SATURDAY, February 21
9:00 Spanish Baptism Class-Fenmont
3:00 - 4:00 Reconciliation - Church
4:30 Mass [James & Ruth Milillo Anniv.]
SUNDAY, February 22 1st Sunday of Lent
8:30 Mass [The Parish Family]
9:30 RCIA - Dayton House
9:45 PREP
11:00 Mass[Robert C.& Patricia Osterman Annniv]
1:00 Misa en Español
1:00 Secular Franciscans – Dayton House
MONDAY, February 23
12:00 Mass [ Rita Yokers ]
7:00 St. Vincent de Paul - Church Office
7:00 Caring Hands Group - Fenmont
TUESDAY, February 24
8:00 Mass [The Parish Family]
7:00 Holy Hour- Church
WEDNESDAY, February 25
8:00 Holy Communion Service
7:00 BINGO
7:00 Spanish Choir- Church
7:00 RCIA - Dayton House
February 22, 2015
The movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, is being shown
in theaters across America. You may have heard or read
that Archbishop Schnurr issued a statement about the
The story line is presented as a romance; however, the
underlying theme is that bondage, dominance, and
sadomasochism are normal and pleasurable. In the story
line, a young Miss Steele is urged to sign a contract
becoming a sex slave and agreeing to an abusive and
degrading relationship. This movie is in direct contrast to
the Christian message of God’s design for self-giving and
self-sacrificing love, marriage and sexual intimacy. The
movie is a direct assault on Christian marriage and on the
moral and spiritual strength of God’s people. We need to
inform our people about the destructive message of this
movie and to highlight the beauty of God’s design for
loving relationships between a husband and wife in the
bond of marriage.
Personally, I again encourage couples to consider
either a Marriage Encounter weekend or other kind of
While sexual expression is
important to marriage, it is not essential.
The movie seems to lift it up while
demeaning commitment.
THURSDAY, February 26
8:00 Mass [John Lacker+]
1:30 Staff Meeting - Church Office
7:00 Choir - Church
7:00 RCIA Inquiry Session - Dayton House
FRIDAY, February 27
9:00 Newsletter Mailing - Church Office
12:00 Mass [Walter Pucke*]
7:00 Way of the Cross
SATURDAY, February 28
3:00 - 4:00 Reconciliation - Church
4:30 Mass [Laverne Preston]
SUNDAY, March 1 2nd Sunday of Lent
8:30 Mass [Altar Rosary Members Living &Dec’d]
9:30 RCIA - Dayton House
9:45 PREP
11:00 Mass[The Parish Family]
1:00 Misa en Español
As we begin this Lenten season we are reminded
of the everlasting covenant God made with us.
Renew the promise you made with God. Believe
in the Good News! (Psalm 25)
Sunday First Sunday of Lent
Gn 9:8-15; Ps 25; 1 Pt 3:18-22; Mk 1:12-15
Monday Saint Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr
Lv 19:1-2, 11-18; Ps 19; Mt 25:31-46
Tuesday Is 55:10-11; Ps 34; Mt 6:7-15
Wednesday Jon 3:1-10; Ps 51; Lk 11:29-32
Thursday Est C:12, 14-16, 23-25; Ps 138; Mt 7:7-12
Friday Ez 18:21-28; Ps 130; Mt 5:20-26
Saturday Dt 26:16-19; Ps 119; Mt 5:43-48
Sunday Second Sunday of Lent
Gn 22:1-2, 9a, 10-13, 15-18; Ps 116;
Rom 8:31b-34; Mk 9:2-10
February 22, 2015
TREASURE: Weekly Collection Report July 2014—June 2015
Collection February 15, 2015
Adult Envelopes Received
Regular Collection Need:
Regular Collection Received
Over/Under Goal:
YTD Regular Collection Goal:
YTD Regular Collection Received
YTD Over/Under Goal:
( 401.94)
St. Julie Billiart Capital Campaign
Drive: Preserving our Past –
Preparing for Our Future
As of 2-15-15 we have received
$530,678.02 in donations for the drive.
