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PARISH MISSION STATEMENT: We, the people of St. Vincent de Paul Church, see ourselves as a congregation of believers in whom Jesus is living;
and to do what we believe we are called to do, we set ourselves to proclaim our commitment to build, strengthen and enliven our parish
community; to strive to educate ourselves to make our witness more constant and more credible by our actions, to devote ourselves to serving one
another and all others in our community as did our patron, St. Vincent de Paul.
Sunday, February 5, 2017
Pastoral Team
Rev. Sergio Nadres
Rev. Hermes Diaz
Rev. Carl Arico
Rev. David Buckles
Michael P. Missaggia
Thomas Norton
Maryann Angrosina
Elaine Conway,
John Hughes
Jaime de Leon
Thomas D’Alessio
Christine Smith
Food Pantry
Parochial Vicar
In Residence
In Residence
Director of Music
Office Manager
Pastoral Council
Finance Council
Parish Catechetical
Mass Schedule
Saturday Evening
5pm & 6.30pm
(Spanish Mass)
Sunday Morning
8am, 10am & Noon
7am, 8:30am, Noon & 7pm
Federal Holiday
Religious Ed. Email:
All Saints Catholic
Academy: (ASCA)
Parish Office Hours
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
To have your child Baptized please call the
rectory to speak with one of the priests.
The Sacrament of Matrimony requires an
extensive period of preparation. Contact
should be made with a priest at the
Rectory one year in advance.
Food Pantry is February 9 & 23 - 3-5PM in
the basement of the Rectory. The number of
our families continues to grow. We are in
desperate need of non-perishable items such
as macaroni, pasta sauce, tuna fish, beans,
mac & cheese, crackers, soup, vegetables,
cookies, fruit, rice, can potatoes, peanut
butter & jelly. Monetary donations as well as
grocery store Gift Cards are welcome as well.
Please make checks out to St. Vincent de Paul
Food Pantry. We are also collecting gently
used clothes, coats & jackets for children, men
and women. God Bless you for your generous
support of this ministry.
Despensa de alimentos
Nuestra siguiente distribución será e 9th &
23rd de febero a partir de 3-5pm. El número
de clientes sigue creciendo. Estamos en
necesidad desesperada de artículos, tales
como macarrones, salsa de pasta, atún,
frijoles, galletas , sopa, verduras, fruta, arroz,
papas enlatadas, fruta, mantequilla de maní.
Donaciones monetarias son bienvenidos. Por
favor haga los cheques a San Vicente de Paul
despensa de alimentos. También estamos
colectando ropa usada para, niños, hombres y
mujeres . Dios los bendiga por su apoyo
generoso a este ministerio.
Donations for the repair of
the roof
This past weekend, a parishioner donated
$500.00 toward our roof repair bill. If you
have not made a donation yet to the roof
repair can you please consider doing so! Any
amount small or large will help. May God
continue to bless our Parishioners. If you
would like to make a contribution to help, it is
important that you restrict your donation for
this specific project. If you are paying by
check, please put the words “roof repair” in
the memo line. Cash contributions can be
placed in an envelope and marked for “Roof
Repair”. Thank you for your continued
generous support to our parish.
Donaciones para el techo
Este fin de semana se donó un total de
$500.00 hacia nuestro proyecto de reparación
de techo. Cualquier cantidad ayudará. Que
Dios siga bendiciendo a nuestros feligreses. Si
desea hacer una contribución para ayudar es
importante que se restringe la donación para
este proyecto específico. Si paga con cheque,
por favor, poner las palabras "reparación de
techo” en la línea de memo. Las donaciones
en efectivo pueden ser colocados en un sobre
marcado claramente también de la misma
manera. Gracias por su apoyo continuo y
generoso a nuestra parroquia.
En Español
Santo Rosario:
Sábados 6:00 PM
Misa en español:
Sábados 6:30 PM
Hora Santa:
Lunes 7:00 PM
Ensayo del coro de los niños:
Robinson Hall 10:30 AM
Exposición del Santísimo
cada primer viernes
8:30-9:30 AM
Stewardship & Collection
Total collection for January 29, 2017
First Collection
Religious Ed.
Our Christmas collection total was $29,722.00.
