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SAFER Bay, Sea Level Rise and Flood
Control on San Francisquito Creek
Joint Meeting with the Palo Alto League
7:00-9:00pm on Wednesday, Jan. 28
in the
Oak Room of the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center
700 Alma in Menlo Park (civic center, just south of the library)
This will be an update on actions and plans of the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority by
the Authority’s director, Len Materman. And, it will be joint meeting with the Palo Alto League.
See the full announcement on Page 3.
This is an open meeting. Bring a friend! For more information, contact
Ann Draper at adtp@comcast.net.
Bay Area League Day
Jan. 31, Saturday, 9:30am-2:30pm:
“Addressing Climate Change in the Bay Area”
Metro Center, 101 Eighth St., Oakland, CA 94607
Registration and refreshments from 9:00 – 9:30 AM. See Page 8.
Feb. 20 (Fri.)—North-Central League’s fundraising luncheon honoring Senator Jerry Hill
Feb. 28 (Sat.)—County League Day on “Money in Politics” [details in the Feb. VOTER]
THIS WEEK, ON JANUARY 7: World Affairs Council has the director of the National Renewable Energy
Laboratory (Golden, Colorado) speaking on alternative energy for the US and the world. See Page 7.
[Due to holidays and travel there is no “From the Board” column this month. However, there are two
long letters from leaders of other Leagues in the Bay Area: (1) on Pages 4 & 5, Nancy Bickel of LWV
Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville makes a case for a study that could lead to a position on minimum
wage (or “living wage”) in California; and (2) on Pages 9 & 10, Eleanor Yick of LWV Southwest Santa
Clara Valley writes about this year’s statewide study, writing in her role as LWVEF State Committee
Chair, Study of Public Higher Education in CA. Evan Hughes, VOTER Editor, LWVSSMC]
* The “From the Board” column is written by a different Board member each month.
The LWV book group will meet on Thursday, January 22, at noon at Lucile Spurlock’s (856
Creek Drive, Menlo Park) to discuss Leon Panetta’s Worthy Fights. Please bring your own
lunch. Next month: Reese Erlich’s Inside Syria: The Back Story of their Civil War and What
the World Can Expect. Contact: Judy Orttung at jorttung@comcast.net.
At its December 8 meeting the LWVSSMC Board:
 Received Treasurer’s financial report and reviewed the membership report as of end of November;
 Board unanimously approved request to continue putting funds from San Mateo County Voter registration into the Ed Fund;
 Reviewed policy for having a student member of our League. Our Bylaws allow anyone over age 18 to
be a member;
 Reviewed monthly program topics; will have yearly program planning at holiday party December 11
at Kathleen Weisenberg’s; and
 Reviewed details for the January 28 program in Menlo Park on SAFER Bay, sea level rise and flood
control on San Francisquito Creek.
The next meeting will be at 7pm on Monday, Jan. 12, at the home of Shirley DesMarais ( 322-0778).
Joyce Shefren, Board Secretary
National – We did not discuss as there is no National convention in 2015.
State – Our suggestions for State “Issues for Emphasis” are
 Watch how Props 1 & 2 are implemented over the next few years
 Update our Water Position
Bay Area – Bay Area League Day program will be on Climate Change and the Bay Area. We made no recommendations for the BA League positions, as there will be no LWV Bay Area Convention this year..
Local – After much discussion there was a consensus that our Issues be
 Sea level rise as it effects San Mateo County
 “Communities and law enforcement in SSMC”
On this last item, Ellen will research State and National positions for possible concurrence, and it was suggested
that we ask the County Sheriff to speak at one of our meetings. Note that “Issues for Emphasis” must be voted on
by the Membership at the Annual Meeting of LWVSSMC.
2014-15 Dues: Final Reminder
If you have not renewed your membership for the 2014-2015 fiscal year by having paid dues
after July 1, 2014 this will be your final VOTER. You can still renew by mailing a $75.00 check to
LWVSSMC, 713 Santa Cruz Ave #9, Menlo Park, CA 94025-4500
Or, you can renew with your credit card by using PayPal on our website <www.lwvssmc.org>.
