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February 20, 2015
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Atelier at SBMA: Primavera In Winter
Compiled by Jeanette Casillas
Mediterranee Antiques and Art, Carpinteria
Contemporary, vintage and antique paintings. California Plein Air.
Representing local artist since 2002. • ongoing • 500 Maple Av • TuSa 11-4pm or by Appt • 695-0910.
Architectural Foundation Gallery
Black & White and a Little Red by Jeffrey Sipress-Thru Feb 27 • Prints
Plus by R. Anthony Askew-Mar 6-Apr 10 • 229 E Victoria • Tu-Fr 92pm • 965-6307.
ArtAMO Gallery
Art & Soul of Santa Barbara
Local fine art and jewelry • 1221 State St #7 • Tu-Sa11-8pm; Su 115pm • 722-5054.
Artiste Gallery (Los Olivos)
Wine art by D. Bayless; J. Brown; C. Locascio; A. Luongo; C. Nelson; C.
Perez; S. Quartly; D. Talerico; C. Watanabe • Ongoing • Daily 10-5pm
• 2948 Grand Av, Studio E • 686-2626.
Art From Scrap Gallery
New Arrivals-Thru Mar 1 • Flight Plan by Julia Pinkham-Mar 5–26 •
11 W Anapamu • Tu-Su 12-5pm • 568-1400.
Reclaiming Nature Literacy Through Art or Nature Literacy-Thru Mar
26 • 302 E. Cota St • Tu-We, Fri 10-2pm, Th 10-6pm & Sa 10-3pm •
Art, Design & Architecture Museum, UCSB
Arts Fund Gallery
How to Make the Universe Right: The Art of the Shaman from Vietnam
and Southern China • Fletcher Benton: The Artist’s Studio • This Was
Tomorrow: London 1956 | Geoffrey Holroyd | Santa Barbara • Artistin-Residence: Eric Beltz, The Cave of Treasures -Thru May 1 • UCSB
Campus • We-Su 12-5pm • 893-2951.
Friday, February 20th, 4pm
Atkinson Gallery - Artist Lecture
with Kenyon Hansen, MacDougall Administration Ctr - Rm A211
Friday, February 20th, 6-8pm
Easton Gallery
The Cuyama Valley, 25th anniversary show
Friday, February 20th, 6-8pm
Corridan Gallery
Into the City
Artist’s Reception: Friday, February 20th, 4-8pm
Artist Showing: Saturday, February 21st, 11am-3pm
Erin Hanson Showcase
Los Olivos Tasting Rm, 2363 Alamo Pintado Ave
Mon-Fri, February 23-27, By Appt
Best Impressions-Thru Feb 28 • The Arts Fund Sculpture Survey-Mar 6
-Apr 25 • We-Fr 12-5pm, Sa by Appt., Su 11-4pm • 205 C Santa Barbara
St • 965-7321.
Atkinson Gallery
Missing Rib: Maria Rendón-Feb 27-Mar 27 • SBCC East Campus,
Humanities Building Rm 202 • Mo-Th 10-7pm, Fr-Sa 10-4pm •
Atkinson Gallery Annex: From Beginning to End- Thru Mar 20 • MoFr, 11:30-12:45pm, Th-Fr, 5:30-6:30pm • SBCC John Dunn Gourmet
Dining Rm • 965-0581x3484.
Ayni Gallery
Work by Pali X-Mano, Gregory Beeman & David Mark Lane-Thru Mar
31 • 216 State St • By Appt • 899-0088.
Bella Rosa Galleries
Fridge Magnets by Dan Levin • Gemstone Carvins by Ronald Stevens •
Sketches From The West by Edward Borein • Giclees by Marc Chagall
• Art Deco Jewelry Collection-Thru Feb 28 • 1103 State St • Mo-Sa
11-6pm, Sun 11-5pm • 966-1707.
B.J. Stapen Studio
California Plein Air Paintings • By Appt • 705-5427.
Brooks Institute Gallery 27
Mo-Fr 8am-9pm, Sa-Su 10-9pm • 27 E Cota St • 690-4913.