We have exceeded our goal to raise
$500,000.00! Thank you for your generous response to this
drive which helped us to update our buildings so that we can
continue to bring Christ to others through a variety of
religious programs as well as recreational and social
Capital Drive Project Update:
There were 35projects for Phase I of our capital campaign.
To date 24 projects are complete. The total budgeted cost of
the 35 projects was $560,000.00. So, if we r each this goal
all projects in Phase I will be able to be completed. So
what’s left to do?
Updated security entry system for outside entry doors
Upgrades to 2nd floor restrooms
1st Floor hallway and classroom flooring
Office & Dayton House
Interior updates: carpeting, painting
Upgrade building insulation
We are counting on the fulfillment of all outstanding
pledges and welcome additional donations in order to be
able to complete the remaining projects listed above. Thank
you again for your outstanding generosity!
2015 Golden (50th)
Wedding Anniversary Mass
2:00pm Saturday, May 2, 2015
at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral.
And, if you know of anyone who is celebrating
their 25th, 50th, 60th, 70th or 75th anniversaries,
please contact the Parish Office by March 8th at
863-1040 or
First Communion JESUS DAY
All First Communicants and their
parents are participating in the
JESUS DAY on Saturday, March
7 beginning at 1 :00 pm at the
Fenmont. We ask that the First
Communion Banner is turned in
at that time. We look forward to painting a Blessing
Cup, playing Eucharistic Bingo, Acting out the Loaves
and Fish Bible Story, practicing our reverence for the
Holy Eucharist and MORE!
The First Communicants and their families will be
attending the 4:30 pm Mass that Saturday.
Chapter 6 in the White Book
Families are asked to complete chapter 6 in the white
book for First Communion.
Confirmation Candidates & Families
All folder work needs to be turned in at St. Pete School
or to PREP.
Sponsor & Baptismal Forms need to be turned in. Extra
forms may be printed off
The reservations for the Bus to bring candidates and
any family members to the Cathedral on Wed. April 15
will be taken at PREP on Sundays or at the parish office
during the week. Mentors will continue interviewing
candidates on Sunday, March 8 during PREP.
Last week, all our PREP catechists attended a meeting
to brush up on discipline skills and Lenten Lesson
Planning. Thank you for your time and for sharing your
RICE BOWL PRAYERS –Please use the calendar and
Rice Bowl to enrich your Lent! Check out the website at
Please remember to SPRING AHEAD on
your clocks
2015 Catholic Ministries Appeal
Archbishop Schnurr sends his thanks to everyone
from St. Julie Billiart who has supported the 2015
Catholic Ministries Appeal. If you have not yet
made your pledge, please consider doing so this
week. For more information and to pledge securely
online, please visit Thank
February 22, 2015
Is there someone you
love who has stopped
coming to Mass or feels
separated from the
to church. Text key
word FREEDOM to 66866 for your FREE talk “Freedom
Through Forgiveness” by Ken Yasinski or go to Catholic churches across the
Archdiocese of Cincinnati will be open for quiet prayer
and confession on Tuesday, March 3 from 7:00pm –
9:00pm.In addition the Sacrament is celebrated at
St. Julie Billiart every Saturday from 3:00 to 4:00pm
and in a community setting with a number of
priests on Thursday March 12 at 7:00 pm. Invite
your friend to enjoy the quiet and peace of people gatheredinsilentprayer.Ifthetimeisright,alsoinvitehimor
hertoconsidertalkingwithapriestorreceivingtheSacrament of Reconciliation. Learn more at:
Alumnae Association
is pleased to announce they will be
awarding 11 one-time
$500 Scholarships for the upcoming 2015-2016
school year. This scholarship is open to any 8th
grade girls residing in Butler County who will attend Badin High School next school year. Applications were mailed to all girls who are currently enrolled in a Butler County parish school. If you did
not receive an application or have questions,
please contact Carol Mulcahey at 513-863-7886 or
at (please put Notre Dame
Scholarship in the subject line). All applications
must be postmarked by March 1, 2015 to be eliwww.Ligh and follow #WalktHISway on gible for the scholarship.
