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Nombre ______LLAVE____ Clase ________
Prueba 5.4: Direct object nouns and pronouns
Circle the letter of the correct response in the conversation. (5 x 1 pt. each = 5 pts.)
—¿Quién saca fotos?
“Who takes the photos?”
—Margarita _las_ toma.
“Margaret takes them.”
a. las
b. los
c. la
—David, ¿estás usando la computadora?
“David, Are you using the computer?”
— __________________.
a. No voy a usar
“No, I am going to use.”
b. Sí, voy a usarlas
“Yes, I am going to use them.”
c. No, no voy a usarla
“No, I am not going to use it.”
—Quiero ver a mi hermana. “I want to see my sister.”
—Sí, _____ ahora.
“Yes, you can see her now.”
a. la puedes ver
“You can see her.”
b. puedes vernos
“You can see us.”
c. los puedes ver
“You can see them.”
—¿Nos entienden ustedes?
“Do they understand us?
—Sí, _____.
“Yes, they understand us.”
a. te entienden
“They understand you.”
b. nos entienden “They understand us.”
c. los entendemos
“We understand them.”
—¿Por qué Ana lleva el libro de Beethoven? “Why is Anna carrying a Beethoven book?”
— Porque ___________.
a. lo estudia.
“Because she studies it.”
“She studies it.”
b. los estudia. “She studies them.”
c. lo estudio. “I study it.”
Rewrite each sentence, replacing the direct object noun with the appropriate direct object pronoun.
TRANSLATE what you wrote and write the noun in parenthesis.
(5 x 2 pt. each = 10 pts.)
Ejemplo: a.) Yo busco la silla.
Yo la busco.
I look for it. (the chair)
1. Ustedes buscan el hotel.
Ud. Lo busca.
All of you look for it. (the hotel)
2. Anabela está mirando el programa.
Anabela lo está mirando. o Anabela está mirándolo.
Annabell is looking at it. (the program)
3. No veo a mi hermano.
No lo veo.
I don’t see him. (my brother)
Translate to Spanish. Then rewrite, using the Direct Object
4. The bellhop takes the suitcases.
El botones lleva las maletas.
El botones las lleva.
5. I need to see you.
(Yo) Te necesito ver. o (Yo) necesito verte.
I need to see you.
BONUS: Translate to Spanish: +1
Gabriel is calling us. Gabriel nos está llamando. o Gabriel está llamándonos.