Cabana Home
Conjuring Rain by Mary Heebner- Thru Mar 15 • 111 Santa Barbara St
• Mo-Sa 10-6pm or By Appt • 962-0200.
MCASB Potfolio Reviews
Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center
Tuesday, February 24th, 12-6pm
Carpinteria Arts Center
FREE to Artist Society members / $25 for non-members
Call to make an appt. - 966.5373 x107
Casa Dolores
Banderaware: from Revolution to Republic
5pm Lecture: Guest from Consul General of Mexico
Wednesday, February 25th, 5:30pm
UCSB AD&AM Exhibition Walkthrough
With Eric Beltz and Prof. Ann Bermingham
Friday, February 27th, 5-7pm
Atkinson Gallery
Missing Rib: Maria Rendón
Friday, February 27th, 5:30-7:30pm
Atelier at SBMA
Primavera in Winter, $25 Members/$30 Non-Members
Saturday, February 28th, 6-7:30pm
Artist Spotlight: Richard Schloss
The Brooks Institute Screening Rm, 5301 N. Ventura Ave.
RSVP to 653-2501, $5/$10
Saturday, February 28th, 9:30am-1pm
Rembrandt and the Jews: A Symposium
Westmont College / $35 (includes lunch), RSVP: 565-6162
Saturday, February 28th, 6-9pm
Elizabeth Gordon Gallery
Double Vision
Los Padres Watercolor Society-Thru Feb 27 • SB Art Association-Mar
2-31 • 1118 E Cabrillo Blvd • Mo-Fr 9-5pm • 897-1983.
Illuminations-Thru Mar 2 • Figure it Out-Mar 7-Apr 20 • 855 Linden
Av • Th-Mo 10-4pm • 684-7789.
CASA Gallery
The Art of Love-Thru Feb 27 • Mo-Fr 9-5:30pm • 23 E. Canon Perdido
St • 965-6448.
Casa de la Guerra
Taller en el Museo de Arte: Primavera en invierno
LA PRIMAVERA durante una sola noche de peregrinación postmoderna a través de
500 años de pintura italiana previsto para el viernes, 27 de febrero, de las 5:30 a
las 7:30pm en el Museo de Arte de Santa Bárbara. El Taller en el Museo de Arte:
Primavera en invierno es inspirado por la exhibición Botticelli, Titian, y más allá: Obras
maestras de la pintura italiana de los museos de Glasgow.
Aspectos destacados de la tarde incluyen: Celestial, un espectáculo con coreografía
por Helios Dance Theater, que esta basado en Los Ángeles; Iteraciones musicales por los
Virtuosos de Los Ángeles Ciaramella, un cuarteto inspirado en el Renacimiento; Pintura
al fresco participativa, la instalación inspirada por Dante Desde Amor malo a Amor
loco (en Inglés From Bad Love to Mad Love); y el antipasti, el vino y el cóctel exclusivo
“Sagrado y profano” inspirado por Italia.
Los invitados deben tener 21 años o más para asistir al evento. Los boletos cuestan $25 para los
Miembros / $30 para los que no son Miembros y se pueden adquirir en www.sbma.net
Elizabeth Gordon Gallery
Double Vision-Feb 28-Mar 28 • Works by A. Martin, S. Belassen, R. Mault,
A. Moreno Valdes, C. Mudgett, M. Andrew Allen, J. Heaton, S. Daane
Chesnut, & D. Oatway-Ongoing • 15 W Gutierrez St • Mo 11-2pm, Tu-Sa
11-5pm, Su 11-3pm • 963-1157.
El Presidio de Santa Bárbara
Haass Adobe Watercolors-ongoing • 15 E. De la Guerra St • $5/$4 •
Fr-Su 12-4pm • 965-0093.
Casa Dolores
Elverhøj Museum (Solvang)
Banderaware: from Revolution to Republic / de la revolución a la
república-Feb 24-May 30 • Roger Brown Garden installation-ongoing •
1023 Bath St • Tu-Sa 12-4pm • 963-1032.
Channing Peake Gallery
Ro Snell / Outside In-Thru Apr 26 • 624 Elverhoj Wy • We-Th 1-4pm,
Fr-Su 12-4pm • 686-1211.