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 2
Leagues of Women Voters of
South San Mateo County
and Palo Alto
Invite you to a Community informational Forum
SAFER Bay Project
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
7:00 to 9:00 PM
Len Materman, Executive Director,
San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority
will present alternatives under consideration by the SAFER Bay
Project to provide tidal flood protection and reduce flood
insurance for south San Mateo County and Palo Alto.
Both areas are vulnerable to tidal flooding now and will be more
so with Sea Level Rise.
Arrillaga Family Recreation Center – Oak Room
700 Alma Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Everyone is Welcome!
Additional Information:
LWV South San Mateo County – www.lwvssmc.org
LWV Palo Alto – www.lwvpaloalto.org
San Francisquito Creek Joint Power Authority – www.sfcjpa.org
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 3
On the previous page of this issue of The VOTER is a flyer that provides information on the January
28th event we are hosting with the Palo Alto League. Almost 3,000 parcels are vulnerable to tidal
flooding in the south San Mateo County/Palo Alto area, given sea level rise. In addition, critical
transportation corridors and essential services such as sanitary treatment plants are in the vulnerable areas. All of us can directly or indirectly be affected by tidal flooding. Our speaker will be Len
Materman who is the Executive Director of the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority. Len
will be talking about SAFER Bay which is a project aimed to identify options for tidal flood protection. If you already have a question that you hope the speaker will address, send it now to Ann
Draper at adtp@comcast.net.
Please hand out the flyer (here on Page 3) to your friends and neighbors, and urge their attendance. And, please post the flyer on community bulletin boards.
Ann Draper, Director, LWVSSMC, Climate Change and Local Issues (adtp@comcast.net)
[Editor’s Note: Also see Page 2, the notes on our Program Planning meeting on Dec. 11.]
Dear LWV South San Mateo County members,
Here is a letter from the League of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville regarding a possible State Study
on a livable Minimum Wage. It didn't reach us until after our Program Planning meeting. I would
appreciate it if you would read it and send me your thoughts.
Many thanks, Ellen (ellenjhope@aol.com, President LWVSSMC)
To: All Local Leagues in California
From: League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville
About: State Program Planning for 2015-17
What: A Study Proposal on Raising and Maintaining a Livable Minimum Wage for consideration at
each League’s Program Planning Meeting
For More Info: Pat Kuhi, pat@kuhi.net
The League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville urges you to recommend a State
Study on “Raising and Maintaining a Livable Minimum Wage” at your State Program Planning
This study should include consideration of: the current cost of living, current state and local living
wage legislation and rates, whether and how to include a cost of living escalator so the wage will
keep up with the actual cost of living; and whether and how to adjust eligibility levels for medicare/
medi-cal, food stamps and other benefits available to low income wage earners, so that a raise in
the minimum wage does not automatically trigger loss of benefits unless and until the level of the
minimum wage is actually adequate to cover those expenses without supplemental benefits.
Raising the minimum wage has been a political issue locally, in many states and nationally, but
LWVUS and LWVC have no position on the Minimum Wage or Living Wage. The LWVUS Social Policy
Position on Meeting Basic Human Needs, quoted in summary below, seems to imply that it should
support lobbying for raising the minimum wage to a level adequate to live on, in other words, to a
“living wage.”
Meeting Basic Human Needs: Support programs and policies to prevent or reduce poverty and to
promote self-sufficiency for individuals and families.
Income Assistance: Support income assistance programs, based on need, that provide decent and
[continued on next page]
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 4
[Nancy Bickel letter continued] adequate standards for food, clothing and shelter.
Support Services: Provide essential support services.
Housing Supply: Support policies to provide a decent home and a suitable living environment for
every American family.
Unfortunately, the 1988 National Update of Meeting Basic Human Needs asked whether members
supported a minimum wage, but Leagues around the country did not reach consensus. Therefore,
LWVUS refuses permission to Leagues to lobby to raise local or state minimum wages. LWVBAE
found this out when we asked LWVUS for permission to use this position to lobby to raise the
minimum wage in Berkeley.
Then we searched for existing League positions that we might be able to propose as a national
League position by concurrence. The only appropriate one we found was LWV Kansas’s Living
Wage position.