Facebook and Twi"er
Has your marriage grown cold, distant,
unloving, or uncaring? Then please consider Retrouvaille - a program designed
to help heal and renew marriages.
Retrouvaille is for marriages that have
lost some of their spark, for marriages
having difficulties in communication and
even those marriages on the edge of separation and divorce. The next program locally is April 17,
18, 19 2015. For more information call: 513-922-6045 or go
to Other weekends and locations are
available – call for details. Do not let finances be a problem.
St. Julie Billiart Parish can help with the cost.
What can you do to be
involved in the RCIA?
First of all, you are already involved with the
RCIA. The men, women, and children in RCIA are
there because they want to join Christ. And where do
they find Christ? In the Body of Christ – the parish.
They see you in the pew each Sunday participating in
Mass and doing good works in your life. So you are
already involved in the RCIA by being a member of
the Body of Christ. You set an example of faith to
these seekers who want to join Christ.
Now, maybe you feel called to do something
more. You want to share your faith and love of Christ
Parents of elementary and high school students in some way. The process of the RCIA can use your
are invited and encouraged to attend the
help in a number of ways. To find out more about the
'INVESTING IN YOUR CHILD'S FUTURE, Profesways you might be called to become more involved
sional Tips to Prepare Financially for College'
in the RCIA, call Mary Richter, RCIA Coordinator,
presentation on Wed., Feb 25 at 6:30 PM, at the 863-1040 ext *817, or email
Courtyard by Marriott, Hamilton. The presentation is brought to you by Badin High School,
presented by Courtney Walls of Blackrock, and
hosted by financial advisor Matthew Wissman.
The event is free, but requires a reservation please RSVP to Angie Bucheit or 513-863-3993 x144.
PRAYER Partners
We have just a few more children who need
a person to pray for them and their families
while they prepare for the reception of First
Holy Eucharist. Please see the church display in the main entrance of Church.
February 22, 2015
St. Julie Billiart Annual Lenten Meal
Friday, March 20, 2015
The Fenmont
Jim’s “Famous” Baked Tilapia
Mark’s “Fabulous” Fried Fish
and Scrumptious Shrimp
John’s Tasty Cheese & Veggie Pizzas
Bill’s Marvelous Macaroni and Cheese
Gordon’s Fantastic French Fries & Special Sweet Potato Fries
Creamy Cole Slaw
Homemade desserts
Soft Drinks, Coffee
The parish hospitality committee invites you and your family and friends to enjoy our annual
Lenten meal served from 5-7:30pm. Carry Outs Available Call 513-290-4181
Adults $9.00
Seniors & Teens $8.00
Children $4.00
Family $25.00
We appreciate your help and homemade desserts brought to the Fenmont on the 20th.
Your reservations enable us to plan.