Thank you & God bless you all for your continued
Register and give online at:
Offerings for the week of
Feb. 5th – Feb. 11th
Altar Bread
Altar Wine
Mary Conheeney
Mary Conheeney
Blessed Mother
St. Joseph
St. Vincent
St. Patrick
St. Jude
Divine Mercy
St. Elizabeth Anne Seton
Sanctuary Lamp
Mary Conheeney
Vincent Conheeney
Thomas Ryan
Mary Conheeney
Kerry Lynn O’Brien
Henry Wolenski
Angela Attisano
Mary Conheeney
Sick List
Please pray for the recovery of: Janet Maceli,
Liam Morley, Arthur Sonny Kopacz, Ema Palfi,
Betty Serafino, Marisol Paul, Christina Jakubik,
Kristen Jakubik, Meghan Ryan, Evelyn Wheesk,
Laura Figueroa, Thomas Wetzel and Jillian
February 11th
Frances Micallef
Margaret Modaferi
Misa en Espanol
Manuel & Dorinda Leston
February 12th
Gaetano & Rose Favia
Mary Jesolosky
Olympia C. Favia
Upcoming 2nd Collections
February 5th
February 12th
February 19th
February 26th
Higher Expenses
Upcoming Events
February 8th
February 9th
February 12th
Eternal Rest Grant unto
Them O Lord
February 20th
†Cresenciano Invina
†Christopher Curtis
February 22
February 23
February 25
Anointing of the Sick
Praise and Worship
Food Pantry 3pm – 5pm
Baptism Class 1:30 in rectory
Rectory Office will be closed
in observance of Presidents’
Praise & Worship
Food Pantry 3pm – 5pm
Live Christ Share Christ
Assembly 2pm – 4:30pm in
Robinson Hall.
Visitation of the sick, at home or in the
hospital, any time. Please call the Parish
Recurring Events
Holy Hour
7-8 PM
Sacrament of Reconciliation
4 – 4:45 PM
Mass Intentions
February 4th
Helen Hudak
Emilia Franconeri
Misa en Espanol
Julia Garcia de Rosado
Sunday, February 5th
Christina Marie Kirsch
Olympia C. Favia
Kerry Lynn O’Brien
Monday, February 6th
James & Mary Sharkey
Tuesday, February 7th
Angela Attisano
Wednesday, February 8th
Sofia Razon
Thursday, February 9th
Mary Conheeney
February 10th
Maria Lopez
Praise & Worship takes place the second
and fourth Wednesday of every month.
The Centering Prayer Group meets every
Wednesday at 7PM in the rectory
basement. For more information, please
call Barbara Sherry at 201.443.2115.
Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
takes place every Saturday after 8AM
Nurse’s ministry - blood pressures are
checked after all masses every first
weekend of the month.
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
every first Friday from 8:30 am to 9:30
Boy Scout Troop 25 meets Wednesday at
6:30PM at the Masonic Lodge (Corner of
Avenue C and 40th Street). Please call
Scoutmaster John Hughes 201-437-9502
with any questions.
Family Mass
in the rectory basement at 7PM. All men of
the parish are welcome.
Soup Kitchen Ministry
There were 21 parishioners in attendance for
the initial meeting that was held on January
26, 2017. The organization of the Soup Kitchen
is full speed ahead with a Board of Directors
established and the ironing out of the many
details in preparation for the first meal.
Anyone who would like to participate in this
ministry is invited to the next meeting that is
scheduled for Monday, February 20 at 7:30
pm in Robinson Hall. The Parish needs your
help; especially if you have any experience in
working in a soup kitchen or restaurant
service. Thank you and may Our Lord and
Saint Vincent de Paul, the Patron Saint of
Charities, bless you all. Listed below are the
nine (9) parishioners who volunteered to be
on The Board of Directors of St. Vincent de
Paul Soup Kitchen:
President -Felix Rivera
Vice President - Ralph Spiniello
Secretary - Kim Spiniello
Treasurer - Tom D’Alessio
Trustees: Patsy Levan, Irene Padre, Maryann
Angrosina, Gary LaPelusa, Argante Colageo.
Roof Update
The total cost to repair the roof was
$89,600.00. As of July 2016, parishioners have
contributed $23,681.00 and the Simbang Gabi
committee has donated $6,765.00. To date we
have paid $27,665.00 and our balance is
$61,935.00 and we have $2,781.00 in escrow
Flower Donations
If you would like to provide a baked good for
the upcoming Family Masses, please call Tom
D’Alessio at 201-339-0359. Here are the
remaining dates for our parish’s 10AM Family
Mass: February 26 , March 12 and April 2 .