LWVBAE proposed a Concurrence with the LWV Kansas Position on a Living Wage at the 2014 National Convention. A majority of the delegates voted yes, but a 2/3 vote is required for a national
League position to be adopted by Concurrence.
LWVUS recommends that the quickest and easiest way to get a national position on raising the
minimum wage to a livable or living wage would be that a State League
1. Adopt a study of Raising the Minimum Wage or Guaranteeing a Living Wage
at their 2015 Convention,
2. Adopt the position at their 2017 Convention, and
3. Propose a Concurrence with that state position at the LWVUS 2018 Convention.
Note: There are several problems with the LWVKansas Position. In particular, the inclusion of the
words Kansas and LWV Kansas. A new Position should be worded to avoid such specificity.
Arguments in Favor of a Study on Raising the Minimum Wage:
The study should be easy to do. There is sufficient resource material available in the literature,
press and from experts throughout California. Many communities in California already have minimum wage laws. There is data available for these localities about the local minimum and average
wages and the cost of living, that is, what it costs to live decently. There are many studies and debates about the economic, political, social, health and educational impacts of inadequate and adequate incomes.
To take one example, experts find that recent efforts to reform our educational system, such as
expanding Early Childhood Education and the new Common Core Standards, cannot sufficiently
raise the achievement of poor children. They argue that we must also fight poverty to ensure that
all America's parents earn enough to feed and house their children and have the time to support
their education. Many students at the bottom of the achievement scale have parents who earn
below the minimum wage and often work more than one full job.
For the past two decades, California has had a higher poverty rate than the rest of the country. In
2011, California's poverty rate rose to 16.9%. . . .
. . enjoys widespread support in most polls.
The federal minimum wage hasn't been raised since 2009, when the last of a series of increases
that had been passed in 2007 took effect.
Therefore, we urge you to join us in recommending that LWVC adopt a State Study on Raising
and Maintaining a Livable Minimum Wage as the Priority Program for 2015-17. [At this point, the
letter concludes with a list of resources that could be used in the study.]
Nancy Bickel
President [LWV of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville]
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 5
Your generous support of New Voices for Youth inspired and emboldened our students to take
on issues in their neighborhoods. A year ago our Indiegogo campaign showed Nimsi explaining that “Kids Have a Lot to Say.” Fortunately, with your support, they are still making videos
at Menlo-Atherton High School and at Siena Youth Center in Redwood City. Fabiola, a 7th
grader, who comes to New Voices after school produced Clean Communities.” She rallied community support for Friday Clean Up Days and captured her campaign on film. Fabi says, “Use
your imagination…there are so many things you can do with a camera.” See what else she says
about making videos here.
At twelve, Fabi is an example of how a New Voices student identifies unmet needs, develops
solutions and uses video to broadcast successes. All of the Siena Youth Center videos, including Fabi’s, are posted on the North Fair Oaks website! (http://nfoforward.org/caught-camera/
At Menlo-Atherton High School, New Voices students have joined with students from Youth
Leaders About Change, to raise awareness about racial segregation on their campus. Their
process sounds exciting – they’ve committed to facilitating campus discussion about how segregation impacts students and to using video to share what they learn. For past videos, check
out the video gallery at http://www.newvoicesforyouth.org/videos.
The League of Women Voters, sponsor of New Voices for Youth, is proud that Fabi and her
classmates have embraced community engagement and gained skills that can help them make
a difference. The future of our democracy will be brighter with their leadership and thoughtful
voices about the problems facing their generation.
Your support has unleashed creativity, enthusiasm for learning filmmaking and passion for
making a difference in their communities. New Voices depends entirely on local grants and on
the support of individuals like you. The League provides financial management but no financial support. To assure that these students and those that follow have opportunities to find
their voices, we need your help. Support New Voices for Youth Today!!!
Use http://lwvssmc.org/donate_form.html to make your contribution. Please remember to
write NV4Y on your check or on your PayPal donation. You will receive a receipt for your tax
records. Many thanks for your support!
Watch Fabiola here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_BuDdFg5LI&authuser=0
SMALL GROUPS: Do you want to be part of a small group—e.g., Book Group or Climate
Change and Local Issues (sea level rise, transit-oriented housing/development, or
land use, etc.)? Or, do you want to participate in a League study, such as the California
study on public higher education (Pages 9-10), or study ways the League should change?
