FOROSUR Transhumance III in contemporary - Forosur Cáceres

Transhumance III
in contemporary culture and art
FOROSUR_DEBATE and Gabinete foto
Friday 24 - Sunday 26 October 2014
Wednesday 22 - Sunday 26 October 2014
Friday 24 October - Saturday 22 November 2014
Open Studio Cáceres
Friday 24 - Saturday 25 October 2014
Art Itineraries in Extremadura
October - November 2014
FOROSUR_CÁCERES_14. Transhumance III in contemporary culture and art
FOROSUR_DEBATE and Gabinete foto. Friday 24 - Sunday 26 October 2014.
WORKSHOPS. Wednesday 22 - Sunday 26 October 2014.
EXHIBITIONS. Friday 24 October - Sunday 23 November 2014.
Conversations on: Contemporary photography and heritage. In search of
tomorrow’s artistic heritage.
Centro Cultural San Jorge. Filmoteca de Extremadura. 25 - 26 October
GAIA, exhibition by guest artist Pierre Gonnord
Palacio Hernando de Ovando. 24 October - 2 November
Curated by Carmen F. Ortiz.
Landscape as Contemporary Narration. Alcobendas Collection
Sala de Arte El Brocense. 24 October - 22 November
Curated by José María Díaz-Maroto
The Deconstruction of the Landscape
Archivo Histórico Provincial de Cáceres, Palacio de Toledo-Moctezuma. 24 - 26
Curated by Manuel Rocha Iturbide.
The Photographic Personal Project. Thinking, developing and advancing the
photographic work of art in today’s world
Meanings of the Image. Analysing various approaches to reading the image,
starting out from the aesthetic experience, audiovisual literacy, the narrative,
cultures, politics, the body and biography
Escuela de Bellas Artes “Eulogio Blasco”, Diputación de Cáceres. 22 - 26
Open Studio Cáceres.
Guided visit to artist studios:
Ana H. del Amo; Andrés Talavero; Sebastián; Matilde Granado Belvis; César
David; Hilario Bravo Maldonado; Roberto Massó.
24 - 25 October.
Gabinete foto
A selection of 12 projects dedicated to modern and contemporary photography
represented by renowned galleries and publishers in our art market
Centro Cultural San Jorge. School of Performing Arts of Extremadura.
24 - 26 October.
See page 12.
WELCOME TO FOROSUR_CÁCERES_14. Transhumance III in contemporary
culture and art
Strengthening the fabric of Extremadura’s art scene is a priority for the
Department of Education and Culture of the Government of the Autonomous
Community of Extremadura. Organising and promoting it is our daily mandate.
And no less important is to bring to our region voices from other latitudes. This
openness towards the outside and a commitment to build a contemporary art
heritage as a testimony of the thought, the poetics and the stances of the art
practitioners that inform the present-day scene, allow people from Extremadura
to engage with the spirit of the time and visitors to our region to identify with the
creations of a culture which is ancient and at once extraordinarily contemporary.
FOROSUR_CÁCERES_14 is a superb opportunity to gauge the current state of
photography as a medium. It offers a unique insight into works by more than
one hundred artists distributed around various art spaces and exhibition venues
in the city of Cáceres, a World Heritage Site. These works come from public
and private collections or from artists represented by the galleries taking part in
Gabinete Foto.
A special mention goes to the guest artist at this year’s event: Pierre Gonnord,
an extraordinary peripatetic artist. Together with his landscapes of the soul, we
have others that focus on nature, with pieces from the Alcobendas Collection
under the title Landscape as Contemporary Narration. The two genres—
portraiture and landscape—concur in time with a gaze cast over our
surrounding objects in The Tears of Things at Centro de Artes Visuales Helga
de Alvear. And although the latter is not strictly part of FOROSUR, it is one of
the art itineraries included in the “FOROSUR experience” alongside Fundación
MCCB, Museo Vostell Malpartida and Museo de Cáceres, which is hosting an
exhibition project that creates a dialogue between historical photography and
artists from Extremadura and demonstrates the achievements in photography in
the region today.
This year’s guest country is Mexico, whose vibrant creative potential has made
it one of the great cultural and tourist destinations of the world. The exhibition
The Deconstruction of the Landscape, at Archivo Histórico Provincial de
Cáceres, Palacio Toledo-Moctezuma, is rounded off by a show at MEIAC
(Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo), in Badajoz:
(Ready) Media. Towards an archaeology of media and invention in Mexico,
produced by Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (Mexico City).
As a new introduction in this year’s event we would highlight the organised visits
to studios of artists based in Cáceres in the Open Studio Cáceres programme,
an interesting parcours through some landmarks of Extremadura’s art scene.
The programme of workshops is aimed at photographers and lovers of
photography, but also at anyone interested in the image, whether producers,
cultural mediators, art practitioners or teachers. The workshops offer an
excellent opportunity to work together and share experiences with experts of
unquestionable prestige.
FOROSUR_DEBATE features an interesting group of artists, critics, curators
and collectors debating issues on photography, and a roundtable with leading
“Internet agitators.”
I sincerely hope that FOROSUR_CÁCERES_14 will prove to be a wonderful
opportunity to bring us into closer contact with artists, collectors and experts
who, through their words or through their works, will illuminate us about their
personal worlds and, as a result, enrich our own world.
On behalf of the Department of Education and Culture and on my own personal
behalf, I wish to thank everyone for their participation, collaboration and
Pilar Merino
Director-General of Cultural Heritage
Government of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura
The debates on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 October are held at Filmoteca de
Extremadura. Centro Cultural San Jorge, headquarters of Gabinete foto.
Saturday, 25 & Sunday, 26 October
Saturday, 25 October
10 - 11:30 am. On grid power, the potential of the net, the possibilities of
entanglement. (On artistic and communicative mutation in the era of the
cybernetic organisation of the world).
Directed by Fernando Castro Flórez, with the participation of:
Semiramís González, Blogger; Javier Díaz Guardiola, ABC Cultural; Araceli
Corbo, Library Director, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de León, MUSAC.
11:30 am -1:00 pm. Photography in the Museum.
Nimfa Bisbe, Director, La Caixa Collection; Agnès de Gouvion Saint Cyr, Critic
and freelance curator; Pepe Font de Mora, Director, Fundación Foto Colectania.
Moderated by: María Jesús Ávila, Coordinator, Centro de Artes Visuales Helga
de Alvear.
1 - 2:30 pm. Documentation, Conservation and Value of Art.
First session on private photography collections, in collaboration with the 9915
Collectors Association.
Fernando Meana; Lola Garrido; Ángel Nieto; Rafael Tous.
Moderated by: Jaime Sordo, Collector.
4:30 – 6 pm. The Travelling Artist. Geography and Mind.
Pierre Gonnord; NOPHOTO Collective (Eduardo Nave and Juan Millas); Miguel
Moderated by: Antonio Franco, Director, Museo Extremeño e Iberamericano de
Arte Contemporáneo (MEIAC).
Sunday, 26 October
10 - 11:30 am. Curators on Photography.
Horacio Fernández, Critic and freelance curator; José María Díaz-Maroto,
Conservator and Curator of Alcobendas Collection, Madrid; Leonor Nazaré,
Consultant and Curator, CAM Gulbenkian.
Moderated by: Rafael Doctor, Critic and freelance curator.
11:30 am -1:00 pm. The History of Photography.
Second session on private photography collections, organised in collaboration
with the 9915 Collectors Association.
Enrique Ordoñez; Pilar Citoler; Pep Benlloch; Bárbara Rueda.
Moderated by: Alicia Ventura, Director, DKV Collection.
Landscape as Contemporary Narration. Alcobendas Collection.
Curated by José M. Díaz Maroto, Conservator and Curator of the Photography
Collection of the Alcobendas Art Centre, Madrid.
Sala de Arte El Brocense. Diputación de Cáceres
Friday, 24 October - Saturday, 22 November.
Tuesday - Saturday 10 am – 2 pm & 5 – 8 pm. Sunday 11 am – 2 pm
Friday, 24 October open until midnight. (La noche en blanco).
Since it was first created in 1993 the Alcobendas Photography Collection has
put together over eight-hundred works by Spanish artists, enabling it to explore
manifold lines of action within contemporary cultural creation. Over these twenty
years so far the collection has toured many cities in different countries.
