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Fr. Angelo Te, x11
Sat 1/17:
Spanish Mass
Sun 1/18:
Sunday School & Parent Class
Spanish Choir Practice
Middle School Youth Group
“Putting an End to Racism” Series
Spanish Mass
Mon 1/19:
No Service
Office Closed
Tues 1/20:
Communion Service
1st Communion Classes-Span
Wed 1/21:
Knights of Columbus
Eng. Choir Practice
Couple’s Group
Thur 1/22:
Holy Hour Choir Practice
Escuela San Andres
Women’s Group
Fri 1/23:
Parish Office Closed
Sat 1/24:
Sun 1/25:
Parochial Vicar
Fr. Moises Leal-González, x19
Administrative Assistant
Veronica Aguilar, x13
Business Manager
Linda Royal, x12
Care Ministry
Melanie van der Veen, x14
Hispanic Ministry-Ministerio Hispano
Maria Solis, Director, x17
Maintenance Supervisor
Paulo Gomez, x20
Music Ministry
Sr. Celeste Clavel, OSF, Music Director, x18
Pastoral Associate
Sharon Grigar, x21
Spanish Youth Choir Practice
Youth Ministry
Sandy Martinez & Kim Petros, x16
Elizabeth (Ely) Guerrero
Only for emergencies requiring an anointing
(for example is someone is near death and requires
anointing of the sick.)
Closed Fridays
9:00am - 3:00pm – Monday through Thursday
Alcohol and Drug Youth Line: 503-244-1611
Archdiocese Director of Child Protection
(Cathy Shannon): 503-233-8302
Franciscan Province Pastoral Outreach Coordinator:
(Angelica Jochim, MFT) 1-800-770-8013
Hispanic Hotline: 503-669-8350
Portland Women’s Crisis Line: 503-235-5333 SafeNet (clergy
abuse survivor’s alliance): 650-588-2665Clergy Abuse Survivor
Advocate, Elizabeth Goeke, M.ED,,
Crab Feed
Spanish Mass
Sunday School & Parent Class
Spanish Choir Practice
Confirmation Class
“Putting an End to Racism” Series
Spanish Mass
We are in the process of updating our list of
registered members of Ascension Catholic Church.
We apologize for any inconvenience if you have
already given us an update.
Please call our office at (503) 256-3897 or email: if you need to make
changes or if you haven’t received your envelopes
for this quarter. Thank you.
January 18th, 2015
Reading I: 1 Samuel 3:3b-10, 19
Reading II: 1 Corinthians 6:13c-15a, 17-20
Gospel: John 1:35-42
Welcome to Ascension Parish!
If you would like information on becoming a member of this parish community,
please visit the hospitality table on the third weekend of the month.
We Invite You to Read Next Sunday’s Readings: January 25 th, 2015
Reading I: Jonah 3:1-5, 10
Reading II: 1 Corinthians 7:29-31
Gospel: Mark 1:14-20
on Monday, January 19th
in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
There will be no communion service that morning.
Recent events remind Catholics of our commitment to engage in
dialogue, not just with Muslims, but with all people of differing
religious beliefs. In this 50th anniversary year of the Vatican II
Declaration Nostra Aetate, we remember our call to “recognize,
preserve and promote the good things, spiritual and moral, as
well as the socio-cultural values” found in other religions (Nostra
Aetate, no. 2). In the wake of violence, Auxiliary Bishop Robert
McElroy of San Francisco reminds us that “we continue to labor
for greater understanding and mutual commitment to peace and
religious freedom.”
The Bishops’ Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs
affirmed the teachings of Nostra Aetate in the document
“Dialogue with Muslims,” released in August 2014.
The bishops expressed their conviction that “encounter and dialogue
with persons different than ourselves offers the best opportunity for
fraternal growth, enrichment, witness, and ultimately peace.” As the
world mourns violence under the guise of religious fundamentalism, it’s
important to remember our teaching and recommit ourselves to the
transforming power of dialogue and encounter.
Secretariat of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Saturday, January 24, 2015.
Doors open at 6:30pm.
$30.00 per person. Purchase
your tickets from a school
parent or call Nancy Ryan at
Wish list: dinner napkins, paper towels, 12 or 24
packs of Pepsi/Diet Pepsi, Coke/Diet Coke,
Sprite/Diet Sprite, and 7-Up/Diet 7-Up.
