions of a small number of people
within our local community are causing our students to miss out on their
outdoor activities. Over recent months dog mess, broken glass and
shredded tin cans have been found on the field and even on the hard
standing areas.”
We ask our community to respect our school and its grounds for the
sake of our students. Thank you.
“Our school field is such a great asset to the school that as a community
we must protect and respect it to enable our students to enjoy using
this facility without the fear of hurting themselves”
Headteacher, Christine Jackman.
Bodriggy Tate Club—Sculpture Project
The Tate Club have now finished creating their sculptures with HCS Art
department based on Cornish birds.
The birds are large scale pieces and have now been painted.
Everyone involved is excited to see them displayed somewhere around
Bodriggy School.
The Tate Club have been a delight to work with and its members are a very
talented group of young artists.
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Dog Fouling
College Applications
Bodriggy Tate Club
GCSE Art Experience
Youth Speak Success
Prom Dress Competition
Gifted and Talented
What’s Coming Up
Letters Home this
Year 11 Reports
Progress Monitoring
Year 11 students need to ensure
that their college application is
completed and back at school by
This is to give
the school a
chance to
check, copy and
post the
applications off
to the colleges
to make their
deadline of 28th
GCSE Art Experience
To help develop their GCSE Art portfolio two
students recently took part in an ‘En Plen Air’
painting trip. The activity was very
enjoyable despite the very bracing weather
on two consecutive Saturday mornings.
Success at Youth Speaks
3 Matches—3
On Wednesday evening 9 students
represented Hayle School in the
Area round of the Rotary Club
Youth Speaks competition. They
were a credit to the school, and
received many compliments on both their presentations and
behaviour during the evening. The students involved were:
Congratulations to
the students who
played in the
football matches
against St Ives last night. Three great matches
with three fantastic results!
Saskia , Jenny, Eden, Sophie, Saffron, Niamh, Siofra , Charlotte
and Franki
The eventual winners were the Year 9 team of Eden, Niamh and
Franki, who will now go on to the District Semi-Final in Penryn
at the end of the month.
U16 Girls—WON 2-0
U16 Boys—WON 5-0
U14 Boys—WON 5-0
Design a Prom
Dress Competition
Here’s your chance to
get creative and
Is your child gifted or
design the prom dress
of your dreams. Year
11 students have the
Here at HCS we aim to provide
chance to win a £100
both educational and vocational
voucher from Cargo.
opportunities for all students based on their
For further
individual abilities, strengths and interests.
information please see
Our Gifted and Talented Programme is aimed at young people who Mrs Treloar.
have developed abilities to a level significantly ahead of their year
group. The term ‘gifted’ is used to define students who are academically able and the term ‘talented’ is used to
define students with a particular skill. This skill could range from a sporting or art ability to an aptitude in
Our Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Rebecca Leech, is continually updating the register of gifted and talented
students and she requires parents’ help in identifying those who may have ‘talents’ which have so far not been
highlighted to HCS.
Students on the Gifted and Talented register will be monitored and mentored by the Coordinator. This may also
include the provision of additional enrichment activities, some of which will take place in school and some off
the school site. Mrs Leech will also monitor how challenged students are within the curriculum and hold small
mentoring meetings.
If you believe your child may be gifted or talented, please contact Rebecca Leech on 01736 753009 or by email:
What’s Coming Up…
Thank you for your help.
10.02 - Year 11 Parents’ Evening
10.02—Safer Internet Day
12.02—Safer Internet Presentation
13.02—Last day of Half Term