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JP2 Student Center: 208-587-3576
Address: 342 E. Jackson, St., Mountain Home, ID 83647
Parish Office Hours: 9AM-12PM, 1PM-3PM (Monday to Friday)
Closed on Civic Holidays and Catholic Holy Days of Obligation
Parish Leadership
Rev. Victor Jagerstatter (fathervjagerstatter@gmail.com)
Canonical Administrator
Nataliya Marshman (olgc@olgcid.com)
Administrative Assistant
Paola Salinas (psalinas@olgcid.org)
Lisa Knox (deliknox@gmail.com)
Directress of Religious Education
Mark Martin (youthminister@olgcid.org)
Director of Youth Ministry
Verline Daire (verline.daire@yahoo.com)
Directress of Sacred Worship
Kari Stockwell
Directress of Sacred Music
Glenn McNally (590-0716)
Director of Physical Plant
Welcome home!
Dear friends in Christ,
At the wedding of Cana, Mary turned to the waiters and said: “Do
whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:5). That’s what it‘s all about, getting
people to face Jesus and ask him: Domine, quid me vis facere? [Lord,
what do you want me to do?] (Acts 9:6).
In light of these words, our parish invokes our patroness, our Lady in
the litanies as Mater Boni Consilii, Mother of Good Counsel, because
truly no recommendation is more important than this one: directing
souls to Jesus, our Master and Redeemer, so that each may come to
know Him, speak with Him, and fall in love with Him. And let us not
forget that “many conversions, many decisions to give oneself to the
service of God have been preceded by an encounter with Mary.” We
have experienced this frequently ourselves, both in our own life and
in our ministry efforts.
The advice of our Mother to the servants at Cana is addressed today
to each one of us, for we are all called to bring others to Christ. The
Master wants to make use of us as he did the first disciples, whom he
sent to all the cities where he would be going, to prepare the way for
him; for he not only speaks to us in the intimacy of the heart, but also
speaks to us through the voice and witness of the brethren. It is truly a
great gift to be able to meet men and women of faith who, especially in
the most complicated and important stages of our lives, help to bring
light to our heart and to recognize God’s will.
Advisory Councils
Steven Green (polynwo@hotmail.com)
Pastoral Council President
Jeanette Reynolds (587-2947)
Finance Council Chairperson
Parish Ministries and Apostolates
Norma Jean Cruz (normajean.cruz91@gmail.com)
Liturgical Ministry Trainer
We welcome you to our parish, in whichever stage of the journey of
faith you are in, in getting to know Christ, the Savior of the world. We
hope that you will find the pages of our bulletin and of our website
helpful. Let us help one another to reach our goal - that is the Kingdom
of God. “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal
life” (John 6:68).
Fr. Victor Jagerstatter
Rich Ryan (580-2437) (rich_ryan2437@yahoo.com)
Altar Server Trainer
Paola Salinas (psalinas@olgcid.com)
Liturgical Ministry Scheduler
Bonnie Petro (590-0390) (olgcrcia@gmail.com)
Coordinator for the Rite of Christian Initiation - RCIA
Elena Vega
Church Cleaning Apostolate, Lead Contact
Janelle Green (polynelland2@gmail.com)
Homeschooling Group Apostolate, Contact
Maria Lupe Rodriguez (lupe_salis101@hotmail.com)
Hispanic Ministry, Chairperson
Karen Schindele (587-3844)
Mother Cabrini Sodality, President
Elsa Guillen (587-2254), Helen Lindsey (598-1317)
Council of Catholic Women, Coordinators
Joe Ferbrache (587-5966)
Cursillo/Ultreya Leader
587-3046 or olgc@olgcid.com
Communion to Homebound
Allen Darrow (208-392-8217) (kofc3703@gmail.com)
Knights of Columbus, Grand Knight
Regularly Scheduled Meetings in the Parish
Parish Pastoral Council - meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6PM
at the parish hall
Mother Cabrini Sodality - meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 1PM
and 6PM at the parish hall
Knights of Columbus - meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30PM at
the Knights Hall
St. Vincent de Paul - meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at
Giving Opportunities to our Parish
Contributions to the General Collection are used to offset the costs associated
with day-to-day operations of the parish and its programs. These costs include
payroll, maintenance and cleaning of buildings, utilities, and supplies.
