March - St. Brendan the Navigator Catholic Church

Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
March 20, 2016
Reflections on the
Sunday Readings
Today’s second reading and Passion narrative focus
on Jesus, history’s ultimate player. On Calvary the
world must have judged him defeated. In fact, he had
won both the battle and the war against sin and death
for all ages to come.
The Philippians passage describes Jesus exchanging
the mantle of divinity for the mantle of suffering, even
to death on a cross. The drama does not end in defeat;
God intervenes to make this cross the tree of victory.
The entire universe must proclaim to God’s glory that
Jesus Christ is Lord. The slave had set humanity free.
Luke’s account of Jesus” Passion and death focuses
not on historical detail but on the portrait of a martyr. A
clear example of Jesus the martyr is his forgiveness to
the Good Thief. Jesus’ final words in Matthew and
Mark were, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken
me?” In Luke they were, “Father, into your hands I
commend my spirit” (see Luke 23:46).
Paul and Luke show that victory is not always
measured according to worldly criteria. Generosity and
truth will win out because they are preserved in the
living memory of a loving God and the Christian
community. Whenever that community sings or recites
the story of such heroes and heroines, they solemnly
announce the ultimate victory of genuine good, but not
always in the fashion the world would expect.
Holy Week Schedule
Holy Thursday March 24
Good Friday March 25
Easter Vigil
March 26
A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Knights of Columbus
for the delicious cookies! The children of FamilyCentered Faith Formation enjoyed the special Treats
and we appreciate that the K of C always remembers
the children of St. Brendan’s
Just a reminder… the next FamilyCentered Faith Formation session is
Sunday April 3rd. It is for children in
grades Pre-K thru 8th AND their
parents/grandparents. High Schools
students are invited to attend the
session with the parents or work as volunteers
assisting the facilitators. The session begins at
9:30am and ends at 10:45am. Following our session,
the 11:15am Mass will be the Children’s Liturgy for
our Faith Formation families and parishioners. Need
more info, contact Diane and Tom Nagle
A BIG THANK YOU to all who
attended our St. Brendan’s
Scholarship Tea and helped
make this day a wonderful
success. We will be awarding
scholarship to some young
ladies of our parish with our proceeds. Thank you
again for your support of this worthwhile project!
Scholarship applications for the
next school year are now
available at the Church Office.
You must be an active member of our parish and
planning on furthering your education in your chosen
field. Applications must be filled our and returned to
the Church Office by April 30, 2016.
Easter Sunday March 27
If you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital,
nursing home/assisted living facility, etc. you or your
family must contact the nearest church.
Brunswick – St. Brendan
New Hanover – Chaplain’s Office
Dosher – Sacred Heart
Grand Strand – St. Andrew
Loris – St. James
Sea Coast - Star of the Sea
Amount Saved due to early
payments on the mortgage:
Building Loan as of this month
our total debt is $626,306.26
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Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
March 20, 2016
Please pray for Our Family and Friends
Masses for the Week
03/19 5pm
† Joe Reid
03/20 8am
† Thomas Bruce
St. Brendan Parishioners
† Dean & Katherine Sanders
03/23 9am
† Sophie Fey
† Ralph Cifelli (No 9am Mass)
Good Friday (No 9am Mass)
03/26 8pm
† William Pragel
03/27 8am
† Will Marmura
Eucharist Service
† Robert Borstock
St. Brendan Parishioners
† Eugene Pfleiterer
Next Week’s Reading
March 27, 2016
Easter Sunday of the
Resurrection of the Lord
Acts of the Apostles 10:34, 37-43
Colossians 3:1-4
John 20:1-9
Communion for the Sick & Homebound
contact Pat McLaughlin at 910-287-5479 if
you know someone who would like to receive
Communion at home.
Attention New Parishioners!
Welcome to St. Brendan Catholic Church. If you
are new to the area, we would like you to choose
St. Brendan as your Parish Family.
