Virtual 1:87 scale thief hunt

New from Next Generation: Detective Tom
Making model railways fun again!
Virtual 1:87 scale thief hunt
Interactive gaming fun with 'Detective Tom' and smart model
railway locomotives
Gone are the days when model railways were only for well-off collectors
or detail-obsessed senior citizens. A new generation of extremely
intelligent H0 locomotives is well and truly gathering speed and is
putting children back 'on the right track' with huge amounts of interactive
gaming fun: under the name 'Next Generation', model railway manufacPhoto:
turer Roco has developed the first railway game to combine virtual and
real game worlds and, as such, is breathing new life into a traditional
toy. Smart locomotive drivers from the age of 6 can now use their tablet
or smartphone to control an interactive train through exciting stories and
fantastic adventures which can be downloaded as an app (available for
Apple iOS and Android). 'Action Points' integrated into the tracks, which
are wirelessly accessed and which influence the course of the game,
provide lots of activities and variety. Tasks assigned in the virtual world
have to be solved in the real world, and so the train plays along too. If
the task is successfully completed, i.e. if the real train stops with
pinpoint accuracy, if it was fast enough and was driven precisely, the
virtual story will continue. The occasional monotony of watching a train
just travel round and round in a circle on traditional model railways is
finally a thing of the past ...
In the basic set of the same name from Roco's 'Next Generation', the
virtual hunt for an antiques thief takes 'Detective Tom' and his sister
Anna all around Germany for example, and presents young locomotive
drivers (from the age of 8) with new surprises and tasks on their digital
The basic set contains an interactive and robust classic H0-scale
locomotive, an open goods wagon and an open stake car, an oval track
with three 'Action Point' tracks and a mains adapter. It costs EUR 149.
Virtual railway detectives can download and activate the 'Action App' on
their wireless device.
Anyone wishing to extend the thief hunt can do so with the extension
set (priced at approx. EUR 30) which offers more stories, games and
tracks. So the journey through Europe can continue! For more information, visit and YouTube.
Detective Tom | Fun Park – virtual/real model railway gaming
Ulrich Blum/Daniel Danzer
from age 8 (Detective Tom) | from age 6 (Fun Park)
1 – several players
Modelleisenbahn München GmbH
EUR 149
Ulrich Blum is from Zurich but lives in Cologne.
Having previously worked as a chef and actor, he
has been a full-time games author since 2011. He
specialises in hybrid games, i.e. physical games
with digital elements. On working on 'Next Generation' he says: "The work was above all exciting
because we had the opportunity to take the classic
model railway to the next level with digital technology, creating an intense gaming experience. These
are not superficial gimmicks. What we have done is
actually fuse the physical and the digital game
Daniel Danzer has worked as a stage director and
scriptwriter (primarily series for children and teenagers) for a long time and now works as a media
teacher and games author in Stuttgart. In 2007 he
and his wife received a Europe-wide script prize for
a children's series concept. Then in 2013, he was
awarded second place in the Hippodice game author competition. For him, 'Next Generation' means
'the challenge of innovatively creating a game
world with strong stories for children and teenagers' and therefore combining two of his professional focusses.
Notes for editors
With its head office in Bergheim near Salzburg (Austria), the Modelleisenbahn Gruppe is
the European market leader in the DC sector and is the second largest model railway
business in Europe with its two brands Fleischmann and Roco. It currently employs 750
workers in four countries and has turnover of EUR 50.5 million (2014). The company has
a multi-brand strategy. Whilst Roco is famous for its digital innovations and strong
international product range, Fleischmann is considered to be the iconic German DC
model railway brand with a history spanning more than 125 years. In contrast, the new
'Next Generation' business segment offers a game world for model railways and is
aimed at children aged 6 to 12.
Contact person
Modelleisenbahn München GmbH, Inga Pietsch
Plainbachstraße 4, A-5101 Bergheim, Tel. +43-57626-1600
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