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Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
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Todos los Fieles Difuntos
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Mass Schedule
Horario de las Misas
Weekends / Fines de Semana
Saturday Vigil—4 PM
Sunday—8 AM, 10 AM,
12 Noon (Spanish), 6 PM
Weekdays/Días de Semana
Monday through Friday
9 AM
Holy Days / Días Santos
Holy Day Vigil—5 PM;
Holy Day—9 AM, 7 PM
Reconciliation (Confession) – Saturdays from
3—3:45 and 5:15PM,
Tuesdays and Fridays after morning Mass
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All Sundays of the year and Holy Days are days of
Eucharistic celebration for Catholic Christians
(Holy Days of Obligation).
Todos los domingos del año y los Días Santos
son días de celebración eucarística para todos los
Católicos Cristianos (Días de Obligación).
Office Hours
Horas de Oficina:
Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM
Lunes - Viernes 9 AM a 5 PM
300 Malabar Road SE , Palm Bay, FL 32907
Phone: 321-725-3066
Father Emmanuel Akalue, Pastor
Father Aland Jean, Parochial Vicar
Father Tom Shea, C.S.C., Religious Priest
November 2, 2014
Father Emmanuel Akalue
Father Aland Jean
Father Tom Shea, C.S.C
William Wanca, Sr.
Kevin Crawford
Alberto Gutierrez
Jack Rhine
Vanessa Espinoza-Jara
Tracy Flavell
Parochial Vicar
Religious Priest
Deacon/Pastoral Assistant
Assistant Director of Music
Office Manager
Timothy Jacques
Maintenance & Custodial Worker
Lynda Parks
Elizabeth Rivera
Director of Music
Maria Sierra
Youth Minister
Jeff Stephen
Parker Ward
Theresa LeVaugh Wood
Pastoral Minister
We are here to serve you / Estamos aquí para servirles
Week at a Glance
Un Vistazo a la Semana
Sunday, November 2
9:00 AM
K of C Open House
Children’s Church
1:30 PM
5:00 PM
Spanish AA Group
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Youth Group—9—12
Monday, November 3
1:30 PM
Centering Prayer
6:00 PM
Cub Scouts
7:00 PM
Spanish Charismatic Prayer
7:00 PM
K of C Meeting
7:00 PM
K of C Auxiliary Meeting
Tuesday, November 4
Voting Precinct—No MEETINGS
Remember to vote
No olvide votar el martes 4 de noviembre
Recuerde: No habrá REUNIONES aquí.
Wednesday, November 5
10:00 AM
Fr. Emmanuel’s Bible Study
10:00 AM
Watercolor & Painting
1:00 PM
Vocation Committee Meeting
4:00 PM
Spanish Choir Rehearsal
5:15 PM
Children’s Choir Rehearsal
5:30 PM
Whole Community Stewardship Event
6:15 PM
Faith Formation—K—8
7:00 PM
Choir Rehearsal for 10 AM Mass
Thursday, November 6
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
Overeaters Anonymous
7:00 PM
Men’s Overeaters Anonymous
7:00 PM
Baptismal Catechumenate
7:00 PM
Girl Scouts
Friday, November 7
10:00 AM
11:30 AM
Loaves & Fishes
7:00 PM
AA Meeting
7:00 PM
Spanish AA Meeting
Saturday, November 8
9:00 AM
Ministry to the Sick Meeting
10:00 AM
5:30 PM
Veteran’s Dinner
Mission Statement / Declaración de Misión
We, the Catholic Community of Our Lady of Grace, are called by God to model Christ by evangelizing and catechizing all to the Reign
of God. We are giŌed by the Holy Spirit, strengthened by the sacraments, and moved to foster parƟcipatory and beauƟful liturgy.
With a loving embrace that encourages reconciliaƟon and healing, we hold close all God’s creaƟon. We are the presence of God, the
hearts, voices and hands of Jesus Christ, whose work we conƟnue as He works with us.
Nosotros, la comunidad católica de Our Lady of Grace, somos llamados por Dios para modelar a Cristo
mediante la evangelización y catequización de todos al Reino de Dios. Estamos dotados por el Espíritu Santo
fortalecidos por los sacramentos y movidos a promover una liturgia hermosa de la cual todos participemos.
