February 2015 Newsletter.pub

Volume 15, Issue 8
Classroom News
February 2015
Superintendent’s News
Mrs. Cammy Morrison
Dear LCS Stakeholders,
With Groundhog Day, February 2, fast approaching, my fingers are crossed that our
furry friend Punxsutawney Phil will come out of his hole to find he is unable to see his shadow. I
suspect we are all ready for any and all signs of spring!
The beginning of 2015 has been rather difficult, due to the misfortune we faced at LCS
Elementary Awards
the end of December. I’m sure by now many or perhaps most of you have heard bits and
PreK & Kindergarten
pieces of information regarding the flooding that took place in our building in December.
Therefore, I thought I would take this opportunity to try and fill in any informational gaps
Home & School
regarding the emergency we experienced, the clean-up process and where we currently are
with making repairs to the damaged areas within our building.
On December 26, 2014, I received an early morning call informing me that we had
Counselor News
flooding damage in the main office as well as in a few other areas of our building. Upon their
Extended Day
arrival just moments before they called me, our custodial staff had been able to shut off the
valves to the HVAC unit. Water had been pouring out of split coils from the ceiling mounted
HVAC unit for an indeterminate amount of time. The damaged coils sent very hot steam and
water (several inches) into the main office area, turning ceiling tiles into mush on the floors,
soaking sheetrock, causing solid wood doors to heave, and ruining several pieces of furniture
Lunch Menu
located in those office areas.
In addition, the water traveled down walls and ceilings causing damage to walls,
ceilings, furniture, some tiled floors, equipment, classroom and office materials. The damage
was quite extensive and the cleanup was both complicated and comprehensive. A month later,
we continue working with the district’s insurance carrier to ensure that we cover the expenses
associated with getting our building back to its original splendor! Today, the sheetrock in the
Board of Education
office areas, hallways and classrooms has been replaced and painted. Ceiling tiles have been
Gary P. Nicholson, President
Deanna Lothrop, Vice-President replaced and a new HVAC unit has been installed. The main office staff has been utilizing
space in the main lobby and in the Reading room until such time that the work in the main office
Terry Countryman
is completed.
Kathy Dyer
As you can imagine, everyone is very anxious to get back to normal. Allow me to
Brian Peters
publicly thank the entire staff at LCS for their teamwork. Many thanks to our custodial staff,
Lynn Reichert
Bob, Lynn, Jo, Justin and Harold who worked throughout the entire holiday break, even
Scott Rickett
in order to ensure we could open school with little to no disruption to our day to day
Missy Holmes, Clerk
operations on January 5! Many thanks to Chris Rickett, Tammy McIntosh and the technology
support staff, Mike, Robin and Ryan for working to ensure that office spaces were moved so
that security systems, computers and phones could be utilized in the temporary work areas. In
Cammy Morrison, Interim
addition, many thanks to Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Caramanna and Mrs. Lepper for also coming in
several days during the holiday break in order to help organize damaged classroom areas, and
Barry Davis,
inventory damaged books and materials. Our business office staff, Sandy Rooney and Vicky
Principal / Athletic Director
Barbour began working immediately with our insurance adjusters creating inventory lists, and
Patricia Gibbons,
replacement costs for damaged materials and equipment so that repairs could be
Pupil Services Dir/CSE Chair
manner. Their efforts, too, are very much appreciated. Working through this
School Counselor
was truly a team effort involving equal amounts of patience and
Alanna Piroli
School Nurse
is almost completely behind us, it is my hope that the stakeholders
Christine Lachenauer
and productive February! It remains my pleasure serving as
Tax Collector
your Interim Superintendent. Warmest Regards ~ Cammy
Vicky Barbour
Notes from the Nurse
National Honor
The PTSO donated money to help the K-5 Polar Express PJ party that
was held in December. The PTSO meets every month on the first Monday of
the month at 6:30pm in the school lobby. New members are always
Special Event!!!
