February 1, 2015 - St. Brendan the Navigator Catholic Church

Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 1, 2015
Tax Time is just around the
corner. If you need a Contribution
Statement call Rusty, in the office
at 754-8544.
Reflections on the Readings
When we read the help-wanted ads, we usually look at the
background, experience, and qualifications being sought.
When it is a question of God’s or the Church’s calling, we
may tend to disqualify ourselves. Today’s readings show us
that to respond to the help wanted ad for prophecy is to look
beyond oneself to the problems of the community.
The author of the first reading lacks a direct commission
from Yahweh to establish the prophetic office in Israel, so he
reinterprets the divine manifestation on Mount Sinai (see
Exodus 20:19-21). God uses intermediaries; Moses was the
first. The author pictures the prophet not as self-trained but
as one into whose mouth God places the words. The
common good, rather than personal distinction, is
Although Paul refers to himself as an apostle, he exercises a
prophetic role as well. He does not place his own
restrictions. Believing the Second Coming to be imminent,
he attempts to achieve the good of the Corinthians, not his
own good. Seeing himself as a go-between, he promotes the
best interests of community.
Mark sees Jesus as God’s final spokesperson. In today’s
readings, Jesus teaches in the synagogue. The teaching
style, however differs greatly from that of the scribes, the “lay
experts.” He speaks prophetically. He does not quote the
authorities, he teaches with authority. Jesus links his
prophetic office with alleviating all that oppresses and
depresses the human spirit. Jesus seeks not personal but
comfort for the hurting.
Baptism empowers Christian spokespersons to address the
community for the common good. Our God endorses
comforting the depressed, helping the lonely, and visiting the
shut-ins. Whenever we reach out to these and similar
people, we communicate in a most realistic way the
message of God. To share God’s Word in action is nothing
less than prophetic ministry.
Help Wanted: At some time during the second
quarter of 2015, we will be making a parish survey
available using an online product called Survey
Monkey. If any parishioner has experience in data
analysis using Survey Monkey and would like to assist
in data analysis, please contact Pete Chesterton at
petechesterton@gmail.com of phone 585-281-3715.
Your invited! The Associates of the
Franciscan Sisters of Allegany are
hosting a day long retreat facilitated
by Sr. Jeanne Williams, OSF, CoDirector of the Allegany Franciscan
Associate program at St. Brendan on
Saturday March 7 from 9am to 3pm
(doors open at 8:30am). The theme of the retreat is
The Joy of the Gospel - A meeting of the Minds:
Francis the Saint and Francis, the Pope. The cost
for the day is $20 and includes a light breakfast,
snacks, and lunch. Preregistration is appreciated. Call
910-579-1057 or 910-754-3655 for information or to
register. Bring a neighbor or friend!! All are welcome!
Stations of the Cross will be
recited every Friday during the
Lenten Season after the 9am Mass.
On March 6, First Friday, Stations
will be at 10am after Adoration and
Benediction. No stations on Good
Thanks to you, the Loaves and Fishes Collection
was $14,369.00. Thank you for your Generosity!!!
We help over 600 families every month and 100% of
your donation goes toward purchasing food and
diapers for the needy of Brunswick County.
If you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital,
nursing home/assisted living facility, etc. you or your
family must contact the nearest church.
Brunswick – St. Brendan
New Hanover – Chaplain’s Office
Dosher – Sacred Heart
Grand Strand – St. Andrew
Loris – St. James
Sea Coast - Star of the Sea
Amount Saved due to early payments on
the mortgage: $1,119,479.64
Building Loan as of this month our total
debt is $1,023,812.09
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Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 1, 2015
Masses for the Week
† Janie Carpinello
† Catherine Farrington
Please pray for Our Family and Friends
St. Brendan Parishioners
11:15am † Jessica Harper
† Katherine Ellis
† Serafino Cardilo
† Jane Hack
† John P. Murphy
† Larry Toscani
† Robin Burns
Eucharist Service
St. Brendan Parishioners
† Josephine LaRocco
Please pray for the repose of the soul and remember
the family of Ann Nice who died on 1/19/2015.
Next Week’s Readings
February 1, 2015
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Job 7:1-4, 6-7
1 Corinthians 9:16-19, 22-23
Mark 1:29-39
Communion for the Sick & Homebound
contact Ann McGahran ext. 28 or Deacon Bob
ext. 28 if you know someone who would like to
receive Communion at home.
Attention New Parishioners!
Welcome to St. Brendan Catholic Church. If you
are new to the area, we would like you to choose
St. Brendan as your Parish Family.
Registration forms are on the Stewardship Desk
in the Gathering Space. Please complete the
form and place in the collection basket or mail:
St. Brendan Catholic Church
P.O. Box 2984 Shallotte, N.C. 28459
Ayisha Marawi Hohl
Joe Konen
Carmen Barros
Glenn Petrucci
Dan Stennett
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Richard Riley
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Diane Ovadek
George Carpenter
Marie Tyler
Hazel Zacofsky
Clement McDonald
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Judy Unterberger
Mark Gratton
Jennifer Bryant
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LCPL Brendan Churchwell
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The Malone Family
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Frank Massa
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Donna Maria Kaminskas
Elwin Reed
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Karen Long
Sr. Carol Beairsto Rgs.