Name______________________ Telephone # ________________
E-mail ________________
Please indicate the number who will enjoy any or all of the menu items:
• Fried Fish: _____Adults_____ Seniors/Teens____ Children
• Fried Shrimp: _____Adults_____ Seniors/Teens____ Children
• Baked Tilapia: _______Adults _______Seniors/Teens ______Children
• Cheese Pizza________ Veggie Pizza________
I/we will bring a dessert________
I/we will help:
in the kitchen and set up
Friday, March 20, 9:30am______2:30-4:45pm_______4:30-6:15pm_____
Serve 4:45-6:15pm_____6:00-7:30_____ Clean-up 5:30-7pm_____7-9pm______
LPMP Information Meetings for Dayton Location:
The Lay Pastoral Ministry Program will offer the Non-Degreed Certificate Option in Dayton beginning in August 2015. The program is
designed for busy adults with Saturday classes and flexible formation
components. Learn about Sacred Scripture, Church Doctrine, Moral
Issues, Catholic Social Teaching, the Life of Jesus, Evangelization,
Church History and your own call to Discipleship. The integrated approach deepens your faith, expands your knowledge and develops your
skills for service. Information Meetings are informal and open to the
public. They will include an overview of courses and formation, program benefits, the fees and application process. Join Deacon Hal at the
Pilarczyk Center, 1436 Needmore Road, Dayton on Wednesday, March
4, 2015 – 7:00 PM OR Sunday, March 8, 2015 – 2:30 PM OR Saturday, April 11, 2015 – 10:00 AM. For information, call Deacon Hal at
419-305-5486 or email
February 22, 2015
Mount Notre Dame
Lenten Morning of Reflec on
Saturday, March 21 9am—noon
Mount Notre Dame alumnae, family,
friends and community members are
invited to join us for MND’s Lenten
Morning of Reflec on on March 21,
2015 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the
Mount Notre Dame chapel. The morning ac vi es will include: Tammy Bundy
giving a talk on Listening with your
Whole Self, enjoyment of a light breakfast, group reflec on and prayer. This
event is $10 per person. To register
visit or contact
Alumnae Director Megan Seibert
Betsch ‘02 at 513.821.3044 x141. Hope
to see you there!
Caregivers Assistance Network
Volunteer opportunities
Are you the primary caretaker
for an aging parent or spouse?
There are Caregivers support groups in 27 locations around the Archdiocese. These monthly meetings offer support and resources for individuals just like you.
Why should someone attend?
• To help caregivers- care for themselves and access valuable resource information
• To provide caregivers with opportunities to express their feelings
in a non-threatening, and non-judgmental atmosphere
• To help caregivers learn that they are not alone and to share techniques for handling the “nitty-gritty” of daily care
• To connect with other caregivers who will listen, understand and
ease your burden
Call the Careline (513) 869-4483 to find a group near you.
To get involved contact Phenicia Johnson, Catholic Charities / Su Casa
Volunteer Coordinator at 513-672-3725 or by email at
Hungering for the Journey
Join our parish community—and more than 13,000 Catholic
communi es across the United States—in a life-changing Lenten journey with CRS Rice Bowl. Pick up
your family’s rice bowl from tables near Church entrances, and
don’t forget to download the CRS Rice Bowl app!
Remember, your Lenten sacrifices change lives.
Live the Corporal Works of Mercy by
Welcoming the Stranger. Teaching
English as a Second Language to non
-native speakers. Su Casa will provide
the curriculum. There is no need to
speak Spanish to volunteer for this opportunity, as one of the rules of ESL is
speaking only English in class! This is a
great opportunity to help people adjust
to life in the United States and learn the
language. Classes are held Tuesday and
Thursday evenings and Saturday morning. If you speak English, you can be a
teacher. You will need patience, understanding and a positive attitude. To get
involved contact Phenicia Johnson,
Catholic Charities / Su Casa Volunteer
Coordinator at 513-672-3725 or by
email at
A parishioner who lives on
Buckeye Street is seeking
transportation to
daily and/or weekend Masses.
Please call the
Hungering for a Be er Life
Our journey with CRS Rice Bowl begins in Tanzania, where a office, 863-1040,
simple soybean is changing lives! What ac ons can you take if you can assist
this Lent to change lives—at home and around the world?
Week 1 PDF
Page 1 English
Will be sent as a separate .pdf
Week 1 PDF
Page 2 English
Week 1 PDF
Page 1 Spanish
Will be sent as a separate .pdf
Week 1 PDF
Page 2 Spanish
22 de Febrero, 2015
LEER: Génesis 9: 8-15; Salmo 24;
1 Pedro 3:18-22; Marcos 1:12-15
niños preparándose para la primera comunión y sus
padres estarán participando en el Dia de Jesús el Sábado 7 de Marzo empezando a la 1:00pm en el Fenmont. Les pedimos que traigan su banderita de Primera
Comunión ese dia. Tenemos un dia lleno de actividades planeado. Vamos a ir a Misa a las 4:30pm.