Additionally, your contribution will benefit our sacramental preparation
services, liturgical programs, and Religious Education programs. Parish
members are encouraged to set up an account and manage their contributions.
You will have complete control over your contribution amount and frequency of
payments. Please visit the website below:
Thank you for your investment and continued support of our parish.
Stephanie Akien (hotline: 331-2208)
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, President
Last Rites
Are you or a family member in danger of dying, extremely ill, or going in for surgery?
If you would like to receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick (aka Last
Rites), please contact the parish office to schedule an appointment. Please do not
delay to receive the Sacrament until death is imminent.
For extreme cases of emergency involving imminent death, outside office hours,
please call 587-5557 for the administration of the sacrament.
Got intentions? Need some prayers?
If you would like to offer a mass intention, please contact the parish office.
If you would like to be included in our prayer chain, you may also contact our parish
office or email us at olgcprayerlist@gmail.com.
*Deadline for all bulletin announcements: Tuesdays before 3PM. Thank you.
17th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Saturday July 23, 2016
Lectors: St. Vincent de Paul Society
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Greeters: St. Vincent de Paul Society
Bringing up the Gifts: St. Vincent de Paul
Altar Servers: Timothy Goodell & Joel Viola
Sunday July 24, 2016
10:00 am ~ Mass
Lectors: Fred Horn & Allen Darrow
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
Kathryn Lewis, Randy Lewis, Mark Martin,
Maria Musacchio, Kay Heinen
Greeters: Joe Martin Family
Bringing up the Gifts: Imelda McGrath, Maria
Clark, Jan Saindon
Altar Servers: Eliana Stephens, Elisabeth
Stephens, Joshua Tennyson
Minister to the Sick: Volunteer
Readings can be found on www.usccb.org a copy of
the Liturgical Minister’s schedule can be found on
our website: www.olgcid.org
Mother Cabrini Sodality
We offer our prayers and blessings to the
following members to have a
Wonderful Birthday!
Jan Saindon
Leticia Preciado
Joann Hoffman
Lois Bastida
Lisa Stover– Russell
Lorna Darrow
Joan whited
Sue Cahill
Helen Lindsey
Edward Jones
Patrick Cruser
(208) 587-3972
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We’re Glad you are here!
Mass Schedule and Intentions for week of
July 18th-July 24th
Welcome to our church. If you are visiting our church for a weekend
Mass, a wedding, funeral, baptism, or for some other reason, we are
happy to have you here. If you would like more information on the
Catholic Church, please feel free to contact someone on our staff. We
are glad you are here, and hope you find this to be a place that brings
you closer to the love of God. May God bless you.
July 18th
July 19th
July 20th
July 22nd
July 23rd
July 24th
July 24th
Save the date
Parish Office Summer Schedule
The OLGC Parish picnic will be on Sunday, September 18th from
1pm to 5pm at Carl Miller Park. We are looking for volunteers to help
with set up, clean up, children’s games and cooking. Please contact
Norma Jean Cruz at normajean.cruz91@gmail.com if you are
interested in helping out. This is also a great
opportunity for upcoming Confirmation students
to earn some community service hours.
The parish office has returned to summer hours of 9am to 1pm Monday
through Friday.
Faith Formation Pre– Registration
Pre-registration for Faith Formation 2015-2016 year is available at the
parish office or online at www.olgcid.org. Please remember that
confirmation and First Holy Communion are two year programs, if
your child did not attend last year they will need to be actively
attending for two years before receiving the sacrament of confirmation
or First Holy Communion. Pre registered families will receive a
discount on tuition fees if registered before August 17th, (invoices will
be mailed in September).
12:00pm- Holy Souls in Purgatory
12:00pm- Holy Souls in Purgatory
12:00pm- Holy Souls in Purgatory
12:00pm- Holy Souls in Purgatory
5:00pm- Holy Souls in Purgatory
10:00am- Pro Populo
12:00pm- In Memoriam
Confirmation Certificates
Just a quick reminder to everyone that was confirmed this past year, to
please stop by the parish office to pick up your certificate. Thank you.
Liturgical Extraordinary Minister Schedule
The liturgical Extraordinary minister’s schedule for July to September
is available in the back of the church. You may also check our website
or email the office if you would like an electronic Copy.
Enjoy your vacation & Make a donation
It’s safe. It’s simple. It’s convenient.
You can also give right from our church website, Facebook page, or
by scanning the QR code.