Registration forms are on the Stewardship Desk
in the Gathering Space. Please complete the
form and place in the collection basket or mail:
St. Brendan Catholic Church
P.O. Box 2984 Shallotte, N.C. 28459
Ayisha Marawi Hohl
Joe Konen
Carmen Barros
Glenn Petrucci
Dan Stennett
Annie Labagh
Richard Riley
Rod Fagert
Ethel McDonald
Christopher Hylton
Sean Neumann
The Sullivan Family
Daniel Mulcahy
Kim Barros
Cira Cole
Fr. William Lascelles
Krystal Churchwell
Mary Carmody
Mary Ann Molini
Amanda Plumner
Lisa Ober
Melissa Zobel
Tammy Street
Rose Davignon
Pat Wagner
Jennifer McMillan
Lindsay Wilharm
Didia Brady
Olivia Dunn
Chuck Gibson
Bill Taylor
Gene Cox
Majorie Repoza
John Mulitz
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Maria Cistulli
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Crystal Basil
Mary Elizabeth Zink
Diane Ovadek
George Carpenter
Bernice Fox
Hazel Zacofsky
Clement McDonald
Teresa Ann Costin
Anthony Cirincione
Deborah Ritchie
Jennifer Bryant
Joan Barros
Bonnie Bryan
Mary Ann Comiskey
Charlotte Sweeney
Tony Kane
Denise Kassel
Heidi Averill
Ann Mandt
Katie Brown
Evan Ciovacco
Ben Lee
Jennifer Galla
Julie Brown
Andrea Olsen
Henry Cole
Betty Lamphiere
Gerry Feldhaus
Alice Minneci
LCPL Brendan Churchwell
Gina De Cotiis
Andrew Taylor
Lynn Maglione Gregor
Liam Orlando
Louise Troy
Michael Dobosh Jr.
Robert Bryant
The Malone Family
Ray Delotell
Alexa, Curtis & Evan Paton
Keira Rose Flynn
Linda Kickham
Helen Fairman
Keri Chavez
Karen Long
Sr. Carol Beairsto Rgs.
Carol & Lauren Caldera
Shirley McKneely
Paul Lixon
Vicky Lewis
Noah Semanko
JoAnn Behr
Ronald Young
Julie Mills
Ruth Tromblay
Christine Miles
Tom Waldron
Betty Hess
Karen Nittoli
Barbara Wengernuk
Althea Grace
Jeff Stephens
Elaine Eberhardt
Joanne Alstranner
Tony & Melina Villate
Linda Shemenski
Pat Casella
Tracey Petralia
Joe Marrone
Barbara Nance
Ray Normandy
Joe & Karolyn Robinson
Please pray for our Parishioners
Gary LaRouech
Cathleen Newman
Jack Dobson
Luis Salas
George Salchert
Barbara Napfel
Michael Dobosh, Sr.
Adele Treible
Mike Bishko
Raymond Kidd
Jennifer Seeley
Elizabeth Walsh
Chris Stephens
Jackie Fennel
Theresa Whaley
Jim Cech
Charles Witzel
Pat Pragel
Peggy Tinnell
Jennifer Cole
Joan Gilbert
Jim Lynch
Austin Sammon
Tom Gilmartin
Staci Matthews
Barbara Hertrich
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Dolores Wenstrup
Mary Jane Brust
Pat Thatcher
Philip & Annice Granville
Robert Santoro
Robert Manfred
Donna Leonard
Windy Herring
Pam Bailey
Katlyne Thompson
Gerald Lutz
Jean Rosen
Gloria Hillenburg
Josephine Chebat
Bill Cawthra
Tom Gaven
Ed Kobierowski
Carl Shirdon
Sue Yudysky
Rich Harding
Connie Woodard
Marlene Korn
John A. Murphy
Maria Knapik
Kathy Semanko
Joe and Betty Zegan
Charles Bradner
David Bodette
Deborah Lessner
George & Dorthy Mulcahy
Josephine Paterson Ed Manz
George Scheidle
Diane Hotop
David & Kelly Garrett Donald Woods
Joe Lowry
Madeline Mahony
Carol Galovich
Mike & Rita McLean
Walter Skawinski
Jack Seeley
Rev. Bruno Swiatocha Anna Zeng
Salvatore Dinolfo
Jim and Mary Lou Matthews
Clifford Rolls
Louise Wallen
Rudy Cilento
Connie DiLorenzo
Pauline Millosky
William Conway
Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
March 20, 2016
Parish Community
St. Brendan
Mexican Fiesta
K of C Call Richard Rismiller 579-1155.
