Boathouse Menu - Boathouse Daylesford

 Stella’s Sourdough Toast
Farmers Skillet
Stella’s sourdough toast with our own jam, or our
own peanut butter or Des O‘Toole’s honey
Baked egg, pork sausage, Nicola potatoes,
capsicum, herbs and Gruyère cheese
Stella’s Fruit Toast
Boathouse Gravlax
Stella’s fruit toast with our own jam, our own
peanut butter or Des O Toole’s honey
Eggs on Toast
Salmon cured in beetroot and vodka, chive scrambled
egg, our own toasted bagel with Meredith soft feta
2 free range eggs on sourdough toast. Poached,
fried or French scrambled
Istra bacon
Spiced sautéed Swiss chard with almonds
Sea salt roasted tomato
Istra hot smoked salmon
Thyme roasted mushroom
Vanilla bean yoghurt
Meredith soft feta
Gluten free toast
Extra egg
65° egg
Farmers Larder pork sausage (GF)
Allpress Coffee
Grounded Pleasures Hot Chocolate
Slow Tea Co. Tea
Peachy Granola
Spa Country Mineral Water
Peach, watermelon, strawberry and mint salad,
with granola and yoghurt foam (GF)
Crushed Avocado & 65° Egg
Our own crumpets with roasted pear, Istra
bacon and Canadian maple syrup
2 poached eggs, Istra neck ham, English muffin
and hollandaise
Add swiss chard for free
Swap the ham for Istra hot smoked salmon
Baked Swiss chard, mint, feta, eggs and potato
Chai Latte
Chilled Allpress espresso, milk, ice cream
Boathouse Virgin
Tomato, celery, carrot and a dash of
Worcestershire sauce
Ginger Ninja
Classic carrot and ginger
Fruity Cocktail
Eggs Benedict
Swiss Skillet
Daylesford Breakfast, Lemongrass & Ginger, Spicy
Vanilla Chai, Green & Jasmine, Earl Grey, Chamomile
& Mint, Zen (Relaxing), Booze Hound (Cleansing)
Freekeh, with dates, orange, honeycomb,
pistachios, vanilla bean yoghurt and spices
Canadian Crumpets
Still or sparkling 500ml
Crushed avocado on pumpkin and polenta bread
toast with fresh chilli and mint, Holy Goat fromage
frais and 65° egg
Sweet Freekeh
Orange, apple, strawberry, pineapple and lemon
Minty Mr. Pink
Watermelon, mint and strawberry
Please see the full range of juices at the counter
Bánh Mì
Shredded Vale Hill Farm beef with white kimchi and pickled carrot
Vale Hill Farm Lamb Kofta
Our own kofta made with Vale Hill Farm lamb, walnut tarator,
lemon and bitter greens
‘Raw-ganic’ Vegetable & Herb Salad
Seasonal raw organic vegetable and herb salad with raw cashew
mayonnaise GF (R)
Green Polenta, Roots & Shoots
Freekeh with pomegranate, fennel
and herbs
Green Salad
Organic green salad with shallots,
fennel and herb dressing
Hand cut fries with chipotle mayo
Herbed polenta with roasted heirloom root vegetables and chick
pea battered zucchini flower
Vale Hill Farm Beef Burger
House made Vale Hill Farm beef patty, lettuce, tomato, tomato pickle,
chipotle mayo and hand cut fries
Characuterie for 2
Max and Delilah chicken liver parfait, Istra Small Goods selection,
house cured gravlax in horseradish labneh, Mt Zero olives, Dijon mustard,
Roasted Chicken
Harcourt cider battered rockling fillets with hand cut fries, organic
green salad and tartar sauce
*Gluten free chick pea batter available
Roasted Duck & Le Puy Lentils
Pan fried snapper fillet with fennel, herb and rocket salad
Scotch Fillet
Aged scotch fillet with organic green salad, horseradish labne
and hand cut fries
Our delicious fresh baked cakes,
pastries and sweets are on display
at the counter. Please make your
selection there
Ice Cream
Roasted duck with Lambrusco plums and vincotto, sautéed chard
and Le Puy green lentils
Cakes & Pastries
Roasted Bannockburn chicken with carrot, sage and brown butter
Cider Battered Fish with Chips*
Crumbed Chicken & Chips
Fish Goujons & Chips
Egg & Bacon Muffin
Mini Burger & Chips
Plain cone, waffle cone, kids cone
or cup! You will find our ice
cream selection at the front
Afternoon Tea for 2
1 cake, 2 biscuits, 2 scones
and 2 hot beverages