Details - St. Jerome

March 26, 6:30 p.m. @ St. James
Panel Discussion on:
“Catholicism: Views from Around the World”
Speaker Series Info:
Presentation will be a brief overview of
church history in the context of secular
historical events with emphasis on the
history of the Church in the United States.
Dimensions of the presentation will include social philosophies and technologies
and their influence/impact on Church and
expressions of faith.
This evening’s event will include a panel discussion of many people from our parishes and surrounding area who have been involved in traveling
abroad on pilgrimages, missions, etc.
Each will present on their experiences, and time
will allow for questions from the audience.
Panelists are:
Pete Pipes travels internationally for his job,
and has had to find underground churches in
China. Pete will explore those occasions,
when we are in different places outside our
home turf, finding a Mass to attend, and visiting Catholic places of worship.
Fr. Jerry Wickenhauser, M.M., a retired priest
and Maryknoll Missionary from Godfrey, Illinois,
has worked in the Philippines, Indonesia, and
Iris Daiber, a student at the University
of Illinois, had the privilege of going on a pilgrimage to Italy last summer. Iris toured many different cities and villages, from Rome to Assisi to
San Giovanni. She was able to see Pope Francis, sites of St. Padre Pio and many other saints and apostles.
Dusty Barr, a teacher and Varsity Baseball
Coach at Carlyle High School, joined a Christian missionary group last summer on a trip to
Cercadillo, Dominican Republic, where the
group put on a four-day baseball camp for over
100 Dominican children.
Valerie and Austin Garber recently visited the Vatican and several
cathedrals in Italy. Austin joined the
Catholic Church at the age of 10
and Valerie was baptized at the
Easter Vigil at St. Jerome in 2014.
Austin and Valerie are expecting their first child in early
Shelly Sands coordinates the Parish Twinning Project,
connecting St. Elizabeth and St. James with a
parish in Guatemala. Shelly will share the highlights of this fruitful relationship in terms of our
catholic (global, worldwide) Church.
 Funding for the speakers is being provided
Deacon Bob Crosby,
OFS, has a varied background including
careers in both the Air
Force and corporate
world. He is a professed
Franciscan, was
ordained to the diaconate in 2012, and is
currently assigned to St. Jerome Parish
in Troy, IL, with ministry support extending to St. James, St. Elizabeth, and St.
Gertrude parishes. Dcn Bob has an A.S.
in Mathematics and Science, a B.S. in
Industrial Technology, an MS in
Meteorology, and a certificate of studies
in scripture and theology from
St. Meinrad University. Dcn Bob’s favorite areas of study are an eclectic mix of
science, history, scripture, technology,
liturgy, and theology. He and his wife
Marian recently celebrated 40 years of
marriage and are the parents of three and
grandparents of one.
 The speaker series is *FREE* of charge
to any adult (recommended 18 and older).
through our diocese’s Harvest of Thanks,
Springtime of Hope campaign for adult
faith formation.
 Childcare for ages 2 and up is available
each night. This will include the dinner
provided, games, snacks, & movies.
 Six Thursdays of Lent: Feb. 19, Feb. 26,
March 5, March 12, March 19 & March 26
 Two held at each Tri-Parish
 Topics were top-voted among all four
parishes in survey
Parish Contacts:
Ron Knapp – St. Jerome’s
Pastoral Associate, Faith Formation
511 South Main St
Troy, IL 62294
St. James’s Speakers March 19 & March 26
March 19, 6:30 p.m. @ St. James
Deacon Bob Crosby, OFS, presents:
“The History of the Catholic Church”
This year instead of giving
something up…..
Rene Barr – St. Gertrude’s
202 N. Locust
Highland (Grantfork), IL 62249
Sheryl Hess – St. Elizabeth’s
120 N. Windmill
Marine, IL 62061
Janet Highlander – St. James’s
305 Washington
St. Jacob, IL 62281
… about you
add something?
The 6 Thursdays of Lent
Supper: 6:00-6:30p
Speaker: 6:30-8:00p
Social: 8:00-8:30p
Feb. 26, 6:30 p.m. @ St. Gertrude
T.J. & Nanette Norrenberns present:
“Putting God in Your Life and Work”
Popular media often visualizes Catholicism
as out of touch with the modern world. But
in fact Catholicism’s enduring appeal has to
do with what is essential: our church’s
vision of what God is doing in the world
and how we fit into that plan.