Check their web site:
04/11 Business Meeting
03/21 4th Degree
The Columbiettes meet on the second
Thursday of the month. Call Karen McCann
The Mexican Festival is already
planned for May 7, 2016. 50-50
Raffle tickets will again be $100/
ticket. This year, 3 prizes will be
awarded: 25%, 15%, and 10% of the amount
collected. Raffle tickets are on sale in the Gathering
Space before and after Mass.
“ R e t i r e m e n t
is Available. The work of the Parish Planning
Committee has now ended and St. Brendan Parish
Plan 2015-2017, has been developed, embracing all
the data collected over the past 18 months from you,
St. Brendan parishioners. The Plan is posted on the
parish website and limited hard copies will be
available on the Gathering Space desk.
Solutions for Life” a
presentation by John
Ingraham and Juliet
Casper. Here is a list
of topics they will be
Thanks to all parishioners who took time and had the
interests of our parish at heart, to complete the survey
and participate in group meetings. Valuable information
was learned. Thanks to all those who worked on
committees and provided indispensable support and
assistance to the Planning Committee.
Asset Allocation
Our parish will continue to flourish because of your
generosity and your faithfulness to God and to the
Church. The ministries and service our parishioners
provide within the parish and in the larger community
are a blessing to both recipients and to our parish
family. Let us celebrate God’s goodness to us in
allowing us to serve Him and his people!
Portfolio Security - how to protect your “nest egg”
from market volatility
develop a strategy,
importance of RMD,
reduce the impact.
Long Term Care - with no physical
Social Security - “How new changes could affect
your retirement plan”
Estate Planning - “will vs. trust”, powers of attorney,
getting things in order
John and Juliet will be answering your questions and
informing you on these issues. The presentation will
be in Brendan Hall, April 6th, from 1pm - 3pm. Call
St. Brenan’s 754-8544 to register for the program.
If you need a Contribution Statement
for your taxes, call Rusty in the office at
Singles Group: There will be no Singles Meeting at St.
Brendan’s in March. Meetings should resume on the
second Monday of April, April 11th.
Gift Shop: Volunteers are needed at the Gift Shop to
work on one mass per month. Its recent relocation and
the variety of merchandise has been
well-received by our parishioners. There
is an immediate need for the help at the
5pm Mass on Saturday. If interested,
please contact Kathy Cloutier at 843280-9836.
Yesterday’s Memories a group
of singers from St. Brendan needs
an accompanist! We sing oldies
but goodies at Arbor Landing and
Autumn Care on one Wednesday
a month and we have a portable keyboard. Practice is
at 12:30 here at St. Brendan. Then it’s off to Arbor
Landing and Autumn Care, ending about 3:45. For
more information and to volunteer, call Jim at 5754702 or Luci at 579-1159. Thanks!
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Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
March 20, 2016
Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Special Thanks to our
Sponsor or the week
Easter Vigil
Support the business that that support our bulletin!
East Coast Moving LLC
St Brendan the Navigator
Activities Calendar
Carrie Dewitt Partello - Parishoner
3 Centering Prayer
Creative Spirit
Rosary of the
Unborn 8:10
2 Bereavement
Searchers of Scripture
Creative Spirit
Peace Prayers 9;30
1 Faith’s Journey
9:30 - 11:30
Choir Practice 6:308:30
Centering Prayer
Good Friday 3pm
Spanish 7pm
Office Closed
Creative Spirit
Peace Prayers 9;30
Searchers of Scripture
Holy Thursday 4pm
Centering Prayer
10 Centering Prayer
15 Faith’s Journey
9:30 - 11:30
Choir Practice 6:308:30
Searchers of Scripture
Childrens Choir 6-7
Ensemble 4-6
Centering Prayer
Searchers of Scripture
Childrens Choir 6-7
K of C Bus. Mtg.
Healing Prayer 9:30
22 Faith’s Journey
9:30 - 11:30
Choir Practice 6:308:30
Searchers of Scripture
K of C 4th Degree
29 Faith’s Journey
9:30 - 11:30
Choir Practice 6:308:30
8 Penance Service
Faith’s Journey
9:30 - 11:30
Choir Practice 6:30-
Questions? Call 754-8544 or email
8am Choir
Cantata 3pm
Second Sunday Coffee
Being Mortal
27 Easter Sunday 8am,
9:30am, 11:15am
Healing Prayer 9:30
Office Closed
Mon: Healing Prayer every 2nd & 4th Mon. at 9:30 a.m. Call Jane: 575-3064 Tues: Faith’s Journey after Mass in the Lahren Rm call Jane 575-3064 Wed: Searchers
Bible Study, after Mass in Lahren Rm. Call Fran: 754-9126 Thurs. Centering Prayer—after Mass in Maloney Rm. Call Jean: 754-9126 Fri.: Creative Spirit (knit/
crochet) after Mass in Lahren Rm. Call Jeanne 579-8241. Peace Prayers after Mass in library.
