+_____ 10 + ___ 23 +_____ 29

Español Uno – Examen de la Unidad 4 Lección 1 Nombre y Apellido______________________ Clase ___________hora Escuchar Escuchar A. Susana
and Carolina decide to go shopping in Madrid. Listen to their
conversation and then choose the response that best completes each answer.
Circle the corresponding letter on your answer sheet. (5 points)
+_____ 10 B. Listen
to an announcement in a department store in Barcelona and match the
items mentioned with the correct price. Choose the letter of the correct answer
on your answer sheet. (5 points)
UNIT 4 LESSON 1 Vocabulario C. You
and your friends are talking about shopping and clothing. Choose the letter of the answer
that best completes each sentence. (9 points)
Vocabulario Modelo: Mi amigo tiene mucha
Siempre tiene __d__ .
a. calor
b. frío
confianza y es muy inteligente.
c. suerte
d. razón
+_____ 29 D. Your
father is helping your little brother get dressed for school. Look at all the clothes that he
put out for him and label each item in Spanish. (10 points)
Modelo: __Va a llevar los guantes, una bufanda, y ___un gorro___ .
E. Your
little sister is talking about the different seasons and months of the year.
Complete her sentences with appropriate vocabulary for seasons and months. (10 points)
Modelo: _____El
verano_____empieza en junio.
Gramática Gramática F. Isabel
is asking her parents for money to go to the mall with her friends.
Complete their conversation with the appropriate form of the verb in
parentheses. (10 points)
+ ___ 23 Isabel: Yo __pienso__________ (pensar) ir al centro comercial con mis amigos.
UNIT 4 LESSON Español Uno – Examen de la Unidad 4 Lección 1 Grammar 1 Quiz Nombre y Apellido______________________ Clase ___________hora and your family are talking about clothing and shopping. Rewrite the sentences replacing the underlined words with the correct
direct object pronoun for things (lo, la, los, las). (8 points)
G. You
Modelo: Nosotros
miramos los precios.
___Nosotros los miramos____.
H. Different
members of your family are asking you questions. Complete the answers with the
correct direct object pronoun for people (me, te, lo, la, nos, los, las). (5 points)
Modelo: Los profesores necesitan escuchar a sus estudiantes, ¿no? ¿Los necesitan escuchar?
Sí, ellos___nos or los____ necesitan escuchar. Es cierto.
UNIT 4 LESSON 1 Leer Lucía is speaking to a salesperson in a clothing store. Read their conversation
and then complete activities I and J.
I. Read
the following statements about Lucía’s conversation in the clothing store
and then circle C for cierto (true) or F for falso (false) on your answer sheet.
(4 points)
J. Answer
Leer + _______ 8 these questions about Lucía’s conversation. (4 points)
UNIT 4 LESSON 1 Test Cultura K. You’ve
read a few things about Spanish culture and art in this lesson, as well as
about different climates in different parts of the Spanish-speaking world. Read the
following questions and choose the letter of the correct answer. (5 points)
Cultura +______ 5 Modelo: Antonio
Gaudí was an architect who designed the world famous ____.
a. Catedral
de Toledo
b. Sagrada
+ _______ de 75 puntos en total es una ____ c. Museo
del Prado