Carol & Lauren Caldera
Roger Hansen
Paul Lixon
Vicky Lewis
Dee Goodrich
JoAnn Behr
Ronald Young
Vicky Lewis
Mary Pouliot
Please pray for our Parishioners
Gary LaRouech
Cathleen Newman
Mary Lou Matthews
Luis Salas
George Salchert
Barbara Napfel
Debbie Chase
Adele Treible
Bob De Muro
Raymond Kidd
Jennifer Seeley
Elizabeth Walsh
Chris Stephens
Joan & Martin Gilbert
Theresa Whaley
Jim Cech
Ed Manz
Pat Pragel
Peggy Tinnell
Bob Smith
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Dolores Wenstrup
Mary Jane Brust
Pat Thatcher
Philip & Annice Granville
Robert Santoro
Rose Kustron
Donna Leonard
Windy Herring
Lynn Olenchalk
Katlyne Thompson
Gerald Lutz
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Gloria Hillenburg
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Joe and Betty Zegan
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George & Dorthy Mulcahy
Adrienne Lemmons Josephine Paterson
Charles Witzel
Tom Wanat
David & Kelly Garrett Donald Woods
Joe Lowry
Jackie Fennel
Barbara Hartnett
Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 1, 2015
Parish Community
Lenten Communal Penance Service is
Thursday, February 19 at 11am.
K of C Call Richard Rismiller 579-1155.
Check their web site:
 02/09 Business Meeting
 02/16 4th Degree
Our Lady of the Rosary Council recognized our
deceased Brother William “Will” Marmura (12/17/14)
as the Knight of the Month for December. Will was
more than willing to lend a hand in any activity of this
Council or this church.
His even temper, mild
demeanor and gentlemanly manners endeared to all.
He is missed by his Brothers. May his soul and the
soul of all the faithful departed, rest in peace.
The Columbiettes meet the second Thursday
of each month. The next meeting will be
February 12.
Scholarship Tea for the Girls
of our Parish! Once again the
Scholarship Committee will be
holding a TEA at St. Brendan’s
in Brendan Hall on February 15,
from 2pm till 4pm. Tickets are
$20 per person and are limited.
As always the money goes towards the scholarships
for young ladies of our parish. For reservations of
information contact Karen McCann 287-4175 or
kmccann@atmc.net Hope to see you there!
Souper Bowl Food Drive: February 1st is
the Super Bowl. Each year Building Hope
Ministries collects canned soup for the
local feeding sites and food pantries. They
hope you will consider collecting soup
again for them this year. Last year they collected over
300 cans. Call 910-842-2711 for pick up or drop items
off at 1009 Hewett Road in Supply for distribution.
Thank you for helping Building Hope Ministries tackle
hunger here in Brunswick County. Thank you, Donna &
Gary Phelps
The Ancient Order of Hibernians
An Afternoon of Irish
Entertainment starring
“Seamus Kennedy” (singer, songwriter,
musician, comedian, all-around entertainer!) Our Lady
Star of the Sea Parish Center, Sunday, February 22 at
3:00pm. Donation $20.00. Tickets available at OLSS
Ticket Office after weekend Masses of from Don
Dunphy 910-575-1259, Flynn’s Irish Tavern 843-2496533, Matthew Tully 843-497-4741 or Bill Toomey 843249-3599.
The Carolina Master Chorale
presents its annual Love Concert,
“Love Like You’ll Never Be Hurt”
on Saturday, February 15th at 4pm at
Seaside Methodist Church in Sunset
Beach and again on Sunday February 15th at First
United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach. Tickets are
$20 for adults, $15 for Seniors and Veterans, $5 for
students up to age 22, children under 12 are free. Call
Maureen at 579-8648 or Betty at 579-0921 for more
Seaside United Methodist Church is
offering the Straighten Up exercise
program designed to improve the
function of your body. All fitness levels
are welcome. Join fitness instructor
Nicole Depauw every Monday at 3:30 in the Fellowship
Hall at 1300 Seaside Road in Sunset Beach. The cost
is $5 per person.
Stroke Support Group meets the 2nd Thursday of
each month at 1:30pm at Seaside Methodist in Sunset
Beach. They have several speakers lined up to give
enlightening information on stroke, stroke victims, and
stroke victim care givers. Call 579-5753 for more
St. Brendan’s Singles, Separated, Divorced,
Widowed Group will meet on Monday, February 9th in
the church library at 6:00pm. For further info, please
call Mary Spengler at 910-575-4664 or e-mail:
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Special Thanks to our
Sponsor or the week
John A. Azzato, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Support the businesses that support our bulletin!