Landscape as Contemporary Narration is the latest and most significant
exhibition of the Alcobendas Collection. Now on show in Cáceres to coincide
with this year’s edition of FOROSUR, it gives visitors a chance to explore and
enjoy a special vision of landscape as a stage setting for narration, and a
fragmented gaze on nature with the intention of generating knowledge and
culture. Something as universal as landscape engenders countless
coincidences and this occasion is no different. The deterioration of the Earth,
the search for history, man’s appropriation of nature or the simple intervention
and conversion in territory are some of the narrations we come across in the
works selected by the leading artists from Spain who have superb works in the
Alcobendas Collection. The selection for the exhibition Landscape as
Contemporary Narration. Alcobendas Collection comprises a total of twenty-four
pieces, by the following artists: Ángel Marcos, Ana Teresa Ortega, Concha
Prada, Joan Fontcuberta, Montse Soto, Pablo Pérez Mínguez, Almalé-Bondía,
Bleda & Rosa, Carlos Cánovas, Eduardo Nave, Felix Curto, Gonzalo Puch,
José Ramón Bas, Juan de Sande, Luis Vioque, Manolo Bautista, Mayte Vieta,
Miguel Ángel Gaueca, Rosa Muñoz and Valentín Vallhonrat.
The Deconstruction of the Landscape
Curated by Manuel Rocha Iturbide
Archivo histórico provincial de Cáceres, Palacio de Toledo-Moctezuma
24-26 October.
Friday, 24 October, 11 am – 2 pm & 5 pm – midnight. (La noche en blanco).
Saturday, 25 & Sunday, 26 October, 11 am – 2 pm
The Deconstruction of the Landscape is an exhibition of work by contemporary
Mexican mid-career artists. Representing new generations, these creators
continue the legacy of the history of photography in Mexico. With their work,
these artists explored unbeaten paths that are destined to meet up again.
Here the term landscape opens up and unfolds in many different directions. It is
no longer addressed as representation or as a referential form of
communication, but rather as a container full of polysemous meanings. The
exhibition examines issues such as "landscape as abstraction"; "found
landscape" and "altered landscape". In it, all the artists understand landscape
as an "encounter", either real or induced. They build and transform it, and they
unfold it in new conceptual planes to produce different (poetic, politic and visual)
GAIA, exhibition by guest artist Pierre Gonnord. Curated by Carmen F. Ortiz.
Palacio Hernando de Ovando.
Thanks to the generosity of the owners, for the duration of the exhibition of
works by the artist Pierre Gonnord the public are allowed access to the beautiful
renaissance cloister of Palacio Hernando de Ovando, one of Cáceres’s best
preserved palaces.
Friday, 24 October - Sunday, 2 November.
Friday, 24 October: 5 pm - midnight. (La noche en blanco).
Saturday, 25 & Sunday 26 October: 11 am – 2 pm & 5 – 8 pm
Monday 27 October a Friday 31 October: 4 – 7 pm
Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 November: 11 am – 2 pm & 5 – 8 pm
Pierre Gonnord (Cholet, France 1963), begun his personal project investigating
the human face in the late 1990s, and with the passing of the years he has built
a compendium of identifiable portraits. Living and working in Madrid since 1988,
Gonnord’s project has become a way of life, a kind of journey along back roads
in search of people from social groups with a strong cultural identity. He enters
into contact, lives and works with tribes and clans, but above all with individuals
far removed from the urban milieu in our era of globalisation and, as a result,
destined to vanish.
As guest artist at FOROSUR_14, he is presenting GAIA, a one-person show at
the historic Palacio Hernando de Ovando, featuring part of his latest work in
Alentejo in Portugal and in Extremadura in Spain. It is a tribute to people who,
alongside their animals, live and work with nature. Twenty large format photos
in which we can contemplate Gonnord’s most recent work and his commitment
with the Earth.
“Animals, nature and human faces...Mother Earth sustains everything,
she provides everything. When looking at ourselves again in the works of
Gonnord, we begin to feel our heart once more, opening up to the human
and divine, to nature and the supernatural dimension that is to be found
in people, in animals and in nature, just like in the ancient Greek myth of
Gaia.” (Extract from exhibition essay)
Information and enrolment:
José Manuel Merino
Tel.: 927 008 389
• The Photographic Personal Project
Thinking, developing and advancing the photographic work of art in today’s
With the participation of Asociación Fotográfica de Cáceres.
Directed by: Rafael Doctor Roncero.
Escuela de Bellas Artes "Eulogio Blasco", Diputación de Cáceres.
Wednesday, 22 - Friday, 24 October.
Wednesday, 22
10 am – 2 pm & 5 – 7 pm
Thursday, 23
10 am – 2 pm & 5 – 7 pm
Friday, 24
10 am – 2 pm
A workshop aimed at all kinds of photographers who are developing, or wish to
develop, a personal body of work, and also at all those scholars or lovers of
photography interested in a critical appreciation of the medium.
For three days the workshop will revisit the history of photography and its key
liaison with art. The intention is to build a knowledge which can be applied both
to present-day critical thinking and to art creation.
The workshop is totally open, and participating artists will be able to actively
present their works, while the rest of the participants can give their specific
views on evaluating photography.
A workshop for a maximum of 20 participants which will be selected taking into
account the documentation submitted.
• Meanings of the Image.
Directed by: Marta de Gonzalo and Publio Pérez Prieto
Escuela de Bellas Artes "Eulogio Blasco", Diputación de Cáceres.
Saturday, 25 & Sunday, 26 October
Saturday, 25
10 am – 2 pm & 4 – 7 pm
Sunday, 26
10 am – 2 pm
We feel images. They either please or displease us. We create them and they
jump out at us at every turn. Through them we become experience, identity and
culture. Do we understand them? Do we know what they trigger inside us, and
why? In this workshop, producers and cultural mediators, photographers, artists
and teachers working or concerned with images will share views and processes
centred on the image; images made by ourselves, images that unsettle us or
images made by young people. There will also be readings of groups of images
and of their interrelated meanings. We shall propose different approaches to
reading images in connection with education, with the aesthetic experience,
audiovisual literacy, narrative, cultures, politics, the body or biography.
Fieldwork is a key element in this workshop. Therefore, we will carry out visits,
share readings, and study images of some of the exhibition contents at
A workshop for a maximum of 20 participants which will be selected taking into
account the documentation submitted.
Friday, 24 & Saturday, 25 October
Friday, 24: 6:30 pm - midnight
Saturday, 25: 11 am – 3 pm
Friday, 24 6:30 pm - midnight. (Coinciding with La noche en blanco the studios
will remain open until midnight)
Carolina Díaz and María Eugenia Álvarez, the organisers of Open Studio, have
invited a number of contemporary artists working in Cáceres and with a studio
in the city to open them and engage in free activities during
FOROSUR_CÁCERES_14. The purpose of the activity is to bring contemporary
art closer to the general public, promoting a rapprochement to culture through
art in an accessible and free way. In return, the artists benefit from the
opportunity to show their work, their working methods and their environment, as
well as to publicise their production while also helping to promote Cáceres as a
creative city.
Matilde Granado Belvís
Calle Espadán, 10, 4º, 10004 Cáceres
Activity in studio Friday 7:30 - 8:15 pm
Presentation of work by local artist Quique Esteban Jiménez
Andrés Talavero
Calle Trajano, 10, local 80, 10004 Cáceres
Activity in studio Friday 6:30 - 7:15 pm
Workshop for parents and children (aged 5-12)
Joint creation of a work on paper
Roberto Massó
Calle Sancti Espíritu, 3, 10003 Cáceres
Activity in studio Friday 8:30 - 9:15 pm
Chat on publishing projects by Cero Eficacia Ediciones
Hilario Bravo Maldonado
Calle Sande, 7, 1º-B, 10003 Cáceres
Activity in studio Saturday 2:00 - 2:45 pm
Meeting with Miguel Cereceda to speak about “the painted word”
Ana H. del Amo and Sebastián
Multidisciplinary artists
Calle Míguel Servet, Polígono Industrial la Mejostilla, 10004 Cáceres
Activity in studio Saturday 12:00 - 12:45 pm
Intervention curated by Miguel Fernández Campón.
César David Montero
Calle Hermanos Lumíére, Polígono Industrial la Mejostilla, 10004 Cáceres
Activity in studio Saturday 1:00 - 1:45 pm
Ferro Swing, concert by Luis Carlos Gámez, member of group Liga de la
Ciencia Pagana.
Contemporary Photography
Centro Cultural San Jorge. Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de
Friday 24 - Sunday 26 October
Friday 24 3:30 pm - midnight (Coinciding with La noche en blanco, Gabinete
foto will remain open until midnight).
Saturday 25 11 am – 2 pm & 4 – 8 pm 14
Sunday 25 11 am – 2 pm & 4 – 7 pm
Gabinete foto at FOROSUR_CÁCERES_14 presents a selection of twelve
projects dedicated to modern and contemporary photography represented by
renowned galleries and publishers in the art market. This survey of photography
in Spain is supplemented with a selection of works by four Mexican artists,
currently creating photography-based art and represented by four prestigious
Mexican galleries.
The goal of bringing together galleries dedicated to photography is to foster the
collecting of contemporary photography, a key medium in the evolution of the
visual arts from the 1920s avant-gardes to date, and to integrate them into art
market and photography collecting circuits.
The selection carried out by Chema de Francisco, the director of Gabinete foto,
aims to combine the historical legacy of the photographic language with its own
specific concerns within a context of hybridisation of formal and conceptual
aesthetic interests and processes.
Eduardo Arroyo
Galería Álvaro Alcázar
Since opening in 2006, Galería Álvaro Alcázar has been centring its work on the
dissemination of contemporary art, with a programme based on representing
and publicising artists working across all disciplines.
The gallery is presenting a project by Eduardo Arroyo (Madrid, 1937). Seduced
by the narrative power of photography, Arroyo is a regular browser at street
markets, where he finds and compiles images that he later intervenes through
collage and painting to create a kind of familiar memory.
Andrés Pachón
Galería Ángeles Baños
The discourse developed by Galería Ángeles Baños, a gallery lending special
importance to drawing and all its contemporary derivations, is focused on new
art practices.
The gallery is presenting a project by Andrés Pachón, who uses infographics
and photomontages to intervene on original photos and videos and thus
produce a new document that uncovers the fictions of supposedly true studies,
revealing the fantasy contained in the Western imaginary of an exotic world.
Natalia Pastor
Galería Guillermina Caicoya
Galería Guillermina Caicoya’s exhibition programme is focused on young and
mid-career contemporary artists with whom it forges long-term relationships.
The gallery is presenting NITRASTUR, a project comprising a suite of photos by
the multidisciplinary artist Natalia Pastor in a poetic exploration of the landscape
and architecture of a vast industrial complex from the 1950s.
Joan Fontcuberta
Galería Gema Llamazares
Gema Llamazares Galería de Arte (Gijon, 2005) was founded with a mandate to
promote and disseminate contemporary art.
The gallery is presenting a project by Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona, 1955), an
artist who works across the whole breadth of the field of photography, as a
creator, teacher, critic, exhibition curator and historian.
Carlos Ventós
Validfoto Galería
Founded in 2009, Galería Validfoto specialises in photography by emerging and
mid-career artists from Spain and worldwide.
The gallery is presenting a project by Carlos Ventós (Barcelona, 1962) a selftaught photographer who focuses on urban landscape in his series Urban Show
(2008 - 2013), a new project on macro-cities with property bubbles that
examines the intersections between humans and the built space.
Manolo Bautista
Galería Paula Alonso
Galería Paula Alonso was founded with the goal of promoting contemporary art
practices by Spanish and international art practitioners, fostering the
development of site-specific projects which help to analyse the cultural contexts
they are grounded in.
The gallery is presenting Lightwrap, a project by Manolo Bautista that is part of
his latest experimentation with the interaction between actual physical elements
and their contextualisation and shifts in meaning through video-projection,
delving into the concept of the importance of light in the sculpture object and its
potential to simulate a virtual environment.
Pablo Genovés
Galería Pilar Serra
Galería Pilar Serra opened its door in 1972 as Galería Estiarte and then
changed its name four years ago. The gallery centres on the promotion and
dissemination of contemporary art, working to ensure that its roster of artists is
well represented in museum exhibition and in public and private collections.
The gallery is presenting a project by Pablo Genovés (Madrid, 1959), who
displays introspective territories half-way between fantasy and reverie which are
rendered in a combination of digital techniques and painterly elements extracted
from vintage postcards. The outcome is a hybrid language somewhere between
collage and photography.
Miguel Ángel Tornero
Galería Juan Silió
Ever since it opened to the public in May 1988, Galería Juan Silió has focused
on cutting-edge art and over the years it has gradually been incorporating more
photography, new technologies and young artists.
The gallery is presenting work by Miguel Ángel Tornero (Baeza, 1978), an artist
who uses photography and collage to explore the fuzzy borders between reality
and fiction from the complex nature of the everyday. Tornero expands his work
towards places that are hard to describe and where we often witness a mutiny
against everything that was once familiar to us.