These items can be put in the barrel in the sub-vestibule.
Any questions contact Nancy Ryan at 503-349-7914.
Sat. January 17
All Parishioners
Por los Miembros de la Ascensión
Sun. January 18
+Nancy Mather
All Parishioners
Por los Miembros de la Ascensión
Mon. January 19
Tues. January 20
Wed. January 21
Thurs. January 22
Fri. January 23
Sat. January 24
No Services
Communion Service
All Parishioners
All Parishioners
All Parishioners
All Parishioners
All Parishioners
Por los Miembros de la Ascensión
Sun. January 25
All Parishioners
All Parishioners
Por los Miembros de la Ascensión
We will offer another series of Citizenship Classes.
They will be held every Sunday in February from
2pm to 5pm. The cost is $20 per person for all 4
classes. Please register today in the vestibule, or
call Sharon Grigar in the Parish Office.
Offertory Collection Received-Annual Comparison
Second week in January 2015:
$ 11,463.89
Second week in January 2014:
$ 7,605.53
Melanie van der Veen &
Peggy Farrell x14
Tuesday, January 20
Communion Service at Cherrywood – 10:00am
Praise and Prayer with June – 1:30pm
Wednesday, January 21
Mass at Courtyard Plaza – 10:00am
Thursday, January 22
Mass at Russellville – 1:30pm
Friday, January 23
Mass at St. Andrew Chapel – 2:00pm
In thanks giving for the life of: Nancy Mather, sister of Sue Carter,
and Salvador Rios, uncle of Ely Guerrero.
In hospice: Dorothy Neelan
Ill parishioners and family members: Allan Acker, Janet Adolf,
Ana Angel, Delfina Arenas Galindo, Baby Sophie, Ellie Mae
Blackmon, June Burke, Sr. Carol Carter, Stan Clattenburg, Vi
Costanzo, Kim Cox, Elvis Gutierrez Cuevas, Fatima Gutierrez Cuevas,
Sarah DeCarlo, Lexie delos Reyes, Ron Dove, Margaret Dupree,
Phillis Farrelly, Sara Flores, Victoria George, Madelyn Goucher,
Rueben Guerrera, Paul Guerrero, Linda Heller, Alfredo Fuerte
Hernandez, Chloe Hess, William Highfield, Ken Hobson, Zita Howell,
Linda Johnson, Larry Laws, Patti Lind, Maureen Lundquist, Mary
Marino, Dan McCormick, Bernie McDonnell, Jessenia Mendoza,
Dorothy Neelan, Antonio Nerio, Shelly Oglesby, Hector Olave, Helen
Orico, Ernesto Ortiz, Patricia Pierie, Kathleen Pierie, Helen Quirino,
Nizha Rask, Ron Richard, Luis Rodriguez, Jose Salazar, Atanacia
Salto Sanchez, Sherry Santor, George Schall, June Schmeer, Chiara
Severino, Tim Smith, Dave Smith, Donald Southard, Carol Stenberg,
Kathy Suter, Ed Trompke, Beth Traxler, Celia Valle, Pete Viviano, Sr.
Katie Wagner, and Suzanne Whitt.
If you know of someone in our community
in need of our presence or prayers, please give us a call.
The Latest From Your Pastoral Council
Representatives: Xiomara Olvera, Christa Read, Cecelia Schnaidt,
Eladio Ramirez, Matt LaMonaca, Teresa Carrasco, Gina Lundberg,
Keith Bailey, and Luis Zafra.
The Pastoral Council had a planning day in December to
identify and set goals that we would like to accomplish as
your Pastoral Council. Our priorities are centered around
Word, Worship, Service, and Community. Please take a
look at the bulletin board in the hallway to see more details
about our day of planning along with all of the other
projects that we are currently working on and planning for
2015. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
~Your Pastoral Council
Catholic Education
As Catholics, we value Catholic education. We believe that
parents are the primary educators of the faith for their children.
The Church serves families by providing Catholic Christian
Education in parishes and in Catholic Schools.
We have many children enrolled in both our Spanish and
English Religious Education Program here at Ascension Parish.
We also have a number of parishioners whose children attend
Catholic School. We applaud all of these families for making a
daily effort to live their Baptismal Promise and raise their
children in the Catholic Christian Faith.