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 1, 2015
Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
St Brendan the Navigator
Activities Calendar
Choir 5 pm
February 2015
KofC Rosary of the
Unborn 8:10am
Creative Spirit
Ensemble 5pm
4 Bereavement 9:30
Searchers of Scripture
Mission Ensemble
Practice 4 -5:30
Creative Spirit
Peace Prayers 9;30
Centering Prayer
Creative Spirit
Creative Spirit
Peace Prayers 9;30
18 Searchers of
Mission Ensemble
Practice 4 -5:30
Centering Prayer
Choir Practice
6:30 -8:30
Choir Practice
6:30 -8:30
Searchers of Scripture
Mission Ensemble
Practice 4 -5:30
Centering Prayer
Columbiettes 7pm
Choir Practice
6:30 -8:30
Searchers of Scripture
Mission Ensemble
Practice 4 -5:30
Questions? Call 754-8544 or email
K of C Bus. Mtg.
Healing Prayer 9:30
Singles Group
K of C 4th Deg.
Choir 8 am
Falling Upward
Chapter 10
Healing Prayer 9:30
Healing Prayer 9:30
K of C Bus. Mtg.
Ensemble 8am
March 1
Choir 11:15a,
Mon: Healing Prayer every 2nd & 4th Mon. at 9:30 a.m. Call Jane: 575-3064 Tues: Faith’s Journey after Mass in the Lahren Rm call Jane 575-3064 Wed: Searchers
Bible Study, after Mass in Lahren Rm. Call Fran: 754-9126 Wed. Mission Ensemble 4-5:30 p.m. in church. Call Tom: 253-4573 4th Wed. Pain Support. Call
Katherine 755-6670 Thurs. Centering Prayer—after Mass in Maloney Rm. Call Jean: 754-9126 Fri.: Creative Spirit (knit/crochet) after Mass in Lahren Rm. Call
Jeanne 579-8241. Peace Prayers after Mass in library.
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Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 1, 2015
Boletin Hispano
FORMACION DE FE Padre Ricardo, párroco
Hna. M. Teresa coordinadora (910-200-9209)
IV Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
El relato evangélico de hoy, sucede en Cafarnaúm Un
día que estaba Jesús hablando en la sinagoga,
sorprendió a la concurrencia un hombre que
interrumpía su discurso con violencia. El texto le
califica de endemoniado. Reflexionaron y sacaron
conclusiones sobre su conducta.. Y las consecuencias
no se las quedaron dentro de sí, hablaron de ellas, por
lo que la buena fama de Jesús creció. Hacer esto es
muy sencillo, no obstante, es una manera de dar a
conocer al Maestro, de evangelizar.
El Bautismo para Febrero es el
dia 14 a las 3:30 de la tarde. La
plática es el dia 8 de Febrero
después de la misa de las 9:30
de la mañana. Durante la cuaresma no hay bautizos.
El próximo bautismo es el dia 11 de abril y la plática
será el día 29 de Marzo.
El jueves, Marzo 26, de 9 a 4 de la tarde el móvil de
mamografía de NOVANT HOSPITAL estará en San
Brendan para hacer mamografías GRATIS a todas las
mujeres de la parroquia que quieren participar. La
registración es recomendable y para registrarse llamen
al teléfono 910-721-1485.
Llegado el sábado Jesús se pone a ensenar en La
sinagoga. Está en ella un hombre poseído por un
espíritu inmundo y Jesús le libera de ese mal espíritu.
Jesús libera y sana aquello que esclaviza al hombre: la
enfermedad, la lepra que margina, todas las fuerzas y
estructuras del pecado. . Después de expulsar al
espíritu malo la fama de Jesús se extiende por todas
El mensaje de Jesús choca, desde el comienzo de su
misión. Con esta potencia del mal increíblemente
activa y extendida por el mundo. En esta contexto
debemos de ver el Evangelio de hoy. En el centro del
texto no está el poseído por el demonio, sino Jesús
mismo. En Él debe fijarse nuestra mirada. De la misma
manera que Jesús procedió con el poseído, asi quiere
expulsar la injusticia, la mentira, el odio y todo el mal
de la tierra. Quiere en nosotros crear un mundo muevo
y mejor. Quiere construir una Nacion de Dios, donde
reinan la verdad, la justicia y el amor.
Para saber acerca de preguntas
sobre inmigración llamen a la Madre
Rosanne al teléfono 910-616-2105.
La Madre atiende todos los domingos
después de la misa de las 9:30 de la
mañana en las oficinas del Centro
El 21 de Febrero miembros de la
diócesis de Raleigh planean dar un
retiro para parejas, bien sean
casadas, en unión libre o novios
con intención de casarse. Comienza a las 9 de la
mañana hasta las 4 de la tarde. Se servirá desayuno y
comida/cena. Por favor regístrense. Gracias.
El día 7 de Febrero a las 4 de la
tarde, se planea la primera reunión
oficial sobre el planeamiento y
responsabilidades de la SEGUNDA
FIESTA MEXICANA. Se les pide a
las personas que quisieran ayudar
en el festival se presenten para
poder señalar responsabilidades y
hablar de la comida, anuncios y
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