Mother and Daughter
Self Defense Seminar
February 25th and 26th
with Aikido Sensei James Williams
Sponsored by
Lyme Central School PTSO
Mothers and daughters (3rd grade and up) come
join us for this Special Event at 520 Meade Street in
Watertown, NY
~Participants will learn~
What to do in an attack!!
The best way to evade and escape an attack!!
Learn how to S.I.N.G!!
The Seminar will be held at 6:30 pm sharp in the newly renovated Meade Street
Fitness Studio, 520 Meade St. in Watertown, NY located across from
Jefferson County Public Health.
Call 315-408-8623 or Email: jnwilli@yahoo.com
Sign Up Today!!
Student Council
Thank you everyone who donated to the food pantry! We were able to
raise over 100 food items and over $200! We really appreciate your contribution
to making our community a better place, a little goes a long way!
The Red Cross Association had been collecting Christmas cards for on
duty and retired men and women of the military. We are happy to say that
almost everyone in Lyme Central School was able to successfully make, sign,
and send Christmas cards to this cause. We felt good saying thank you to all
our service members and veterans!
The Student Council is pictured with the Holiday mail for Heroes:
Kim Da Silva, Vita Liakhovitch, Riley Aubertine, Brightlynn Sharlow, Rachel
Mac, Alyssa O'Donnell, Lauren Barry, Adaline Illingworth, Celeste Gessner,
Brandon Sprague and Rikki Wallace
Goodbyes and Hellos
Congratulations are in order for Meghan Davison, Lyme’s Library Media
Specialist for the past several years. In September of the 2014 school year she
accepted a position as the School Library System Coordinator for BOCES. We
want to thank Meghan for her years of service to the students at Lyme. Meghan
can still be seen here at Lyme on a regular basis each week as she will
continue teaching Irish Step Dancing to participating students.
When Miss Davison left her position, Mrs. Wearne-Navarra filled the
position of librarian, sharing her love of reading with children until she retired.
She is very thankful to have her last assignment at Lyme be as the librarian. It
was a wonderful and different experience working with Pre-K to 6th graders as
she had worked with 7-12 graders for most of her career at Lyme.
And now we offer a warm Lyme hello to Beverly Perry, who will be the
Library Media Specialist. Beverly hails from southern New York State. She grew
up in the town of Spencer and attended Mansfield University in Pennsylvania
where she earned her undergraduate degree in Elementary School and her
Masters degree in School Library. Beverly worked in the Spencer-Van Eten
school district as a teaching assistant/elementary library supervisor. It has
been a whirlwind of activity moving to our region and starting in the middle of a
school year. Beverly is very excited to join our staff and begin her career at
Lyme Central.
Notes from the Nurse
Chris Lachenauer, RN
This month is just a reminder for all about what your child will need for next school year.
If your child is entering PreK or Kindergarten they will need a physical done by your doctor
and a current immunization record. For children in PreK or new to our Kindergarten I need
to have a copy of their lead screening results on file.
If your child is entering 2nd, 4th, 7th or 10th grade they will need to have a physical done. Dr.
Gianfagna will be in throughout the year and will be happy to provide this at no cost or you
can take your child to your own physician.
If your child is entering 6th grade they need a TDaP immunization (tetanus, diphtheria and
whooping cough) and proof of either a varicella (chickenpox) vaccination or a doctor’s
record of having the disease.
If you are going to have your own doctor do your child’s physical or if they are in PreK or
Kindergarten it would be a good idea to schedule your appointment. Pediatrician’s office
appointments fill quickly for preschool physicals.
As always, please call me at 649-2417 if you have any questions.
Honor Society Dates to Remember
The Honor Society students will sponsor three activities in the next three months.
Grades 6-9
Valentine’s Dance
School cafeteria
Friday, February 13, 6-8 pm
Valentine’s Day!
Cost: $5.00/student; $4.00 if the student brings a food item for the Food Pantry
This is not a formal dance. Students may dress up if they wish.
