AP Spanish Language and Culture

AP Spanish Language and Culture
Summer Assignments and Important Information
Sra. Cervantes - Covina High School
E-mail: vcervantes@cvusd.k12.ca.us
Bienvenidos a la clase de Español AP!
This summer assignment is developed to allow you to practice various skills over summer, as
to retain the knowledge that you have acquired over the past three years. The assignment
is the bare minimum, and I ​
you to go ​
above and beyond​
. Try changing your
facebook settings to Spanish, as well as your cell phone and ipods. Pre-set various Spanish
speaking stations to your radio. Watch your favorite movie dubbed over in Spanish. Look up
some awesome new artists online, buy their songs and memorize them. Watch news and/or
sports on the Spanish speaking channels. Check out Vogue from different Spanish speaking
countries (in stores or online). ​
Basically, follow your passions and find their Spanish
speaking equivalent!
I understand that summers can be busy. I do not expect that you spend hours on these
assignments every week. I do expect that you practice your Spanish regularly and improve
your skills over the summer. ​
The due dates are not as important as making sure you do all
of the activities throughout the summer, especially since the assignment is designed to
provide continual use of the language all summer long which in turn will directly impact your
performance in the course​
The following activities are the minimum requirements to be completed by ​
all students
enrolled in the AP Spanish Language course. These assignments will be graded and entered
into the grade book in the fall, so ​
they will impact your success ​
in the course.
:​You will need to listen to 4 news clips from ​
and then e-mail me your what you saw or heard, and then write 8-10 sentences in Spanish
telling what the news was about. Include your opinion and compare it to one of your
personal experiences. Also, be sure to include at least 1-2 questions that relate to the
information seen/ heard. In your e-mail include the appropriate greetings and farewells.
Refer to the e-mail resource sheet to help you with the format. Include the following
grammatical forms: preterit, imperfect, future, si clause w/ imperfect subjunctive &
conditional, various expressions w/ the subjunctive, imperfect subjunctive. News clips to
watch are:
June 22 – 26​Cultura: costumbres y tradiciones: La Tomatina en Buñol
June 29 – July 10 ​
Inmigrantes: Los problemas de los inmigrantes
July 13 – 17​Ocio, música, cine, museos, teatro, etc: Los libros digitales
July 20 – 24​Familiarize yourself with the AP Spanish Language and Culture page
at AP Central
and explore and read about the AP exam. Then complete the following:
¿Qué piensas de la información?
¿De qué tienes miedo?
¿En qué tienes confianza?
¿Qué quieres que yo haga en la clase para prepararte?
¿Qué harás para preparar para la clase?
Each e-mail is worth 10 points.
-Go to​
and sign up for a free account. You will never be expected to
pay for any activities or registration - ONLY do the free activities, quizzes, and tests the test results will automatically be sent to my teacher account. Remember: this is only a
recommendation!!! You are coming into the course already knowing all the content, so use
this opportunity to refine your skills. The class code is: TU98MKXZ.
Las noticias​
:​In order for me to see the level of your writing, I ask that you write a
comparison paper regarding two news articles. This not only helps your writing skills but
also gives you an insight into the 2 minute cultural comparison portion of the AP test.
Starting the week of July 27 I will post 2 articles that relate to the themes of the AP
Spanish test (​
las familias y las comunidades, la ciencia y la tecnología, la belleza y la
estética, la vida contemporánea, los desafíos mundiales, y las identidades personales y
). By August 10 you should begin to fill out the Reporte de noticias packet. On
our AP Spanish summer google classroom account you will find the news guideline that you
will need to complete as you read the articles. *(If you came to the AP Spanish meeting,
you will have a hard copy as well).
If you ever have questions, feel free to e-mail me. Don’t forget to take advantage of this
opportunity for practice because once the school year starts, ¡​
¡¡todos hablaremos español
en la clase!!! ​
Be sure to log on to the AP Spanish summer google classroom account at
qi0ml5 in order to keep up to date on news for the class.
¡Nos vemos el primer día de las clases!
*Additional website/resources:
www.notesinspanish.com/ podcasts, activities
www.audiria.com -podcasts with text, activities
www.radiotomate.com/feed/ podcasts
www.colby.edu/~bknelson/exercises/sitemap.html activities, practice
www.elpaistv.com/ podcasts, videos, news, sports, programming from España
www.nationalspanishexam.org/ activities, practice
www.elmundo.es periódico de España
www.un.org/radio/es United Nations radio en español-podcasts
www.yabla.com videos, podcasts, can slow speaking down & read-along with the text
www.learn-spanish-language-software.com proficiency tests & practice
www.laits.utexas.edu/spe/index.html recordings on a variety of topics from native speakers
www.ver-taal.com/index.htm trailers, cultural stories, advertisements-super divertido
www.wordreference.com Spanish-English dictionary