Do you want the League to consider a position or to take an action (Pages 4-5, for
Example, on minimum wage)? Are you interested in taking a closer look at responsible
lending, as part of a joint task force together with LWV North/Central San Mateo County?
For any, and all, of these matters, or others of interest to you, contact:
Ellen Hope (President), or any one of those listed on Page 12.
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 6
Wednesday, January 7, 2015: Refreshments: 7:00 PM, and Program: 7:30-9:00 PM, at the Los Altos Youth Center, 1 San Antonio Road in Los Altos, 94022.
Alternative Energy Sources, with Dan Arvizu, Director and Chief Executive of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL, located in Golden, Colorado) as speaker
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the US Department of Energy’s primary national laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D. With over 37 years of successful
innovation, NREL discoveries provide sustainable and innovative alternatives for powering homes,
businesses and transportation systems. At its facilities in Colorado, the NREL conducts R&D on
photovoltaics (PV), wind energy, energy conversion, biofuels and efficiency improvements. The resulting innovative technologies advance the nation’s energy and environmental goals, taking a
comprehensive approach that recognizes the relationship between fuel production, transportation,
the built environment and electricity generation and delivery.
Dr. Dan Arvizu will discuss how these advances accelerate the transformation of our nation’s energy use and delivery systems to meet a growing demand for alternative energy sources. He will
also discuss how NREL provides technical leadership for the US to remain globally competitive.
Ralph Kuiper, Chair, Peninsula Chapter, World Affairs Council of Northern California
League of Women Voters
of the Bay Area
An Inter-League Organization of the San Francisco Bay Area
Has your house taken up smoking this winter? Breathing wood smoke is unhealthy. From November 1 to February 28, Bay Area residents are prohibited from burning wood, manufactured firelogs,
or any other solid fuel when unhealthy air quality forecasts cause the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to call Winter Spare the Air alerts. Residents can receive alerts by e-mail (sign up at
www.sparetheair.org) or by phone (dial 800-430-1515). Residents can also stay informed with
available smartphone applications or a hotline (877-466-2876). Similar to cigarette smoke, wood
smoke contains many carcinogenic substances, and is particularly harmful to children, the elderly,
and people with respiratory conditions. The Air District aims to raise awareness of these dangers
with a new publicity campaign.
Reprinted from Bay Area Monitor, December 2014/January 2015. (Editor’s Note: To read more about air quality
monitoring, go to www.bayareamonitor.org. Summary of the current issue of the Monitor is below. Members of our
League should have received— from “Editor@bayareamonitor.org”— an email notice of this issue.)
Check out the Dec./Jan. issue of the Bay Area Monitor:
go to www.bayareamonitor.org and see the articles under “Current Issue”
[Note: The general web site is www.lwvBayArea.org and, starting now, or soon, members of our League
will receive an email notice of each new Monitor; hence: “click-to-read” service (six issues per year).]
