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Recent Resurrection
--------------------------Om Sai Ram
LORD's Love is the same yesterday, today and forever. It never changes. His Love
will always be Love and Love will always love. It is the same Love that has been
gliding on the sands of Chitravathi, that is now spreading Divine Love everywhere.
Baba always says, 'The more you give the more you receive.' 'If you engage yourself
in seva I will look after all your needs'.
That Love continues to heal, guide, save and transform millions world over. There are
hundreds of such accounts, some shared by the devotees and many not yet.
Here is one such Divine miracle in the life of an ardent devotee – Dr. Ram Setty. Dr.
Ram Setty is an eminent cardiologist practising at Santa Maria in California, USA
known to Sai devotees and health professionals all over the world. He and his wife,
Smt. Usha Setty, have been ardent devotees of Bhagawan Baba for more than three
decades. Bhagawan Baba has visited their residence in California several times in the
Subtle Form. More than a decade ago Swami healed his eye ailment by creating a
miracle potion in the Darshan lines.
In one of His Divine Discourses, Swami mentions about the devotion and dedication
of Dr. Ram Setty and his family members; here are a couple of brief passages from a
devotee's spiritual diary:
… yesterday, Ram Setty said that he did not want to go back to America. He wants to
spend the rest of his life here in the service of Swami. His son is as worthy as his
father. He is also a doctor. He told his father that he did not want to come in the way
of his father’s wish. This stadium is built by the munificence of Ram Setty, his wife,
son and daughter. He sold all his property and donated the entire money for the
construction of this stadium. He is a man of great sacrifice. He has donated 40 crore
rupees for the construction of this stadium. How many will have the spirit of sacrifice
of such a high order? In this Age when people turn away even a beggar without
giving him anything, this family has made such a great sacrifice. He has a son and a
daughter. Even then he has donated such a huge amount. Both his son and daughter
are not interested in worldly enjoyments. Their only objective is to obey Swami.
Peace and happiness lie in spirituality and in nothing else. You may study, get
married, have children and lead a happy life. There is nothing wrong in it. But never
forget God. Without forgetting God, you may follow any path. This is My blessing to
you. Spread the divine Name of Sai to every nook and corner of the world. That will
lead to manifestation of divinity within everyone. The closer you come to Swami, the
divinity within you will become more pronounced. Then your life will be sanctified.
The worldly pleasures are no pleasures in the real sense of the term. Today you may
enjoy pleasure, tomorrow you may experience difficulties. You may be happy when a
son is born, but you will be grief- stricken when some mishap occurs to the son and
he dies. One day you smile, another day you cry. There is only a little gap between
happiness and sorrow. Everything in man’s life is transient and temporary. Ma kuru
dhana jana yauvana garvam, Harathi nimeshath kalah sarvam (do not be proud of
your wealth, progeny and youth; the tide of time may destroy them in a moment). 1
Now let us see how Swami resurrected Dr. Ram Setty, recently in the month of July,
[...]Two days back BNM (Sri B.N. Narasimha Murthy)was traveling to Hasan in the
early hours of the day. He got a call from Mrs. Ramsetty. She was crying and sobbing
and informed BNM that Ramsetty’s operation was done but his condition was very
critical. She had also called Madhusudan and requested him to pray Swami for them.
BNM was getting updated on Ramsetty’s condition every half an hour form Arvind
Thyagarajan, but no encouraging news. In fact, BNM came to know later that
Ramsetty’s heart had stopped, but the doctors had not announced it yet. BNM while
still on the journey, called Madhusudan to pray to Swami. Then Madhu told the
After Mrs. Ramsetty's call, Madhu prayed Swami for Ramsetty. Swami appeared
before him and Ramsetty was also with Swami. Swami asked Madhu could He take
Ramsetty with Him. Madhu conveyed Mrs. Ramsetty’s prayer to Swami. (GVP: I
cannot recall the exact words of Mrs. Ramsetty’s prayer to Swami.). She wanted
Swami to give back Ramsetty so that they could take active part in Swami’s mission.