Faulkner/SB Public Library Galleries
Under the Influence: Response to Place-Feb 23-Jun 18 • 105 E.
Anapamu St • Mo-Fr 8-5pm • 568-3994.
Central: SB Visual Artists/Newcomers group • East: Ken McAshan • West:
That Day, that Moment by Setsuko Owan-Thru Feb 28 • 40 E Anapamu
St • Mo-Th 10-7pm, Fr-Sa 10-5:30pm, Su 1-5pm • 962-7653.
City Hall Gallery
Gallery 113: (SB Art Association)
Pursuit of Passion: Early Santa Barbara Women Artists -Through Feb
20 • 735 Anacapa St • Mo-Fr 8-5pm, closed alternate Fridays •
CollectAir Aviation Art Gallery
Original, prints, sculpture, vintage models- Ongoing • 1324 De La Vina St
• Afternoons Tu-Sa • 408-828-2810.
Artworks from the Jorgen Hansen Estate- ongoing • 19 E. Haley St • MoSa 11-6pm, Su 12-4pm • 962-1413.
Artist Survival Strategies, Free/$10, RSVP Required
Into the City-Thru Mar 28 • 125 N Milpas • Tu-Sa 11-5pm • 966-7939.
Corridan Gallery
Julia Laraway, Beth Schmohr, Helena Hill, Rebecca Stebbins, and Carol
Dixon-Thru Feb 28 • 1114 State St, #8 La Arcada Ct • Mo-Sa 11-4pm,
Su 1-5pm • 965-6611.
Gallery Acero at SB Forge & Iron
Original home furnishing & sculpture • ongoing • 527 Fig Ave • Mo-Fr
10-4pm • 965-7111.
Gallery Los Olivos & Guild Room
New Perspectives...Many Viewpoints-Thru Feb 28 • Two for the
Road-Mar 1-Apr 30 • Guild Room: Work by Artists Guild of the SY
Valley/Santa Ynez Valley Arts-Thru Mar 4 • 2920 Grand Av, LO • Daily
10-5pm • 688-7517.
Saturday, February 28th, 7-10pm
Cypress Gallery (Lompoc)
Goleta Valley Library
Santa Barbara Art Foundry, 120 Santa Barbara St
$150 for 2 / Tickets: 966-9101 ext. 5055 or www.vadasbhs.org
Distinctive Framing ‘n’ Art
Good Cup Cafe
Divine Inspiration Gallery Of Fine Art
Harris & Fredda Meisel Gallery
Easton Gallery
Hospice of Santa Barbara, Inc.
Eastside Library
JadeNow Gallery
Sunday, March 1st, 3pm
Museum of Ventura County - Artist Talk
With Richard Schloss, Free for members/$5
Sunday, March 1st, 2-4pm
Jewish Federation of Greater SB
Fiber, Fabulous and Faux
Sundays, 10am-dusk
SB Arts & Crafts Show
Cabrillo Blvd (State & Calle Puerto Vallarta) 897-1982
Paintings, Photographs, & holiday gifts by local artists • 119 E Cypress
Ave • Tu-Su 12-5pm • 737-1129.
Santa Barbara Gems by Chris Potter-Thru Mar 27 • 1333 State St •
Mo-Fr 10-6pm, Sa 10-5pm • 882-2108.
Whimsy by Sherry Spear-Thru Apr 25 • 1528 State St • Tu-Sa 125pm • 962-6444.
The Cuyama Valley, 25th anniversary show-Thru May 10 • 557 Hot
Springs Rd • Sa-Su 1-5pm • 969-5781.
African-Americans on the Central Coast – A Photo Essay-Thru Feb
28 • 1102 E. Montecito St • Mo-Tu 10-7pm, We-Fr 10-5:30pm, Sa
10-4pm • 963-3727.
Helios Dance Theater will perform at Atelier
Must be 21 or older to attend. Tickets are $25 SBMA Members/$30 Non-Members and can be
purchased at www.sbma.net
Nihonmachi Revisited • Memorias y Facturas • Ceramics
Rediscovered • Ongoing • $5/$4 • Daily 10:30-4:30pm • 123 E
Canon Perdido St • 965-0093.