Food Drive
Food Drive (canned and boxed foods, toiletries)
Food will be picked up in classrooms and homerooms
March 9 – 13
Someone will need it..
If we all pitch in and take advantage of sales and coupons – very little!
NHS will provide a cookie and ice cream party to both the secondary homeroom and the
elementary class which brings in the highest number of food items.
Penny Drive:
This traditional event will take place April 20-24 and April 27 – May 1. More details
later. Shake out the pockets of your winter coats, and give the sofa and chair cushions a
complete look-see!
Alumni Dinner
Mark the date!
Saturday, June 13, Chaumont Fire Hall.
4:30 – 6:00 Social Hour
6:00 – 8:00 Dinner and Annual Meeting
Dinner items to be decided
If you haven’t received a card, call us:
Ann West – (315-649-3935) Marilyn Peters- (315-649-4341)
Lyme Central School
Elementary Awards
Kindergarten - Mrs. Brennen & Ms.
Academic – Alana Cordova
Citizen – Harrison McDonald
Most Motivated – Emily Vance
Academic – Lennon Porter
Citizen – Ryan Bancroft
Most Motivated – Abbigail Border
Citizen – Jessica Middlestate
Most Motivated – Zarabeth
Academic – Deliah Collins
Citizen – Corey Smith
Most Motivated – Denilson DaSilva
5th Grade - Mrs. Ditch & Mr. Heath
Academic – Vivian Williams
Citizen – Marissa Mount-Ramirez
Academic – Kaitlin DaSilva
Citizen – Molly Farrell
Most Motivated – Jordan
Cheeseman & Isabell VanDewalker
1st Grade–Mrs. Malone
Academic – Cooper Kaplan
Citizen – Sierra Bourquin
Most Motivated – Sam Timmerman
1st Grade – Mrs. Trottier
Academic – Eli Revelle
Citizen – Jacob Lawlee
Most Motivated – Jesse Duprey
2nd Grade – Mrs. McClusky & Mrs.
Academic – Adrianna Green
Citizen – Samara Dowe
Most Motivated – Dakota Brown
Academic – Kaiden Bochenek
Citizen – Jayde Thruston
Most Motivated – Parker Lachenauer
3rd Grade - Mrs. Perry
Academic – Billy Brennen
Citizen – Johanna Sherman
Most Motivated – Kirsten Widrick
4th Grade - Mrs. Perkins & Mrs. Wagenaar
Academic – Mia Hoover
Pre K Program Sign Up
For September 2015
Deadline: March 1, 2015
Eligible if your child turns 4 years of age by
December 1, 2015
Parent/Guardian is a LCS District Resident
Sign Up your child by calling
Lyme Central School / Mrs. Stevens
649-2417 ext. 2
Kindergarten Registration
For September 2015
Please register your child by April 1,
2015 Eligible if your child turns 5 years of
age by December 1, 2015
Parent/Guardian is a District Resident
Sign Up your child by calling
Lyme Central School / Mrs. Stevens
649-2417 ext. 2
Submitted by Alanna Piroli
Hello and Happy February!
We’re on Facebook! Important announcements are posted on the Lyme Central School Counseling
Department Facebook page regularly. Please “ LIKE” the page!
SUNY Financial Aid Day
All seniors and their parents are encouraged to attend the SUNY Statewide Student
Financial Aid Day! This is a service available to ALL seniors, regardless of where they will be
attending college next year. This is a wonderful opportunity where students and parents can receive
personalized and direct assistance from a financial aid professional. FAFSA completion and getting
answers to all of your financial aid-related questions will be focused upon.
This event will be held on Saturday, February 28th from 9:00am-12:00pm at Jefferson
Community College. Interested parents must register for the event by calling: (315) 786-2355.
Prior to this program, parents should bring the following documents and information:
 FAFSA PIN number (request a pin number at www.pin.ed.gov)
 Driver’s license and Social Security numbers
 Estimated Federal income tax returns
 W-2 forms and other records earned for 2014
 Bank statements/investment information
 2014 untaxed income information
This program is extremely beneficial and has assisted numerous families in completing the
FAFSA form. Many parents have commented that this has been a very worthwhile experience,
because they were able to have their questions answered, and have the peace of mind knowing that
their financial aid application was completed accurately. Please take advantage of this opportunity!!!
RISE to the Challenge - The Great FAFSA Challenge!:
Complete the FAFSA and you could win! Starting January 1, 2015, all Lyme Seniors will be
competing in the FAFSA completion challenge sponsored by the Ft. Drum RISE Grant. Seniors
from Lyme, Alexandria Bay, Belleville Henderson, Copenhagen, LaFargeville, and Sackets Harbor
Central School Districts are eligible to participate.
1. Complete the FAFSA online at: www.fafsa.ed.gov
2. Provide Miss Piroli with proof of the confirmation page (print it out or take a picture of it)
3. Proof must be submitted to Miss Piroli by March 1, 2015!
4. The senior class with the highest percentage of FAFSA completions wins! Each senior will have
the choice of either a $10 iTunes or Google Play gift card!
**The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed for students to
qualify for any kind of federal aid. Students and parents should complete this form together. Need
Help? Check out www.studentaid.ed.gov and www.hesc.com or call toll free at 1-800-4-FED-AID.
Tons of scholarship opportunities are available, both in the Counseling Office and online, with
rapidly approaching deadlines! Parents and Seniors: Please check out my “ Scholarships
Bulletin Board” or visit my online Scholarship Listing located on the Lyme CSD webpage. Go to the
“Guidance” page, and click on the Scholarships! tab.
Academic Advising and Course Selection
In upcoming weeks, Miss Piroli will be meeting individually with all juniors to discuss course
selection and scheduling for next school year. This meeting will focus upon personalized course
selection -- fulfilling each student’s graduation requirements and choosing courses appropriate for
each student’s unique post-graduation plans and career endeavors.
BOCES and Jefferson Community College Visitation Day
On Wednesday, February 4th, the entire 10th grade class will be visiting Jefferson-Lewis BOCES and
Jefferson Community College. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about two BOCES
programs of interest, as well as spend the afternoon touring Jefferson Community College’s campus
and attending presentations focused upon Career Exploration and the College Admissions Process.
Wishing you all a wonderful month!
Lyme Extended School Day Program
Written by: Benjamin Plante
The Kindergarten group are spending this month learning how to cook. They are
making recipes that require cooking and non-cooking. They have made homemade applesauce
with cinnamon, fire ants on a log, homemade strawberry jam and zippy vegetable dip. They
plan to cook all the rest of this month. The students are also making sun catchers and Papier
Mache hearts for their parents for Valentine’s Day. Patti Mothersell is teaching her student’s
kitchen safety, measurements, using kitchen utensils properly, sanitation and team work.
This month the 1st grade group are learning about holidays Americans celebrate in
December and January. She has been teaching several holidays to include Hanukkah and
Kwanzaa. They learned and are learning the history, meaning and traditions of each holiday.
They have sung holiday songs of their choosing up and down the school and to school staff and
the staff really enjoyed the youth singing to them. They learned the dreidel game and this
month the students are making Kwanzaa mats and all of the symbols of that communityfocused holiday. The youth are having a great time learning the different cultures and the
holidays they celebrate with their Educator, Mary Ellen Rosenfeld.
Jill Smith’s 2nd & 3rd grade group are learning about animals and their habitats. The
students are currently working on an animal research project. Each students gets to select an
animal of their choice and needs to answer 7 questions about the animal. After each student
completes the questions, it’s time to begin writing their first draft of their research paper. The
students will also be implementing a picture of their animal for the paper. In addition to their
research paper the group will include hands-on activities and reading activities to go along with
our animal theme. The students are learning how to find information from books and online
resources to create an informative research paper. With guidance and support from the
Educator, the students will focus on a topic and strengthen their writing skills to include revising
and editing their papers. They will utilize a variety of tools to produce and publish the writing of
their papers.
This month the 3rd & 4th grade group has been experimenting with science. Angela
Davis’ class have been learning about the scientific method and using it to solve various
problems. The students will be learning to form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, analyze
the results and draw a conclusion. In “Odor Detectives” and “Seeing with Sound”, students will
be using their senses to make observations. Finally, we will talk about earth science and learn
about volcanoes and natural vs. artificial heat sources. The students are really enjoying the
themed lessons for this month.
Kathrine Fahey’s 5th grade group for the month of January are learning how storytelling
and technology can be combined in the art of Claymation. The groups are writing a story,
designing backdrops and props, and are learning how to use a digital camera. They also are
learning about the economy and how money works. Kathrine has also developed a reward
system with her students as an incentive for participation and good behavior during the
program. She has also created a store and fake money system as another incentive for
students where they can earn cash to purchase items from the group’s store.
This month the 6th through 8th graders will be exploring team work and problem solving
within the field of Science and Space. This is achieved in the classroom with scenarios similar
to that of our modern scientist. One activity is designing a model rocket similar to that used by
NASA. By trial and error, the students learn the process in which it takes to devise, execute
and achieve a goal as a team. This is also explored through an activity of building a robot
hand, used to execute assigned goals to each group. This includes moving objects with each
team’s robot hand. These are built using cardboard, string, tape and other everyday materials.
On February 19, Lyme’s after school program will be heading to Maple Ridge for a fun
day of winter tubing! This is always a great time and gives us at program a chance to travel
with our students and experience winter in the North Country. Field trips of this sort help our
older children pair up, and help with the younger children in our program.
We are also in the works of planning our next STEM night. This has proven to be an
effective and fun way for our program to help students explore, discover and enjoy the
particular chosen theme of each individual STEM event. We will be also starting up a new
round of 4-H clubs in March for all program youth and it’s a great time for learning new things,
working with multi-age groups, and working with other Educators and most importantly the
Educators and students having fun.
February 2015
10:00 AM Youth
Select Chorus Carnation Sale
3:00 PM Good News Club
3:15 PM Hip Hop Dance Club
4:30 PM Girls’ Mod Basketball vs. Thousand Islands (H)
4:30 PM Boys’ Mod Basketball vs. Thousand Islands (A)
4:30 PM Irish Dance (S)
6:00 PM Zumba
6:00 PM Boys’ JV Basketball vs. South Lewis
6:00 PM Girls’ JV Basketball vs. South Lewis
7:30 PM Boys’ V Basketball vs. South Lewis (A)
7:30 PM Girls’ V Basketball vs. South Lewis (H)
9:30 AM Sophomore
Class to BOCES & JCC
3:00 PM Cooperative
Energy Education Program
3:15 PM Hip Hop Dance
5:15 PM Girls’ Mod
Basketball vs. Beaver
River (H)
5:15 PM Boys’ Mod
Basketball vs. Beaver
River (A)
Boys’ V Basketball
Semi-Finals 2 vs 3/1
vs 4
6:00 PM Zumba
5:00 PM Boys’
Mod Basketball
vs. Sackets Harbor (H)
5:00 PM Girls’
Mod Basketball
vs. Sackets Harbor (A)
10:00 AM Youth
Select Chorus Carnation Sale (2/9-2/13)
3:00 PM Good News
3:15 PM Hip Hop
Dance Club
5:00 PM Boys’ Mod
Basketball vs. Sandy
Creek (A)
4:30 PM Girls’ Mod
Basketball vs. Sandy
Creek (H)
4:30 PM Irish Dance
6:00 PM Zumba
3:00 PM Cooperative
Energy Education
3:15 PM Hip Hop
Dance Club
4:30 PM Boys’ Mod
Basketball vs. Belleville-Henderson (A)
4:30 PM Girls’ Mod
Basketball vs. Belleville-Henderson (H)
6:00 PM BOE Meeting
6:00 PM Zumba
8:00 AM Zumba
6:00 PM NHS
Grades 6-8 Dance
10:00 AM Youth
9:45 AM After School
Program to Maple
Ridge, Lowville
6:00 PM Zumba
3:00 PM Good News
3:15 PM Hip Hop
Dance Club
4:30 PM Boys’ Mod
Basketball vs. ABay
4:30 PM Girls’ Mod
Basketball vs. ABay
4:30 PM Irish Dance
4:30 PM Boys’ Mod
Basketball vs.
LaFargeville (A)
4:30 PM Girls’ Mod
Basketball vs.
LaFargeville (H)
6:00 PM Zumba
5:00 PM Boys’ Mod
Basketball vs. South
Lewis (H)
6:00 PM Zumba
6:15 PM Girls’ Mod
Basketball vs. South
Lewis (A)
9:00 AM BiCounty Festival
@ South Jefferson
8:00 AM Zumba
10:00 AM Boys’ Mod
Basketball vs. Sackets
Harbor (A)
10:00 AM Girls’ Mod
Basketball vs. Sackets
Harbor (H)
10:00 AM Youth
6:00 PM Zumba
3:00 PM Cooperative
Energy Education
3:15 PM Hip Hop
Dance Club
Cheerleading Competition @ Chittenango
8:00 AM Zumba
8:00 AM Zumba
HS = High School grades 9-12
MS= Middle School grades 6-8
EL= Elementary grades PreK-5
Lyme Café February 2015
Nutrigrain bars
Toast with jelly
French toast
Toast/peanut butter
Grilled chicken
salad with mixed
Green beans
Fruit mix
Turkey wraps: turkey,
cheese, lettuce
Deli works (seniors)
Bean salad
Animal crackers
Fruit variety
Hot dogs
Baked vegetables
Vanilla pudding
Graham crackers
Chicken melt: chicken
patty, cheese on roll
Buffalo chicken
Fruit mix
Fish shapes
Cole slaw
Fresh fruit
Breakfast bars
Toast/peanut butter
Tacos on whole wheat
Kidney beans
Graham crackers (HS)
Jello cup
Fruit mix
Chicken tenders
Turkey club (seniors)
Mashed potatoes
Chocolate pudding
Fruit mix
French toast sticks
Hash browns
Graham crackers (HS)
Fruit juice
French fries
1 bread (HS)
Animal crackers
Fruit choice
“Honey” buns
“Cupid’s” pizza
“Heart” healthy
“Sweetheart” fruit
“Full of Love” ice
Breakfast bars
Mini pancakes
Toast/peanut butter
Egg, sausage, toast
Dogs in a blanket
Vegetarian beans
Fruit choice
Subs: turkey, ham,
tuna, cheese, lettuce
Buffalo chicken patty
Animal crackers
Fruit mix
Chicken nuggets
Fruit variety
Beef barbecue on roll
BLT’s (seniors)
Fruit mix
Shrimp poppers
Sweet potato nuggets
Breadstick (EL/MS)
Rolls (HS)
Rice Krispies treat
Fresh fruit
Daily Breakfast:
Juice, Milk, Cereal, Fresh
Fruit & Different Entrees
Grade 6-12 Grab-n-go
Breakfast: Juice, Milk, Cereal,
Entrée or Bagel & Cream
Cheese or Breakfast Bars
Fruit Variety:
Applesauce, Peaches,
Pineapple, Mixed Fruit, &
Mandarin Oranges
Daily Sandwich Choices
(on whole wheat bread)
Pre-packaged deli salad
8 oz Yogurt with bread
Lunch PreK-5
Lunch 6-12
Fresh Fruit Daily:
Apples, Oranges, Bananas
Lyme Central School District
11868 Academy Street
PO Box 219
Chaumont, NY 13622
School Phone
School Fax
Bus Garage
(315) 649-2417
(315) 649-2663
(315) 649-2723
February 16-20—Winter Break