CAPITULO 6 EN EL LIBRO BLANCO-Todas las familias deben terminar el capítulo 6 del libro de Sacramentos blanco.
Todos los papeles del folder necesitan ser entregados
a la escuela de St. Pete ó a PREP.
Las hojas de los padrinos y de Bautizo necesitan ser
entregadas. Pueden encontrar mas copias de las hojas
Las reservaciones del Bus para llevar a los candidatos
y a sus familias a la Catedral el Miércoles 15 de Abril
se harán durante PREP los Domingos ó en la oficina
de la Parroquia durante la semana.
GRACIAS - La semana pasada todos los catequistas de PREP asistieron a una reunión para repasar en
habilidades de disciplina y planear las lecciones durante la Cuaresma. Gracias por su tiempo y por compartir
sus talentos!
Todos los Viernes durante la Cuaresma a las 8:00pm
en Español.
La formación será de Abril a Agosto a cada otro Viernes de 6:00-9:00pm en el Fenmont.
Para más información por favor comuníquese con Karla Eysoldt al (513) 448-8994.
La Luz está Encendida para Ti
¿Hay alguien a quien usted ama que ha dejado de participar en Misa ó que se siente separado de la Iglesia?
Unase con el Señor en invitarlo a él o ella a regresar a
la Iglesia. Mande un Texto con la palabra clave
FREEDOM a 66866 para su conversación GRATIS
“Libertad a través del Perdón” de Ken Yasinski o vaya
Iglesias Católicas a través de la Arquidiócesis de Cincinnati estarán abiertas para confesiones y Oraciones
el Martes, 3 de Marzo de 7:00pm a 9:00pm. Invite a
sus amigos a disfrutar de la paz de personas rezando
en silencio. Si el tiempo es justo, invitelos a considerar
que hablen con el sacerdote o que reciban el Sacramento de Reconciliación. Aprenda más en: y siga #WalktHISway en Facebook y Twitter
SU CASA se ha mudado. La nueva dirección
es: Mid Pointe Tower, 7162 Reading Rd,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237. Tel 513-761-1588.
¿Ha pensado usted en la mejor
educación para sus hijos?
Las escuelas católicas ofrecen una
enseñanza superior en un ambiente
de fe, valores y disciplina. Venga a
visitarnos y no se arrepentirá. ¡Las
inscripciones ya están abiertas!
Tenemos becas y ayuda financiera
disponible. Para más información,
por favor comuníquese con Mayra Wilson– Coordinadora
de Relaciones Hispanas al (513) 421.3131 ext. 2718
ESCUELAS CATÓLICAS - ¡La mejor opción… para
lo que más importa!
Para interesados en atender escuela Secundaria (High
School) por favor comuniquense con Karla Eysoldt al
(513) 448-8994 o con el Padre Miguel.
Ya no se ofrecerá clases de inglés durante la mañana en
el Fenmont a causa de poca asistencia. La última clase
fue el 18 de diciembre. Los que ya están en la clase pueden
continuar en el Lane Library Tech Center en 10 Journal
Square, Hamilton 45011.
Todavía habrá clases por la tarde de 5:30-8:30pm
Los que quieren matricularse pueden comunicarse con la
oficina de ABLE de Butler Tech’s al 420-4520 para buscar
mayor información. Si los números aumentan ofrecerán
clases nuevamente en el Fenmont. Gracias.
Lecturas de la Semana - Febrero 23-28
Lunes: Levítico 19:1-2, 11-18; Salmo 18; Mateo 25:31-46
Martes: Isaías 55:10-11; Salmo 33; Mateo 6:7-15
Miércoles: Jonás 3:1-10; Salmo 50; Lucas 11:29-32
Jueves: Ester 4, 17n. P-r. aa-bb. gg-hh; Salmo 137; Mateo
Viernes: Ezequiel 18:21-28; Salmo 129; Mateo 5:20-26
Sábado: Deuter onomio 26:16-19; Salmo 118;
Mateo 5:43-48