Saturday, February 28th, 11am-12:30pm
MCASB - Lecture
during a one-night postmodern
pilgrimage through 500 years of Italian
painting planned for Friday, February
27th, from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Santa
Barbara Museum of Art. Atelier at SBMA:
Primavera In Winter is inspired by the
exhibition Botticelli, Titian, and Beyond:
Masterpieces of Italian Painting from
Glasgow Museums.
Highlights of the evening will include:
Heavenly, a choreographed performance
by LA-based Helios Dance Theater;
Musical iterations by Los Angeles
virtuosos Ciaramella, a Renaissanceinspired quartet; participatory fresco
painting, the Dante-inspired installation
From Bad Love to Mad Love; and Italianinspired antipasti, wine, and the signature
“Sacred and Profane” cocktail.
GVAA-Thru Feb 25 • Mo 12-6pm, Tu-Th 10-8pm, Fr-Sa 10-5:30pm,
Su 1-5pm • 500 N Fairview • 964-7878.
Work by Sue Slater-Thru Feb 27 • Daily 8am-8pm • 918 State St •
Reflection by Abstract Art Collective-Thru Apr 17 • CRH, 2415 De La Vina
St • Mo-Fr 9-9pm, Sa-Su 10-5pm • 687-7444.
Ocean of Souls by Diana Valdez-Thru Apr 30 • 2050 Alameda Padre
Serra, #100 • Mo-Fr 9-5pm • 563-8820.
Jade carving, sculpture, and jewelry-ongoing • 14 Parker Way • TuSu 10-7pm • 448-2199.
James Main Fine Art
19th & 20th Cent American & European fine art & antiques • 27 E De La
Guerra St • Mo-Sa 12-5 • 962-8347.
Jewish Federation of Greater SB
Black & White Only-Thru Feb 25 • Fiber, Fabulous and Faux-Mar 1-Apr
2 • Portraits of Survival • Upstanders: Courage in the Face of Evil •
ongoing • 524 Chapala St • Mo-Th 9-5pm; Fr 9-3:30pm • 957-1115.
Karpeles Museum & Manuscript Library
Professional Baseball-Thru Apr 30 • Abstract Art Collective: Limited
Palette Abstracts and abstrX@Karpeles-Thru Apr 29 • 21 W Anapamu
• We-Su 12-4pm • 962-5322.
Kathryne Designs
Colin C. Cooper, Ira Yeager, K. Elsey, E. Freudenstein, G. Ray, K. Snyder, &
C. Simon • 1225 Coast Village Rd • Daily 10-5pm • 565-4700.
Los Olivos Café
Love Livin’ in the Valley by Susan Belloni-Thru Mar 5 • 2879 Grand Av
• Daily 11:30-8:30pm • 688-7265.
Flock: Birds on the Brink”-Feb 28-May 23 • 695 Ashley Rd • We-Sa
10am & 1:30pm • Free-$45 • Reservations required 969-9990.
Marcia Burtt Studio
Mark Kerckhoff:a celebration of plein air painting- Thru Mar 1 • 517
Laguna St • Th-Su 1-5pm • 962-5588.
Show & Sell your work at Art in the Park.
Los Olivos: Santa Ynez Valley Arts is currently
accepting applications from artists for the 2015
“Art in the Park” events, which will be held on the
second Saturday of the month in April, May, June,
July, and September. This is a fine arts and artisan
event open to all original, handmade objects d’art.
No mass-produced items, imports, or kits will be
considered. There is a small fee of $30 for each
event and artists must be a member of AGSYV /
SYV Arts ($35/year).
For Info and to download an application
visit www.santaynezvalleyarts.org or email
CASA Magazine – a voice of the PROGRESSIVE MAINSTREAM • www.CasaSB.com
February 20, 2015
“The VADA Draw” Fundraiser
the opening of Bandera Ware: from
Revolution to Republic on Tuesday,
February 24th, from 12 to 6pm at
Casa Dolores. Berenice Díaz Ceballos
from the Consul General of Mexico will
give a special presentation at 5pm.