“The Last Anniversary for the Land and Water Conservation Fund?” by Elizabeth Devitt
“Wood Smoke” by Alec MacDonald
“Road Usage Charge” by Quynh Tran
“Water Conservation . . .” by Robin Meadows
“Bay Area Water Trail” by Chris Ingraham
“Bay Area Monitor History, Part II” by Leslie Stewart
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 7
An Inter-League Organization of the San Francisco Bay Area
2015 Bay Area League Day
Saturday, January 31, 2015
9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Registration and refreshments: 9:00 – 9:30 AM
MetroCenter Auditorium, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607
(across 8th St. from the Lake Merritt BART station)
Keynote Address – Annie Notthoff, Natural Resources Defense Council
State Climate Change Laws , Target Reductions and the Bay Area
Measures to Achieve the 2050 GhG Target Reductions
John Gioia,Member, BAAQMD, Calif. Air Resources Board
Ken Kirkey, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Stuart Cohen, Transform
Adapting to Sea Level Rise
Richard Gordon, Assemblymember, Select Committee on Sea Level Rise
Bruce Riordan, Climate Change Consultant, Joint Policy Committee
Linda Dismore (Diz) Swift, Berkeley Public Works Commission
Local Impacts of Climate Change
Jenny Bard, American Lung Association
Timothy Burroughs, City of Berkeley
Paloma Pavel, Breakthrough Communities
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------REGISTRATION :
Send check payable to LWVBA by Friday, January 23rd to LWVBA, Attn: Bay Area League Day
NAME: ______________________________ LOCAL LEAGUE: ______________________
PHONE: _____________________________ E-MAIL: _______________________________
Our sister League to the north welcomes any and all who want to attend their fundraising luncheon at 11:30 on
Friday, Feb. 20, at the Marriott Hotel, 1770 S. Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo 94402. This is a luncheon honoring
State Senator Jerry Hill and his service to the community. Individual tickets are $75. Complimentary parking is
included with all reservations. For information, reservations, etc. contact LWVNCSMC office (650) 342-5853, or
Marie Baldisseri (650) 992-2233 or Gayle Hardt (650) 477-2141. Checks should be to LWV North & Central San
Mateo County and mailed to Gayle Hardt, 851 Viewridge Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403. Please reply by Feb. 9,
2015. Reservations will be held at the door. To volunteer or ask questions, please contact Marie Baldisseri
at mbaldisseri@att.net. [For a list of all eight speakers: http://ncsmc.ca.lwvnet.org/files/voter_1-15__flyer_front.pdf.]
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 8
Bills in the legislature, that is. Newly elected state Senators and Assembly Members were sworn in and introduced nearly 100 bills on
December 1. Bill introductions in the 2015-16 session will begin in earnest in January. League action has already begun with support of SB
23 (Mitchell).
This is a repeat of a bill we supported in 2013-2014 to repeal the Maximum Family Grant rule that limits aid to infants and denies reproductive autonomy and privacy to families in the CalWORKs (California
Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids) program. We’ll take
positions on other bills in priority areas like money in politics, early childhood education, and water
in the coming months. To join our grassroots community to advocate on the issues you care about,
be sure you sign up for LWVC Action Alerts and create your Action Account in Votility.
STUDY ABOUT TO BEGIN: “Public Higher Education in California” - The study approved
at the 2013 LWVC statewide convention will begin with publication of a reading list and input from
local Leagues during the next few months. Below, and contined on the next page, is the letter with
the background and details, from Eleanor Yick, Chair of the LWVC study committee.
Dear LWVC League President,
Public Higher Education in California is at a crossroads. Almost daily, there are news articles about public
higher education and the need for reform in terms of accessibility, which includes funding, affordability, preparedness, equity, and opportunities & barriers for success. Unfortunately, because LWVC does not have a
position on public higher education in California that includes the CSU and UC systems, the League cannot
comment on or advocate for or against any legislation. This study was proposed and approved in order to
remedy this situation and in recognition of the fact that education is the bedrock upon which democracy is
built and sustained.
As Chair of the LWVC Education Foundation Study of Public Higher Education in California, I am writing to you
for three reasons:
First and foremost, I want to encourage your league to participate in the study process.
If your league intends to participate in the study, I would like to encourage you to bring together your local
education study committee by mid-February 2015 or, if that is not possible, within the next three months.
I want to inform you and the chair of your local study committee of some changes to the study process that
the state committee is undertaking in response to member feedback. [continued next page]
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 9
[contined from previous page] LWVCEF is interested in making sure that the geographic diversity present in our state is well represented by broad-based participation of our local League communities.
There are 10 UCs, 23 CSUs and 112 CCs in the California Community College System. It is important that
our study reflect citizen involvement and the diversity of opinion from all these regions within California. We strongly encourage you and your League to participate. If you do decide to participate, we’d
like to encourage you to form your local education study committee and select a chair by mid-February
In response to feedback given after other studies were completed, the State Committee has decided to
approach the study process a little differently. In the past, local leagues have stated that little or no
information had been forthcoming for a long time after a study had been approved. Then, once the
information was provided, the time frame for the committee members to study and understand the
material prior to communicating it to their membership in preparation for the consensus meeting was
too short. In order to address these concerns, the State Committee has decided to do the following:
Suggest local Leagues form their study committees early so that pertinent and relevant articles can be
sent to them prior to the publication of the Study Guide. At least two articles related to an aspect of
the study will be posted monthly on the study website (http://lwvc.org/study/education-0) and sent
out electronically to League presidents and local committee chairs starting in mid-February 2015 and
continuing through June 2015. Local committee members should read and discuss the articles, as well
as any suggested questions related to the area, in order to develop and enhance their own knowledge
base as a committee.