Ángel Marcos
Galería Javier Silva
Galería Javier Silva (Valladolid, 2012) was created as an open and dynamic
project to stimulate reflection and debate on present-day art and culture by
experimenting with their respective manifold languages.
The gallery is presenting a collaborative project with Ángel Marcos (Medina del
Campo, 1955), a precursor of built photography, showing staged images and
constructions connected to a vernacular that mines the generation of desires
and needs within society in their intersection with political, economic and
religious systems.
Jorge Fuembuena
The New Gallery
One of the founding goals of New Gallery is to serve as an international
platform for its roster of mainly Spanish artists.
The gallery is presenting the project “Inside Insect” by Jorge Fuembuena, a
photographer from Zaragoza who explores the limits of the subject and the
fragile boundary that separates the individual from the other, and investigates
the relations between man and his environs.
Manuel Franquelo
Twin Gallery
Twin Gallery is a space of possibility, a rapprochement to contemporary artistic
creation that offers a youthful rigorous insight into the contemporary art of our
The gallery is presenting a selection of photographs by Manuel Franquelo Giner
(Madrid, 1990) —series “Containers” and “Los constructores”— produced with a
personal technique merging handmade, hi-tech and human processes as a
support to render his research in the field of sociological theory.
Dionisio González
Galería Yusto/Giner
Galería Yusto/Giner is an industrial space devoted to Spanish and international
contemporary art with a project offering a renewed insight into present-day art.
The gallery is presenting a project by Dionisio González (Gijon, 1965), an artist
who rethinks the forms of resistance against chaos through his evocative
photography-based work.
The Tears of Things
Curated by Marta Gili, Director of Jeu de Paume, Paris
Fundación Helga de Alvear
(Until 11 January 2015, Tuesday - Saturday 10 am – 2 pm & 5 – 8 pm. Sunday
10 am – 2:30 pm).
Rafael Sanz Lobato 1960-2008
Curated by Chantal Grandes and David Balsells.
Fundación Mercedes Calles Carlos Ballestero (MCCB)
(Until 23 November, Monday - Saturday, 11 am – 2 pm & 5 – 8 pm. Sunday 11
am – 2 pm).
Extremadura Revealed. Historic photography and its revision today
Museo de Cáceres, Palacio de las Veletas
(22 October - 30 November, Tuesday - Saturday, 9 am – 2 pm & 5 – 8 pm.
Sunday 11 am – 2 pm)
Fluxpost 2014. Would you like to receive strange things from strangers in the
Museo Vostell Malpartida
(Until 2 November, Tuesday - Saturday, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm & 5 -8 pm. Sunday
9:30 am – 2 pm).
Exchange & Museo Vostell Malpartida. Site-specific action by the artists Nieves
Correa and Abel Loureda
Organised by Consorcio Museo Vostell Malpartida and sponsored by Dept of
Education and Culture of the Government of the Autonomous Community of
Museo Vostell Malpartida.
25 October. 6:30 - 8 pm
(Ready) Media. Towards an archaeology of media and invention in Mexico
Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (MEIAC), Badajoz
18 September - 10 November. Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 1:30 pm & 5 – 8
pm. Sunday 10 am – 1:30 pm
Trinidad Nogales
Head of Dept. of Education & Culture
Pilar Merino
Director-General of Cultural Heritage
Rosina Gómez-Baeza. Curator
Lucía Ybarra. General Coordinator
ygbart Art Advising and Management (
director of Gabinete foto
Chema de Francisco
Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage
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1. Centro Cultural San Jorge. Plaza San Jorge, 8
2. Sala de Arte El Brocense. Calle San Antón, 17
3. Palacio Hernando de Ovando. Plaza de Santa María
4. Fundación Mercedes Calles y Carlos Ballestero. Plaza San Jorge, 2
5. Centro de Artes Visuales Helga de Alvear. Pizarro, 8
6. Escuela de Bellas Artes “Eulogio Blasco”. Calle Ancha, 1
7. Museo de Cáceres. Plaza de las Veletas, 1
8. Filmoteca de Extremadura. Calle Rincón de la monja, 6
9. Palacio de Toledo-Moctezuma. Plaza Conde de Canilleros, 1
Off the map:
– Museo Vostell Malpartida. Malpartida de Cáceres
– MEIAC. Badajoz