Bandera Ware is Mexican pottery that
incorporates the colors of the Mexican
flag: green, white, and red. Red is
commonly used as the background color,
while the green and white are used for
decorative details. The ceramic pieces also
feature deer and birds.
Casa Dolores: Cerámica de bandera: de Revolución a República
ELEBRA EL DÍA DE LA BANDERA MEXICANA con la apertura de Cerámica de
bandera: de Revolución a República el martes, 24 de febrero, de las 12 a las
6pm en Casa Dolores. Berenice Díaz Ceballos de el Consulado General de
México dará una presentación especial a las 5pm.
“Cerámica de bandera” es cerámica mexicana que incorpora los colores de la
bandera Mexicana: verde, blanco y rojo. El rojo se utiliza comúnmente como el
color de fondo, mientras que el verde y blanco se utilizan para detalles decorativos.
Las piezas de cerámica también incluyen imágenes de venados y pájaros.
Pine Trader (Summerland)
Works by D. Bowery, J. Boswell, S. Dal Pozzo, R. Kelleher & K. Lemke
• ongoing • 2345 Lillie Av • Daily 11-5pm • 845-2618.
MCASB Satellite @ Hotel Indigo Santa Barbara
The Vastness is Bearable- Thru Feb 15 • 121 State St • 966-5373.
Mertens Fine Art Gallery
Surrealism Comes To Life: Dali, Miro & Picasso • The Best of Mertens
Fine Art • Mo-Sa 10:30-5:30pm • 1266 Coast Village Rd • 565-6955.
MichaelKate Interiors & Art Gallery
The Abstract10-Thru Feb 22 • Psyched-Mar 6-Apr 19 • 132 Santa
Barbara St • Mo-Sa 10-6pm, closed We, Su 11-5pm • 963-1411.
Montecito Aesthetic Institute
Eclecticism-Thru May 15 • 1150 Coast Village Rd, Suite H • Mo-Fr 95pm • 565-5700.
Museum of Contemporary Art SB
Out of the Great Wide Open • Bloom Projects: Knuckles and Bubbles by
Conrad Ruiz-Thru Mar 29 • Tu-Sat 11-5pm, Su noon-5pm • 653 Paseo
Nuevo • 966-5373.
Museum of Ventura County
Painting the Light: California Landscapes of Richard Schloss-Thru Mar
22 • Colossal Efforts: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at George Stuart’s
Creative Process • Thru Mar 2 • Tu-Su 11-5pm • $1-$4 • 100 E.
Main St • 653-0323.
Ojai Gallery 353
CA Plein-Air paintings in architectural setting • 353 Montana Rd •
Mo-Fr-10-6pm & Sa-Su 12-6pm • Call before 798-0010.
Onward Art & Design
Assemblages by Ron Robertson-ongoing • 1233 State St • Mo-Sa
10:30-6pm, Su 12-5pm • 324-4337.
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Mythic Threads: Art, Healing, and Magic in Bali-ongoing • 801 Ladera
Ln • Daily 8am-10pm • 969-3626, x103.
Palm Loft Gallery
A New Beginning-Thru Feb 22 • 410 Palm Av, Loft A1, Carp • Fr-Su
11-6pm • 684-9700.
Peregrine Galleries
Early American & CA Paintings & Bakelite • 1133 Coast Village Rd • MoSa 12-5:30pm, Su 11-4pm • 969-9673.
Portico Gallery
CA Plein Air Landscapes & art classes • 1235 Coast Village Rd • MoSa 11-5pm • 695-8850.
The Purple Crayon
Professional artists teaching art classes to adults & children • 211 W.
Victoria St. • www.purplecrayonsb.com • 682-1400.
Santa Barbara Arts
Crafted treasures by various local artists • 1114 State St #26 • Daily
11-6pm, Su 1-5pm • 884-1938.
Santa Barbara Art Foundry & Gallery
Tim Cotterill “The Frogman,” Erté, Ting Shao Kuang, Nano Lopez •
Daily 11-6pm • 120 Santa Barbara St • 324-4230.