As parishioners, we also have made a promise to help support
families in this important effort.
Since Ascension Parish does not have a Catholic School on our
premises, it is our obligation to pay a subsidy for each child who
attends Catholic School. This subsidy offsets the subsidy they
would have received if they attend a parish that does have a
school on their premises.
As Catholics, we are all called to encourage Catholic Faith
Formation, whether it is through our own parish program or
through a Catholic School. We want and need families here at
Ascension Parish. The Crab Feed is our annual fundraiser that
helps Ascension Parish raise money to pay the required Catholic
School Subsidy for each child.
Please be generous and volunteer,
donate items and/or come to the CRAB FEED
and have a great time!
And, as always, keep our families in your prayers.
Order forms will be available beginning the weekend of
March 7 and 8 , and delivery of your plants will be
May 2 and 3 .
Thank you for supporting this fund raising event.
hosted by our Hispanic Ministry
When: Friday, February 13
Place: Ascension Church – Tony Rinella Hall
Cost: $40 per couple/$20pp.
Includes: soup, entree, dessert, and beverage (pop, bottle of water, or
one glass of wine.) Music with DJ.
Contact: Luis Zafra at 503- 560-0609.
Limited Seats. Tickets available after Mass this weekend.
Adult Faith Formation
Ascension Youth Ministry
Contact Person: Sharon Grigar x21
Come and learns something new:
Putting an End to Racism
Last Sunday we had the first showing in our series.
Several points and questions were raised in the film:
White Like Me”.
Racism does exist.
We haven’t ended racism; we just re-designed it.
How do we confront the truth without being overwhelmed by it?
Be color-conscious. See it and address it. Confront the truth.
Ask tough, honest questions.
Have an awareness of how our history has brought us where we
are. Embrace a multi-racial America.
Join us for another Video and Discussion:
Race; The Power of an Illusion
Sundays from noon to 1:15
January 18th and 25th
St. Clare Room
Women’s Group
Gatherings are on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays @ 7pm.
Join us on Thursday, January 22 as we complete a video and
discussion series by Fr. Robert Barron/Word on Fire:
The New Evangelization
Thank you Kym Cooke for providing refreshments.
Men’s Group:
Our men’s group meets the 2nd Saturday morning of each month at 8:30am.
Next Meeting: February 14, 2015.
Prayer Circle:
Did you know Ascension Parish has a prayer circle?
As names are given to the parish to pray for, members of the
prayer circle devote time in prayer for these requests.
Would you like to be part of this prayer circle?
Do you have a prayer request?
If so, contact Sharon Grigar or Melanie van der Veen.
Anyone interested in gathering monthly to pray the prayer
requests together, please meet in the church after the
8:30am Morning Mass on the last Thursday of the month.
Did you know a group of parishioners gather on Tuesday
mornings after the 8:30am Mass to pray the rosary together?
You are invited to pray too!
Book of Intentions:
What is that red book that is presented at the altar at Mass
along with communion to our homebound?
It is our Book of Intentions. It is kept near the candles in the
vestibule during the week, and you are encouraged to write a
name or brief intention in this book, so that our community
may pray for the person or intention.
Sandy Martínez & Kim Petros
503-256-3897 x.16 or
Prayer was the topic of conversation for our confirmation
candidates last Sunday. Sandy discussed the importance of
taking time for prayer, even if only for a few minutes a day.
We reflected on our relationship with Jesus and the
friendship we can build with him through prayer. Our
confirmation retreat is scheduled for Monday, February 2nd
from 5 to 9:30pm at Ascension. Dinner and snacks will be
provided. This is a MANDATORY RETREAT. Please see
Sandy or Kim if you are unable to attend the retreat. Our
next confirmation class will be on Sunday, January 25th from
11:45 to 1:15pm in San Damiano Hall.
High School Youth Group
Our next youth group meeting will be on Sunday, February 1st
from 11:45 to 1:15pm in San Damiano Hall.
This will be a Safe Environment presentation discussing
physical, emotional and behavioral boundaries in regards to
sexual abuse.
Youth Mass
Thanks to all our young people who helped with our January
Youth Mass! It was a wonderful celebration! Please touch
base with Sandy or Kim if you would like to be trained in the
various ministries such as choir, lector, hospitality, altar
server and Eucharistic minister. Our next Youth Mass is on
Sunday, February 8th at 10:30am.
