Company Profile

Company Profile
Fourth quarter 2014
CartaSi SpA
Azienda del Gruppo ICBPI • Corso Sempione 55 • 20145 Milano
T. +39 02 3488.1 • F. +39 02 3488.4180
CartaSi S.p.A. is the leading company in Italy for electronic payments.
It offers its products and services to Banks and Companies on behalf of
which it can guarantee the issuing of payment cards, as well as payment
acquiring and the management of POS terminals and ATMs.
CartaSi completes its offer with leading-edge solutions such as mobile
wallets, payments via smartphone using NFC technology, virtual and Mobile
POS terminals and contactless technology for cards and POS terminals.
The company handles 24 million credit, prepaid and debit cards overall and
ensures the acquiring service to around 600 thousand merchants.
CartaSi uses a flexible business model based on its customers’ needs,
offering both turnkey and service provider solutions for specific business
It also provides POS and ATM management services as well as customer
care, prevention and fraud management services.
Key figures
The cards
CartaSi manages over 13 million credit and prepaid cards, with payment
transactions accounting for around 50% of the Italian market.
The company also manages 11 million debit cards, accounting for a quarter
of the market.
The CartaSi acquiring service reaches around 600,000 merchants: in Italy,
both in traditional and online shops, over 60% of amounts paid by credit and
prepaid cards is handled by CartaSi.
Around 10,000 ATMs are monitored and managed on a daily basis
by CartaSi.
To implement a modern payments system which generates value for
the country’s economy and which represents a key infrastructure for Italy,
thus contributing to its efficiency.
To contribute to the success of its customers, namely Banks and Companies.
To be the driver for the development of payment products and services as
an alternative to cash.
To maintain and consolidate its leadership in the payments sector in terms
of volumes, innovation, quality and efficiency.
The CartaSi business
CartaSi is active in the issuing and acquiring businesses for payment cards.
The issuing business consists in the issue and management of payment
cards (credit cards, prepaid cards, debit cards) on behalf of Banks
and Companies which, in their turn, offer these products to private individuals
or companies.
The acquiring business enables merchants to accept payment cards.
Acquiring takes place using traditional POS terminals in the physical channel,
Mobile POS terminals for purchases on mobile devices and virtual POS
terminals for the online channel.
CartaSi acquiring offer includes specific services for different sectors which
are designed to meet the wide range of customers’ needs.
CartaSi also operates as an application centre for the management
of the processing of national debit systems (Bancomat and PagoBancomat),
managing the accounting settlement and the information flows needed
for accounting purposes.
Thanks to CartaSi, Banks can rely on a single supplier for the whole
management of payment products and services.
CartaSi innovation
CartaSi has always been at the forefront of the payments market: from
the installation of the first physical POS terminals to payment solutions for
e-commerce, from the adoption of the microchip to the latest solutions which
exploit the “card-smartphone” combination.
Today CartaSi continues to stand out thanks to its constant investment
in innovation which enables it to offer the market technologically advanced
products and services:
MySi – a single App which includes all CartaSi digital services
(balances, transactions, statements, text messages) with a mobile wallet
which enables the payment for online purchases through access credentials
or a QR code, without entering the credit card number which is safely stored
in the application.
HCE – thanks to this innovative technology, which CartaSi is the first to
offer on the Italian market, purchases in physical shops can be made simply
by using an enabled smartphone, even without a data connection.
Application notices – the MySi App generates a message on the
customer’s smartphone whenever the card is used: a modern, convenient
and effective way to keep a check on cards and spending and to prevent
illegal use of the card in the case of theft or loss.
Mobile POS – the first certified contactless solution in Italy (the second
in Europe) which enables merchants to accept payments from smartphones
and tablets.
Contactless payments – all CartaSi cards are now equipped with
contactless technology: a function which enables very fast and safe
payments of up to 25 euro, by simply passing the card close to the enabled
POS reader.
Web services – The website, through the portals for Private
Individuals, Companies and Merchants, offers its Customers advanced
information, payment and assistance functions and a wide range of services.
Osservatorio Acquisti
(CartaSi Purchasing Behaviour Monitoring System)
Osservatorio Acquisti CartaSi (
is the most complete tool to monitor spending by Italians, thus becoming
an essential reference point for economic, sector and consumer-based
CartaSi makes Osservatorio Acquisti available to the business community,
banks, public administrations, press and consumers.
It monitors purchasing trends and records consumers’ characteristics,
preferences and behaviour through credit card spending: it therefore takes
into account the most responsive and important population group for the
country’s consumption trend.
In addition, since 2013 Osservatorio Acquisti CartaSi has offered
a service to forecast credit card spending trends based on the processing
of a database covering 4 years and with over 60,000 proprietary series.
The data is collected annually in a volume which sets out the main trends
observed, while, each month, specific analyses and studies are undertaken
and published on the website.