Con un abrazo amoroso que nos lleva a la reconciliación y sanación, mantenemos cercana toda la creación de
Dios. Somos la presencia de Dios, los corazones, voces y manos de Jesucristo, cuyo trabajo continuamos
mientras Él continua el suyo en nosotros.
November 2, 2014
Please remember the following people’s
intentions as we gather for Eucharist:
"To everything there is a season and a time
to every purpose under heaven …
Al acercarnos a la Eucaristía, recuerden por favor
las intenciones de las siguientes personas:
“Hay bajo el sol un momento para
todo y un tiempo para hacer cada
cosa …”
Saturday, Nov. 1
4:00 PM
(B) Patrice Belotte by the Belotte Family
†Holger Emmanuel Pedersen, Family, & Friends
†the Rendina Family by Maria Moscardino
Sunday, Nov. 2
8:00 AM
Mass for All Souls by Patti Taylor
†Margaret Woehrle by Ed Woehrle
†Don Leeds by James & Nicole McCandless
†Brigitte Gaujean by Nicole McCandless
10:00 AM
†Deceased Members of the Belotte Family
†Agnes Uyen Nguyen by her Mom
†Sybil Peters Saundeis by Aldwin & Daphne Brown and
Alison Cunningham
†Jean Claude Calixte by Micheline Calixte
12:00 PM
†Frank Rivera by Gladys Silva
Deceased Friends of Maria Moscardino
6:00 PM
Mass for the People of Our Lady of Grace
Monday, Nov. 3
9:00 AM
(RH) Carmen Chungafung by Alexia Hope
Tuesday, Nov. 4
9:00 AM
†Vera DeLucas by Don DeLucas Jr.
†Suzette Larsen by her Family
Wednesday, Nov.5
9:00 AM
†Jorge Montaro by Anita Montaro
Thursday, Nov. 6
9:00 AM
Friday, Nov. 7
9:00 AM
†Holger Emmanuel Pedersen, Family, & Friends
Saturday, Nov. 8
4:00 PM
†Moss & Keim Families
†Dorothy Parks by Lynda & Harry Parks
†Kathleen R. Kearney by the Kearney Family
Sunday, Nov. 9
8:00 AM
†Agnes Samuel by Veronica Samuel
†Agnes Uyen Nguyen by her Mom
†Jean Payer by her Family
†Antonio De La Rosa by the De La Rosas
10:00 AM
†Marc Laly & Duchamel Lundi by Gladys Dupont
†Odettte Sylvester by Gladys Dupont
†Deceased Members of the Charles Family by
Marie Claire Charles
12:00 PM
Mass for the People of Our Lady of Grace
6:00 PM
Tabernacle Candle
All Souls in Purgatory by the Belotte Family
†Gertrude Deshong by Marie Claire Charles
(I) Frank & Grace De La Rosa
For our community members
Por los miembros de nuestra comunidad
time to heal ….un tiempo para sanar
James Callis, Linda McLachlin, Jessica McDuffy,
Nicholas, McDuffy, Jack Rhine, Tim Wheatley,
Trey Crowley, Jean Katz, Bill & Rhonda Wanca,
Donna Viggiano, Giselle Gonzalez
a time to die… un tiempo para morir
Francisco Senorans, Diane Curran, Rosa Sanchez,
KaylaHemby, Rosa Sanchez, Lorenzo Hernandez
For those in the military services …
Spc. Michael Doyle, Jr., Captain Gerrid Gall, Juspo
Melendez, Melanie Lopez, Christian Cardona, Eric
Miranda, MSG Jacob Kasarda, Captain Frank Leroy
Adams, Peter Tran
Please pray for all those listed on our Prayer
IMPORTANT Hospital Information: If
you are going to the hospital, please speak
to the receptionist at the church and let
them know when you will be admitted and
what hospital you are going to. It would
also be very helpful if we knew your room
Federal Privacy Regulation – HIPPA (Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act), prohibits all hospitals
from informing churches of a patient’s presence unless the
patient gives permission for the hospital to do so.
IMPORTANTE: Si vas a estar hospitalizado, notifica en
la oficina de nuestra iglesia , en qué hospital vas a estar.
Ayudaría además, que posteriormente nos indiques el
número de la habitación.
La Regulación Federal de la Privacidad – HIPPA
(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act),
prohíbe a los hospitales dar información de pacientes ,a
menos que el paciente lo autorize.
Mass Intention Codes:
(TG) Thanksgiving
(I) Special Intention
(W) Wedding Anniversary
(RH) Recovery & Healing
(B) Birthday
† Deceased
November 2, 2014
Whole Community Event on Stewardship
Let us be thankful for all we have
Wednesday, November 5
5:30 PM—lite dinner
6:30 PM—event begins
Everyone is invited to come explore what gifts you have to share with
others. Come meet other parishioners. Eat, be creative, have fun!
Evento de la comunidad en Mayordomía
Seamos agradecidos por todo lo que poseemos
Miércoles 5 de noviembre
5:30 PM—cena liviana
6:30 PM—comienza la actividad
Todos son invitados a venir a explorar los dones que tiene para compartir con los demás.
Venga a conocer a otros parroquianos. ¡Aliméntese, sea creativo, diviértase!
All members are invited to our Annual Thanksgiving luncheon and monthly
meeting on Thursday, November 13, 2014 in the Servite Community Center. This
month we would be entertained by The New Horizon band, which is a full orchestra.
The band members are retirees; they hold concerts in Communities performing in many
different settings and for large audiences. Please join us to listen and enjoy a group of seniors with their best
in music.
For the luncheon, please bring a dish that would compliment turkey and ham, which will be provided.
Todos los miembros están invitados a nuestro almuerzo anual de Acción de Gracias, el jueves 13 de noviembre 2014, en el Centro Comunitario Servita. Este mes, el entretenimiento estará a cargo de la banda “New
Horizon”, la cual es una orquesta completa. Sus miembros son personas retiradas, que ofrecen conciertos en
Comunidades, para diferentes ocasiones y para audiencias grandes. Únase a nosotros y disfrute a este grupo
brindarnos lo mejor de su música.
Para el almuerzo traiga por favor un platillo para acompañar el pavo y el jamón que serán provistos.
November 2, 2014
St. Vincent de Paul Society would like to thank the
Our Lady of Grace community for their help in
making the Penny Social 2014 a success. Not only
was it a lot of fun, the profit was over $4000. The
money from the Penny Social will go a long way in
helping us to serve the needs of the community.
Many of you helped to make our effort successful,
and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
God bless you all. Society of St. Vincent de Paul,
Our Lady of Grace Conference
La Sociedad de San Vicente de Paúl quiere agradecer a la comunidad de Our Lady of Grace por el
éxito logrado en el “Penny Social 2014”. No solamente fue una gran diversión, también hubo
ganacias de sobre $4,000. Dichos fondos serán
utilizados para ayudarnos a servir las necesidades
de la comunidad. Muchos de ustedes cooperaron
para que nuestro esfuerzo fuera exitoso, y se lo
agradecemos de corazón. Dios les bendiga. Conferencia Our Lady of Grace, de la Sociedad de San
Vicente de Paúl.
Thanksgiving Dinner served here
at Our Lady of Grace
Thursday, November 27
11:30 AM—1:00 PM
All are Welcome!
Come share a meal and appreciate all we
are thankful for.
There will be no Loaves & Fishes on Friday,
November 28
Se servirá Cena de Acción de Gracias
aquí en Our Lady of Grace
jueves, 27 de noviembre
11:30 AM—1:00 PM
¡Todos están invitados!
Ven y comparte un alimento y aprecia los
motivos de nuestro agradecimiento
No Habrá “Loaves and Fishes” el viernes 28
de noviembre
We need your assistance. We have a beautiful flag
ceremony on Sunday, February 1 as part of the
Heritage Mass and parade, but we need someone to
coordinate this process. We also need someone to
coordinate the book & DVD booth this year. Please
call Tracy if you are interested in helping.
Necesitamos su ayuda. El domingo 1 de febrero
tendremos una hermosa ceremonia de banderas,
parte de la Misa de la Herencia y de la parada, pero
necesitamos una persona que coordine el proceso.
Además este año se necesita un coordinador para el
puesto de libros & DVD. Llame a Tracy si está
Honoring all Veterans—All Veterans and families are invited to
4:00 PM Mass with dinner following on Saturday, November 8.
Please RSVP to Tim at the church
Honrando a todos los Veteranos – Todos los
veteranos y sus familias están invitados el sábado 8
de noviembre a la Misa de 4:00PM, seguido de una
cena. Favor de confirmar su asistencia con Tim, en la
oficina – 725-3066
Church Flowers
A donation was made to the church
flowers this weekend in memory of
James Anderson by Deborah
Flores de la Iglesia
Se recibió un donativo para las flores de la Iglesia de
este fin de semana, en memoria de James Anderson y
Deborah Anderson.
November 2, 2014
Subscribe today to the Florida Catholic! Stay updated with Diocesan events.
The Florida Catholic’s Subscription Appeal is November 8-9. If you have already returned your
subscription we thank you. Our parish is assessed a certain amount each year for the paper, so any
subscriptions we get help defray this cost. Sign up today!!
¡Subscríbase hoy al “Florida Catholic”! Manéngase informado de los eventos Diocesanos
Del “Florida Catholic” el Llamado a la Subscripción será el 8 y9 de noviembre. Si ya ha entregado su
subscripción, se lo agradecemos. Nuestra parroquia es responsable de cierta cantidad de periódicos cada
año, así que todas las subscripciones que logremos ayudará a disminuír este gasto.
Get your 2015 Sunday
Available at our
Grace Gift Shop
Come and Visit us!
Adquiera su Misal
Dominical 2015
Evangelio y Vida
Ministry to the
Sick Reminder
Our final quarterly
meeting of the year
for the Ministers to
the Sick will be held
Saturday, November
8th in the quad room
at 9:00am. New MTS handbooks for 2015 will be
available for $5.00.
It is a special meeting as Dee Wolfried from Trans
Life organ & tissue donation services will be our
speaker. Any parishioner interested in this program
is invited to attend.
Disponibles en nuestro
Grace Gift Shop
Theme for “In Appreciation of…”
Tema para “En agradecimiento…”
November 2— all those that have gone before us.
2 de noviembre—todos los que partieron antes que
Recordatorio del Ministerio
de los Enfermos
Nuestra reunión final trimestral del año de los
Ministros de los Enfermos se llevará a cabo el
sábado 8 de noviembre a las 9:00 Am, en el “quad
room”. El nuevo manual MTS para el 2015 está
disponible a $5.00.
Está será una reunión especial, ya que se dirigirá a
nosotros Dee Wolfried, de Trans Life, servicios de
donación de órganos y tejidos. Cualquier feligrés
interesado en este programa es bienvenido.
November 2, 2014
God's Vineyard - Seasons of Our Lives
For all women of the parish
A Seminar presented by the ODCCW “Personal Development Team”
at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
Servite Community Center Hall
300 Malabar Rd. SE Palm Bay, FL 32907
November 15, 2014
Registration begins at 8:30 AM
Presentation: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
“You are invited to join us as we journey through Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall with the Master Gardener.
This all-inspiring path through the circle of life in God’s Vineyard will be a memorable experience.”
Registration fee: $10.00 includes:
Continental breakfast, lunch and material
Reservation deadline: November 7, 2014
Registration Forms: Narthex and Church Office
Un Seminario presentado por el “Equipo de Desarrollo Personal”
del Consejo de Mujeres Católicas de la Diócesis de Orlando,
En la Iglesia Católica Our Lady of Grace,
Centro Comunitario Servita
Calle Malabar #300, SE Palm Bay, FL 32907
15 de noviembre , 2014 Registro comienza a las 8:30 AM
Presentación: 9:00 AM a 3:00 PM
“Le invitamos a unirse a nuestro viaje a través del
Invierno, Primavera, Verano y Otoño con el Maestro Jardinero. Este trayecto, totalmente inspirador a través
del círculo de la vida en la Viña del Señor, será una experiencia inolvidable."
Cuota Registro: $10.00, que incluye:
Desayuno continental, almuerzo y materiales
Fecha Límite para Reservación: 7 de noviembre, 2014 Formas de Inscripción: Atrio y Oficina Parroquial
Come celebrate the Servants of Mary All Souls Day hosted by the
Secular Order on Monday, November 17, at 7 PM.
There will be a prayer service in the church to honor the friars who founded our parish and
the deceased members of the secular order.
All are welcome.
Ven a celebrar el Día de los Difuntos de los Siervos de María, auspiciado por la
Orden Seglar, el lunes 17 de noviembre a las 7 p.m.
Habrá un servicio de oración en la Iglesia para honrar a los frailes que fundaron nuestra parroquia y a los
miembros difuntos de la Orden Seglar.
Están todos invitados.
November 2, 2014
Annual Financial Report July 2013 – June 2014
Dear Parishioners,
May the peace and love reign in our hearts always. I thank God for the gradual economic recovery. I pray that
each family of our parish will experience progress, so that you will conƟnue to share your blessings with our beloved
parish for our ministries, liturgy, evangelizaƟon, building projects, and charity.
This report provides you with the feedback on how your generosity in the last fiscal year was judiciously uƟlized
for the work of faith, hope and love. May God conƟnue to bless and prosper you and your family which will lead you
to a greater commitment to his mission. Amen.
Fr. Emmanuel Akalue
Revenue $772,578.00
Through our offertory collections we were able to reseal the
driveways and parking spots,
build a ramp and votive candle
stand in the church, purchase a
new sound board and bell system, improve some of our lights
with more energy efficient
bulbs and have an Appreciation
Dinner. The largest accomplishment was reducing the building
In the near future we will need
to replace the church AC units,
the roof on our Servite Building, repaint the entire campus
buildings and upgrade to a new
phone system, so please continue to tithe to Our Lady of
Time, Talent and Treasure is
how we accomplish all things
through God.
November 2, 2014
Building Debt Reduction
Balance 7/1/2013
Paid to principal
Transfer from checking
Heritage Festival Revenue
Alive in Christ
Balance 6/30/2014
$ 63,625
$ 25,000
$ 24,000
$ 39,020
Interest paid
$ 21,330
Average Weekend Attendance at Masses—1,300 people
Average Daily Mass Attendance—40 people
Faith Formation
Faith Formation for Children (K-8) - 135
Faith Formation for Youth (9-12) - 58
Vacation Bible School—102
We continue to be prudent on reducing this
debt and we thank you for your continued
First Communions—35
Holy Matrimony—4
Parish Community
Our Catholic Appeal Assessment for 2013 was
$105,348 and the paid pledges amounted to $115,055,
which left an excess of $9,707 which was deposited
into our savings to cover the loss from the previous
The Catholic Appeal Assessment for 2014 is $95,421.
We are currently on track to fulfill that assessment with
hopefully even some surplus.
We are very grateful to you for your continued
commitment to Our Catholic Appeal.
Registered Families—1,115
Active Ministries—35
Loaves & Fishes ministry serves lunch to about 220
people every Friday
• SVDP serves approximately 554 families per month
We celebrated our 14th Annual Heritage Festival in February 2014. This continues to be our biggest fundraiser and
a GREAT way to bring our ethnic community together
where we do celebrate our diversity.
If you have questions about the church finances, please contact Fr. Emmanuel Akalue or Tracy Flavell at the Church Office. You
may also contact one of the finance committee members listed below. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.
Finance Committee Members
Rosivette Rodriguez, Chair; Don Carothers; Vivian Cleary, JoEllen Dessert, Karen Foley, Coral Perez
November 2, 2014
November 2, 2014
November 2, 2014
Total Yearly
Ingreso Anual
Share the Question of the Week with
your family or within your ministry.
$12,000-GOAL / Meta
Comparte la pregunta de la semana con
tu familia o en tu ministerio.
Offertory Contributions
Contribuciones Semanales De Ofertorio
October 26, 2014 / 26 de octubre de 2014
Whom do you know who has
entered eternal life? What lasting
gifts did that person bring to you?
¿A quién conoce que haya pasado a la
vida eterna? ¿Qué regalos duraderos esa
persona le dejó?
Loose Cash/Efectivo
# of Envelopes Used /
#Sobres usados
Diocese Seminarian Collection
$ 1,814
$ 8,936
Monthly Building Debt Reduction Report
Informe de Deuda Mensual del Edificio
Interest paid 10/16/14
$ 1,307
Principal paid 10/16/14
$ 9,000
Debt Reduction Monthly Goal
Meta Mensual para reducir la deuda …..$ 10,000
Building Debt as of 10/16/14
Deuda del edificio al 16/10/14 ………… $323,723