The Faith Formation Program NEEDS You!
We are in need of catechist and co– catechists for our faith Formation
program in 1st through 6th grade. Worried about how or what to do?
Don’t be! Lisa Knox our DRE will assist you and make sure you have
the right tools to develop your lesson plans and pass on the faith.
Supplies for activities and books are provided. Classes are from
September to May once a week. Babysitting will be offered for
catechists and all fees for catechist children enrolled will be covered.
Please pray for our catechist and students as they prepare to start
classes in September. For more information please call Lisa Knox
890-0583 or deliknox@gmail.com.
Msgr. Hallisey Middle School Basketball Tournament
We are currently in the process of forming a co-ed team to compete for
the Hallisey Tournament next year. All middle school students, 7th and
8th graders, are invited to join. We would like to thank Mr. Antonio
Moyett for stepping up to be the Head Coach. Registration forms are
available at the back of the church and at the parish office. Please
contact Fr. Victor for more information.
Volunteers needed for Home Bound ministry
OLGC is in need of a few Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
to take the Eucharist to parishioners who are ill. As a minister, you will
become the living witness of the community of faith that they are not
forgotten. Not sure of this is the right ministry for you? Please take
some time to pray about it and then contact one of current ministry
teams to go with them after Mass to experience the spiritual boost they
bring to those who cannot attend Mass. Current Ministers: Dave &
Karen Brescia, Paul & Bonnie Petro, Norma Jean Cruz. With
enough volunteers this would be a once a month commitment to pray
and deliver the Eucharist.
Anointing of the Sick every month:
Please be informed that every last weekend of the month beginning this
month of June, after each celebration of the Mass, Fr. Victor will offer
the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick to whomever is wishing to
get anointed. This monthly opportunity is open to every one needing
physical and spiritual healing. "Is anyone among you sick? Let him call
for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him
with oil in the name of the Lord." (James 5:14)
1. Visit olgcid.weshareonline.org and click on any collection.
2. Select your donation amount and frequency.
3. Enter in your account and payment information.
Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of
moving your limbs from moment to moment, is given you
by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life
exclusively to His service, you could not give Him
anything that was not in a sense His own already.
-C.S. Lewis
Idaho Catholic Appeal
Thank you to all who have responded so generously to the 2016 Idaho
Catholic Appeal. Each year the success of the appeal depends on you.
You have once again done a wonderful thing-your gifts have helped
provide assistance to the members of our diocesan family. Remember
that we will receive back all funds collected over 110% of our goal.
Your prayers and support are what enable our diocesan ministries to
achieve wonderful things. If you have not yet made your gift, please do
so by completing a pledge envelope in the lobby and dropping it into
the collection basket. You may also make gifts online at
Idaho Catholic Appeal 2016 (As of June 30 th)
Our Lady of Good Counsel $34,550.00
Our Lady of Limerick
St. Bridget’s
St. Henry’s
% of Goal
$35,052.00 101.45%
Weekly Collections OLGC July 9th-July 10th
General Offertory
Facilities Maintenance
Our Lady of Limerick
Thank you for your generous & continued support.
Estimated operations cost for July $16,083.34
MHHS Religious Release
The religious release program at the high school is official! We will be
using period 3 that high schoolers can sign up to attend a Catholic
class at the JPII Center. If your high schooler would like to sign up,
the course they sign up for under 3rd period will be "Religious
Release - Catholic". This will be available for all students from
9-12th grade. Thank you for your continued support of this program
and JPII. If you have any questions or for additional information,
please contact Mark or visit www.jp2.center. Thank you.
Youth Ministry Texts
Mark is putting together a group text list for events in youth ministry.
If you have a child going into grades 7-12, you and your child can sign
up to get group texts by contacting Mark or signing up at
Disfruta tus vacaciones y haz tu donación
Es Seguro. Es fácil. Es conveniente.
También puedes donar desde la pagina de internet de tu iglesia, pagina de
Facebook, o escanear la clave QR.
Anuncios en Español
Nos alegra que estés aquí!
Bienvenido a nuestra parroquia. Si usted esta visitando nuestra
parroquia por un Misa de fin de semana, una boda, funeral, bautismo,
o por alguna otra razón, nos alegra tenerte aquí. Si desea obtener mas
información sobre la iglesia católica, no dude en contactar alguien de
nuestra oficina parroquial. Estamos contentos de que estés aquí y
esperamos que este sea un lugar que te acrece al amor de Dios. Que
Dios los bendiga.