The Study Guide is scheduled to be posted to the website and sent out electronically in August 2015. At
that time, local Leagues should begin educating their membership about each of the aspects related to
the overall topic of accessibility: funding, affordability, preparedness, equity, and opportunities & barriers for success. Consensus meetings should be scheduled by March 2016, as results will need to be
submitted electronically by April 2016.
Another concern that has been expressed relates to the Consensus Questions, which are extremely
difficult to develop, trial test and agree upon. Feedback confirms that many have felt the consensus
questions were leading and did not really solicit fully formed opinions. The Study Committee is considering a new model of Consensus Questions wherein responses to specific, provocative questions are
crafted into agreed upon paragraphs by local leagues and submitted in that format. In order to do this
successfully, the Study Committee needs access to robust Text Analysis Software, which we are in the
process of exploring. Whether or not we are successful in obtaining that software will dictate the final
format for the Consensus Questions.
In closing, I would like to request that you:
Please let me know as soon as possible, via email (egyick@icloud.com), whether or not your League
intends to participate in the study. If you have any questions before making a decision, please feel free
to contact me (or a member of the Study Committee) via email or phone.
If yes, please send me the name of your study committee chair and her/his email address as soon as
the decision has been made. Another goal of the State Study Committee is to keep in close communication with all participating Leagues.
Thank you so much,
Eleanor Yick
LWVEF State Committee Chair
Study of Public Higher Education in CA
Are you looking for fair and balanced non-partisan
voter education material? Find it at CAVotes.org.
© League of Women Voters ® of California |
LWVC is a registered 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4)
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 10
How the League of Women Voters Is Fighting to Protect Our Democracy
By: Elisabeth MacNamara (12/01/2014) In 2014, we provided voter education information to
millions of voters, fought voter discrimination measures across the country and pushed back
against the flood of money into our political system.
[Editor’s Note: The above text by Elisabeth MacNamara, LWVUS president, was part of the December 2014 summary of blog posts by the national LWV. Under the banner below, the summary listed
and linked other items also, as listed here below the banner.]
League of Women Voters of Johnson County Honored with Civility Award: This fall, the League of Women Voters of Johnson
County, Kansas (LWVJC) received a 2014 Civility Award for its "tireless work on behalf of all voters."
Another Year Making Democracy Work: Another year has nearly passed us by, and the League of Women Voters has stayed
busy! We could not have had as far-reaching an impact without our incredible supporters, like you, who assist in Making Democracy Work®.
2015: Full of Opportunities for League Work and Influence: As 2015 approaches, the League is considering the role that we can
play on many of our priority issues. We see plenty of opportunity at different levels of government for good things to happen on
League issues.
Stop Big Money – Oppose the Omnibus Spending Bill: The Senate voted on the Omnibus Appropriations bill very soon. Contact
your Senators NOW and tell them to oppose the bill. NOTE: The Omnibus Appropriations bill was passed and signed into law.
Tell the FEC to Shine a Light on Secret Money: 2014 was the most expensive midterm election ever. Ever.
Thank You for Taking Action to Fight Climate Change! The comment period for the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA)
Clean Power Plan ended earlier this month, and thanks to our fantastic supporters from across the country, we helped submit o ver
48,000 comments in support of the regulation!
Double your impact on GivingTuesday, by Elisabeth MacNamara (12/02/2014): Today is #GivingTuesday—an international day of
giving back and supporting organizations like the League of Women Voters that make our world a better place for us all. That's
why I am so excited that generous League supporters have offered to match dollar-for-dollar your entire GivingTuesday contribution up to $10,000! NOTE: Thank You for Making GivingTuesday a Huge Success—Wow! When we reached out to League supporters about our #GivingTuesday campaign, we knew you would step up. But we never could have imagined just how much. With
your help we more than tripled what we raised last year, plus we got our $10,000 match!