Anyone interested in donating a floral
arrangement in memory of a loved one, is
asked to contact the rectory office.
Men’s Group
Even though it is God’s House, unfortunately;
it is not immune to the evils of the outside
world. We ask you to be aware of your
The Men’s Group will meet on the following
Thursdays (February 16 & March 16) in the
surroundings and those seated around you.
Remember there can always be a wolf in
sheep’s clothing. Please be vigilant of your
more information please call or email Kevin
Adamson at 201-436-1827
( or John Smith at
201-240-6460 (
Closure of Rectory Office
Cross Catholic Outreach
The Rectory Office will be closed on
Monday February 20th.
We thank Fr. Hugh Duffy of Cross Catholic
Outreach for speaking this past weekend on
behalf of the poor in developing countries. All
donations can be sent directly to:
Change in Mass Schedule
Monday, February 20th morning Mass will be
at 9AM, instead of 8AM.
Tax Statements for 2016
We will provide a statement of your 2016
donations to St. Vincent de Paul Church upon
request. Please contact the rectory office.
Statements will be available after January
Religious Education News
The 6th Grade did a great job hosting the 10
am Family Mass! The next Family Mass is
February 26th and will be hosted by the 5
Snow season is here - check your emails
and/or our Facebook page Saint Vincent de
Paul Church "Official Page" for class
cancellations before coming to class.
There is no class on Sunday, February 19
(President’s Day).
Live Christ Share Christ
There will be a LCSC Assembly on Saturday,
February 25, from 2pm to 4:30pm in Robinson
Hall. The theme for the assembly is
“Celebrating the Love of Christ”, and the guest
speaker will be Barbara Sherry. Please contact
Deacon Michael or Jerry and Angie Pimentel
(201-310-8579) with any questions.
Seminarian Mass and Dinner
The Annual Seminarian Mass & Dinner is
sponsored by the Hudson County Serra
Society. Mass will be celebrated on
Wednesday, March 29 here at St. Vincent
Church beginning at 6PM by Rev. Msgr.
Gregory Studerus, Episcopal Vicar of Hudson
County. Dinner will follow at The Chandelier
Restaurant. This year the Serra Society will
honor outgoing President of the Hudson
County Serra Society Kevin Adamson, Deacon
Stephen Lipski and Ingrid Alfred. Tickets are
$60.00 per person with proceeds going to the
seminarians of the Archdiocese of Newark. For
Cross Catholic Outreach
Donation Processing Center
P.O. Box 97168
Washington, DC 20077-7798
Safeguarding Children and
Addressing Abuse:
The Archdiocese Addresses Victims’ Concerns
— Since his arrival in 2001 and his
participation in the drafting of the Charter for
the Protection of Children and Young People,
Archbishop Myers has on many occasions
either individually or with bishops in the
United States, with the Holy Father, and with
clergy throughout the world, acknowledged
publicly the pain that sexual offenders inside
the Church have inflicted on the innocent. At
Chrism Masses before the entire presbyterate
and parish representatives of the Archdiocese,
in media interviews, in statements issued by
the United States Conference of Catholic
Bishops, and in essays and columns,
Archbishop Myers has stated that “a Church
which spends the largest portion of its
resources and the largest portion of its
personnel in serving children, can never, and
will never, condone anything which harms
those children. We also extend our apology
and our assurance of support and help to
those who have been harmed and who are
seeking healing and support.”Beyond words,
however, are actions. Assistance to victims,
training and background checks of staff and
volunteers, reporting accusations to civil
authorities removing clergy with substantiated
accusations are clear indications that the
Archbishop and the Archdiocese abhor child
abuse. What’s more, 20 years ago, the
Archdiocese was one of the first dioceses in
the country to establish a formal Review
Board of experts with legal, law enforcement,
clinical and investigative background to
examine allegations of abuse and recommend
to the Archbishop action under Church law.
The Archdiocese takes very seriously any and
all allegations of sexual misconduct by
members of the clergy, Religious and lay staff
of the Archdiocese. We encourage anyone
with knowledge of an act of sexual misconduct
to inform us immediately so that we may take
appropriate action to protect others and
provide support to victims of sexual abuse.