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Saint Brendan Catholic Church
Shallotte, North Carolina
Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
March 20, 2016
Boletin Hispano
Para saber acerca de preguntas
sobre inmigración llamen a la Madre
Rosanne al teléfono 910-616-2105.
La Madre atiende todos los
domingos después de la misa de las 9:30 de la
mañana en las oficinas del Centro Pastoral.
FORMACION DE FE Padre Ricardo, párroco
Hna. M. Teresa coordinadora (910-200-9209
Los relatos de la Pasión son en general muy parecidos
en todos los Evangelistas.
Pero cada evangelista tiene su originalidad y su
intención particular al narrar su relato...
San Lucas: en todo su Evangelio se destacan
particularmente la bondad y mansedumbre de Jesús
Pero estos rasgos se acentúan más en la narración de
la Pasión: él quiere mostrarnos que Jesús a través de
su Muerte y Resurrección otorga el perdón de todos
los hombres, aunque estos sean sus enemigos...
El bautismo para el mes de abril
será el sábado 23 de abril a las
3:30 de la tarde. La plática para
padres y padrinos será el domingo
3 de abril después de la misa de
las 9:30 de la mañana. Por favor
llenen la registración del bautismo de su hijo, (a) y se
lo dan a la Madre Teresa. Muchas gracias.
Junto al tema principal del perdón, hay otros de
importancia: Jesús es un inocente condenado
injustamente, y todos lo reconocen, aún sus jueces; el
arrepentimiento como una actitud que dispone para
recibir el perdón; la confianza en Dios Padre, y otros.
Muchas gracias a los estudiantes de High School que
ayudan en la clase de Formación en la Fé. También
muchas gracias a el grupo de hombres y mujeres que
preparan las clases todos los meses para los niños de
Formación en la Fé. Apreciamos de todo corazón.
.Al comenzar la narración hay una discusión sobre
quien es el más importante. Jesús contesta: Yo estoy
en medio de ustedes como un sirviente ... Y así lo
demuestra durante toda su Pasión: todo lo hace para
servir a los demás, como un esclavo, que soporta todo
en silencio, que permite que todos lo manden y
desprecien, hasta entregar su Cuerpo y su Sangre
como alimento, Jesús mismo dice (y lo repetimos en
cada Misa) que su Cuerpo es entregado en beneficio
de los hombres, y su Sangre es derramada también en
beneficio de todos... y después anuncia que va a la
muerte para preparar un Reino en el que sus
discípulos reinaremos con Él.
San Lucas relata constantemente que Jesús es la
víctima inocente: Lo reconoce así Herodes, que no
puede condenarlo, y entonces lo trata de loco. Lo
reconoce así Poncio Pilatos, y lo dirá 3 veces a los
acusadores: No encuentro culpa en este hombre ...
pero lo condena a muerte. Lo reconoce así uno de los
crucificados con Él (el buen ladrón): Este no ha
hecho nada malo ... Lo reconoce el soldado que está
al pie de la cruz: este hombre era justo
Muchas gracias
Jueves Santo, la misa de la Ultima Cena
es a las 4 de la tarde.
El Viernes Santo la Pasión y Muerte de
Jesús es a las 7 de la tarde
El Sábado Santo es a las 8 de la tarde
A todas las personas que fueron
parte del concierto sobre la
pasión y resurrección de Cristo
les damos las gracias por el
trabajo tan excelente que nos presentaron. Las dos
comunidades de la iglesia, los americanos y los
hispanos trabajaron juntamente para presentarnos la
obra. Damos las gracias a la directora del coro
americano Sandy Gemach y a la Madre Rosanne por
la presentación del power point acerca de la vida de
Jesús. También damos las gracias a Luis Medina por
su trabajo con el grupo hispano. Todos unidos con el
propósito común de celebrar la vida de Nuestro Seno
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