Social Concerns Ministry
Our mission is to inspire and support our parish in living out our
baptismal call, integrating Catholic Social Teaching in our community
and promoting the dignity of life.
The Traveling Crib
Let’s continue to support the “Traveling Crib”. Pregnancy
Support Services is a program of Catholic Charities which
provides pregnant women with free professional counseling,
baby and maternity supplies, priority placement in a residential
maternity home, a match with a “Mom’s Helping Moms”
mentor, and “Between Us” healthy relationship workshops, all
funded completely through donations.
SECOND COLLECTION. Today, we will take up the Catholic
Communication Campaign (CCC). This collection communicates
the Gospel through Catholic social media activities and enriches
our faith through podcasts, television, radio, and print media.
Please be generous in this week’s collection and support this
important work. Remember, half of your donation stays in our
archdiocese to support local communication needs. The CCC is
how we share our experience of faith, worship, and witness.
18 DE ENERO DEL 2015
Segundo Domingo en el Tiempo Ordinario
Misa en Español
24 de enero del 2015.
Las puertas se abren a las 6:30pm.
El costo del boleto es de únicamente
$30 e incluye todo lo que quieras
Sábado - 7:00pm
Domingo - 12:30pm
Bebidas y refrescos estarán a la venta el día de la cena
por un costo adicional.
Misa Bilingüe
Para más información o si desea ayudar como
voluntario el día de la cena comunícate con la señora
Nancy Smith al 503-349-7914.
Miércoles - 6:15pm
Horario de Oficina
De lunes a jueves de 9am a 3pm
¡Te esperamos!
(503) 256 3897
Sábados 3:30-4:30pm y con previa cita
Lunes y Miércoles - 5pm
Escuela San Andrés-Clases de Evangelización:
Jueves - 7pm.
Hora Santa:
Primer viernes del mes- 7pm.
Misa de Sanación:
Tercer viernes del mes - 7pm.
Asamblea de Oración:
Segundo y cuarto viernes - 7pm.
Fecha: Viernes, febrero 13
Lugar: Salón Tony Rinella Hall
Costo: $40 por pareja/$20 por persona
Incluye: sopa, plato fuerte, postre,
bebida (puedes escoger entre un refresco,
una botella de agua, o una copa de vino).
DJ en vivo.
Estamos actualizando nuestra lista de miembros
registrados en nuestra Parroquia de la Ascensión.
Si ya está registrado disculpe el inconveniente.
Si necesita hacer algún cambio favor de llamar a la
oficina parroquial en horarios de oficina o mandar
un correo electrónico a:
Lamentablemente mucha correspondencia se nos
está devolviendo haciendo que nuestros costos
postales aumenten sin ser necesarios. Por esta
razón es muy importante que su información este
al corriente si no será removido permanentemente
de nuestro sistema de registros.
Personas mayores de 21 años solamente.
Para más información llamar a Luis Zafra al 503-560-0609.
puertas a familias sin hogar la semana del 8 de
febrero. Apúntate en la cartulina localizada en
el vestíbulo de la iglesia para ayudar. Gracias.
Los próximos bautizos serán el 7 de
febrero a las 10:30am. Si están
interesados en bautizar para esa fecha por
favor de registrarse con tiempo, puede
llamar o venir durante las horas de oficina
de lunes a jueves de 9:00am a 3:00pm,
recuerde que los viernes está cerrado.
Promotores de la Salud & OHSU
Los Promotores de la salud y el equipo de estudiantes del
hospital OHSU, los invitan a tomar una clase sobre la Educación
de la Toma de Presión.
El sábado 24 de enero de las 10:00am hasta las 12:00pm.
Esta clase está abierta para toda la comunidad de la parroquia
que esté interesada en aprender como tomarse la presión, y
hablar de las consecuencias de la presión alta y baja y darles
consejos para evitar esta enfermedad.
Se ofrecerán Clases de Ciudadanía todos los domingos del
mes de febrero de las 2pm a las 5pm. El costo es de $20 por
persona por las 4 clases.
Registrarse con Sharon Grigar en la oficina parroquial.