The Problem with Online Voter Registration: Online voter registration is taking hold across the country. But there is a fund amental
problem. Virtually every system adopted leaves out a significant and important part of the population — citizens who don't have a
driver's license or non-driver's ID.
Don’t forget when you make your purchases at Kepler’s at any time of year, to be sure to mention
the League when you check out. They will donate back to us 6% of the sale! If you make your purchase online through Keplers.com, begin your shopping by clicking the Community Partners button,
then click on Shop For Your Nonprofit, then click on our League and proceed with your purchases.
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 11
President: Ellen Hope, ellenjhope@aol.com
Vice-President Administration: Debby Maio, dmmaio@mac.com
Vice-President Program: Denise Rice, denise08us@yahoo.com
Secretary: Joyce Shefren, jshefren@gmail.com
Treasurer (& Database Mgmt.): Jack Morris, jhmsvcs@sbcglobal.net
Director (Membership): Lisa Conrad, darnoc@earthlink.net
Director (Candidate Forums): Diana Post, dsuepost@comcast.net
Director (Climate Change and Local Issues), Ann Draper, adtp@comcast.net
Director (without portfolio): Patti Fry, pattifry@stanfordalumni.org
Director (Speaker Services): Sue Alvarez, sbrock1944@aol.com
Member Notices: Anne DeCarli, anne.decarli@sbcglobal.net
Voter Registration: Joanne Bruggemann, joanneebrugg@att.net
Transportation: Onnolee Trapp, onnoleet@sbcglobal.net
VOTER Editor: Evan Hughes, evanhughesphd@aol.com
League Office: LWVSSMC, 713 Santa Cruz Ave., #9, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Our League phone and email: (650) 325-5780 and info@LWVSSMC.org
7 Wed
7:00pm; 7:30 WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL on alternative energy sources and technologies with speaker Dr. Dan
to 9:00 pro- Arvizu, Director & CEO of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colo.; at
the Los Altos Youth Center, 1 San Antonio Road, Los Altos 94022. (See Page 7.)
12 Mon
LWVSSMC MONTHLY BOARD MEETING at Shirley DesMarais’s. Contact: Shirley DesMarais at
(650) 322-0778, sdesmarais@pacbell.net
22 Thurs
LWVSSMC BOOK GROUP Book: Worthy Fights by Leon Panetta. Place: Lucile Spurlock’s at
856 Creek Drive, Menlo Park. Contact: Judy Orttung, jorttung@comcast.net (See Page 2.)
28 Wed
Joint Meeting on SAFER Bay with the Palo Alto LWV on SAFER Bay (San Francisquito Creek, sea
7:00-9:00pm level rise, etc.). Speaker: Len Materman, Director of the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority. Oak Room of the Recreation Center, 700 Alma, Menlo Park Civic Center. (See Pp. 3&4.)
BAY AREA LEAGUE DAY: “Addressing Climate Change in the Bay Area” 101 Eighth St., Oakland,
CA 94607. Registration and refreshments: 9:00 – 9:30 AM. (See Page 8.)
9 Mon
LWVSSMC MONTHLY BOARD MEETING at Ellen Hope’s. Contact: Ellen Hope, President, (650)
839-8647, ellenjhope@aol.com.
20 Fri
LUNCHEON HONORING STATE SENATOR JERRY HILL organized as a fundraising event by the
LWV of North-Central San Mateo County. Please reserve by Feb. 9. (See Page 8.)
26 Thur
LWVSSMC BOOK GROUP Book: Inside Syria: The Back Story of their Civil War and What the
World Can Expect by Reese Erlich. Contact: Judy Orttung, jorttung@comcast.net (See Page 2.)
28 Sat
COUNTY LEAGUE DAY for our League and LWV North-Central San Mateo County, organized by
North-Central. “Money in Politics” and more. SAVE THE DATE! DETAILS IN FEB. VOTER.
31 Sat
Have you received a paper VOTER, but would prefer not to? Have you not received a
VOTER but would like one? Please contact Shirley DesMarais, 650-322-0778 or
The South San Mateo County League of Women Voters’ The VOTER
January 2015 - 12