SB Historical Museum
Under The Umbrella: Lutah Maria Riggs & Her Santa Barbara Style
-Thru Spring 2015 • The Story of SB-Ongoing • 136 E De La Guerra •
Tu-Sa 10-5pm, Su 12-5pm • 966-1601.
SB Maritime Museum
The Underwater Forests of Anacapa Island by Doug Klug-Thru May
31 • Wives and Daughters: Keepers of the Light • Point Conception
Lighthouse Lens • Tragedy at Honda-ongoing • Daily 10-6pm, closed
Weds • $7/$4 • 113 Harbor Wy • 962-8404.
SB Museum of Art
originales para apoyar el evento anual para recaudar fondos para la Academia
de Artes y Diseño Visuales (en Inglés Visual Arts & Design Academy) que
tendrá lugar el Sábado, 28 de febrero, de lsa 7 a las 10pm en Santa Barbara Art
Foundry, 120 Santa Barbara St.
Durante el evento, cada persona con boleto de entrada elegirá una obra de arte para
llevar a casa, sin saber quién lo creó. Los artistas que donaron obras de arte han creado
obras relacionadas con el tema de este año, Danza de lluvia.
VADA integra cursos académicos rigurosos con instrucción de arte y diseño basado
en proyectos y con orientación profesional, en un ambiente de apoyo y creativo, que
sirve a aproximadamente 175 estudiantes en el 10, 11 y 12° grado.
Los boletos cuestan $150 e incluye la entrada para dos personas, una obra de arte original, comida,
bebidas, música y baile. Para obtener más información y para comprar boletos, llame al 9669101x5055 o visite www.vadasbhs.org.
Santa Barbara Tennis Club
Rolling Sculpture-Thru Mar 6 •Daily 10-9pm • 2375 Foothill Rd •
SB Youth Interactive
Monsters, Heroes & Angels-Thru Mar 31 • Sa 1-6pm • 209 Anacapa
St • 453-4123.
Sansum Clinic Lower Level Gallery
The Art of Ballet II by Malcolm Tuffnell-ongoing • Mo-Fr 8-5pm • 317
W. Pueblo St • 898-3070.
Slingshot: an Alpha art forum
Works by Alpha Resource Center Artists-ongoing • Mo-Fr 9-4:30pm •
220 W. Canon Perdido St • 770-3878.
Sojourner Cafe
Ruth Petersen Shorer-Mar 27 • 34 E Canon Perdido • Daily 11-10pm
• 965-7922.
Sullivan Goss: An American Gallery
Ringers: Vintage And Contemporary American Masterworks-Thru May 3 •
Frederick Remahl, 2015- Thru Mar 30 • Anders Aldrin: Color Seeking Form
• Agoraphobia: Portraits of American Interiors • Jean Swiggett: One Man
Renaissance-Thru Mar 1 • Lockwood De Forest Brass Cutouts-Thru Dec 31 •
7 E Anapamu St • Daily 10-5:30pm • 730-1460.
Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum
Toys of Our Childhood- Thru May 2015 • 122 W. Canon Perdido St •
Fr-Mo 11-5pm • 730-1707.
SB Museum of Natural History
UCSB Library’s Special Research Collections
TV Santa Barbara
Emerging Artists-Thru Feb 27 • 329 S. Salinas St • Mo-Fr 1-10pm •
UCSB MultiCultural Center
Of Water and the Spirit by Zéna Carlota Pearl Allen- Thru Mar 13 •
UCSB Campus • Mo-Th 8-10pm, Fr 8-5pm • 893-8411.
Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: Roots, Resistance, and
Resurgence-Thru Jun 30 • UCSB Campus • Mo-Th 8am-12am, Fr
Price Paley
Santa Barbara
Studio Artists
Year Round
Planet-ongoing • Daily 10-5pm • $5-$8 • 2559 Puesta Del Sol •
Botticelli, Titian, and Beyond: Masterpieces of Italian Painting from
Glasgow Museums-Thru May 3 • Drawings in Dialogue: Italian and
Northern European Works on Paper from the Joseph B. and Ann
S. Koepfli Trust-Thru May 17 • Visions of Modernity: 20th-Century
Japanese Woodblock Prints-Thru Apr • Martin Kersels’ “Charm”
Series; & Degas to Chagall: Loans from The Armand Hammer
Foundation and the Collection of Michael Armand Hammer-ongoing •
1130 State St • Free/Members; $6-$10 Non-Members • Tu-Su 115pm, Chase Free Thu Evening 5-8pm • 884-6423.
What We Collect: New Acquisitions 2010-2014-Thru May 3 •
Curiosity Lab • Plains Indian Beadwork and Regalia from the
Anthropology Collection; Moorpark Southern Mammoth; Magic
Contemporary Art
contemporary oil paintings
B.J. Stapen • www.bjstapen.com • 805-705-5427
Tickets are $150 and include entry for two, an
original work of art, food, drinks, music, and
dancing. For more info and to purchase tickets,
call 966-9101x5055 or visit www.vadasbhs.org.
““El sorteo de VADA,” un evento para recaudar fondos
Porch: Vault Gallery
The Nature of Love-Thru Feb 28 • 3823 Santa Claus Ln • Mo-Sa
9:30-5:30pm, Su 11-4 • 684-0300.
Photo by Toni McClintock
Casa Dolores: Bandera Ware: From Revolution to Republic
CELEBRITIES have created original
works of art to support The Visual
Arts & Design Academy’s annual
Fundraiser to take place on Saturday,
February 28th, from 7 to 10pm at the
Santa Barbara Art Foundry, 120 Santa
Barbara St.
At the event, each ticket holder
will choose a work of art to take home,
without knowing who created it. Donating
artists have created works relating to this
year’s theme, Rain Dance.
VADA integrates rigorous academic
coursework with project-based, careerfocused art and design instruction, in
a supportive and creative environment,
serving approximately 175 students in the
10th, 11th, and 12th grades.
8am-9pm, Sa 9am-9pm, Su 10am-12am • 893-2478.
Veteran’s Memorial Building
Local Heroes and Heroines-ongoing • 112 W. Cabrillo Blvd • Daily
8-5pm • 568-0020.
Village Frame & Gallery
CA Landscape Artists & Antique Prints • 1485 E Valley Rd • Mo-Fr 95pm, Sa 11-4pm • 969-0524.
Volentine Gallery
Wild: artworks by SB Zoo Staff-Thru Mar 22 • Santa Barbara Zoo, 500
Niños Dr • Free-$15 • Daily 10-5pm • 969-0524.
Wall Space Gallery
wsg: ten-Thru Mar 1 • Bootsy Holler: Nuclear Family-Mar 3-Apr 26 •
116 E. Yanonali St, C-1 • By Appt • 637-3898.
Waterhouse Gallery
8 x 8 Small Gems-Opens Feb 28 • Representing the finest figurative and
landscape painters in the U.S. and California • ongoing • 1114 State St #9
La Arcada Ct • Mo-Sa 11-5pm, Su 11-4pm • 962-8885.
Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art
Rembrandt and the Jews: The Berger Print Collection-Thru Mar 28 •
William Castellana: South Williamsburg Street Portraits-Thru Jun •
955 La Paz Rd • Mo-Fr 10-4pm, Sa 11-5pm • 565-6162.
Whistle Stop Gallery
Ruth Ellen Hoag & Josepha DiRado • We-Su 10-4pm or by appt • 220
W. Canon Perdido • 689-0858.
Wildling Museum
Wild Spirit: Horses in Art -Thru Jun 1 • Mo, We, Th-Fr 11-5pm, Sa-Su
10-5pm • 1511-B Mission Dr, Solvang • 688-1082.
Young's Gallery
M. Burtt, M. Corning, R. Davis, R. Garcia, P. Hedrick, J. Cockerill, G.
Langmaier, A. Polan, & B. Stowellen • Ongoing • Fr-Su 12-4pm •
2920 Grand Av, LO • 688-9745.
To submit gallery and art show info,
please email Art@CasaSB.com.