Ministerio de Jóvenes:
Sandy Martínez y Kim Petros
503-256-3897, ext.16
Los Promotores de Salud y el hospital del OHSU los invitan a
participar en la Feria de Salud que se llevara a cabo el 15 de
febrero después de la Misa de 12:30pm. Habrá diferentes
organizaciones para dar información sobre lo siguiente: Salud
Mental, Nutrición, Alta presión, diabetes, educación dental,
educación de los azucares, educación del alzhéimer.
Habrá servicio dental bajo la licencia del hospital OHSU. Los
alumnos del hospital OHSU trabajaran con el Ministerio de
Promotores de Salud. Ellos estarán ofreciendo un servicio
dental para 8 personas el cupo es limitado únicamente para 8
personas las primeras que se registren serán atendidas. Para más
información puede llamar a Pedro Sandoval al 503-421-8204 o
Pedro Alvarado al 503-960-7012.
La oración fue el tema de este pasado domingo. Sandy hablo
sobre la importancia de tomarse un tiempo para rezar, aunque
sea por unos pocos minutos al día. Reflexionamos en nuestra
relación con Jesús y la amistad que podemos construir con él
por medio de la oración. El retiro de Confirmación será el
lunes 2 de febrero de las 5pm a las 9:30pm aquí en la
Ascensión. Se servirá cena y aperitivos. Este retiro es
OBLIGATORIO. Comunícate con Sandy o con Kim si por
alguna razón no podrás asistir a este retiro.
El domingo 25 de enero será nuestra próxima clase de
confirmación de las 11:45 a la 1:15pm en el salón San Damiano.
Grupo de Jóvenes en la Preparatoria
Ministerio de Preocupaciones Sociales
Continuemos apoyando La Cuna Viajera, que se encuentra
aquí en nuestra parroquia durante este mes.
depositando tus donaciones de artículos para bebe y de
maternidad dentro de la cuna.
Este es un programa del Departamento de Maternidad de
Caridades Católicas. Al donar estas ayudando a futuras mamás
enfrentando embarazos no deseados que han decidido decir si
a la bendición de ser madres y a dar a luz a una nueva vida.
Segunda semana de enero del 2015:
$ 11,463.89
Segunda semana de enero del 2014:
$ 7,605.53
Próxima reunión: el 1 de febrero de las 11:45 a la 1:15pm en el
salón San Damiano. Tocaremos el tema del Abuso Sexual.
Habrá una presentación sobre “Un Ambiente Sano” donde se
discutirán los límites emocionales, físicos y de conducta en
relación con el abuso sexual.
Misa de Jóvenes
Gracias a todos los jóvenes quienes ayudaron en la Misa de
Jóvenes este mes de enero. Comunícate con Kim o con Sandy
si deseas participar en alguno de los varios ministerios, como
el de música, ser lector, ayudar con la hospitalidad, ser acolito
y ministro de Eucaristía. Nuestra próxima Misa de Jóvenes
será el domingo 8 de febrero a las 10:30am.
Representantes: Xiomara Olvera, Christa Read, Cecelia Schnaidt,
Eladio Ramírez, Matt LaMonaca, Teresa Carrasco, Gina Lundberg,
Keith Bailey, y Luis Zafra.
Hoy realizaremos la Colecta para la Campaña Católica de la
Comunicación (CCC). Esta colecta comunica el Evangelio a
través de actividades en los medios sociales católicos y
enriquece nuestra fe a través de la televisión, la radio, y la
prensa escrita. Por favor, sean generosos en la colecta de esta
semana y den su apoyo a esta importante labor. Recuerden
que la mitad de sus donaciones permanece en nuestra
arquidiócesis para financiar las necesidades locales en el campo
de la comunicación. A través de la CCC es como compartimos
nuestra experiencia de fe, veneración y testimonio.
El Consejo Pastoral tuvo su día de planeación el pasado mes de
diciembre donde se identificaron y se fijaron metas que nosotros,
el Consejo Pastoral, deseamos lograr. Nuestras prioridades se
centraron en la Palabra, la Veneración, el Servicio y la
Comunidad. Por favor, les pedimos que tomen un poco de su
tiempo para leer el pizarrón en el pasillo localizado por las
oficinas parroquiales para leer todos los detalles de este día de
planeación, así como también podrán encontrar información
sobre los proyectos en los cuales estamos trabajando y
planeando para el 2015.
Les deseamos a todos un Feliz Año,
~El Consejo Pastoral