Individuals who wish to report an allegation of
sexual misconduct may do so by calling the
Archdiocesan Office of Child and Youth
Protection at 201-407-3256.
Priestly Vestments
Fr. Sergio would like to purchase special
vestments for Easter & Christmas. The cost for
an individual vestment is $600.00. The Church
is also in need of Stoles for special occasions
at the cost of $200.00 each.
If you wish to donate a Vestment or Stole in
Memory of a Loved One, please contact the
Rectory Office. Please remember to put
vestment or stole on the memo line on the
check and list your intention. If donating by
cash, please state vestment or stole on the
envelope and list your intention. Thank you
and God bless you for your generosity.
Vestimentas Para los Padres
P. Sergio da las gracias a los feligreses que
dieron donaciones para las tres vestimentas
de los padres y una para el diácono. P. Sergio
le gustaría comprar Vestimentas especiales
para Navidad y Pascua que costarán $ 600.00
cada uno. La Iglesia también está en la
necesidad de estolas para ocasiones
especiales en el costo de $ 200.00 cada uno.
Si usted desea donar una vestidura o estola en
la memoria de un ser querido por favor,
póngase en contacto con la Oficina de la
Rectoría. Por favor, recuerde poner vetimenta
o estola en el memorándum en el cheque y la
lista de su intención. Si la donación en
efectivo, por favor, indique vestimenta o
estola en el sobre y anuncie su intención.
Gracias y que Dios los bendiga por su
ASCA’s Annual Card Party sponsored by the
Home School Association will be held on
Sunday, February 26th. Please join us! Please
check our website ( for
additional news and information.
Save the Date
All Saints Catholic Academy will hold their 8
Annual Gala on Saturday, April 29 , at the
Marriot hotel at Newark Airport. This year
ASCA will honor Brian and Michele O’Connor,
Mike O’Rourke and Mary Cole. For more
information please call the school at 201-4438284.
Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats
Are you suffering from an abortion
experience? Do you have feelings of guilt and
anxiety? Do you suffer from depression?
There is Hope! Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats heals the pain
from abortion - one week-end at a time on
May 12-14, 2017 and September 8-10, 2017 at
the Archdiocesan Youth Retreat Center, 499
Belgrove Drive, Kearny NJ, 07032. Cost is $150
(includes all retreat materials and meals). For
more information contact the Respect Life
Office Cheryl A. Riley 973-497-4350. All calls
and e-mails are confidential. Sponsored by:
The Newark Archdiocese Respect Life Office.
Grieving the Death of a Child
The needs of parents who have suffered the
loss of a son or daughter are unique. The
Office of Family Life Ministries of the
Archdiocese of Newark sponsors support
groups for Parents Grieving the Death of a
Child. The groups are led by trained facilitators
– parents who have personally experienced
the death of a child. Groups meet at St.
Thomas the Apostle Church, Parish Center, 60
Byrd Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ on the first
Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM (July &
August at 7PM) and at St. Peter the Apostle
Church, Rectory Basement, 445 Fifth Avenue,
River Edge, NJ on the third Monday of each
month at 7:30PM. There is no fee to
participate. Please call Lauren Egan at 973497-4327 or email for
further information.
Background on the Gospel
Following upon the teaching of the
Beatitudes, Jesus uses the now familiar
metaphors of salt and light to describe the life
of discipleship. We take salt and light for
granted in our society, but these commodities
were more precious in ancient cultures. Just
as now, salt was used in Jesus' time for
flavoring, as a preservative, and as a healing
agent. Similarly, the widespread use of
electricity in the modern world makes us less
aware of the value and importance of light in
our lives. Still, our familiarity with this passage
from Matthew's Gospel speaks well to the
abiding power of the imagery that Jesus
presented. Jesus' call to be salt for the earth
and light for the world powerfully states our
mission as Church and as Christians. Our
commitment to social justice flows from the
exhortation that Jesus gives us in today's
Gospel. Some of the activities that this
commitment leads us to are given more
concrete expression as the Corporal and
Spiritual Works of Mercy. When we feed the
hungry, clothe the naked, console those who
mourn, and so on, we show ourselves to be
the salt of the earth and the light of the world.
When we do these things with the community
of faith, the Church, we are indeed acting as
“a city set on a mountain” that cannot be
coach for the New Orleans Saints. His
Eminence Joseph W. Cardinal Tobin will be
celebrating the Mass! Register at
Continental breakfast & lunch are included.
Reflexión sobre el Evangelio
Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017 – Time: 8 am
to 3:30 pm - Place: Seton Hall University. Cost
Siguiendo la enseñanza de las
Bienaventuranzas, Jesús usa las metáforas de
la sal y la luz para describir la vida del
discipulado. Tomamos la sal y la luz para
concedido en nuestra sociedad, pero estas
materias eran más preciosas en culturas
antiguas. Al igual que ahora, la sal se usó en el
tiempo de Jesús para aromatizar, como
conservante y como agente curativo. Del
mismo modo, el uso generalizado de la
electricidad en el mundo moderno nos hace
menos conscientes del valor y la importancia
de la luz en nuestras vidas. Sin embargo,
nuestra familiaridad con este pasaje del
Evangelio de Mateo habla bien del poder
permanente de las imágenes que Jesús
presentó. El llamado de Jesús a ser sal para la
tierra y la luz para el mundo establece
poderosamente nuestra misión como Iglesia y
como cristianos. Nuestro compromiso con la
justicia social surge de la exhortación que
Jesús nos da en el Evangelio de hoy. Algunas
de las actividades a las que nos lleva este
compromiso nos dan una expresión más
concreta como las Obras Corporales y
Espirituales de Misericordia. Al alimentar a los
hambrientos, vestir a los desnudos, consolar a
los que lloran, y así sucesivamente, nos
mostramos a ser la sal de la tierra y la luz del
mundo. Cuando hacemos estas cosas con la
comunidad de fe, la Iglesia, ¡estamos
realmente actuando como "una ciudad
situada en una montaña" que no se puede
2017 Archdiocese of
Newark’s Annual Women’s &
Men’s Commissions
Revive your spirits and build your faith!
Come for a day of Faith, Fellowship and Prayer!
Catholic Men’s Conference
Date: Saturday, March 4, 2017 – Time: 8 am to
4:30 pm - Place: Seton Hall University. Cost
This year’s theme is “Be Not Afraid: Becoming
Missionary Disciples!” Speakers will be
Cardinal Sean Patrick O”Malley, Archbishop of
Boston, and Joe Lombardi, Jr., quarterback
Women’s Commission Day of
This year’s theme is “Alive in Christ as
Missionary Disciples”. Mother Olga of the
Sacred Heart, founder and mother servant of
the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth,
Archdiocese of Boston, and Lisa Hendey,
founder and editor of, are
keynote speakers for the English Track.
Register at
Continental breakfast & lunch are included.
Funeral Liturgies
There is a need for adult altar servers at
our parish funeral liturgies. This is an
opportunity for you to fulfill a corporal
work of mercy for our deceased
parishioners and their families. If you
have some free time in the mornings,
please consider volunteering. Some
training may be required for those
unfamiliar with the process. Please call
Deacon Michael (201-823-4017) or the
rectory office so we can put together a
list of those willing to help.
2017 Christian Marriage
Anniversary Liturgies
Any parishioner who will be celebrating their
5 , 25 or 50 Wedding Anniversary this year
can attend a special anniversary liturgy which
will be celebrated by Cardinal Joseph Tobin in
the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in
April 30 – 3:00PM – 5 years and 25 years
May 7 – 3:00PM – 50 years
You Can Save Your Marriage!
Retrouvaille – A lifeline for troubled
Has your marriage become unloving or
uncaring – your relationship grown cold,
distant – thinking about a separation or
divorce? Are you already separated /divorced
but (both of you) wish to try again – then the
Retrouvaille program may help you.
Retrouvaille (Rediscovery) sponsored by the
Family Life Office/Diocese of Metuchen
consists of a weekend experience for couples
(no group discussions) with six follow-up
sessions. The next program is scheduled for
the weekend of February 10-12, 2017. All
inquiries are confidential. For more details
please call the Family Life Office 732-2434573, Rich & Annette Colasuonno 732-2360671 or Tom & Pat McTague 732-583-4468
provided by B’way Bagel located at 26th street in
First Reconciliation
Pictures of our Candidates:
January 29th Family Mass
Listed below are pictures before & during Mass
Following are pictures of our volunteers.
The following pictures are the children and their
guardians enjoying the baked goods that were
donated by our parishioners and the bagels