Pre-registración para clases de Formación de Fe
Las pre-registraciones para las clases de Formación de Fe ya
comenzaron . Por favor recuerde que la Confirmación y la Primera
Comunión son programas de dos años. Si su hijo/a no asistieron el año
pasado tendrán que asistir activamente durante dos años antes de recibir
el Sacramento de la Confirmación o Primera Comunión. Si su hijo/a
está en 9º grado y no ha asistido a SRYM necesitan registrarse este año
para recibir el Sacramento de la Confirmación como un estudiante de
10º grado. Si su hijo/a está en 1º grado y no ha asistido a las clases
educación religiosa deben registrarse este año con el fin de recibir la
Primera comunión como un alumno de 2º grado. Si usted tiene alguna
pregunta por favor de llamar la oficina parroquial 208-587-3046.
Aparte la fecha
Visita olgcid.weshareonline.org y escoje a que quieres donar.
Selecciona la cantidad de tu donación y frecuencia
Pon tu numero de cuenta y información de pago.
Cada facultad que tienes, el poder de pensar o de mover
tus miembros de tiempo, es dado a ti por Dios. Si
dedicaras cada momento de tu vida exclusivamente a
Su servicio, no podrías darle nada que no es en cierto
sentido de El. — C. S. Lewis.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our generous
and caring parishioners who donated food to our pantry and to
everyone who volunteered their time in support of our June 28th Food
Distribution. We were able to serve 107 Households in June and in
those households there were 428 brothers and sisters of Christ. We
could not do what we do without you all!!! Our next Food Distribution
will be on Tuesday, July 26th, and any and all non-perishable food
items would be so greatly appreciated. Just leave your donations in the
back of church or drop them off at the Parish Office during office
hours. Thanks again and God bless, SVdP Food Pantry.
Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness
and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him,
we humbly pray, and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls.
El Picnic de la Parroquia de OLGC será el domingo,18 de septiembre
de la 1pm a las 5pm en Carl Miller Park. Buscamos a voluntarios para
ayudar con el establecido, limpiar, los juegos de niños y cocina. Por
favor póngase en contacto con Norma Jean Cruz al correo electrónico
normajean.cruz@gmail.com si esta interesado en
ayudar. Esto también es una gran oportunidad para
los estudiantes de Confirmación del ano para que
ganen algunas horas de servicio comunitario.
Campaña Católica del Diezmo
Gracias a todos los que han respondido generosamente a la Campaña
Católica del Diezmo. Cada ano, el éxito de la campaña depende de
ustedes. De Nuevo ustedes han hecho algo maravilloso— sus donaciones
han ayudado a proporcionar asistencia a los miembros de nuestra familia
diocesana. Recuerden que vamos a recuperar todos los fondos
recaudados que excedan el 110% de nuestra meta. Sus oraciones y apoyo
hacen posible que nuestros ministerios diocesanos logren cosas
maravillosas. Si usted todavía no ha hecho su contribución, por favor
hágalo hoy, completando un sobre de compromiso en el vestíbulo y
colándolo en la canasta de la colecta. Usted también puede hacer sus
donaciones en línea en www.catholicidaho.org.
Campaña Católica 2016 (Junio 300)
Meta Compromiso % de Meta
Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo $34,550.00 $35,052.00 101.45%
Nuestra Señora de Limerick
$6,251.00 $7,190.00 115.02%
Santa Brígida
$1,397.00 $3,764.00 269.43%
San Enrique
Quinceañera Clases
Para las jovencitas que están planeando tener quinceañera en la
primavera del 2017, las próximas clases serán en septiembre el costo es
de $400 se requieren $100 de deposito. Regístrense en la oficina. Si
tienen preguntas, comuníquense con Cecilia 587-9425 o Martha
447-7979 y Glenns Ferry con Roció Juárez 590-0283.
Rediscover your marriage
Retrouvaille simply means rediscovery. The program offers the chance to
rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your
marriage. Thousands headed for divorce have successfully saved their
marriages by attending. Retrouvaille is not a spiritual retreat, not a
sensitivity group, not a seminar, not a social gathering. For confidential
information about or to register for the program beginning with a
weekend in Boise on August 26-28, call 1-800-470-2230 or visit the web
site at www.HelpOur Marriage.com.