Preparándose para un viaje

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Preparándose para
un viaje
Presentación oral
Core Instruction
You are going to visit your best friend from Mexico for a week
during summer vacation. Your friend lives in Mérida, Mexico,
where it is very hot and humid during the summer. Your friend
has already told you some plans: visit Mayan ruins nearby,
spend time with friends, and go to the beach in Cancún for
two days. Are you prepared to go? Explain what you did to
prepare for the trip.
Standards: 1.3, 3.1
1 Prepare Make a list of ten items you need to bring for
the week. Do you already have them at home? Do you
need to buy them? Where do you need to go to get them?
Use a chart like this one to organize your thoughts.
Cosas que necesito
¿Ya lo / la compré?
sombrero para el sol
sí, lo compré
el almacén
2 Practice Go through your presentation several times. You
can use your notes in practice, but not when you present. Try to:
• talk about everything you did to get ready for the trip
Una bella playa de Cancún, México
Using charts
Create a chart to help you think
through the key information
you will want to talk about.
This will help you speak more
• use complete sentences
• speak clearly
Focus: Speaking about vacation
Suggestions: Many students may not
know much about the region of Mexico
that they will be visiting. Have them
research Mérida and Cancún in Mexico.
Once they are familiar with these places,
have them brainstorm items that they will
need there and give reasons why they
might need them. Two important factors
to consider are weather and the activities
they will do.
Review the four steps listed in the student
book. Emphasize the importance of organization in the presentation. Encourage
students to discuss their plans in
segments—what they are already prepared
for, what they need to buy, and where
they need to go, for example.
Pre-AP* Support
Para visitar a mi amigo en Mérida necesito un sombrero
para el sol, pasta dental y un cepillo de dientes. No tuve que
comprar la pasta dental ni el cepillo. Pero tuve que comprar
un sombrero para el sol. También tuve que ir al banco para
cobrar un cheque que mi mamá me dio.
Pre-AP* Resource Book: Comprehensive guide
to Pre-AP* speaking skill development, pp. 36–46
Record students’ oral presentations on
cassette or videotape for inclusion in their
3 Present Talk about your preparation for the trip. You might
want to bring in props to show some of your preparations.
4 Evaluation Your teacher may give you a rubric for how the
presentation will be graded. You will probably be graded on:
Additional Resources
Student Resources: Realidades para
• completion of task
hispanohablantes, p. 107; Guided Practice:
Presentación oral, p. 92
• how you related information about things needed for the trip
Representación del dios
Quetzalcóatl, Chichén Itzá, México
• how well you were understood
ciento cuarenta y nueve
Capítulo 3A
Assessment Program: Rubrics, p. T28
Enrich Your Teaching
Resources for All Teachers
Score 1
Score 3
Score 5
Completeness of your
You provide some of the
information required.
You provide most of the
information required.
You provide all of the
information required.
Talking about things you
need for the trip
You include up to five items.
You include up to eight items.
You include ten or more items.
How easily you are
You are difficult to understand
and have many grammatical
You are fairly easy to understand You are easy to understand and
and have occasional grammatical have very few grammatical
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Guided Practice Activities
Presentación oral (p. 149)
Task: Pretend you need to prepare for a trip to Mérida, Mexico. You will visit some
Mayan ruins and the beach in Cancún. Remember that it will be very hot and humid.
A. Complete the following chart. Write Sí in the middle column, ¿Lo necesitas?, if you
need the item, or No if you do not need the item. Then, place a ✓ in the right column,
¿Lo tienes?, if you already have the item.
¿Lo necesitas?
¿Lo tienes?
pantalones cortos
traje de baño
sombrero para el sol
cepillo de dientes
B. Review your answers in part A. List three items that you need but that you already
have at home.
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C. Pretend you already went shopping for the items you did not have. In the left
column, list those items you had to buy for your trip. In the right column, write down
where you bought them. The first one is done for you.
Tuve que comprar...
pantalones cortos
el almacén
D. Use the information in parts B and C to talk about your trip preparation. Tell what
you need and what you have or don’t have. You may also bring in and show articles of
clothing as props. You can use the following as a model.
Para mi viaje a México necesito camisetas, pero ya las tengo.
Tuve que comprar unos pantalones cortos en el almacén...
Guided Practice Activities