Final Details for the Event

Open Orienteering Event incorporating Event 4 of the
Cheshire and Merseyside Schools’ Orienteering League
Saturday 31st January 2015
Colomendy, Loggerheads, near Mold
Introduction: This is a Local Event incorporating a Schools’
League event. Help will be available for newcomers.
Colomendy is part of Kingswood Educational Activity
Centres, located at Loggerheads on the A494 Mold to Ruthin
road, 2 1/2 miles approx west of Mold. The entrance is
directly off the A494 and 'O' signs will be visible. Follow 'O'
car park signs once on site
Post Code: CH7 5LB
Start Procedure: There will be no pre-allocated start times.
When a runner is ready to start, he/she should join the
appropriate course start queue. Runners from the same
school and on the same course will not be allowed to start
within 4 minutes of each other. School leaders are requested
to stagger sending their members to the start to ensure it
doesn’t get too congested.
If all pre-printed maps are used, maps will be recycled. In this
case please be prepared to give up your map at the finish. If
you want a copy of your map, please leave your name and
details at registration.
Map ref: O.S. SJ 199623
Toilets: Indoor toilets will be available near the Parking area.
Approx. length
Refreshments: Please bring your own drinks.
1.1 km
1.8 km
2.6 km
Light Green
3.1 km
3.5 km
Senior (BOF Member)
Senior (non-member)
SI card hire
Lost SI card
Electronic Punching: SI electronic punching will be used.
Maps will be pre-printed on waterproof paper
Scale: 1:4,000 5m contours Size: A4
Description sheets will be on the map. No separate
description sheets are available.
Pre-entry for Schools
School teams should pre-enter by email on a special form.
Forms available from Martin Pickering telephone 01829
741322 or by email: Forms must be returned by 8.00pm on the
Wednesday before the event.
Schools’ League Competitors
To compete in the schools’ league this year all senior school
competitors MUST be registered before the event. On
registering, each person will be allocated a school member
ID number and membership card. Please make a note of this
number as it will be required to compete at all schools’
league events.
Individuals wishing to compete in the league or any
additional school group members can register for the league
on the day by obtaining a school member ID number from
download before entering for the event.
On the day Registration
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
SI Ecard Hire
Vouchers for SI e-card hire are obtained from registration
and then presented at the e-card hire table which will be in a
classroom building, along with download, adjacent to the car
park. Schools’ League competitors should also take their
membership card to ensure smooth progress.
Start Times:
10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
Start Location: 5 minutes’ walk from the car park.
Finish: This will be 2 minutes walk from the car park.
Courses Close at 1.15 p.m.
Safety Notice
A whistle must be carried by every competitor.
Full leg cover is compulsory. Area is mostly open and very
exposed to westerly weather. Cagoules/wind/rainproof tops
with hoods may be made compulsory on the day.
Schools’ League Database
Information collected for the schools league database will be
used for the calculation of results, league tables and individual
rankings. The results, tables and rankings will be published on
the internet. Information on the database will not be made
available to anyone outside Deeside Orienteering Club.
Senior School Rules
The rules may be viewed on the Deeside website.
Planner’s Notes:
1. All courses use or cross the tarmac entrance road to the
site. Marshals will be at the main crossing points, please be
aware and take care.
2. Fences in the area are deemed as uncrossable except by
the marked official crossing points. Crossing points are mainly
gates, some of which are locked and will need to be climbed.
Crossing points are marked on the map and identified on the
ground by red and white tape.
3. Green and Light Green courses use crags for some control
points. These areas can be slippery especially in wet weather.
There are also some steep slopes which can be similarly
affected by wet weather. Please take care.
4. There is the possibility of sheep being grazed in one or two
fields. Please be aware.
5. There are out of bounds areas for all runners and these are
clearly marked on the map.
6. White and Yellow course runners should pay particular
attention to where their first controls are situated.
Norman Hall 01695 422919 or 07904411750
Planner – Denis Murphy ; Controller – Mike Smithard
Results will be posted on the Deeside website as soon as
possible after the event. For further information see the
Deeside website: