TEQUILAS - Cantina Dos Segundos

Direct from the still, Blanco or Plata
(white or silver) tequilas are fresh and
true to the nose and taste of the agave
plant. This is tequila in its most pure
and simple state, and therefore the best
category to select from in the blending of a margarita.
1800 8
Asombroso Platino 12
Astral 10
Bracero 9
Cabo Wabo 10
Casa Noble Crystal 11
Casamigos 11
Cazadores 8
Chinaco 12
Corazon 7
Corralejo 8
Cruz 11
Don Eduardo 10
Don Julio 13
Don Roberto Plata 10
Dulce Vida 11
El Diamante del Cielo 13
El Gran Jubileo 12
El Jimador 7
El Mayor 8
El Tesoro Platinum 12
Espolon 8
Fortaleza 13
Gran Centenario 12
Herradura Silver 10
Inocente 10
Ixa 8
Kah 13
Leyenda del Milagro 8
Partida 13
Patron Silver 13
Roca Patron 16
Sauza Hornitos Plata 7
Siembra Azul 10
Siembra Valles 11
Siete Leguas 13
Tequila Ocho 13
Tierras 11
Tres Agaves 8
Tres Generaciones Plata 10
Voodoo Tiki 12
Reposado means rested. These tequilas
have been aged from two months to up
to a year in oak casks which impart to
Reposados their mellowed taste, pleasing
bouquet, and pale color.
Anejo tequilas are aged in wooden barrels for a minimum of one year and
sometimes as long as five. The influence of the oak is more pronounced
than in Reposados. Anejos may become quite dark and woody and develop their unique bouquet and taste, in
part, from the oxidation which occurs
over time through the porous wood.
2012 Luna Nueva 12
Arette Unique 15
Asombroso La Rosa 15
Cabo Wabo 11
Casa Noble 13
Casamigos 13
Cazadores 9
Chinaco 13
Corazon 8
Corralejo 9
Cruz 12
Don Eduardo 12
Don Julio 13
Don Roberto 12
Dulce Vida 12
El Diamante del Cielo 12
El Gran Jubileo 14
El Jimador 8
El Mayor 10
El Tesoro 12
Espolon 8
Fortaleza 16
Herradura 12
Kah 14
Leyenda del Milagro 9
Marquez de Valencia 14
Partida 15
Roca Patron 19
Sauza Hornitos 7
Siembra Azul 11
Siete Leguas 12
Tequila Ocho 15
Tierras 12
Tres Agaves 11
Tres Generaciones 12
Voodoo Tiki 13
Zafarrancho 11
Bracero 10
Cabo Wabo 15
Calle 23 8
Casa Noble 16
Casamigos 14
Cazadores 12
Chinaco 15
Corazon 9
Corralejo 16
Don Eduardo 13
Don Julio 14
Don Roberto 13
Dulce Vida 13
El Diamante del Cielo 16
El Jimador 9
El Mayor 11
El Tesoro 13
Fortaleza 22
Gran Centenario 12
Herradura 12
Kah 15
Leyenda del Milagro 12
Partida 16
Roca Patron 20
Sauza Hornitos 9
Siembra Azul 12
Siete Leguas 13
Tequila Ocho 16
Tierras 13
Tres Agaves 12
Tres Generaciones 11.50
Voodoo Tiki 14
This flight gives you the opportunity to compare the three
different styles of tequila: a young Blanco, a mellowed
Reposado and an aged Anejo.
This flight consists of four of the finest sipping tequilas whose amber color and rich, woody flavors are attributed to their time spent in oak barrels. But whose
oak? The first two anejos have matured in bourbon
barrels from Kentucky while the third relaxed in white
French oak. The fourth, a Reposado, derives its distinct
rose color from a three month stretch in French oak barrels
which formerly housed vintage Bordeaux.
Leyenda del Milagro
Corralejo Reposado • Siembra Azul Anejo
In this flight, an attempt to determine the true essence of
the agave plant, you are treated to four different Blancos:
two tequilas that are bottled right after distillation and two
Suaves that are given around a month to idle in oak.
Tierras • Leyenda del Milagro
1800 Silver • Chinaco
Recommended for a lover of the distinctively peaty single
malt scotches of Islay, this flight puts forward three tequilas
that harken back to the assertive smoky flavors of tequila’s
mezcal forebears. Not for the weak of heart!
Siete Leguas Blanco
El Tesoro Reposado • El Mayor Anejo
These vertical flights allow you to experience all three
styles of tequila: Blanco, Reposado, Anejo through the eyes
and technique of a single producer.
El Mayor 13 • Hornitos 10 • El Jimador 11
Siembra Azul 15 • Milagro 13 • Partida 20
Kah 18 • El Tesoro 18 • Don Julio 16 • Fortaleza 18
Casamigos 20 • Tequila Ocho 19
El Jimador • Tres Generaciones
Casa Noble • Asombroso La Rosa
Terroir in Jalisco? This flight of four Reposados compares
tequilas from the Los Altos region, described as having
“fruitier” characteristics, with those of the Lowlands, known
generally for earthier flavors.
Cazadores • Don Julio
Sauza Hornitos • Cabo Wabo
Terroir in Oaxaca? This flight compares three mezcals from
villages with different climates and growing conditions: the
narrow, hot valley of San Luis del Rio; the tropical, Hawaiilike environs of Santo Domingo Albarradas; and the broad
valley of both desert and semi-tropics, Chichicapa.
Del Maguey Mezcal San Luis del Rio
Santo Domingo Albarradas • Chichicapa
Best to be sipped and savored, premium tequilas represent the ultimate expression of the spirit
of the agave plant and the craft of the tequilero who tames it.
El Conde Azul Blanco 16 * El Conde Azul Reposado 17 * El Conde Azul Anejo 19
Dos Armadillos Blanco 15 * Dos Armadillos Reposado 16 * Dos Armadillos Anejo 18
Avion Reserva 44 24 * Gran Patron Platinum 42
Leyenda del Milagro Select Barrel Blanco 13 Reposado 14 Anejo 20
El Mayor Ultra Anejo 24 * Don Julio Real 50 * El Tesoro Paradiso 24
Herradura Reserva 2012 Port Cask Finish 23 * Herradura Reserva 2013 Cognac Cask Finish 23
Herradura Reserva 2014 Scotch Cask Finish 23 * Herradura Seleccion Suprema 50
El Gran Jubileo 5 Year 24 * Sauza Extra Anejo Edicion Limitada 25
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Extra Anejo 26 * Tequila Ocho 2009 Extra Anejo 32
Siembra Azul Suro 17 * Siembra Azul Elisa 21 * Siembra Azul Pinera 31
Asombroso Extra Anejo 38 * Don Julio 1942 22 * Casa Dragones 40