After listening to Mrs. Ramsetty’s prayer from Madhu, Swami told Dr.Ramsetty
standing next to Him, to go back. The rest of the story is to the astonishment of
doctors the heart started beating, and Dr. Ram Setty’s body started once again became
alive… […] 2
Before concluding this post here are a few brief passages taken from an article that is
recently written by Dr. Setty:… When Swami was in physical body, He also established two state-of-the-art super
speciality hospitals – one at Prasanthi Nilayam and another at Whitefield. Now in the
Subtle Body, Bhagawan has set up a new new super speciality hospital in Central
India at Naya Raipur, the capital of the State of Chhattisgarh. High quality medical
care, including all levels of treatment and surgeries are provided free of charge to all,
irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and financial status, in an atmosphere of Love
and Care. He has started yet another super speciality hospital near New Delhi.
The manner in which the new buildings are planned, the short time taken and
efficiency in building these magnificent structures, brings back memories of Swami's
work in Puttaparthi and Whitefild. ….
We were very fortunate to have Swami visit us at 'Sai Arpanam'. Swami had promised
us long ago, while He was in the physical form, that He would come to our house.
While at our house with several guests, He told us, during a group session, that His
physical body had deteriorated after He repeatedly took upon Himself the calamities
faced by many of His devotees and negative influences affecting the world. Thus, He
had averted many disasters which otherwise would have harmed life on Earth. There
was not a dry eye in the room after these revelations.
What love our Lord has for us! He also stated that, without the extra baggage (of the
physical body), He can appear anywhere He wants and jokingly told us that He does
not need a passport or visa to travel! He also said that there would have been so much
preparation needed if He had travelled internationally in His physical body, that the
devotees would have been overstretched, and He didn't want to put that burden on
Bhagawan also started Kodai trips again, taking selected students there along with
teaching staff, administrators and guests. The interaction between the students and
Swami has not changed, but the level of the Question -Answer sessions is mind
boggling! The students ask questions, like sages asking questions to Lord Incarnate.
Swami states that many of these students were longing to see God in their previous
lives. Now, He is fulfilling their wishes. He also says that it is the older adults, who
have a problem of not being able to accept Swami's Subtle Form, whole-heartedly.
Swami has revealed many interesting facts about His divine mission. One such
important revelation is that He had completed only one-third of His mission while in
the physical body, and that two-thirds of the mission would be completed in the
Subtle Body. Moreover, He has stated that He now feels free from the burden of
physical body.
Once Swami has given a promise, He will fulfil the promise. He said He had given a
promise to Sri Madiyala Narayana Bhat, whose aspiration was that there should be a
school in every district of Karnataka, similar to that what he had started at Alike,
Dakshina Kannada district. Sri Narayana Bhat was a young man with a grand vision
to build schools all over Karnataka. He started building the schools, but was unable to
finish the project during his short life. His untimely death made Swami take up his
work, as He had promised. That is where the goal of a 'school for every district' came
from. This reminded us of Sri Rama going to the forest for 14 years, leaving the
throne to his younger brother, just to keep his father's promise to his third wife. When
He was in the physical body, Bhagawan established two super speciality hospitals in
South India. In the Subtle Body, He has already established a super speciality hospital
at Naya Raipur in Central India. Furthermore, He revealed that He would start four
more such hospitals in the Northern, Eastern and Western regions of India. This
reminded us that in 600 A.D., Adi Shankara built five 'maths' (spiritual centres) in the
four corners of India, which He journeyed to on foot; he never used any type of
While in physical body, Bhagawan had announced a drinking water project in
Adilabad Distriat, which is towards the North of the city of Hyderabad in the State of
Telangana. However, it was not completed then. He has revealed that He will
complete the project in the Subtle Body.
No Avatar in known history has done anything like this. After leaving His physical
body, His mission continues in His Subtle Body; that is His compassion and love for
humanity. [...]
Sai Ram
samastha lokah sukhino bhavanthu
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