Friday flyer - Skelton Primary School

Friday January 30th 2015
Skelton Primary School
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Char of Governors Mrs L.Halbert
Head teacher Ms S.E.Walker
Dear Parents,
Welcome to this week’s news:
Toy Sale
Our toy sale raised a fabulous £88.10. This will be added
to our Friends fundraising total, which will help support
the development of the FS2 outdoor area. Thank you! :)
FS1 Mrs Bateman
Harry Ditchburn &
Darcy Jones
FS2 Mrs Chapman
Chris Evans' short-story writing competition.
Why not get composing this weekend? BBC Radio 2
have launched their annual competition and this year
the final will be held at ST JAMES'S PALACE, at the invite
of Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cornwall!
There are two age categories – 5-9 and 10 to 13 – and two
big rules – your story must be completely made-up, and it
must be no more than 500 words long.
You can be as imaginative as you like –you can take us
anywhere you choose with your terrific tale! It could be
based in the jungle, set in space, under the sea, or in the
future – wherever you fancy. Because you're in charge!
Entries must be submitted ONLINE – 7pm on Thursday 26th Feb
MENTAL MATHS improvement
Mrs Whitwell
Katie Wright
Mrs Fryett
Mrs Douglas
Alex Johns
Livia Hardy
James Ditchburn
Mrs Sayer
Mrs Bonas
Mrs Duck
Nicole Allen
Diesel Mackenzie
Archie Swinburne
Mr Woolf
Miss Punch
Mrs Cox
Joseph Callaghan
Sam Wealleans
Chloe Kennedy
Mr Hedgley
Miss Evans
Miss Bentley
Bethany Burrows
Emily Outhwaite
Grace Turner
Mrs Rowe
Miss Smith
Mr Campbell
Tyler-Jay Ward-Nicholson
Taylor Thornton
Morgan Rhodes
Miss Wilson
Mrs Pollitt
Miss Shields
Sian Adamson
Will Cowey
Stephen Hawksby
Miss Theakston
Mr Asquith
Mrs Allington
Aaron Oakes
Erin Smith
Eleanor Armstrong
Attendance champs this week are Red 1, Miss Theakston with 97.7%. Well done!
Whole school attendance was 94.7%
School Swimming Festival
A big well done to the year 4, 5 and 6’s who performed amazingly at The Primary Swimming
Festival on Thursday. They
were up against some tough
competition but each and
every one of them, swam to
the best of their ability and
produced some fantastic
results with Skelton winning
many races. Let’s hope we
make it to the next stages!
House cup winners
Plimsoll Plea!
During the autumn term, we ordered a large number of plimsolls
to reduce the amount of brightly coloured shoes and trainers
making an appearance within school. We are thrilled to report
that the number of children arriving at school with such footwear
has reduced. However, so has our box of plimsolls!
We please ask that you check your child’s bag and PE kit just in
case they are residing in there! You can’t miss them as they have
SPS clearly labelled.
Please remind your children of this important message. We received a report of the attempted abduction of an 11 year old girl in Guisborough on
Wednesday after school.
We have a vacancy for relief cleaner. We have a vacancy for
lunchtime supervisor. If you are interested please pop into
the office or give us a call,
Breakfast club 8am £1
SCSS 3-4.15
Breakfast club 8am £1
Y5/6 football 3-4.15
Breakfast club 8am £1
FILM CLUB : Jungle Book 2
finish 4.20pm
442 FS2-Y2 3-415
Breakfast club 8am £1
Y3/4 football 3-4.15
442 Y2-Y6 3-4.15
Y6 Reading Booster 3pm-4pm.
Breakfast club 8am £1
Running club 3-4.10
Findings of Millennium study
The study was begun at the turn of the century and explores many
factors of health and education and the challenges that face the
young people of today across the UK. Here is some information
about today’s 11 year olds according to the findings:
A big thank you to Ros, our school nurse who called in this week to tell us all
about nits. She left some very useful information sheets but I thought I’d
make you all itch and remind you of some key information.
Please check your child’s hair every week as part of the hair care
1. Towel dry shampooed hair.
2. Comb the hair through fully with a normal comb.
What would your children say if asked?
3. Use a detection comb in good light, so that you can detect movement. You will find
live lice on the comb if your child is infected.
If you do find a live louse, your child’s hair will need treating
1. Treatment with insecticide is recommended for the infected person only NOT the
80% of 11 year olds are happy with life and school
95% of 11 year olds have internet access (81% age 7)
72% own their own phone
Poverty affects more than half of today's 11 year olds.
1 in 6 of these children have been brought up in persistently
poor families.
Fifth of children are obese at 11 (the news today reports that
up to 1 in 3 11-15 year olds are obese!)
Family breakdown affects one third of 11 year olds and a
further 12% blended families. Of these more than quarter
have behavioural problems.
50% 11yr olds live with both natural parents who are married
whole family.
2. Lotion is available from the chemist and on prescription.
3. Use the lotion in a well ventilated room, let it dry.
4. Comb out the lotion and re-shampoo the hair.
5. There is no need to keep your child away from school after treatment.
6. Repeat the treatment 7 DAYS LATER.
Find out more info about the Millennium cohort study age 11