Come and talk of life’s biggest questions
and what wisdom Catholicism may have in
wrestling with them.
T.J. and Nanette will share their life story of
conversion, and how the Lordship of Jesus
Christ has become real, relevant and
practical – at home and at work.
Their prayer for the evening is to be
instruments to open our hearts to receive
God’s word, grace, and love.
Ann Garrido, D.Min., is
a longtime lay minister
in the St. Louis region,
having served on the
faculty at Aquinas Institute of Theology and as
a catechist at College
Church (SLU) for many
years. Ann is the author of four books,
including two this past year - Redeeming
Administration (on administration as a
spiritual journey) and Preaching to the
Choir (a series of reflections originally
written for the Aquinas community). Ann
is married and has one college-aged son.
Silver Creek Pastoral Council thanks:
St. Gertrude’s Altar Sodality
St. Elizabeth’s Altar Sodality
Ladies of St. James
Springfield Diocese ● Ron Wildhaber
T.J. and Nanette
Norrenberns have
been married for ten
years and have three
children. In 1995, T.J.
founded TJC
Markets, Inc., which
includes Red Bud and Millstadt IGA
supermarkets. Nanette has degrees in
Vocal Performance & Music Education,
with an Elementary Education certificate
& Catholic Theology minor. Along with
having been a first grade teacher,
classroom music teacher, and voice &
piano instructor, she has sung
professionally for 30 years in many
venues, including The Muny and as a
soloist at World Youth Day in Colorado
for Pope John Paul II’s visit. Both T.J.
and Nanette see their professions as a
means to minister to others.
In order for each parish to prepare,
please R.S.V.P. via the website:
OR turn in the R.S.V.P. form to
the offertory basket.
St. Elizabeth’s Speakers March 5 & March 12
St. Gertrude’s Speakers Feb. 19 & Feb. 26
Feb. 19, 6:30 p.m. @ St. Gertrude
Ann Garrido presents:
“Rediscovering Your Catholic Faith”
March 5, 6:30 p.m. @ St. Elizabeth
Maribeth Clancy presents:
“Growing Old Well”
March 12, 6:30 p.m. @ St. Elizabeth
Fr. Barry Harmon presents:
“Jesus’ Story”
During this event, Maribeth will share her
insights on this topic that touches each of us
in a profoundly personal, unique way.
She will include ways to develop our spiritual and inner life to prepare for the many
changes we face as we grow old.
The story of Jesus as our savior, as we know
from Sacred Scripture and Tradition,
includes his teaching/preaching, ministry,
death, Resurrection, Ascension, and sending
of the Holy Spirit.
Fr. Harmon will approach this evening
through key questions: How do we connect
Jesus’ story with our stories? How is our
journey of faith shaped by Jesus’ parables?
How can the Gospels, proclaimed at Mass
and read devotionally, draw us into a deeper
lived relationship with God?
Maribeth Clancy, M.A.,
studied Gerontology and
Communication at SIUE.
She worked in nursing
home and hospital settings with programs for
older adults. She also facilitated an
Alzheimer’s Support Group for
Caregivers for many years. She stayed
home raising and homeschooling her
three daughters, during which time she
developed her interest in art & creativity.
She now teaches classes to children and
adults, encouraging others to explore
and develop their creative side through
art and writing.
Silver Creek Pastoral Council thanks:
St. Gertrude’s Altar Sodality
St. Elizabeth’s Altar Sodality
Ladies of St. James
Springfield Diocese ● Ron Wildhaber
Fr. Barry Harmon was
ordained a priest of our
diocese in 1990. He serves
as parochial administrator
of two parishes: Mother of
Dolors Parish in Vandalia,
and St. Joseph Parish in
Ramsey. In addition, he
serves as a prison chaplain and assists
in the formation of permanent deacons.
He completed a doctoral degree in
preaching, which has enhanced his
natural gift for giving homilies that are
engaging, fresh, and relatable.
In order for each parish to prepare,
please R.S.V.P. via the website:
OR turn in the R.S.V.P. form to
the offertory basket.